Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • baba2s
    09-28 08:51 AM
    I compltely agree with you..."We all need to unite and work towards one common goal."
    We will need support from all our friends across all EBs...

    agree..unused Visa # capture.. is the only way...

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  • mheggade
    10-08 11:56 AM
    Till early part of 2004 or latter part of 2003, most of the Indians applied EB3 very few applied EB2. After 2004, it was reverse. I doubt any one appled EB3 in 2005 0r 2006.

    If EB3 stays continously in 2001 and EB2 in 2004 (there is 3 year difference in cutoff date between EB2 and EB3 now), the guys with EB3 PD 2002 and 2003 will convert to EB2 by applying new 140 to transfer PD. This flow will balance the cut-off dates. Eventually it will reach a common ground or a break-even point.

    I doubt that people try to change from EB3 to EB2 , given the fact that they need get I140 approval which is taking more than 14 months and USCIS announced recently that, they are not bringing back I140 PP in the near future.

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  • vparam
    06-07 12:41 PM
    Where are we? CIR has not yet been recieved in the house, no conference commitees. what is really happening? is the CIR dead on arrival?

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  • imh1b
    02-16 08:41 AM
    I want to come to Advocacy day. If my plans change, I will contribute the amount I would have spent for my travel, food and stay in DC to IV.


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  • actonwang
    07-17 09:16 PM
    it has been unfair game ... nobody can bring fairness to the table at this point because it doesn't matter too much to them.

    sad to say, to them, it is just a job. they don't care if you feel pain or happy. they simply don't care.

    only thing i can say is that prepare yourself as best as you can.

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  • jonty_11
    05-15 03:43 PM
    ques for IV core - Are we not supporting HR 6039 - exempt US Grads from GC VISA numbers?


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  • StarSun
    03-28 09:16 AM
    StarSun...i'll help with both the tasks you mentioned. My lawyer already gives free advice in several LA univs so he might be interested in this.
    My questions...says he is interested...what does he have to do to there a number to call for the conference call....or a special link where he has to go to join the chat? which thursday of the month is he this fixed or does it change every month?
    To be honest i never visit the forum page unless i need to search for something and thats very rare....can we put up a link or an Icon with a tiny banner advertising the free lawyer phone call on the home page?

    Thank you for taking up the 2 tasks.

    As for the lawyer conference calls, it has to be on the fourth Thursday of the month consistently. (This month, we ended up with 5 Thursdays, and therefore have no conf calls for the last 2). If we can have 4 free conference calls in a month - free on both ends - it is good.

    When lawyers answers questions from our members, either through the conference calls or in the forums, their contact info will run on the top hand side of every IV page, giving visibility to immigration lawyers in a very targeted market. It is a mutually beneficial program for both members (getting free advice) and the lawyers (visibility).

    Talk to your lawyer, find about his interests and let me know, I will follow up with him/her soon after the advocacy days in DC.

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  • ramus
    06-29 12:52 PM
    So are you saying that date will go back in the middle of the month?

    During this period they approved applicants whose date was not current. These persons are getting GCs and there is a thread for such applicants. It is possible that there are 40K+ such persons. Hence, the following does not matter.


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  • navyug
    05-26 02:15 PM
    I am in the same situation.Posted May 7 to Arizona lock box. Received May 10 @ 11:12AM in Arizona. Check not encashed nor receipt notice received. I am going to wait for a week to 10 days before I call the Service center. Could be stacked up because of the New EAD format that is being issued.

    05/12- Send Application by Fedex to AZ Lockbox
    05/14- Package delivered
    05/21- Checks cashed and received Receipt Numbers by SMS
    05/22- Soft LUD
    05/24- Soft LUD
    05/25- Received Paper receipts and soft LUD
    05/26- Soft LUD

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  • H1bslave
    05-30 09:08 AM
    Being out of status means staying illegal, which is perfect scenario for getting Z visa.... almost hit the lottery :)


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  • little_willy
    05-15 09:03 AM
    Thanks everyone. The information was very helpful. I will talk to a my lawyer and post the response here.

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  • gdhiren
    09-20 11:40 AM
    There are just too many fond memories to share in one post... but I do want to specially thank leo2606 who drove 70 miles to pick up myself, venkygct, vsraja and punjabi at the Dulles airport and then took us out for breakfast, then to the rally venue, then for lunch, finally to a hotel room we had booked for a quick shower, basically... like a shadow he was with us wherever we wanted to go! And... whenever we thanked him (and gdhiren who co-ordinated pickups/dropoffs for many others like the 4 of us) these guys, instead of saying something like "You are welcome", would profusely thank us for flying in!

