Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • geevikram
    05-18 12:13 PM
    I thought there was a bill along these lines last year, do not remember the name or number of the bill though. I would very much welcome such a bill though.

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  • 140jibjab
    05-13 02:59 PM
    I and my wife applied for I485(EB3) in July 2007. We both have got our EADs, but not used it.

    My H1 is valid till May 2009. I have I140 approved and have got my H1(3 years) till May 2009.

    My wife has her own H1b valid till Dec 2008.

    We are planning to get divorced. i have applied for Divorce in India in this month (may 2008).

    Is there a way I can cancel my 485 application. Because If i get my green card it will be difficult for me to marry girl from India.

    My wife has mentioned that she will be applying for Divorce in USA.

    Can I withdraw my 485 application and just be on H1 and wait for applying later. I do not care about GC.

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  • akred
    07-14 11:05 PM
    What was 245(i) amnesty?...just curious

    Section 245(i) is a part of the INA. In 2001, this section was updated to allow people present illegally to submit a labor certification. This resulted in the DOL getting 6 years worth of applications in April 2001. These applications led to the establishment of the Backlog Elimination Centers and the PERM process. The applications filed 6 years ago are still being processed by the DOL.

    Btw if you do not support DREAM ACT than you shouldn't be on this forum...

    At this point I am neutral on the DREAM act. Before I can support the DREAM act you need to prove how it helps children of legal immigrants. I suspect there is more to your story than you are letting on. If you are 21 now, you would have been 19 in 2005 and well able to understand the consequences of becoming an illegal immigrant. As someone said the F1 was an option if you wanted to maintain legal status.

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  • jsb
    07-25 02:02 PM
    Take Infopass appointment to relieve your anxiety little bit . I took infopass on Aug 8 to know what is happening to my I-485

    What do you say about your problem when you take InfoPass. You can't take an appointment to just ask what is happening to your case, unless several months have passed after all sorts of dates.


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  • Hydro
    03-17 01:35 AM
    Helo all,

    My mom had filed for an F2B category immigrant visa for me. Consequently, I attended an interview at the US consulate in Chennai, India and was given 221 (g) blue slip and asked to wait. When I contacted the embassy after 3 months I was asked to wait as my case is under administrative processing due to name check.

    Any idea how long more I shud be waiting, andyone in the same boat


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  • rimco99
    07-31 09:10 AM
    Howz one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in onez culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There r simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.

    One of the contradictions is NOT obtaining a Green Card.

    you sick f$#$!!!


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  • laborday
    07-17 10:56 AM
    OK, anyone who can help me here? I am still getting June.
    For NSC

    I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] March 26, 2007

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  • vina92
    12-06 05:28 PM
    Nicely said! You just reminded us, what all of us often forget, that we are Indians by birth and are here for various personal/professional reasons.

    I always wondered how NRIs end up comparing both countries.USA and India are in different stages of evolution. Remember India attained independence only in 1947 unlike USA which had independence since 200plus years.

    Being such a young country and depleted of most of it's rich natural resources by constant invaders for centuries together, it is just gathering it's strength back.

    Progress in India is palpable at every level of society compared to a decade or two back. But burdened with heavy population, it's trying to turn it's weakness into a strength! The very fact that we hear India's name all the time in various news channels and especially CNBC makes me think that world is noticing!

    So many of us are so confident to live anywhere in the world with the education we recieved in India.

    It's OK to praise other countries for what they achieved but please don't belittle India. I don't see anyother countrymen being cynical about their country of birth like we Indians!!

    Jai Hind!

    Dear friends, why do you seek to start bashing your country at the first opportunity you get. THere are people in the Indian Govt who are negotiating on your behalf to make sur you get your money back.

    THen on the question of paying bribes to get money out of PPF - something is better than nothing. Why complain. If it is so bad, go back and fight to fix the system, otherwise stop maoning. India is the only country that will welcome you if you are kicked out of here. I remember i used to pay 50 INR per ticket for a railway seat, now i go online and book a ticket. Things change they take time and patience.

    Only those people who have NEVER bribed anyone to get stuff done illegally, or out of turn should speak. And i know there is no one, since you are in US and came on a passport and we all know how passports are obtained.
    You left india, want to stay away, so leave it alone. When you are kicked out of everywhere, the doors will still be open, just keep some cash for the gatekeeper.
    Lets discuss whether this swap will be possible or not, or what the loopholes are.


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  • sargon
    08-24 03:25 PM
    You have written..
    ....I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX....

    How would we know the receipt number of I-131 petition before filing it? Chicken and egg problem? Or am I missing something?


