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  • IJ Reilly
    Dec 28, 05:05 PM
    Normally I would agree, but since this is a used system, I think he's better off wiping and reinstalling the OS.

    Sure. I'll go for that. But the questions was how many times is too much. Sounded like "clean installing, worst case scenario."

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  • amacgenius
    Dec 16, 02:49 PM
    not yet but I havent talked to macgenius yet either.

    I'm wondering how much you're looking for...

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  • sk3pt1c
    Dec 17, 05:58 AM
    thank you :)

    how could i produce the pdf files?

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 6, 07:06 PM
    You didn't backup before upgrading to Lion?
    A clean install of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is your only option, as the dozens of other already existing threads can tell you - MRoogle ( might help you there.
    Short version: Clean Install of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (
    Long version: Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard: How to Erase and Install (


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  • Rower_CPU
    Jul 16, 06:35 PM
    A year and 3/4s for me. #2423 :D

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  • Doga
    Nov 13, 05:58 AM
    Yup, I got the ad screen when I went to the site out of curiosity, after seeing this thread. Pathetic and annoying.

    I used to like Spymac but I stopped visiting the site last year after the changes. Sure it may have its fans but to me it's a pile of dung. Can someone please explain where the "spy" is in Spymac, especially these days?

    MacRumors, on the other hand, is as terrific as it's ever been. But we know that. Yes we do.


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  • Kaulitz
    Mar 25, 03:19 AM
    How long is the queue at the moment?

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  • cmhsam
    Jun 19, 10:27 PM
    Got mine this evening as well. About 10 people in line, had to wait an hour. Thought they would have run out of 16gb model andwWas expecting a 3 hour wait like the launch of the 3G.

    Will the store be open tomorrow for non-iphone purchases?


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  • fleshman03
    Aug 13, 12:45 AM
    Really? Quicktime is pretty amazing for professional filmmaking. The Quicktime X player sucks though.

    Meh, just move on to iMovie/FCP and call it a day.

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  • dstopsky
    Dec 4, 09:41 AM
    Hi there, I'm new to macrumors but I've been on some other mac forums for a while now. I just updated my website and wanted to know what you all thought (suggestions and comments are more than welcomed). (

    I also have a question regarding site design. I'd like to reference a file on all my pages so that when I update the navigation menu, relating links, etc. all of my pages will display the update. I'm not familiar with doing include files, but I've been trying to and it's not working (or maybe I'm doing it wrong). Any suggestions or other ideas?

    Thanks a lot.


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  • Merthyrboy
    Oct 31, 05:09 PM
    My small collection...

    Wow that's amazing. How much did it cost roughly and how long did it take you to collect so many?

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  • MikhailT
    Mar 23, 11:53 PM
    You'll find out at WWDC what the final version will be.

    I doubt it, WWDC is likely to be devoted to iPhone 5 with iOS 5. Apple is likely to do a small special media event for Lion like the Lion Preview event last year.


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  • Heinekev
    Mar 29, 01:49 PM

    Best serial and terminal emulator available on the Mac. This was my one holdout from the PC world for the longest time

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  • philipt42
    Feb 17, 08:23 PM
    Guster on Ice (Guster)
    Bullet in a Bible (Green Day)
    Believe in What You Want (Jimmy Eat World)
    MTV Unplugged (Nirvana)
    Live at Slane Castle (Red Hot Chili) Peppers


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  • Naimfan
    Mar 1, 02:10 PM
    President Obama�s decision to no longer defend the so-called �Defense of Marriage Act� in court is the courageous and correct one. DOMA was a disaster and a huge step backwards from the instant it was signed into law. President Obama�s decision gives me hope that we as a nation can address the far more significant challenges and problems we face. We can only hope that his decision spells the beginning of the end of DOMA, and that it is a signpost of the continuing progress we as a nation have made in tolerating, and indeed, celebrating those people who are different from us in whatever form.

    For me the question of same-sex marriage boils down to this: Love is hard enough to find. If two men or two women find love together, and want to publicly declare and celebrate it, who are we to tell them they cannot? If anyone can think of a dumber reason to discriminate against someone, please let me know. Just as I would not want anyone else to have a veto power over who I might choose to marry, I do not, and should not, have veto power over who someone else might choose to marry. Nor should the government.

    That said, if a particular religious denomination chooses not to perform same-sex marriages, that may be their right. The government, however, has no such discretion, and should not. The idea that the government should act as �custos mores� (The Guardian of Morals�) is long past.

    As Justice Kennedy wrote in Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620 (1996) �We must conclude that Amendment 2 classifies homosexuals not to further a proper legislative end but to make them unequal to everyone else. This Colorado cannot do. A State cannot so deem a class of persons a stranger to its laws.� Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620 (1996) (emphasis added).

