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  • sathweb
    01-20 01:11 PM
    Sept 21, 2001 still going strong.
    Check the details above.

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  • sanju
    10-22 04:56 PM
    Hey 12 year old Sissy, by any chance is Chris Hansen with you today? I am scared talking with you because I don’t want to talk to 12 year old sissy who has been told not to talk to strangers. Remember what I am talking about :rolleyes:

    Anyways, your "assumption" that majority of people are against reputation system is not correct. We see these threads occasionally but it seems almost everyone give reputations. If you are against a system and you have a choice not to participate in the system, would you still participate even if you hate it and can chose not to participate? The participation of almost everyone is a testimony to the fact that majority opinion is not against reputation system.

    As far as -ve personal messages are concerned, you have the choice not to look at it. Why not exercise that "choice" and not put the burden on someone else for leaving you an obnoxious message. Its like you are searching for bad information about yourself and as soon as you find something, you start complaining about it. Good that people cannot look into the mind of everyone else otherwise you will ask some mechanism to erase those "wrong" thoughts from their brain. I mean is there an end to this thing?

    Have you heard of the word - Hypocrisy. Well, that’s that I am calling here. Why do you keep looking at your reputation and -ve messages if you don't care about it? And if you don't care about your reputation then why you continue to look at it every minute, and complain about it. Either you care or you don’t. It can’t be bother at the same time. And I am choosing to express my opinion for this senseless behavior as it irritates me. I hope you agree that I can make that "choice" to express, I mean you may want to check with Chris Hansen before saying "yes".

    Good points Sanju we should weigh the +s and the -s of the rep system, however you are missing the core of the complaints. Which is that people giving reds are usually (though not always) doing it as a personal attack (you suck, F*'s etc.), whereas every green that one receives is usually on subject matter (I have not seen a "you stud"!! kind of +ve reps ;) ).

    Also, what it wrong for people to complain about the system? If people have the right to give reds, why shouldn't the forum be allowed to complain about it? And if the popular opinion is against it, then the system can be dismantled.

    At both ends (the extreme left and the right) it is always "my way or the highway". Neither one recognizes that there are people with different view points, and that everyone should be given an opportunity to air their own views (live a life of their choosing etc.).

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  • naveenarjun
    07-17 10:58 AM
    Yes you are right, there is bound to have EAD flood in market, with spouses of hi-tech worker will come to market to search hi-tech job with spouse phone support. I have seen such cases countless times in past few years and yes they will be in future without exception. However, matter of fact, these fresh EAD (previous H4) don't get the dream job in first attempt, it takes good 2 year to find a similar job that H1b hitech worker does.
    But thats the realty of market, every year new jobs are added and every year new job seekers join the crowd.
    On the otherside, a hitech worker is suppose to always learning something new and getting his/her position more stronger everyday, its a knowledge market, whoever knows more gets better $$. With my 7yr US exp and total 10 yrs CS exp I have no scare that any single fresh EAD will come close to me. A senior is always a senior no matter which field you talk.

    Not all H4 are going to be in the hig-tech industry

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  • hopefull
    07-06 05:14 PM
    As if being a FT employee is a virtue :rolleyes: ...dude you gotta move ur crap somewher else

    Had it not been a virtue, you wouldnt have been on this board for your GC. If you know what I mean. The GC /EAD will give you portability and bargaining power in negotiations for your wages with your employer.



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  • greensignal
    11-10 11:13 AM
    Yes. I did check with me lawyer. She didn't receive yet.

    Ok. Try this:

    If you have created a login as customer in USCIS website at @

    As soon as you log in you can see the last updated date of your case.

    You may atleast know if something changed on your cases internally based on this LUD

    Good Luck.

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  • jonty_11
    05-22 02:58 PM
    I think if we all resign from our Jobs and stay in this country for even a single day we will be illegal. I am beginning to like this idea....

