Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • bagheera
    06-10 05:28 PM
    Hello all, please share your thoughts/advice on my case.

    Worked for Employer A from May 2004 - April 2007
    I-140 approved for Employer A in January 2007 (EB2 Category)
    Changed job in April 2007 to Employer B (my current employer).
    I-485 filed in July 2007 using approved I-140 from Employer A, and a letter for future employment.
    Employment verification RFE received in June 2009

    My lawyer advises to use AC21 and provide employment verification letter from my current employer (Employer B) for this RFE response.

    Since my I485 filing was based on future employment and I did not work for Employer A for 180 days after filing I-485, this causes some complexity.

    AC21 invocation letters typically state that you're using AC21 for switching employment after 180 days. What argument should be used to invoke AC21 in my case?


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  • darshan1226
    03-25 11:35 AM

    I recently received an approved I-290b on my 140. Does anyone know how long does is take for the 485 to be approved?


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  • Satrofu
    12-11 05:45 PM
    You have to be "in-status" to apply for AOS. The IO wants evidence of your continued non-immigrant status before you filed your AOS. Also, remember AOS does not grant you a status. It just lets you not accrue unlawful presence

    Thank you for answering.

    Does someone know if there is a time limit for immigration to answer after I send the evidence?

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  • digitalmediatech
    October 18th, 2005, 12:31 PM
    Well Gary, since you were looking for some gentle critic, how and why did you do such a great job...just do us a favor and let us know when the image becomes published. Really, nice work!


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  • illusions
    04-03 09:48 AM
    If you have e-mails that's good enough. No need to be scared, if you feel that you have not done anything illegal there is nothing to be afraid of. If your prev. employer starts to threaten in any way play it smart and try and get him to write e-mails, you can use that against him. Always consult a lawyer first to discuss the pro's and cons.

    Good luck.

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  • prashant1j
    01-07 10:48 AM
    My wife is from Bangalore, however since Chennai did not have available dates till Jan 20th she has scheduled her H4 appointment at New Delhi for Jan 9th. Please share experiences.



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  • auvrm
    08-25 01:04 PM
    My spouse currently is in H4. Is it possible to get his F1 visa stamped (with i-20 and other documents) within US? for example, in local USCIS offices.?

    Also, does getting COS (h4 to f1) approved means, we can exit and enter US without stamping in INDIA?

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  • homers
    05-29 09:02 AM
    I can also help out with giving people rides and such.


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  • imechanix
    03-03 03:43 PM
    Similar to touch, smell, taste of freedom! I guess.

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  • tnite
    10-08 11:14 AM
    July 20th will be the RD
    Read this forums for more info link (

    Just my 2 cents


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  • aat0995
    08-01 04:58 PM
    My application got approved today! Good luck to everyone.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    10-31 11:28 AM
    My employer will not withdraw my I-140. Should I still go ahead with AC21 or should I just do change of address with USCIS?
    I will be starting my new job pretty soon. Any useful suggestions appreciated.


    Its not necessary. however if you ever get a RFE, you have to be ready to respond with your AC21 docs. For the Address change, you can submit online by filling the AR-11 form.


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  • centaur
    03-19 05:27 PM
    Oh man!!!

    I love clowns. There are quite a few of them in Washington D.C. :)

    CIR is called as CIRCUS as just it is happening for show every year for fun. Not sure when the show will start this year?

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  • andy007
    07-20 06:23 PM
    I would like to file my PERM through a good immigration lawyer in bay area. Does anyone have any recommendation? Has anyone used Indu law firm?
    Some of the big names like fragomen etc seem to handle mostly company cases and are too expensive for individual case filing.
    Also how much is the charge typically for the whole GC process or PERM. I know it would vary depending on lawyers but i am looking to get some general idea on how much people on the Forum have spent filing their cases from GOOD lawyers.

    I am going thru Indu Law Firm.. She / Her Assistances are well orgnized (firm)


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  • crystal
    02-14 05:13 PM
    Yes, she can come on H4 even she applied for I-485 , only if you are r still on H1B . If u or ur wife dont want to use EAD in near future then it is better to bring her on H4. otherwise coming back on H4 or AP does not make any difference.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-19 04:30 PM
    Does no one like these? I think they look sick!


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  • karsanbhai
    02-19 09:19 AM
    I have been trying to go thru various threads in this sub-forum. I have few questions, which I will appreciate if anyone can answer:

    1. Are you responsible for invoking the AC21 or the new company that hires you does that?
    2. Will you be hired into new company using EAD or H1B?
    3. Does H1B need to be transferred to the new company anyways?
    4. If wife has started using her EAD, how does that get affected?
    5. Can you continue to use the AP issued or do you have to have a new AP re-issued?



    Status (Notice Approval Dates):
    - AP (11/2007),
    - FP & EAD (10/2007),
    - I-485 (9/2007),
    - I-140 (6/2007)

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  • morchu
    05-26 12:14 AM
    Nothing extra needed. You are good.

    Dear Experts/Lawyers,

    I wanted to ask a question about my status based on the situation described below:

    1. I entered the United States on F1 Visa in 2003.
    2. Applied for and got H1B approved, with the bottom right part attached. The visa was valid till November 2008.
    3. Applied for and got H1B extension approved, with the bottom right part attached. The visa is valid till November 2011.
    4. Never left the United States since I entered in 2003 on F1 Visa.
    5. My passport expires in the middle of 2010.

    Based on this, in order to ensure my legal stay in the United States, do I need to do anything except renew my passport at some point of time before it expires, in terms of either having to leave the US, or go to some agency to update something? Please suggest. Thank you for your help.

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  • rexjamla
    07-10 01:23 PM
    I send all the info including Fedex receipt to AILF for including me as plaintiff
    last week. My 485 application received by NSC on July 2 around 10 am.
    My attorney havent received it back as rejected yet.


    03-12 05:34 PM
    I think that thread was closed by Admins for some reason

    02-09 10:26 AM
    Isn't it strange that even though Eb3-I PD Mar 04 is not current, they opened the file and sent RFE?

    My PD is Mar 2005/EB3 and I was sent an RFE in Jul 2009 since my Birth certificate has initials and not the full name.

    I read somewhere, because of the backlog, they do review the cases and in some cases even "approve" them. Once the visa number is available, GC will be issued for these cases.

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