    The arguments against same-sex marriage are ludicrous. Distilled to their essence, they all reduce to the idea that marriage has traditionally been between a man and a woman, and so it should stay that way. If marriage were on the same legal level as joining a social club, and no state action were involved, that would be fine. But the instant the government becomes involved, our government is required to treat everyone equally. Allowing only certain groups to avail themselves of the legal benefits and protections of marriage violates the principle of equal protection of the law, and there is simply no rational or compelling state interest to do so that could justify such a separation. The argument that �But we�ve always done it that way� simply does not, and cannot, justify prohibiting same-sex marriage. It is no more than the tired refrain of the intellectually bankrupt who reflexively oppose any change that does not directly benefit them.

    And so President Obama should be celebrated for taking a step to promote the equality of all in the United States. With his decision and announcement, we are one step closer to the ideal of judging a person not by what they look like, or whom they associate with, but by the content of their character and by the actions they take.

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  • Stormbringer
    Oct 21, 06:11 PM
    Guitar music as in "solo guitar" or "songs with vocals accompanied by guitar"?

    I don't like Andy McKee by the way. Yes he does some special tricks (which are not extremely difficult to duplicate), but musically it's nothing imho. If you want a real genius musically and technically try Tommy Emmanuel! :)

    You'd like my band too by the way, it's like Rodrigo y Gabriela, except on steelstrings and more different influences (not so concentrated on Spanish). And, we try to sing as well! Shame we still haven't recorded our songs yet.


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  • jettredmont
    Mar 17, 12:29 AM
    Thank you Apple for fixing your full price beta software.

    I've been using Aperture 3.0 since 3.0.1 came out. This is FAR from "beta" quality software. It's rock solid on my 250GB+ Aperture library.

    Yes, some folks have had problems, but that's to be expected; this is software, and software will always have bugs. The bugs were neither egregious nor wide-spread (although to hear the kvetching you'd think that every Aperture user had their photo libraries replaced with goat se pics and emailed to their coworkers).

    The much less vocal majority have been using Aperture 3 for a while now and are getting a heck of a lot of use out of it.

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  • treehorn
    Apr 22, 08:23 AM
    I do a lot of editing of promo spots that incorporate Brolls from shows with interview footage from opening nights, etc. The Brolls come to me on everything from standard DVD, BetaSP, raw DV/DVCPRO Quicktime and HD files in...a variety of formats. The interviews are either DV/DVCPRO or HDV depending on who shot them.

    Lately I've been having problems with getting them to play nice with each other - specifically, clips from one company are getting very pixilated/blocky when I get the final product compressed down for web (the settings are close to the preset for Ipod Video 640X480 - unfortunately the preset is on my work computer and not here at home).

    The odd thing is that those clips sometimes work beautifully, sometimes look unusably horrible and there is no rhyme or reason (and as I wasn't the one that initially made them, I have no idea if they did something different on their end in compressing them). I've tried converting the clips into whatever format I'm going to be editing in ahead of time to match the interviews, but it makes no difference - it will look great until compressed down to the preset (which if memory serves is 1000kbps instead of the 1500kbps - I'm sure this doesn't help but as everything else looks fine at that level...)

    The Settings on the clips that are giving me problems are:

    Data rate - Between 8 and 12MB/Sec
    Square pixel
    Upper field dominance

    I've tried simply dragging them into the timeline and having FCP render them (usually into a DV/DVCPRO 720X480 Lower Field sequence. Sometimes into an HDV sequence). I've tried using Compressor to convert them into DV NTSC ahead of time to make them match the other footage. Neither shows any difference.

    Since it doesn't happen with every instance of using clips from this company in this format, I'm not sure where or what the problem is occurring. and since it sometimes results in such a glaring difference in the same sequence (imagine the most pristine HD followed by the worst Youtube clip)...

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • Markleshark
    Oct 19, 05:24 PM
    Lets hope it looks like this or better.

    Did you guys get the reference in the headline or is it too subtle?

    Ohhh yes. I thought it was genius. Good work my man!

    May 5, 01:48 PM
    same issue here. any app that has an iAd in it stays up when i close the program. i can respring or just wait it out until it goes away. luckily only one app i use regularly has ads. its pretty annoying and i thought it was just me.

    May 2, 01:59 AM
    Good stuff bobsaget. I liked the design. Thanks to share it.

    Dec 4, 09:56 AM
    If you have dreamweaver, you can try using their library functions. It allows you linked any tables, texts, layers to a library item so when you update that library item, every page that uses that item gets updated. Same goes for their template.

    Nov 7, 08:57 PM
    Nope, but then, I save my logs to a different location :P

    Entry in my custom logs when a photo is accessed:

    Time: [07/Nov/2005:18:47:04 -0800]
    IP: (My IP...)
    Request: "GET /IMG_0001.JPG HTTP/1.1"
    Final Status: 200 (No errors...)
    Bytes Sent: 1525852
    Referer: "-"
    User Agent: "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/412.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/412.5"
    Time in Seconds/microseconds: 0/1335

    No message in my error log...

    Nov 4, 05:55 PM
    Interestingly the new Tiger build has a Colorsync profile that removes the pink tint (clean install).

    Where did you find out about this? any links?


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