    Then we can also apply via the Merit based crappy pragram..and live happily ever after


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  • jthomas
    04-13 05:27 PM
    Thanks IV core members for helping a member in our community. this will help me to support IV's agenda in future.

    Jose Thomas

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  • makemygc
    10-09 07:50 PM
    My employer is not giving copy of my I140. With out I140 how to port it to an other job/employer etc ?

    Can some on advise me !

    My company, which is a big one with more than 9000 employees tried to do the same with me. I've to do some sweet talking with my paralegal to get a copy of I-140, which was sufficient. Although, later I realized it was a notice of action but I think that should work too. Since, my company filed my 485 I did not have to worry much about that.


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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    09-14 03:52 PM
    Here are a few reasons why I want to get the gc:
    1) freedom to change jobs to make a higher salary so that I don't have to work two H1 jobs simultaneously
    2) freedom to change your career track into another area, which cannot be done even with AC21 (job has to be essentially the same position)
    3) freedom to travel out of the country and back in without going to Canada/Mexico each year for revalidation, for not only personal but even urgent busines trips. I get to see my family and friends, and not spend hundreds of $ in govt and legal fees
    4) freedom to quit a job because the company/boss sucks
    5) freedom to make enough money so that I can take a break from any job for a while (yes, this is actually a possibility if you have a well-enough paying job)
    6) freedom to have one's dependents take advantage of benefits like in-state tuition, and other benefits residency brings
    7) and finally freedom from the immense stress that I will lose my job and consequently all the time I have spent waiting for my gc, perhaps uproot myself and have to return to a place where I may not necessarily feel is home anymore

    So am I doing what I really want?

    I completely agree with you, especially regarding point #7...
    It's not about money but more about the personal hopes, commitments, everything we already emotionaly invested by coming to this country...
    To me, holding that GC in my hand would mean that I haven't gone through all the ordeals I have gone through so far for no reason...

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    01-27 03:50 PM
    You never know! All the gray areas of payment, unenforceable contracts are a game of poker, he bluffed and you blinked. See if the reverse can happen now. Send him a mail or call him up and see his reaction. Say that you spoke to a lawyer and the recommended path is to begin with small-claims court and if that does not work out you will be filing a lawsuit. if he offers you anything back to avoid these hassles (say 3.5k) then go for it (& take your family out to hawaii this summer)

    p.s: just as mbartosik said, you need documents to prove everything, hope you have all those, without that nothing will stand up in court (though you might scare him enough to actually pay you)

    Thank you once again for your recommendation and trust me I am cloud 9 while reading suggestion by you & "mbartosik"....I just took a close look at my previous documents including pay stubs, signed contracts and my last detail email explaining how much I paid for GC (pay stubs clearly explains) and how much I paid & how I paid for the balance amount...which I sent to HR Manager & cc to CEO ..

    Shame on me I couldn't even remember how much I paid until I saw my last email it was not 7K, the total amount I paid was $7.5K..

    I checked with my current employer(since he is my friend too) & see if there will be any side effects by doing this..& he pretty much said I am at benefit side to for sure win the case since its clearly mentioned in pay stubs, your contract, & your last email which can be add on as supporting documents to help your case winning but I may have to also prepare myself if I had clean record since day one (year 2001) have pay stubs etc., in some cases DOL would be interested to know details from scratch and see if my records are straight even before knocking employer 2 door..

    I know for the fact that I was out of my project when I came to US back in 2001 for 5 months and during that time I was not given pay stubs (it was pretty bad IT market at that time...)and later got into another project & if questioned by DOL for missing pay stubs then I may have to be prepared to answer any such questions.....and it might put me in trouble and

    (2) second item I may have to think about it, after giving my resignation to this 2nd employer I continued to work at the same client on behalf of new employer and that it self is against the contract that I signed which my current employer reminded to me at that time and even now...& and based on that it might back fire on me from 2nd employer and asked me to decide if its worth of fighting or let it go........

    any comments or suggestions please!!


