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  • aioros
    05-19 11:17 AM
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  • TexDBoy
    06-01 05:36 PM
    Hi all,

    I currently working in California and planning to move to Texas. Our company does not have a office in Texas .. so I will be working from home for the same company.

    My I-140 is approved and 485 is pending for more than 180 days.

    while AC-21 allows for changing employers with a different geographical location, is it OK to work for the same employer who does not have an office in a different geographical location?

    Also, can we do H1B extension in this case? Any idea what my employer should show in this case if I work from home.

    Thanks so much for your replies

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  • GCDreaming
    10-25 10:56 PM

    I am currently unemployed and my spouse needs to travel to Mumbai urgently. Our AP is valid through November 30, 2009. Will there be any issues for my wife when she comes back - possibly because of my current status. Wife is employed (with a different company)& the EAD/AP was filed by my last employer. Responses will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • rajeshraipv
    08-22 04:07 PM


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  • nagu
    02-26 02:41 PM
    Today, My H1B transfer got denied and waiting for denial notice. Employer is planning to appeal on denial case. (I am assuming that "Denial could be becasue of client letter was not furnished)

    My Layer: Employer->Company A-> Primary Vendor -> Client

    My I-94 is valid Nov-09-2009 based on previous employer petition. Previous employer notified USCIS on H1B termination.

    On this, What would be best option.

    1. File a new H1B case thru current employer (while is waiting for appeal result, as a back up plan)?

    2. can I continue work for current employer since my I-94 is valid till 11/09/2009 and filling MTR?

    3. Apply for H1B transfer thru primary vendor's sister concern?

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  • nashorn
    12-12 01:11 AM
    You can find out by calling USCIS. There is thread here teaching tricks to get to talk to a immigration/field officer. If you can do that, you can ask him/her, and may get the answer.

    By saying they wouldn't adjudicate your case becase its PD is not current, I meant they wouldn't approve your case. But they will look at your case. If something is wrong, they'll correct it or send you a RFE, both of which will result in updates. If everything is all right but only your PD is not current, they will "put in suspense" your case, which will result in an update too, and send your case to some on hold shelf. When your PD is current, they'll approve your case.


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  • rockdanation
    03-13 08:32 PM
    the question is how can i file my own 485 when i don't have details about I140. Is there a way where by i can get this info. i need SRC number to file for my 485 and i am current. i am on EB2 , other country not India, China .


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  • svr_76
    01-09 05:55 PM
    Chelsea Clinton. (YES its not a typo, you are reading it right).
    Because thats about the time it would take to get the voting right [i.e. Citizenship] :-)


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  • Dakshini R. Sen
    06-24 11:34 PM
    Enter your employer's name and address in question number 15. The advice you have got from the IO is not correct. You will not be put into deportation the moment you lose your job. You have time to either transfer your H1 or file a petition for a change of status to another classification.

    Dakshini R. Sen, P.C.
    Law Offices of Dakshini R. Sen P.C. , Immigration Lawyer US. (

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    01-24 02:37 PM
    When was the LCA filed?


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  • satyasaich
    12-02 09:51 AM
    For sure i can say that one can travel (if needed) just after applying 485. No need to wait until one gets the travel papers.However to enter in to the country again, one should have either a valid visa H1 or H4 visa stamp in the passport OR should present the travel documents related to 485 (which means some arrangements need to be done. say a person applied 485 on dec1st/06. left to india on Dec3rd/06. travel documents usually takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks. so these have to be sent to india sothat the person while coming back to US again, can present at port of entry)

    Lawyers say as a matter of precaution.( For example there is a query to submit a passport copy once again etc;)

    Once a person had applied for 485, till they get advance parole if they had gone out of US, the application will be dropped.
    I did hear that if you are in H1 B then it is not the case, but lots of Lawyers are advising not to get out of country till the person gets advance parole.

    I do remember seeing lots of discussion in one of the portals on this topic, I remember that counselor processing is the option in this type of case.

    This is a complex situation, you should consult a lawyer.

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  • viveksri
    06-19 12:46 PM
    p7810456, makemygc ,

    I really don�t know which letter/word in the title of thread makes you think about �VISA BULLETIN�. Moreover USCIS is not the one that issue Monthly Visa Bulletin.

    Anyway I have changed the title.



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    10-24 11:56 AM
    What you mean by "Becareful..lot of screening is going on in PERM"?

    You mean in ALL PERM or in EB2 PERM.

    My lawyer is very scared to file my new case under EB2 PERM. His opinion is we may get an audit.

    I have already EB3 PERM/I-140 approved. And now looking to file EB2 PERM with Bachelors+ 5 year Exp. (due to degree evaluation issues I am not able to file under Masters + 6 month exp).

    Ok, I also have one Tradional LC (from Texas) and one RIR case (from MN) pending in BEC.

    So the new case will be my 4th case.

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  • CADude
    04-03 09:39 PM
    Me and spouse sent the seperate letter to WH and copy to IV. No response so far from any place.


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  • delhirocks
    06-23 12:22 PM
    If dates stay current (expected for maybe July), I-485 processing is FIFO based on receipt date of I-485.
    If dates retrogress, I-485 processing is FIFO based on PD.

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  • milind70
    08-11 12:56 PM
    hello all,

    i filed my application on july 2nd to nebraska service center. Now i am filing my wife' application using the new updated 485 form. i sent my application to nebraska service center. i live in florida and in the new form i have noticed that they are asking people from florida to send 485 application to texas service center.

    i am confused as to where i should send my application. i am attaching a sheet which asks mailroom to attach my wife's new application to already filed my application ( sent on 2nd july with no recepit ).. i am just confused that if i send my application to texas will it get attached to my primary already filed application... any one in same situation or any insite please help.

    mail to NSC where you have mailed your application,you might have mailed your 485 to NSC since your 140 was approved from there.


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  • homers
    04-01 03:05 PM
    If they are staying on a resident or employment visa in UAE they have to apply at the US Embassy in Dubai. If they are on a visit visa in UAE, they have to apply at the appropriate US Consulate in India.

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  • kanshul
    05-25 08:32 AM
    The important thig is the period since yoour last admission to the US before July 2007.

    Say you entered in Apr 2007 then you would not have accumulated 180 days of unauthourized stay in US before filling 485 and you will be OK.

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  • skark
    08-22 11:54 AM
    Does anyone know if the PIO card needs to be renewed or a new PIO card has to be obtained when US passport is renewed?

    06-18 09:44 AM

    I have valid AP until Oct 16, 2008. I am going out of country between 1st Aug - 31 Aug.

    I read that upon return, I will be paroled for validity with 1 year from that date.. i.e 31 Aug, 2009.

    Does that mean I will not need AP renewal until 31 Aug, 2009 and I can re-enter US until that date without having to renew AP.?

    Thanks in advance

    05-30 12:00 PM
    The suggested procedure generally is, (assuming you got stamped with Employer A while in India and you want to work with Employer B as soon as you land)

    1. File a new independent petetion
    2. at Port of Entry, show the I-797 of company B, so that your I-94 records the right company you intend to work.

    With quota over for the year, you cannot file another H1 and follow above approach.

    When quota was not an issue until 3 years ago, the above scenario worked.

    Now you dont have an option because in I-129 (H1b application) form, you will be counted against the cap unless you are already in US in same status i.e on H1. Since you are not in US, you cannot avoid not being counted againts the cap.

    So the only way is to come in to US with intention to work for Employer A and then look for moving to employer B

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