    Its people... like leo2606 and gdhiren.. and many others are the true strength of IV!

    abhijitp, You deserve to be the MAN OF THE RALLY (I don't like to argue with ladies so I am choosing MAN :)) Whaever crowd we had at the rally the credit goes to you for the Partner thread which really helped increase the attendance and eventually out of area crowd beat the locals. Not to mention the great permonance on guitar on my favourite music.


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  • willwin
    10-15 04:23 PM
    So you will be on H1 till conclusion. Best Luck.

    Yes, I dont really see that as a problem right away (though I am aware of the risks!). I have completed only 4 years of my H1B and with approved I140, I should be able to extend another 3 years, (if required).

    BharatPremi, do you know if one can have both 485 and CP processes simultaneously?

    I am just wondering if I could file 485 (if my PD becomes current and stays current only for a short period as it happened in July) and have my CP case also alive.

    My CP case is already in Consulate (after processing Form 230) which means I am just awaiting an interview. 485 is to safeguard my GC against any unforeseen odds and risks. Is that possible?

    Or, can I file another LC (under EB2) and once I140 is approved (using prior PD), can I interfile (in CP)?

    I just wanted to have the safety net that 485 provides or move to EB2 so that interview can be expected in the next year or so -if my new I140 is approved by then!

    Any recommendations and is this technically possible?

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  • vactorboy29
    02-26 04:54 PM
    i am not baniya... in fact i lament the fact that i am not a baniya... i am a pure bred brahmin with high education, my entire family is highly educated till my family tree can be traced... they are all people who did noble things for God, kings etc... but i am aspiring to be a big time baniya... this last century and present time is a capitalist period... baniyas rock! they rule! if i had wealth, i would never share it... i will simply find ways to make other people slightly happy so that they keep buying my products/services... hail baniyaism

    Baniya's are most generous people in India .Go look for any tample trust or other charitable organisation.Yes they are business minded people.
    Disclaimer - I am "Baniya"


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  • tonyHK12
    09-29 04:15 PM
    We do not get any attention, because we do not raise our issues and we are not vocal about the problems we face.
    .... But we as a group need to stand up, talk about the issues we face and have our voices heard.
    You made very good points. May I suggest we ask members to call on the phone too if they're busy? This actually worked in delaying the first Bailout in 2009, when they received numerous calls.
    Customer service reps do this for hours everyday in some places.

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  • amitjoey
    01-19 11:56 AM
    6) Go and buy a Pre approved LC from Desi Consultant paying 15K or more

    guys any more ideas?

    one more question 7) I dont like recurring payment, but I will contribute monthly anyways.
    That is like telling your fiance "I want to live with you for ever, but I dont want to marry you".


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  • Macaca
    04-08 10:42 AM
    Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    Q : Must an H-1B alien be working at all times? ( D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    As long as the employer/employee relationship exists, an H-1B alien is still in status. An H-1B alien may work in full or part-time employment and remain in status. An H-1B alien may also be on vacation, sick/maternity/paternity leave, on strike, or otherwise inactive without affecting his or her status.

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  • premji
    05-03 10:56 AM
    PERM Filed: 09/06/2007
    Audit date: 10/19/2007
    PERM Audit Replied: 10/31/2007
    EB2 Atlanta Still Waiting...

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  • sanjayc
    06-30 03:10 PM
    I applied for renewal and it was with additional fee for Tatkal, So i paid $155 ( 90 + 45 + 20 ). Recd passport in 8 days by Fedex.

    Applied on : 6/4
    Recd New Passport : 6/13

    Last time i did not do Tatkal for my wife's passport and then we did not get it even after 2 months, we had to go to Houston personally and request those babus there, then they charged extra 90 anyway and sent passport in 3 days after that.

    You will be amazed, they never pick phone or even if you go there personally, presumably it is too difficult for them to find your file.

    01-19 01:52 PM
    I had been meaning to do this for a few days now but got stuck with stuff.. I wanted to thank the Core team for keeping up the drive of this effort. Please be assured there is a lot of support behind you.
    - Good Luck

    04-12 12:01 PM
    the lockbox facility is creating delays.... Can IV take this issue up with Ombudsman or some other IV contacts?

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