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  • Carlau
    06-19 02:25 PM
    It has to be anyone of a rank signing the letter saying that you work in this position for this salary, someone like your boss, human resources, whoever is nice enough to sign it, they are not really strict on this one, they are on the I-140. Do you have that approved?

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  • bkarnik
    11-28 03:42 PM
    In response to my query to my attorney about the FP notices see her response below. And this is from an Attorney with 20+ years of immigration law experience. Anybody else in the same boat??:(

    "I think we should wait. Yes, its been a while, but since is taking a long time for everyone, I think it just a backlog. Let's give it until after the first of the year. USCIS grinds nearly to a halt over the holidays.

    Also, I got call from Senator XXX' office. For reasons I can't even imagine, your file, in its entirety, despite transfer notices to the contrary, is at Lincoln, where it was originally submitted by us as required. Your wife's file, also originally submitted to Lincoln with yours, was sent to California per the transfer notice, but was NOT returned to Lincoln, remaining in California. All this shifting may be a part of the cause of the delay.

    After nearly 22 years in this field, and thinking I had pretty much seen it all, this is a new one."


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  • wonderlust
    10-03 11:42 PM
    Hi, I got two "receipts":

    Number 1: received date: July 2nd and notice date: September 4. Receipt number: WAC-XXXXXX, It was sent from CSC

    Number 2: this is a "transfer notice" with Receipt Date Aug 31 and Notice date September 7th. It said that my case had been transferred to NSC because I reside in the NSC jurisdiction. Please note that I sent my application to NSC to begin with...
    Strangely, the transfer notice was also sent from an envelpe with CA stamping.

    So I called yesterday and asked why the case was transferred back and forth and whether the delay in between affect my sequence in the processing time.

    Answer: 1.Why did it get transferred? Because NSC center is overwhelmed and need help from CA center. Then CA center was overwhelmed so the case has to go back to NSC.

    2. Does the delay affect my sequence in the processing time?
    NO, the "Received Date" of July 2nd is recognized.

    My thoughts: You can call and verify the information. My first call got to a woman who did not know what she is talking about.:mad: I had to call the second time. Please share your info if you had called or will call. USCIS is unreliable and random. We need to verify a couple times and see whether the answers are consistent--this has been my strategy dealing with them.

    Thank you very much.


    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.

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  • spindoctor
    07-19 07:42 PM
    this is a good response, seconding it.

    Yes, and unfortunately meaningless for me, because my current company won't do an H1 for me. When I joined this new company on EAD, they clearly told me that maintaining valid immigration status is my headache. They won't file any applications to US govt for me. It was made absolutely clear to me. :-(

    To OP: Even if you moved to EAD you can come back to H1. If dates had not moved so much to make your PD current, what was your plan for your wife?

    B1 visa of course. :-) . Hey, as I said, I did not think about intent issues at that time. Hindsight is always 20-20. But the deed is done. I never look back. In my dictionary, there is no such word as "should have". I either do something or don't do something. Only losers think they "should have" done something.

    B1/F1 is not a good idea (immigration intent is obvious, and it will catch up with you at some point most probably during 485 processing and could result in a rejection). It looks like H1-H4 is the best option if you two lovebirds want to be together.

    Yes, it does seem so. But I hate to jump to a third company just to get an H1. Let me see if what are my options now.

    If you do get approved early, then as someone else has said, use follow-to-join to bring her back here.

    Also, using cruel in the thread title is uncalled for.

    Hey guys, just go easy on that. As I already mentioned, it was a weak attempt at humor which went over the head of most people. In any case, this looks like another of my deed which is done and refuses to be undone now. I tried to change the title of the thread but could not do so.

    The root cause of most of your problems here seems to be the decision to invoke AC-21 using EAD instead of using H1. If you dont mind sharing: why did you jump to EAD knowing that it would mean your wife would be out of status and would have to return to India?

    Too many issues at that time. Old h1 was anyway expiring soon. Desi bodyshoper employer was going nuts sqeezing me dry. He was demanding money for everything from H1 extension to giving out compnay letters for GC related issues and thousands of such reasons. But as I already said.. it's's done...