    The Immigration Officer,
    (processing center address)

    Re: Application for Travel Document.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is (YourName), I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX. I need travel document to travel to India in the month/year to attend marriage/or some story.

    I am eligible for travel document based on pending 485/AOS receipt number xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Attached are the supporting documents. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

    Documents Attached:
    I-765 Receipt Notice
    Passport copy
    I-94 copy
    I-485 - Receipt Notice
    Previous Travel Document copy
    Drivers License copy


    I- 485 Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXX

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  • Madhuri
    12-20 10:58 AM
    Really this will give relief to many spouses.


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  • dharmesh.pariawala
    01-31 10:04 AM
    If we get a better service at USCIS this might be better. I am ready to pay more, but I want my file to be processed fast.

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  • vin13
    06-24 01:32 PM
    Source: Frank Sharry: Memo to the President: Yes, Move Immigration Reform This Year (

    On June 25th, President Obama is convening a bi-partisan meeting to discuss the prospects for moving on comprehensive immigration reform later this year. If he asked me about the politics of immigration reform in this economic climate, this is the memo I would send to him:

    Mr. President, with so many challenges facing America, is it too much to tackle immigration reform this year?

    Reform advocates point to the pledge you made on the campaign trail, to make immigration reform a "top priority in my first year." Yet skeptics argue that the economic crisis makes your campaign promise moot. They believe you should delay immigration legislation and focus on the economy and your other legislative priorities. While addressing immigration may seem to be heaping another issue onto an already-full plate of priorities, there are four compelling reasons for you to move forward with reform this year.

    First, the public support for immigration reform is growing stronger notwithstanding the conventional wisdom advanced by the political class. For a big majority of Americans, the failure to address immigration is a symbol of Washington's failure to confront and solve tough problems. Comprehensive immigration reform - the key elements of which require strong enforcement at the borders and in the workplace, coupled with a mechanism for unauthorized immigrants to get legal, learn English and pay taxes - is viewed by the majority of Americans as the most practical approach to addressing this complicated problem.

    And in this economic downturn, voters are actually more supportive of immigration reform than at any other time. As pollster Celinda Lake tells it, "voters are very focused on finding solutions to our problems. They support comprehensive immigration reform as a practical, common-sense solution and have no patience for politicians who want to point fingers and score points rather than fix the problem."

    The evidence for this point of view is growing. A Washington Post/ABC News poll showed 61% support for giving undocumented immigrants the right to live in the U.S. "if they pay a fine and meet other requirements," a 12% increase since 2007. The Pew Research Center recently found that 63% of respondents supported a pathway to citizenship, up 5% from 2007.

    In polling conducted in May by Pete Brodnitz of Benenson Strategies for the organization I direct, 64% of voters support comprehensive immigration reform before it is described, and a whopping 86% support comprehensive reform after it is described. In response to a head-to-head question that pits comprehensive reform against the enforcement-only approach favored by most Republicans and some conservative Democrats, comprehensive wins 67% to 31%. Among those voters who describe themselves as undecided for the 2010 Congressional elections, they not only favor comprehensive reform at the same levels as Democratic voters, by a 69% - 28% they want their elected leaders to tackle immigration reform this year.

    The second reason you should move forward is that your commitment to move on immigration reform has created enormous expectations in the Latino community. Your campaign promise was a galvanizing factor in motivating Latinos - especially Latino immigrant voters - to turn out in record numbers in 2008 and swing decisively to the Democratic column. These new voters helped flip at least four states that voted for George W. Bush in 2004 to Obama states in 2008 (Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada).

    While some like to point out that polls of Hispanics put issues related to the economy as higher on the priority list than immigration reform, the fact is that Immigration reform is a defining issue for Latinos the way civil rights is for many African-American voters, choice is for many female voters, and Israel is for many Jewish voters. For example, in a recent poll of Latino voters conducted by Bendixen and Associates on behalf of America's Voice, 82% called the issue personally important and 87% said they would not consider voting for a Congressional candidate who favors forcing most of those in the U.S. illegally to leave the country. Moreover, expectations are sky-high: three out of four Latino voters expect you to keep your pledge to move on immigration reform in the first year.

    The third reason you should move forward is that fixing immigration is a critical component of fixing the economy. Immigration reform will benefit American taxpayers by requiring workers and their employers to get legal and comply with their tax obligations; it will benefit American workers whose wages and working conditions are depressed by unscrupulous employers who exploit unauthorized workers; and it will benefit law-abiding employers currently undercut by bad-actor competitors by significantly reducing the incentive to underpay workers and pay them off the books in order to win business. As for increased revenues, get this: a Congressional Budget Office study of a legalization component included in the 2006 McCain-Kennedy bill projected increased revenues over 10 years totaling $66 billion. Not bad at a time of squeezed budgets.

