Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • preeyanka
    02-09 01:36 PM

    I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology, graduating next year in May or October. I am currently on an F-1 student visa and have heard ominous things about getting an H1-b and GC in my field.

    I know I have time and things can change, but it seems like they are becoming more difficult. Hence if there are people out there who have ideas, experiences and information to share about what the process is like for potential psychologists to get sponsored, I would greatly appreciate your reply.


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  • silvergga
    02-13 03:19 PM

    I have a RFE for my 485 according to the online status. My PD is current, and NSC's 485 processing time is now July 19, 07. My 485 RD was July 25, 07, so it is likely that they are working on adjudicating my case (and could have approved if there were no RFE).

    I am still waiting for the RFE in the mail to know what it is exactly. But, assume that I fulfill their request and mail them the required items immediately, will I need to wait another 6 months before they check my RFE fulfillment? Or do they usually look at the RFE immediately (since they are already working on my case)...


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  • solaris27
    11-04 02:18 PM
    if you are out of country then why don't open account in ICICI or reliance to do trading .

    you can do US stock trading using them ... Confirm with them also.

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  • GCKarma
    07-18 11:09 AM
    Can we file I-485, after August 1 2007 and
    before August 17 2007 (as I'm preparing my medicals).Is there a chance USCIS stop taking the application after July 31 2007 by giving some crap reason?Also I understand that filing fee is same for I-485 until August 17 2007.Is that true even for I-765 and I-131.Please clarify.


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  • pointlesswait
    11-02 02:37 PM
    damn...thats a first i have heard!!

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  • Invis
    06-27 01:15 PM
    I first off apologize if there is already a thread pertaining to my questions. If so I would greatly appreciate being directed.
    My situation is this...I came to the US as a visitor from Canada. As a result I did not need a I-94, a visa or a passport since i travelled by car. I am going to be married to a US citizen in a couple of weeks. I guess my questions are these...#1. Since I did not need any of those documents to enter the US, will this cause a problem while trying to prove status?
    #2. I read somewhere about filing a I-30 prior to other documentation such as the I-485 and medical and so on. I was wondering if this is true or if i even need to file this document or if so if it can be filed in conjunction with the others.


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  • sangmami
    06-17 06:52 PM
    If i were u i wudn t miss this boat for some few bucks because u will never know what laws they will come up with....:D

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  • ab3
    04-01 06:11 PM
    I think I found my answer - instructions seem to say it's not a required answer but a "conditional" answer.


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  • martinvisalaw
    09-21 12:29 PM
    Both cards should arrive to the address that CIS has on file for the couple. The wife's departure from the US should not affect this. However, she needs to have the card to return to the US, ideally. Hopefully husband can send her the card.

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  • fromnaija
    01-17 09:55 AM
    I applied I-140 in EB2 NIW category. I need to apply for H1 extension as this is my 5th year. I need to talk to my employer.

    I see because of retrogression one cannot file for I-485.

    Can I file for extension of H1 after I get I-140 approval or do I have to wait for I-1485 filing.

    Please advise.

    After 140 approval you can file for H1 extension and get a three year extension.


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  • Macaca
    08-15 09:25 PM
    Bush, Congress Struggle in Public Eye ( By DAVID ESPO | The Associated Press, August 15, 2007

    WASHINGTON -- The Democratic-controlled Congress and President Bush seem locked in a perverse competition for public unfavorability, according to a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

    The survey shows Bush's approval ratings at 35 percent, and Congress' even lower, 25 percent. Only 27 percent of those polled said the country is headed in the right direction, and 39 percent said they support the Iraq war, with 58 percent opposed.

    While Bush's favorability ratings have remained relatively unchanged for months, Congress' support declined markedly between May and July, a dip confirmed in a poll of 1,003 people taken last week.

    Asked whether they approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job after seven months of divided government, those surveyed were then prompted to volunteer a reason.

    Of the 74 percent of those expressing congressional disapproval, 22 percent said lawmakers generally aren't doing their jobs. Another 20 percent cited a specific issue for their unhappiness. Twelve percent said they disapprove of Congress because lawmakers care only about themselves and their party, while 10 percent cited backstabbing and infighting.

    Among those who cited an issue, the war in Iraq was mentioned most often. It was cited by 7 percent of those disapproving of Congress' performance, followed by health care, 5 percent; immigration, 2 percent and employment and wage issues, 2 percent.

    The survey was taken as Congress was beginning its August recess, providing a respite from months of unsuccessfully trying to force Bush to change course in Iraq.

    Democratic leaders have vowed to renew their challenge to Bush when they return to the Capitol after Labor Day. An autumn clash also looms over federal spending, and Bush has posted veto threats against bills dealing with farm programs, expansion of children's health care and energy.

    "I don't think this war is going the way it should be. We're over there for nothing," said Richard Reda, 64, of Nashua, N.H., a Vietenam War veteran and self-described political independent.