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  • Eagle
    12-01 04:50 PM
    Thanks Santa for your reply.

    I received an RFE. But it was on accreditation of my MBA school. There was no RFE on bachelors degree. My lawyer replied to the RFE on accreditation. In response, there was straight denial without even notice of Intent to deny citing 3 year bachlor degree.

    Yes, we submitted education evaluation along with I-140. The evaluation was done by Trustforte. When we received the RFE on accredidation, we sent second evaluation from Trustforte but this time a detailed course by course evaluation of MBA.

    In the evaluation that was done, the evaluator equated my Indian MBA with US MBA and there was no mention about bachelors.

    Please advice if I need to do something different this time.

    Santa, could you please give me the case number of the AAO case handled by Murthy so that I could download the same from the USCIS website.

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  • anda007
    07-06 10:14 PM
    Let us send this guy some flowers too. maybe it will cure him from his insanity too !!!

    BBBBRrrrrrrrr another idiot

    1) My screen name has nothing to do with the argument here. If we discuss my screen name we are going on a tangent which is very typical of desis (I rememeber womanly taunts in movies and woman gossip where they would pick anything but would niether make a point nor a valid argument)

    so you can see where your argument is going..

    2) Hopefull signifies optimism. A pessimist is an optimist who is very analytical or knows better. Your argument is similar to "And they lived happily ever after ...(after singing around green trees) ...." ignoring the ground reality, facts that no dent has been made and also turninga blind eye to the fact that there are people since 2001/2002 stuck. Its 2007 meaning five years and if the Dept is not willing to budge after all these efforts to a number more than 7000, and you still are HOPEFULL ignoring the facts means that you are an idiot. Yes you will get your GC before you die for sure provided you live upto the age of appx 70 and your consulting firm is around and you are not tired of the bickering with your employer.

    Its just like a Yash Chora SRK movie only happens in reel life and not real life ..

    3) as far as the FT job goes we both knwo it deep within what it means...i hope you are smart enough to get the point and wont make me word it to emabrass you further..

    4) if you would be intelligent enough to shed some light on how kindness and make you get your GC in thsi scenario ...

    just a piece of advise ..STOP BEING DUMB


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  • murali77
    08-05 12:34 PM
    Please email me at for the CSCP material.


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  • senocular
    02-03 07:01 AM
    Originally posted by Guig0
    now i�m ashaned coz i don�t have any vote at all :(

    your reflections were good too! ...I just didnt want to be associated with anything related to spam :!:


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  • hpandey
    02-12 09:25 AM
    thanks mhtanim....

    It seems that i can file tax using form 4852....but to do if he send legal notice claiming that i have made losses to him worth 25 K....i had good relation with client , gave app notice and also have refe letter from client (received award form client) there shud be no point for liquidation thing and also i have all previous employers emails acepting my receignation and notice period...

    Its just what it is - a notice. Let him take it to the court and prove that you actually caused him a loss of 25K. You also have proof from your side that you gave him ample notice and that he has not paid your last month dues ( which he cannot keep ) and so forth including the stuff that he is not giving your W2 ( which is unlawful ).

    For every reason the law is on your side. You do not have anything to fear.

    And believe me the legal fees for taking this to court will cost him more than the 25K he is claiming and I am sure he will not want to get the DOL to investigate him and his background since it looks like he might have some skeletons in his closet too.

    10-27 09:54 AM
    Hi I just talked to customer service representative, she said that It is either due to a security check or Department of Homeland security trying out different exercises before approving the case. So Please wait for some more time and give a check. when the applications went to security check, the similar kind of response you will get. If your case falls under a specific section we will put the section in that.
    If you need more information or you are worried please take an info pass otherwise please check back with us later.

    07-31 12:38 PM
    The guy answered phone said NSC is supposed to be compliant by August 1st, but he doesnt see it happening.

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