Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • fromnaija
    06-21 07:17 PM
    While you could have two H1B with two different employers, it is logically impossible for both to be full-time positions. So logically, you could have one full-time position and one part-time position or both as part-time positions. In either case you I-129 will have to be amended to show that you are in part-time position with the employer.


    Currently working with Company A, where I have I-140 approved. The employer is willing to file I-485. Also have a better offer with Company B, and have H1B approved. Is it possible for me to take leave from company A (using my PTO) and joint company B, keeping both jobs on H1B status?

    As my H1B is valid with 2 companies, and both are for full time positions. Is it okay for me to be actively employed with both companies at the same time for 2 or 3 months? Do I violate any H1B regulation, that may cause denial of I-485 at later stage?


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  • gparr
    May 5th, 2005, 09:35 PM
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  • Becks
    03-16 07:41 PM
    Your education evaluation is valid for a long period(not sure how long). I applied for my first H1 in 2000 and got education evaluation that time. Stamping didnot work out for me that time.

    I applied for new H1 in 2003 and submitted same education evaluation that I got in 2000. I entered US and used same edu eval for transferring H1. I did not have any issues.

    So you are fine. I dont know if this applies to all cases.

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  • sukhyani
    08-23 06:40 PM
    Hi !
    Our lawyer had posted our application on July 2nd and we had our fingerprinting scheduled for 21st august which was completed.

    I checked my status on the USCIS site for the very first time today. And it says. "On July 30, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case" . Can anyone kindly explain me what this means ( how July 30th and what mail are they talking about ?we never received any! ) ...


    They are talking about your receipt notice.


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  • godspeed
    02-16 09:08 PM
    ok this is a little unusual, my exp so far has been the checks are almost always cashed within 3-4 days, call cust center or take infopass and follow up, if you have a lawyer then ask him to check on it.
    However i am not sure why your application reached VSC.
    We have been applying for advance parole document at NSC for the last few years.
    This time also we sent our application to NSC on 01/28/2010.

    However, after about 15 days, we received a receipt notice letter from Vermont service center and the case is now pending at VSC. Moreover, the check is not cashed yet.

    Based on the state we are living, the I-131 application instructions specify that I-140 based applications should be sent to Nebraska service center.

    I am wondering if USCIS started processing I-131 applications at VSC.
    Or our application is mistakenly misclassified and sent to VSC.

    Any comments?

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  • saibabu_d
    08-20 03:55 PM
    I've already paid 100$ for this rally. I can pay another 100$ if needed.


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  • sparky63
    February 26th, 2005, 07:17 PM
    Maybe if it were wolf tracks or bears or something dangerous.
    ... especially if the wolf or bear were standing at the end of the tracks, looking back over its shoulder (from a safe distance, of course!]. That would make an interesting shot.

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-17 07:26 PM
    I read on this and other forums that with Re-entry Permit a US resident can live outside for more than 1 year and less than 2 years.

    Not true. There is no limit, except that eventually US immigration may decide that the person has relinquished their permanent residence if they stay outside the US for many years.

    Secondly, Is there any limit on number of times a Re-Entry Permit can be applied?

    No, the first 2 are for 2 years each, and then one year at a time. Again, CIS will eventually question whether the applicants really intend to return here.


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  • redgreen
    06-06 02:26 PM
    huge number of eb3 -eb2 porting is what one can see in this latest data!

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  • logiclife
    07-06 04:49 PM
    There is a policy for accepting asylees from Cuba and allowing them to seek permenant residency.

    Its called the wet feet/dry feet policy. See Here on wikipedia (

    The wet feet, dry feet policy (sometimes called the wet-foot, dry-foot Policy) is the name given to a consequence of the 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that says, essentially, that anyone who fled Cuba and got into the United States would be allowed to pursue residency a year later. After talks with the Cuban government, the Clinton administration came to an agreement with Cuba that it would stop admitting people found at sea. Since then, in what has become known as the "wet feet, dry feet" policy, a Cuban caught on the waters between the two nations, "wet feet", would summarily be sent home or to a third country. One who makes it to shore, "dry feet", gets a chance to remain in the United States, and later would qualify for U.S. citizenship.

    You better carry a nice towel with you when you come back from Cuba and make sure your feet are dry when apprehended by coast guard. And make sure you dont end up getting kidnapped and killed in Cuba, coz they really dont have very nice law enforcement.


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  • ricky26
    08-28 12:37 AM
    If your current H1 is already expired, it is better/safer to use AC21 and join company B.
    else get hold of reputed lawyer and transfer H1 to comp B.

