Thursday, June 30, 2011

golden eagle wallpaper

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  • bigboy007
    06-23 04:35 PM
    Yep lawyer himself told thats not ideal i checked with another attorney he said that should be fine and INS understands it. Lets see . thanks for your reply though.

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  • poonam.daulat
    05-12 05:46 PM
    Thanks Snathan.

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  • needhelp!
    04-12 02:06 PM
    Facebook Washington DC | Facebook (

    so far only about using facebook :p

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  • fearonlygod
    11-30 06:51 PM
    Hi Folks,

    Please suggest how safe is it to travel on previous employer's visa stamp and new approval notice....

    Also, what happens if your previous employer cancels your visa, can u still use the same stamp...

    Any help will be highly appreciated.



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  • aamirzeeshan
    07-02 12:50 PM
    I-140 is only for the beneficiary, i believe in the form you need to mention your spouse and children names but the reciept notice or approval notice only contains beneficiary name.

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  • Munshi75
    06-13 08:57 PM
    Can I apply for EAD and keep it inacive until my H1B expires. Anybody please?


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  • Kitiara
    08-20 04:47 AM
    Photoshop might have a filter that could do this, although I'm not sure off the top of my head. I'd go with the Flash version myself, it's quick, easy and you can cut and paste the result into another package without any hassle.

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  • Ann Ruben
    02-21 05:50 PM
    You are absolutely correct. The original poster's information indicates that no I-485 is pending, so I wasn't thinking about the AP alternative.


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    02-14 07:20 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I work for Company A from the year 2003 on H1-B Visa and here is my details

    Priority Date : Aug 2004 (EB3-I)
    I-140 Approved date : Jan 2007
    I-485 Filed date : July 2007
    Currently using : H1-B (8 th year running)
    EAD & AP : I have both EAD & AP but not using it at this stage.

    Now i got an offer from Company B but they can accept only EAD or GC with Good salary and position. I am really tired of getting low salary with company A as they started taking advantage of me.

    Now if i use EAD card to move to company B (by using AC21) and once i get a green card (don't know when ??) do i have to come back to company A and work for one or two years as GC is for future employment ? Is there any rule like this ?

    I am also planning to have my personal attorney after moving to Company B to take care of AC 21 and other communications.

    I am not sure Company A will allow me to move at this stage and i cannot waste my life with this company for a low salary so i want to move and make some progress in my life.

    Have any of you moved like this and got GC ? Will there be any issues ?

    Please advise.

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  • DJ_Prakash
    01-26 03:54 PM
    My wife is on H4 and she is studying Masters and we already have EAD. She would like to do Internship and she still has 6 months to graduation and my question is
    1) Is there any time restrictions for people to do internship (with GC based EAD)
    2) After graduation, can she still continue with her internship (using EAD ofcourse) ?
    3) If Yes for question 2, then for how long after graduation she can be an intern

    Apreciate if someone can give feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • nozerd
    02-08 05:13 PM
    If they are Singapore Passport holders they dont even need visa. Singapore (last I knew atleast) was a visa waiver country.

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  • mzafar125
    02-14 10:53 AM
    I was under the assumption that you cannot file for EAD unless your I-485 application has been filed. How come Amit1234 applied for his EAD, his priority date is Jan 04 EB3. Just curious.



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  • digital2k
    08-14 02:13 PM

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  • amo76
    04-19 10:14 AM
    I've been doing some research and It looks like I'm might have to file amended I-140 concurrently with my I-485.

    Has anybody gone through this process before?


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  • tnite
    10-23 09:19 AM

    Any idea how long does it take to get AP approved after a soft LUD on AP?

    I485/AP/EAD - NSC - Notice date 8/16/07.
    FP: Done 09/29
    EAD: Waiting
    AP: Waiting (Soft LUD 10/22)

    Thank you in advance.


    I had a LUD for AP on Oct 11th.No AP so far.
    There is no definite answer.

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    12-21 05:28 PM
    Below is what I think to your three case scenario:

    Case 1: According to the USCIS's rule of last action, whichever petition or application came out last is your new non-immigrant status. So if your H1b transfer gets approved first and then your H-1B -> F1 gets approved, you are in F-1, or vice versa. But then if your first H1B has already expired before you turn in your F-1 application, it gets a little complicated. In that case, the F-1 application cannot be approved before the H1B transfer is approved.

    case 2: If your first H1B is still valid, then it is ok if your H1B transfer is denied. If your first H1B is expired already before your submit your F-1 application, and your H1B transfer gets denied, you could be out of status.

    case 3: If your H1B transfer is approved, and F-1 application is denied, you are still in H1B.

    There is an article discussing authorized stay and authorized status which relates to your questions: Differences Between “Authorized Status” and “Authorized Stay” (


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  • eastwest
    10-03 04:32 PM
    I thought this will be a useful information to everyone.

    My Case,
    04/18/2008 -Applied EAD online
    06/19/2008 -Status changes to "Approved" but no Notice sent.
    07/20/2008 -Waited for 30 Days and called USCIS to open a Service Request.
    07/24/2008 - Received EAD at home.

    08/26/2008 - Received the letter from USCIS saying we have sent you the card but never received back or delivered to you hence concluding it is considered lost and if you need it, Please file for EAD again.

    I called USCIS, Customer server rep said take an Infopass appointment to make sure it is valid.

    Took the appointment, went USCIS on 09/10/2008.
    Officer takes a look and tells me "Obviuosly you have EAD in your possession and unless you made it up on a color Laser printer, It is my fault that I have provided wrong information to USCIS and not waited for 30 days as I should have and I am there to pick up a fight with USCIS,bla bla bbla"

    I remained very calm knowing he does not like his job but have to do it.

    He is rude and clueless at the most why I am there. My first experience with USCIS, I dont think I want to go to their office again.

    Finally conclusion he tell me "Once EAD is issued it remains VALID until you notify USCIS that it is lost or stolen or tempered with, USCIS DOES NOT take any proactive actions on EADs that are issued. Hence NO action is neccessary at this time"

    Moral of Story is DO NOT go to USCIS if you receive such type of letter from USCIS after opening a service request for EAD.

    I wasted a good amount of time and money just to take this BS.


    I hope this helps.

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  • gcfriend65
    12-06 11:01 AM
    I am just trying to outline our plight. And that federal agencies should know that if we do our part according to deadlines set, then they should do their part too. Remember it's all based on reciprocity! Thank You guys, I appreaciate your sincerity.

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  • sanju_dba
    02-11 09:49 AM
    are you doing/done AOS or CP for your GC ?
    After you get your GC , ideally you have to keep doing your job role mentioned/related in your LC. Pay cannot be less than local wages set in Labor dept.
    If you are compelled to work for your Sponsoring employer then may be 6months is enough .

    - Above are just my thoughts, please consult a immigration attorney!

    03-30 08:41 AM

    I have an EB2 that is pending with BEC. Everytime, I ask my employer for some kind of an application number that I can use to check the status online - they deny and instead provide me with the status themselves. Is there any other way to get the status of the LC?


    03-03 11:09 PM
    I am for it yes,

    I was nice and easy few years ago which we used to get stamped here and used to say "Department of State" for the location it was stamped. I got my visa stamped once here in US.

    selected wrong radio button by mistake

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