    In an interview, he said, "I think Congress should go over Bush's head and get these troops back here. There's got to be a way where they can override Bush to get the troops back here."

    Maria Guyan, a 28-year-old school secretary from Struthers, Ohio, agreed. Guyan described her politics as "lean Democrat" and said, "I just don't think they're doing enough to keep President Bush from basically going forward on whatever he wants."

    She said Congress should focus most on withdrawing from Iraq and improving the nation's education system.

    "We definitely need to get out of the war, and we need to basically just realize we cannot run another country in addition to our own," she said.

    But Peggy Grandinetti, 69, a Republican from Florence, Ala., criticized Congress for not standing by Bush on the war.

    "I just completely disagree of pulling out of Iraq. I think we ought to stay there and finish the job," said the retired medical assistant.

    Richard Henson, 58, of Atlanta, Ga., was among the Democrats who said Congress has failed to address a problem with illegal immigration.

    "The immigrants are running bills up," said the post office manager, citing health care and school taxes as examples. "We have to pay extra taxes to support illegal immigrants. I don't think they should benefit from our services that we're paying taxes on."

    Wes Kangas, 65, a Republican and retired banker in Vancouver, Wash., expressed weariness. "They don't seem to get anything done. All they do is bicker back and forth. After a while it gets kind of old," he said.

    Republicans were more likely to say Congress wasn't doing its job, 26 percent, while Democrats tended to cite a specific issue, 24 percent. Among independents, 22 percent said generally that lawmakers weren't doing their job, and 20 percent pointed to a specific issue, a list topped by the war in Iraq.

    When it came to judging Bush, 70 percent of Republicans approved of his performance, with 27 percent disapproving. Democrats split 89-9 in disapproval, and 68 percent of independents disapproved.

    Congress, by contrast, was held in disregard without regard to party.

    Among independents, 73 percent said they disapproved of the way Congress was handling its job, with 23 percent expressing approval. Among Democrats, a striking 70 percent disapproved and 26 percent approved, while Republicans split, 74-23, in disapproval.

    The poll's margin of error was plus or minus three percentage points.

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  • sxk
    10-19 03:16 AM
    I am looking for a good immigration lawyer based out of chicago. I had some questions and thought I will call and talk to a lawyer. If anybody knows of any lawyer who is not expensive and is good, please let me know

    Thanks is advance


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-14 10:50 PM
    For a supposedly-sleepy dog day of summer, last Thursday produced a disturbing clash of views on employment-based immigration in the two Washingtons -- DC and WA. Seattle, about as far from the Beltway as one can go in the lower 48, hosted the Northwest Summit of ImmigrationWorks -- a coalition of large and small businesses bent on reforming the immigration laws in ways that will enable the economy to grow. At the same time, the Senate reconvened from its recess for about a half hour to pass H.R. 6080, a $600 million border enforcement law whose protectionist elements triggered an...

    More... (

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  • aillarramendi
    08-31 11:28 AM
    :confused: I want to start this thread to know for how long we will be waiting for receipts:

    Filed I-140, I-485, EAD and AP : 08/14/2007
    Service Center : TSC
    EB3 - ROW
    PD : 07/2007
    Receipt: Waiting
    Check cashed: Not yet


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  • BenBart
    07-19 11:38 AM
    Added :)

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  • iam_amit
    01-06 10:31 PM
    Hi, me and my wife we both r on H1b. My wife works with a solution & service LLC.say company A, now the owner is ready to start a new company, say B,with my wife as partner. She will be just passive investor in the company and getting profits, if any from company B. Can she still work full time with company A?. How can we invest in company B and take profits. is there any problem is getting profits more then 500K in a year.

    What r IRS forms?. Finally any good attorney suggestions for Houston, TX.

    What are the options for business formation,

    Does anyone see any issue with this kind of formation and GC process for me..



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  • lost_in_the_gcprocess
    05-06 11:56 AM
    My freind found the PERM approval document.

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  • sanz
    06-29 03:15 PM
    my company also got acquired recently and i had gone for stamping. Mine was for renewal. they just looked at the 797 and gave the stamping. i had written the name of the old company in the ds-160 as the h1 document was in their name

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-01 12:50 AM (
    The U.S. Department of State has published an alert (here ( for U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in South Africa to safety and security issues related to the FIFA World Cup taking place in nine cities across the country from June 11 to July 11, 2010.

    The U.S. Mission to South Africa also has a dedicated World Cup website here. (

    More... (

    01-25 10:12 PM

    I hope attorneys can give the definitive answer for you.

    Best of luck.

    06-19 08:44 PM
    it asks last five year employment history , i have not worked in USA for the past 3 year but i have worked abroad before these 3 years.. should i write it in the column or i should write NONE as i have not worked here in USA .... i am not the primary applicant ... my husband is primary applicant

    please reply

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