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shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3

images rosie transformers 3 shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3. Shia LaBeouf Reveals Details
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  • swartzphotography
    August 9th, 2007, 11:11 PM
    nope. not at all. if you want a camera that takes short video clips almost all of the consumer level point and shoot cameras take a video clip with sound and all of them no mater the quality of camera shoot at 640x480 resolution at 30 frames per second. all told they are kinda fun to use and most will shoot for however long your media card allows before running out of space on a 2 gig card you can figure about 30 minutes worth. and also for the video feature some of the low end 100 dollar cameras take just as good quality video as the upper level ones. in fact in my case my wife owns a samsung dig cam that is under 100 bucks and it outperforms my canon digital elph in video for the reason that the lens on hers can zoom in and out opticly while recording my 250 dollar digital elph can zoom opticly before the record button is pushed but once you start recording it will zoom but only digitally which makes for low quality at 640x480 resolution. so i say buy the d40x or the canon rebel xti and then buy a point and shoot camera for the video clips. hope this steers you in the right direction.

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  • Soltan
    11-23 03:21 AM
    Hi, my I94 expires on Nov 28th and my current employer is having issues in applying for transfer (they applied but without proper documents and it is still pending). I know I can continue to work based on the extension receipt they have even after Nov 28th.

    I have some questions in the scenario that this application of extension (old employer) is denied after Nov 28th say on Dec 10th:

    1) If a new employer applies for H1b transfer before Nov 28th and I get a rejection on Dec10th (with old one), can I immediately switch to the new employer (based on their transfer receipt) and continue work with the new one?

    2) If the new employer is unable to apply before Nov28th (with holidays coming up), but say applies on Dec5th. Now if I get a rejection with old employer on Dec10th, can I switch to new employer on Dec10th and continue working (even though they applied for transfer after my I94 expiration but while my stay was legal) ?

    Appreciate your responses at this crucial time.

    shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3. shia labeouf and megan fox
  • shia labeouf and megan fox

  • ajju
    02-06 03:15 PM
    Answer to your third question :- You can claim moving allowance when you file your tax return

    Thanks bombay.. I was not sure on this part as I saw the requirement of 50 miles.. from new job to new home.. So if job remained same.. what to specify...

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  • chinna888
    10-30 12:24 PM
    Same thing happen in our case, transfers TSC to local office(FL) for speed processing then after 16 months we got interviews letter from local office to attend the interview.


    shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3. Shia LaBeouf in Transformers
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  • roseball
    02-09 05:28 PM
    Hi All,

    Sorry for posting this in an Immigration forum. I am just trying to get some advise from people who might have already been in this situation.

    My cousin came to US on F-1 visa in Jan 2007. She has been attending grad school in NY...She got money from India to pay for her tuition for the first semester as she had no financial aid....One professor promised her aid starting Aug 2007 but that prof left the university for personal reasons so I paid her tuition/insurance for one semester ($10k)....I have also been helping her with her living expenses since she arrived in US....She only worked 1 day throughout the year and has a W-2 with $29 as earnings for 2007...

    My question is, can I claim her as a dependent in my tax filing....She lives in NY and I work/live in TX.....I am planning to consult a tax professional regarding this, but I just wanted to get a heads up from you all before visiting a professional.

    Thanks for your time.

    shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3. Megan Fox in #39;Transformers:
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  • MatsP
    June 5th, 2007, 05:54 AM
    From this ( I take it that the answer to your questions is:
    It doesn't detract from the image quality.
    It doesn't change the aperture (speed) of the lens.

    However, you only get manual focusing, manual exposoure and manual aperture settings. So you don't get any of the fancy features that the camera offers.

    Considering that the above site is asking a rather large amount of money for the adapter itself, I'd say that it's probably only worth it if you find some good old manual Nikon lenses [it's no point in getting fancy AF, VR lenses, as either of those features will not work anyways].



    shia labeouf and megan fox transformers 3. TRANSFORMERS 3 Shia LaBeouf
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  • needlotsofluck
    07-24 08:37 PM

    I am trying to fill the G325 Application. I have one field left to fill Alien Registration Number. Is this the I-94 number or any other number on the Visa or any other document?

    I would really appreciate your help!

    Thank you very much!

    Alien registration number is found either on I-140 receipt/approval on top of beneficiary's name. If you're not sure, just leave it blank or put N/A. This is different from I-94 number.

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  • dallasdude
    04-15 01:50 PM
    Why risk it? Avoid going there if possible.


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  • Shia LaBeouf and Rosie

  • jliechty
    September 24th, 2005, 06:27 PM
    Excellent! Works very well in B&W, IMHO. :)

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  • nat23
    05-24 08:24 PM
    r u guys sure that u arent reading the text introduced by Harry Reid? This is last years Bill...the one they are debating is from Kennedy....

    Compare it with CIR of last year and if they are same then you are looking at the wrong one.


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  • wandmaker
    05-07 09:10 AM
    So in this case, the person should send the documents from India, correct? One of the requirement was I-94 card. How will we provide that if you are out of the country? What to say for Last Entry?

