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  • veda
    07-28 02:30 PM
    I do not think it's a printer break down in that case it can be replaced in hours, I think it's breakdown of case workers.


    They may be confused with 2 years EAD.

    As before 2 year EAD validity start date all TSC applications were approved and sent the card with in 45-60 days.

    Now it's ...........s l o w.................

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  • GC9180
    04-13 10:47 AM
    I feel moving VISA dates, EAD renewal and $$$ is linked.
    By moving spillover till last quater..many (2007 filers**) are due for EAD renewal
    If they had moved the dates, guys would have got GC and USCIS lose income from EAD and AP

    ** in particular EB2-I

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  • amitkhare77
    05-13 12:40 PM
    I Live in Norther VA and sent my EAD application to texas lock box
    ( PO Box 660867, Dallas TX 75266) through USPS.
    today I see the status -
    "We attempted to deliver your item at 9:51 AM on May 13, 2010 in DALLAS, TX 75222 and a notice was left"
    did I send this to a wrong address?

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  • abracadabra102
    09-01 08:22 PM
    Look my friend, there is no logic like RD vs PD. If there were I would have had my green card before most here even filed their 485s. My 485 is pending for over 4 yrs now.
    I have had people with PDs after me, RDs after me, all sorts approved and I am waiting.
    This is a game of luck and chance.
    The USCIS process is chaotic and disorganised in the way they do things. If you are lucky you get your approval earlier, if you are not, your application languishes in some salt mine in Utah or wherever else NSC stores their pending applications.

    I think I saw this in one of the ombudsman's reports to congress. A certain percentage of files are misplaced/lost every year. I have a sinking feeling - mine could be one of these. If so, I will have to wait until someone at USCIS stumbles on it :-). I agree completely with you and there is really no way to predict how USCIS processes GC's. USCIS incompetence is boundless.


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  • Ram_C
    11-13 07:48 PM
    How about SFO ??

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-05 04:26 PM
    Update from Infopass at Cleveland office - We were told that our files are with an officer right now. Also, we called to speak with a rep. and were told that our Service Request will be processed on August 18th (we initiated it on August 3rd). Apart from this, we have contacted both our senators and congressman. In addition, I sent an email to and got a standard reply. I think I have fired on all cylinders and will be hoping that one of them will work.

    Keep us posted.

    I spoke with IO on 3rd, initiated SR on 4th, initiated congressional request today i.e. 5th. My Infopass is on 11th. Will complete 10 years in US on 13th. Birthday few days after that. So I guess something should work...ROFL...

    PD: December 2005.


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  • das0
    05-16 02:56 PM
    Thank you rb_!

    I knew ppl in this forum said the same thing as you said that GC is for a future job but unsure what my attorney will say.

    Other folks - any thoughts or insights?

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  • Laasya05
    05-21 03:45 PM
    We are in the process of filing a h1 extension for my husband using H1/H4 decoupling rule. He worked here on H1 for 5 years 5 months. According to which he will have 7months of H1 time and that will be 9.5 months including vacation time spent outside the country while on H1. Today we talked toa recruiter while reviewing the documents he mentioned that when we applied for change of status for him from h1 to H4 it took 4 months for the H4 approval to come through, those 4.5 months he is in a pending status. He is not sure if we can use that time for the H1 extension we want to file now. If we cannot use that time then he is left with another 4 months time of H1
    Does anyone know if we can use the time spent in pending status for filing
    Any help in this matter is appreciated. I'm also looking to find recruiters who can file GC for future employers as My husband has very less time before his 6yrs are over I want to file for his LC and then get I-140 approved based on which we can extend his H1 beyond 6years.


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  • Rohan99
    05-24 01:21 AM
    After receiving GC do we have to report to SSN to change the SSN card but with same number. Existing card says work paper required.

    Any anyone knows action item required after receiving GC then please post here?

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  • sravani
    05-16 04:29 PM
    Can someone tell me what is the alternate for providing birth Certificate I have one in Hindi.

    You need to submit the translation for your Hindi birth certificate. There are plenty of translation services available, Trustfortecorp is one of them.


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  • amitjoey
    07-11 05:13 PM
    How much clout does this congresswoman have? She seems to understand the entire scenario better than any american soul out there! It also seems like she has spent a lot of time on this and understands the system very well.

    I guess it remains to be seen what kind of impact her letter will have on USCIS. Obviously, USCIS did something unlawful.

