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  • buehler
    06-16 10:26 AM
    It is best to not do anything while on the B visa, and relinquish the B status, then either re-enter on a stronger intent visa (H1/H4 or L1) and then file 485 or file the 485 from outside the country.

    Agree with what mihir is telling here. Just a minor correction - 485 can be filed only when one is present in the US.

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  • sjhugoose
    February 3rd, 2004, 10:27 AM
    DP Review just posted a hands on preview/review of the new D70. You can catch the link here (

    That little sucker looks to be one heck of a feature packed little camera. If you did not think about FF and pro stuff this would make the consumer camera one real tough decision! Nice little camera!


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  • greensignal
    12-27 12:00 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I have Soft LUD's on my I140, I1485 And my wife's 485 on 12-26-07 and today 12-27-07.

    Any inputs? Hoping a approval but god knows what it is :confused:

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  • gskumar
    05-06 04:31 PM
    Hi guys,

    My H1-B visa is approved lastyear (Jan 2007).and I came to US on Mar 2007.
    In my H1-B visa the DOB is wrongly entered.In my passport the DOB is correct.I havent checked this and i m in US now.When i went to Driving office to apply for my drivers license they asked me to correct the DOB in my VISA.
    Can anyone helpme out how to change correct my DOB in my H1-VISA.

    Whats the procedure to change my DOB in my Visa.

    Any help is appericiated.
    Thanks in advance


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  • ss777
    02-13 10:12 AM
    I got hold of a copy of the actual RFE and when I read closely, the above statement sounded alarming. Since the labor was filed in 2003, I was wondering what relevance June 26, 2006 has.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • raysaikat
    07-26 01:52 PM
    I got extended until September 30, 2010.

    No, you do not need to go out of US if the I-797 (H1-B approval) comes with an I-94 card.


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  • gcwanted101
    10-06 10:12 AM
    USCIS - USCIS Implements H-1B and L-1 Fee Increase According to Public Law 111-230 ( D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

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  • stemcell
    06-15 05:43 PM
    Yes that is correct. IV core member Paskal has been leading this initiative from the front. He will provide an update. If you are part of the IV Physicians group, you may find more information from him.

    Can you let me know how to join the physician group or whom to contact ?


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  • kirupa
    03-01 04:29 PM
    Haha, no that's fine. Hand-drawn is what I meant. I could never turn down pixel art :P

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  • rkdownload
    12-03 05:58 PM
    We applied for our EAD renewal with following status till date

    My Details

    EAD Applied : Oct 9, 2008
    Card production ordered : Nov 17, 2008 (Not yet recieved)
    Approval notice sent :Nov 26, 2008 (Not yet recieved)

    Spouse Details

    EAD Applied : Oct 9, 2008
    Card production ordered : Nov 21, 2008 (recieved on Nov 24, 2008)
    Approval notice sent :Nov 24, 2008 (Not yet recieved)

    I am kind of worried as it has been more than 2 weeks and I have not yet recieved my EAD while my spouse's came within 3 days.

    I was wondering if someone got his/her card even after 2 weeks as generally it take 5-10 days. Any advice would be highly appreciated.



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  • regacct
    05-03 10:08 AM
    NIV Renewals - U.S. Diplomatic Mission Abuja, Nigeria ( Check it out, it does not mention anything specific.

    You cannot go to Mexico, it is out of picture (Visa Services (

    Next option is for Canada, but if you do not have US education or experience in US as they clearly mention on consulate site of Canada (Visa Requirements • U.S. Consular Services in Canada (

    It is recommended to go to Home country for change of status or First time H1B visa stamping. The reason is, it is much easy to verify your education certificates, work related certificates etc if you are from your home country.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

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  • grinch
    05-09 05:30 PM
    Meh I see what you mean, but thats what I was going for... Hrmm, hold on.


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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-26 10:02 AM

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  • reachinus
    09-26 01:59 PM
    your old 140 will still be valid even if the new one is deneid and as long its not withdrawn or revoked by USCIS. You should be able to get 3 yrs H1 based on your approved 140. Hope this helps.


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  • STAmisha
    06-20 02:15 PM
    My company is an US company (2000 people+) and not a desi body shopper

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  • regacct
    11-18 11:45 AM
    Free Attorney Conference call today (


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  • andycool
    02-10 07:54 AM
    Thanks! We filed today.. they'll will receive tomorrow.

    My 485 is pending, so I think I won't be totally out of status..

    Any suggestion on how we can approch sending the approved LCA later and ask USCIS to match it to the already submitted H1B petition?

    I dont see a problem if you have I 485 Pending ( i assume you have EAD to continue working )

    I filed my H1B 3 months later after joining a new job on EAD , i didnt have any problem


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  • factoryman
    06-19 11:00 PM
    supplemental 693. No brainer. All do.

    Did anyone's doctor attach the following supplement to their application or am I the only one ?

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  • santa123
    06-14 07:10 PM
    What is the typical time frame to receive the original labor / PERM certification after the approval (online)? Who receives the original typically?

    01-31 04:42 PM
    If I-140 has been approved, would it still be fine to apply for transfer from H1-B to F1 status by using form I-539 & university issued I-20 ? How long does it take to transfer status from H1B to F1 ? When can one start school �. Only after I-539 approval or after only applying ?

    For pursuing an MBA, does it matter if one is on F1 or H4 (spouse is on separate H1)?

    Please look at Zima's post in For NIW and OsR applicants ( forum.

    You can get an answer to the second question by asking the International Student Office of the University. That answer will be more reliable then the answer from a lawyer.

    02-03 02:06 PM

    Is there any way we can check our labor processing status as it is a genral fact that no employer would prefer to give his employee to access his status and at the same time they would not let employee to call attorney directly.So in this kind of scenario I was just wondering is there anyway we can track the status.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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