    Q10 - Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or I-94 Number (if any)
    Q12 - Provide your last date of entry
    Q13 - Provide your last place of entry

    It is not necessary that one should remain in the US to apply for EAD renewal.

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  • suriajay12
    11-15 07:01 AM
    Thanks Gulute.

    Can somebody please help me on this.
    If we have to open one more office elsewhere, do you think there are any specific requireemnts the office space must meet.
    Like sq footage, cabins.. etc. Do you have any link that talks about office space wrt immigration requirements,
    I am not an employer, but I got a project to look for space and this is considered important as its related to immigration requirements.

    Thansk a LOT in adv.


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  • ss12345
    05-06 01:45 PM
    Thanks for doing this service which helps many ppl's lives.

    My employer applied for H1 extn last year (sept'08) and after my project ended in Nov'08, I left to home country in Dec'08 (I-94 expired)and I recently came back on H4. I heardfrom my employer that I got an RFE asking client letter and due date was May 4th. He did not respond since I didn't have project. Now I am in the process of project confirmation, and I have to be on H1 to start working again,
    1) Do I have to apply for new H1 (non-cap) or just apply for H4 to H1 COS or both? if 'both' then can I apply both in one package under PP? Can I start working on receiving receipt number?
    2) Can I apply H1 with the same employer, will there be a problem since he did not respond to RFE before? or can I apply for H1 transfer to a different employer using the previous H1 receipt number(is the receipt number still valid) or apply for new non-cap H1?

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  • bigboy007
    06-22 12:47 AM
    any comments pl


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    02-13 06:56 AM
    AFAIK, EB-2 can be filed either with LC or via NIW route. NIW bypasses LC requirements, but you need to make a strong case for why your advanced qualifications/expertise will serve the interests of US society in the long term, a task often better handled by a competent immigration attorney. EB-1 is similar to NIW in terms of eligibility requirements, but USCIS uses a stricter microscope to approve EB-1 cases, again something an experienced attorney can help with.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-28 01:30 AM
    Hotel News Now, a leading Global Hospitality publication, ran a two-part series about staffing challenges facing the U.S. hotel industry. I was honored to be interviewed by the publication and share my insights on the problems facing hospitality employer in these challenging times.

    With the level of unemployment about 8.5 percent, why do hotels still need foreign workers? There are various reasons, from location to the attitudes of American workers. And changes in schedules and lifestyle have affected one of the former staples of summer work�students.

    The situation is bad for staffing professionals in the industry, said Jacob Sapochnick, a San Diego, California-based lawyer whose practice is devoted to immigration law. �Even though they can hire local people, they can never rely on them for the full term,� he said. �If you have a large hotel, need 50 housekeepers and hire locally, the turnover is very high. They find a better job or one that pays more. When you have H-2B workers, they know they have them for 10 months. Their visa depends on them working at that hotel.�

    The more turnover, the less likely the hotel will function properly, Sapochnick said.

    Read the entire article here... (

    The second article in the series titled, Changes make H-2B visa program more challenging for hotels, click to read here (

    More... (


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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    06-20 11:06 PM

    Is there anyone who applied for i-140 with substituted labor on june1st or on consequent dates and waiting for approval/reciept???Please let us know ur status.


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  • wandmaker
    08-18 09:07 AM
    Hi all,
    I am currently out of USA.My new employer has submitted H1 Transfer and extension of stay.
    The petition has been approved along with new I-94. I have the original I-797 with me .

    I understand that we have to surrender I-94 before leaving USA.But in my case I got I-94 after I left USA.Now I need to go for visa stamping in India.

    Should I submit the new I-94 to the US consulate in India?

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    Follow the instructions here after your return -

    I-94 Departure Card - U.S. Embassy Bern Switzerland (

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  • pappu
    08-26 01:17 PM
    Thanks OP for posting these articles. Really great articles.

    Hey I would suggest and ask everyone to send the emails to the BW and SFMAG and thank them for writing such good articles. This will motivate them to write more articles like these and gets us in the picture and our issues which will help in CIR

    Both are good articles. Thanks for posting.
    I agree with you. We should be writing in the comments area of both these websites to show support for such articles.

    12-06 10:48 AM
    USCIS had been given strict guidelines to process all cases within a six month timeframe depending on the type of the case. But many cases have come to light which are not seeing the light of the day.

    How about filing our taxes on April 16, but not on April 15.
    Exactly what is your logic? There is no law against their getting delayed in completing a case in 6 months. There is a law for not submitting taxes on time. That is why I think this argument is not very valid. I can see your frustration with the delays at USCIS, however, and sympathize with it.

    10-27 12:44 PM
    My wife'e H1B expires on Feb 2007 and she still has not applied for H1B renewal as she was on maternity leave. She will do so in first week of November. It looks like H1B extension process takes more than 3 months. Virginia is one of the states which just gives ur Driver license till ur H1B validity. So her license is valid till feb 2007. Would like to know if she can get her license renewed in Feb 2007 with a H1b receipt number or should she do Premium processing of her H1B. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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