    She understands it better because look at her biography:

    Professional Career

    Served as Staff Assistant to her predecessor, Congressman Don Edwards, 1970-1978;
    Worked on impeachment proceedings, the Equal Rights Amendment, and creation of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in the South San Francisco Bay
    Practiced immigration law as a partner in the firm of Webber & Lofgren, 1978-1980
    Taught immigration law at University of Santa Clara School of Law, 1977-1980
    Served on Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, 1981-1994
    U.S. Congress

    Elected in 1994 as only freshman Democrat from west of the Rocky Mountains
    Serves on Committee on the Judiciary:
    Chair of Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law
    Subcommittee on Administrative Law
    Serves on Committee on Homeland Security: Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology
    Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism
    Serves on Committee on House Administration
    Chair of Subcommittee on Elections
    Serves as Chair of the 34 Member California Democratic Congressional Delegation

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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-12 07:28 PM
    Today my attorney said that if it hasnt moved for two visa bulletins in the fiscal year then he is almost sure (using 27 year experience in immigration) that it will not move much this year.


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  • lonedesi
    04-07 08:47 PM
    Thank you very much mdforgc for your detailed response. I appreciate you taking the time to explain me. I have contributed $200 towards IV and am very pleased with the work of the IV core group. I hope we will continue the momentum we have generated and find a solution to our GC problems.

    The first step you should get your employer to do is to file a job order in the state job bank or americas job bank. You have to keep this ad for 30 days and then wait another 30 days to file PERM. This is the longest time. All other forms of recruitment needs to wait only 30 days and you can file PERM on the 31st day. There is no mention of working days or weekends, it is 30 continuous days. As you know in addition to this job bank order, and two Sunday newspaper ads, there has to be three other forms of recruitment before you can file PERM. If your employer and lawyer are really proactive it will only take 60 days to file PERM from start to finish. You also have to get a prevailing wage determination and post it at your job site for 10 days not including holidays and weekends. Hope this helps. Please contribute and incrase the membership of IV for the good of all of us.

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  • GC_MAR_2003
    05-14 10:04 PM

    I first applied Green card through the EB3 process and my priority date is March 2003.

    Since there is very little progress in EB3 category, i convinced my company to re apply in the EB2 category as i got promoted (Salary increased) so that i can keep my old priority date. They re applied in the EB2 category and i crossed the recruitment stage and waiting for the PERM to get approved. (applied 3 weeks back).

    Now i am current in EB3. Now, i am not sure whether i can go forward and file for I-485 under EB3 or wait for my new PERM spproval and apply for i-485 under the new EB2 category.

    Please advice.



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  • sushilup
    05-28 07:31 PM
    Did anyone receive EAD by mail, who had CPO 5/14?

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  • inskrish
    09-02 01:24 AM
    Got 2nd FP notice, any guess on when I will get GC. I am happy for every one who got their GC.


    I would estimate you will get it before 2011.



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  • Totoro
    03-31 04:57 PM
    Here are the examples I presented (lightly edited). Anyone wanting to meet with lawmakers should feel free to use as much of these documents as needed.


    Case 1 (Waiting 10 years):

    - i left a very well-paid job after 5 years in multi-nationals before coming to US in 1999.
    - Did dual Masters from a top engineering school + business certification
    - Brought into US $25000 from savings abroad for my studies; Took $25K More as a private loan and have paid it off long back.
    - Never considered myself underpaid in USA. My compensation is amongst the best.
    - Have owned a house since 2002 and raising two US born kids, of course paid taxes for 9 years.

    - it is the quality of life AND the quality of PEOPLE that i wanted to work with: one of the reasons why i came to US.
    - Would like to buy a larger house and can certainly afford it today with a credit score over 800.
    - Would like to start my own company, or try to do something different & more strategic for a job function.

    i have been in the EB3 queue since 2004, with no respite in sight. All is clear except that there are no visa numbers available.

    The issue as you all agreed to - is that this is painfully slow and everyone like me is stuck with one employer and the same job.

    As employers and their lawyers often decide when and in which category a candidate can apply, the employee is left at their mercy. It is understandable if an employer is sponsoring, they must benefit for their investment. Question is how? is 5 years of 'must-serve-us' good enough, or 10, or 15? When can an employee have the mobility?