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  • sury
    02-08 08:36 AM
    can anyone please reply


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  • jamesingham
    04-11 11:38 AM

    My wife is currently on H4 status. (Just the I-94, her visa expired last year October). She started her MS in Fall 2009. She already competed 2 Semesters of MS on H4 visa. We applied for her Change of Status to F1 visa in March. According to the USCIS processing dates, she will get the COS approved approximately in June 1st week.

    She will have to travel to India this summer. The question we have is,

    is it advisable to wait till she gets her F1 COS Approved and then go to India for F1 Stamping ?
    or abandon the F1 COS and go for F1 stamping directly in India ?

    Please advice if there are any risks involved here.

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  • belmontboy
    09-30 08:32 PM

    I have been in US for last 2 years on L1 B and my L1 expires in Dec 09.I My company has already applied for renewal. I wanted to know is it possible to file Green Card, once my petition is renewed, on my own even if employer is not interested in doing it. I am ready to pay my expenses and get it filed. Just wanted to know if it is possible. I have been with my employer for 4 years.


    All Employment Based green cards must be filed/sponsored by an employer.
    You cannot file by yourself.


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  • immigrationvoice1
    01-22 07:32 AM makes sense totally...

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  • wandmaker
    11-26 02:04 AM
    tanyas_21: Amendment processing time is same as normal H1 processing time. Your status is H4 until the H1B amendment (797 w/ I-94) is approved or You re-enter USA after you get your H1B stamped. USCIS usually sends cable to home consulate mentioned in I-129 about the approval of H1B - It is one of the reason, most of the attorneys' recommend people to get it stamped from home consulate. As long as you go with all the paper work, You can get it stamped from Mexico, and I dont see any issues. Do not attempt to get it stamped from Canada unless you have a verifiable US education. Good luck!


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  • kaizar
    05-06 07:56 AM
    Hi, I have question about my case.

    My family was applied I-485 by my mom's working at the company, and all my family had EAD which is working permit and received SSN with that EAD.

    However, 2008 January our I-485 have got denied because of sponsor got closed.
    That was the before our EAD card gets expired. So I couldn't renew the EAD card.

    So My question is, is there any way to renew that EAD now?
    if I still want to work, what does I have to do?

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  • nishant_u
    03-15 07:00 PM
    I am currently employed by a large US-based multinational firm on an H-1B visa. My 6 year limit on H1 expires on Nov 27, 2011.

    My employer filed Labor Certification for my employment-based Green Card (EB2) over a year ago (on March 1st, 2010).

    Since it has been more than a year since Labor has been filed, I am assuming my employer can file for a 1-year extension to my H-1B visa 6 months before it expires (that is on June 27th, 2011). Also, in the meantime, if my Labor and subsequent I-140 are approved, I am assuming my employer can file for 3-year extension to my H-1B.

    Question 1: Are these assumptions above correct?

    Question 2: Can I quit my job and join another firm after the 1 or 3 year extension is granted? That is will another employer be able to file an H1 petition on my behalf for the extended H1 period (that is beyond 6 years) - even though the extension was granted because of a Labor Certification filed by the previous employer?

    I plan to get married to an American Citizen in September. Once I get married, I will obviously file for a marriage-based green card.

    Question 3: Given the above, can I quit my job and join another firm now (before my H1 extension is filed)? What are my risks?

    If I do stay with my current employer - once I get married, I am assuming that I can file for my marriage based green card (form I-130) and adjustment of status (I-485) concurrently.

    Question 4: Is the above assumption correct?

    Question 5: Can I also file for EAD concurrently with my I-485? How soon can I expect to leave my current employer and take up a job based on the EAD / marriage-based green card?

    Appreciate any guidance.


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  • belmontboy
    07-03 09:09 PM
    Hi All,

    Need some piece of advice. My H1B is expiring on 07-15-08, On July 2nd my I-140 was filed in premium processing. My LC is not 365 days old, so i need I-140 to apply for 3 year extension of my H1. Since it takes max of 15 calander days for I-140 to go through it may protentially get approved on July 18th and the approval may arrive in a week after that. Since I dont have a basis for requesting H1 extension , I am wondering how I can stay in status from 15th July till i get I-140 approved.

    Any ideas?

    Appreciate your response.

    you can reclaim the vacation time that you spent while you were on H1B.
    Please consult some experienced lawyer.

    09-20 09:27 AM
    At this point any gc holder in EB3 is good!
    Or EB3 I who got GCs do not want to do anything with Immigration for the next five years - and are taking a break :D

    01-13 07:04 PM
    Send him a letter by certified mail and then dump the bloodsucker ! Noncompete agreements are very dubious in the first place so I doublt the employer would try to reclaim the loss.
    Also you can get a free initial consultation from a licensed lawyer, there are plenty of options here. At most he would charge you something around $200

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