    Finally, the moral stakes are high and getting higher. How we as a nation deal with illegal immigration has become a defining moral issue for our nation. Ultimately, the question we face is this: are we going to allow hardliners who want nothing less than the expulsion of millions of immigrant families already living in our communities to dominate the debate? Or are we going to live up to our tradition as both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws and write a new chapter in the American story of how including "them" makes for a stronger "us?"

    Immigration reform will not be easy, and yet, this is the kind of big issue that led you to proclaim the fierce urgency of now and run for President.

    This is your kind of fight, Mr. President. History is calling.


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  • shana04
    02-16 01:32 PM
    I am talking to different lawyers for using AC21 - new position title and functions are almost similar with similar salaries in the same region, old employer might revoke the approved I140 but 180 days are over and I140 is approved - couple lawyers mentioned that the case is straight forward but still mentioned that they are not going to take the case because they decided not to do AC21 in many cases. Reason they mentioned is that underlying I485 is not filed by them and if its rejected for any reason there is a chance of mal-practise suit against them. The fact that they didnt do anything after taking the case might work against them. Their current insurance against mal-practise is not enough to cover these types of instances. I found the argument a bit weird but wondering if anyone else heard same - I heard this from 2 of the 3 lawyers I called locally.
    - kishdam


    Logically thinking, first thing 485 is your petition.
    you are giving them the right to act on your behalf.
    There is nothing that an employer has provided except the offer letter.
    Now you are using new employers offer letter, how in the world would an old employer sue this attorney. This is your petition and not employers petition.

    What if you use G28 representing your self and send a AC21 letter.
    Latter (God forbidden this does not happen to any one) but you get RFE, then you choose attorney. You explain that you are represting your self and now need attorneys help. Now who is going to sue this attorney.

    This is all B*** S**t to make money or to fear people. I know people who have used G28 representing them selves and got GC. my self I am using a attorney, coz he did not charge more and he said in case you are not satisfied you can always use different lawyer. And all that he has charged is $500.00 and if he is not up to the mark then I would find a differnet attorney. $500 is not a huge sum.

    So, good luck and find a better attorney.

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  • ajithk70
    07-12 12:19 PM
    I got the link fron nbc website. check it out


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  • nag2007
    10-11 04:45 PM
    This situation is really bad. There are so many people who missed the deadline as their labor was stuck in BEC. USCIS should at least allow a one-time chance (like July 2nd) for such people to file 485. I was lucky to clear the labor stage earlier this year.

    Ya...Atleast, they should allow us to file EAD. In that case my spouse can work. She did not get H1b this year(because of lottery system). She has PHD in CSE and sitting at home.

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  • Jaime
    08-31 03:32 PM
    ABC News:


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  • chi_shark
    10-27 12:03 AM
    Have you ever been illegal?

    Hi Guys,

    I am EB2 I with a priority date of April 2006 (Direct labor applied and approved from employer A, I 140 applied and approved from Employer A, Filed 485 from Employer A itself)

    Moved to Employer B using EAD in 2009 January. (Almost after 18 months after getting EAD)

    10/15/2009 i called the TSC and asked the representative to know whether my case is pre approved or not. the representative told me that he does not have any of that data and opening a SR will let us know. i opened one SR on the same day.

    I got a mail just now, with the following text in it.

    "The status of your request is

    Your case is on hold because your appear to be inadmissible under the current law

    Rather than denying your application based on inadmissibility, we are placing your case on hold while the Department of Homeland security considers additional exercises of the security of Homeland security discretionary exemption authority.

    Such an exercise of the exemption authority might allow us to approve the case."

    What does this mean, any one has some idea about it.

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  • redgreen
    11-10 11:17 AM
    where is USCIS announcing FP dates?
    I filed in July and yet to get FP notice.

    anyone of you see a pattern here with this FP notice delay??
    or USCIS is still claiming its consistency in being inconsistent :rolleyes:

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  • breddy2000
    05-30 03:14 PM

    02-20 06:29 PM
    47,000 applications pending .....Does this include all july filers too :rolleyes:

    10-29 09:46 AM

    I followed up two more cases with the same status as mine,

    All the 3 SR's opened in TSC on 10/14/2009 or 10/15/2009 and answered by the same representative.

    Today one of them took an info pass and talked to IO. they said the information could be wrong as they don't see any status like that. and one more thing their case is pre approved.

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