    Why is it that someone with equal or less qualification / experience can become a US citizen 5 to 10 years before me? Just because they were born in a different country? Because their employer decided a faster EB category? Because they married a US citizen?

    I love America and remain grateful for the opportunities it has provided.
    However, I have trained a lot of US citizens / GC holders who have gone far ahead in career, and I am still doing the same.

    Liberty seems only a statue at times.

    Case 2 Engineer (Waiting 15 years):

    I have been in this country for more than 15 years and still waiting for the GC...I have never been out of status all along...Here is my story...

    I came to US in 1994 fall to attend graduate school and started working from 1997 as transportation engineer. I applied for green card in 1998, but unfortunately the rules were different and the goal post seems to change every time.

    During that time all engineering fields were clubbed together (computers, mechanical, civil etc.) under one generic field for labor certification purposes and therefore the wage requirement was much higher than what a typical transportation engineer would make at that time. Therefore my labor was denied. After talking to my immigration lawyer I was left with two options...Pick up a job that paid the asking labor certification wage (which was skewed and next to impossible) or send additional documentation and references to convince the dept of labor that transportation engineers do not make that much money and that I am being paid more than the prevailing wage for 'transportation engineers'. . After I send additional paperwork to dept of labor based on the suggestion given by my lawyer, what if the dept of labor still denied my labor? I would have been back to square one, and moreover I would have lost a year or two on H1 status. Please note that at that time you had ONLY 6 yrs of H1 visa and it COULD NOT BE EXTENDED EVEN YOUR IMMIGRATION PAPERWORK WAS PENDING. The above rule came later (instance of goal post moving), but I had to make my decision based on what the rules were at that time. So I decided to go back to school in 1999 and attended graduate school to get a computer science degree.

    In late 2000, I joined a company in CA and resumed my paperwork for the green card. My labor was approved and filed for 140 and 140 was also approved in 2002. In 2005, my spouse started to work full-time and started the green card process. We finally applied 485s in 2007, but are still waiting for the approvals. It took CIS almost A YEAR to get our EADs! That too after many calls, letters and contacting the local senator! What an inefficient bureaucracy!

    When the economy was good, I was helpless with CIS rules and its bureaucracy. By the time I received my EAD, the economy is in shambles now...In the process, I had nothing to show for the past 5 yrs!

    Few years back there was a pilot program at TSC where they issued FB green cards under fast track. I personally know someone who applied for their parents, and they got their green cards within 60 days! Their parents never visited US before and during their first ever visitor's visit, they have their green cards? Here I am, came to US in 1994, attended graduate schools, paid tuition, contributed to research, paid my taxes, never was out of status and most importantly, played by the rules, but I am still waiting in this mess!

    Case 3 Partner (Waiting 14 years):

    I've been here for 14 years now; and my wife for 9, legally for every single day. We have two US graduate degrees each. We have paid over $100,000 in federal income tax alone, in each of the last few years. We own our home. Our child was born here. I am a partner at my firm. And we have many wonderful friends here. But we continue to wait indefinitely for our green cards. Citizenship seems an impossible dream at this point.

    Any provision that would bring us closer to citizenship (such as "citizenship fastrack for those who've legally been in the US for more than 10 years" and/or "paid taxes for N years" and/or "earned US graduate degrees" etc) would be very welcome.

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  • go_gc_way
    12-19 10:46 PM

    Instead of bumping it with a " /\/\/\/\/\/\ " , I agree... I wrote a little philosophy there, looks like you did not like it.
    Hopefully , we will be able to prioritize it with other members every then and now, to grow our membership to magic 10,000.

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  • GCard_Dream
    06-29 03:22 PM
    Do you realize that we are talking about USCIS here, the most inefficient department in US? If I were you, I wouldn't be so optimistic.

    This is the same department that issued visa extension to a dead terrorist after 6 months of his death.

    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    07-11 06:44 PM
    alll senators and congressman who supported skil bill, cantwell amendment are the ones we shoud be sending.

    Okay, apart from Rep. Lofgren:
    1. Pasadena congressman Adam Schiff from CA
    2. Sen. Cantwell
    3. Sen. Cornyn

    Who others should we write to? Is there some IV thread that metions all these names?


    08-03 02:32 PM
    I called uscis @1-800-375-5283 and reached someone, and when I requested for SR, I was told that they are facing some technical issues, call back after couple of hours...
    any experiences...or suggestions..

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