Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • ElectricGrandpa
    06-11 04:15 AM
    Guys: Feel free to make new entries, but let me know what one u choose for the polls :D:D

    So we can show multiple entries? But still only vote on one... sounds good.

    I'll show this one for now then... It kinda sucks, but I plan on making a better one soon(which is why I hadn't uploaded this one yet).


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  • chicago60607
    09-17 01:47 PM
    Roll call for quorum, lots of people yet to return

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  • walking_dude
    03-13 03:37 PM

    It's oxymoronic to hear a self-confessed slave lecture us on 'Freedom'. Real freedom is standing and fighting for ones rights, and not hiding in a cave. How would a slave know?

    'Red Dots' are also Free speech. Members who gave you one also used their 'Freedom of Expression' just like you ( did you think all freedoms are reserved for you ?).

    FYI, I didn't waste any 'Red dots' on you. IV members are smart. They don't need to be guided by 'Red dots' to recognize an idiot. They smelled one the moment you opened your big trap door.

    Yes! on IV you are supposed to say only good things about IV (though IV is "grass-root" non-profit) but no free speech here :confused:
    You are only supposed to smell and sense good things about IV and hence write only good ... but god-forbid if you write truth then IV-watchers will try to ruin your "image" by giving RED dots (IV-mileage points) and make you feel bad-guy :rolleyes:

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  • whoever
    02-07 07:32 AM
    I wonder why EB 3 ROW is stuck at Aug 02. I guess it should move faster.


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  • gcgrail
    12-01 07:38 PM
    I had posted the same thing for your question on immigration portal too.
    My personal experience, united nations in immigration portal is your best choice.
    He deals with such cases on a regular basis and has helped me too.

    If you want to talk about my experience, please send me a private email.

    Hi toprasad,

    Would appreciate it if you could give the contact info for United Nations as I need this help with ability to pay immediately...Thanks in advance !!!

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  • santb1975
    12-02 11:00 PM

    One quick and dirty one is to...people who want to 'Add to Reputation' of posts...need to buy:)

    I can't believe...I got few red dots....for this post. These Red dots that many of our IVers donate so generously need to be purchased in order to give it to anybody next time.

    Just kidding, don't take this seriously. Some people found this post 'illogical' :)


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  • Macaca
    02-07 08:59 PM
    The SKIL bill included US Master's and Ph.D's.

    Any special benefits for US Ph D? Do you agree with previous assesment by rimzhim? Have you read SKILL? Thanks.

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  • newuser
    07-13 12:00 PM
    Also, could you post the html version also so that it would be easy to cut and paste while e-mailing to the reporters and news networks.

    In the mean time people who want to email it...


    Skilled, Legal Immigrants To March In A Protest Rally In Silicon Valley

    July 12, 2007


    Hundreds of legal, highly-skilled workers, who feel disappointed by the recent "flip-flop" enacted by the Department of State (DoS) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), with regards to eliminating the Green-Card processing delays, plan to stage a peaceful rally to bring attention to their issues and to demand a fair and equitable treatment.


    The New City Hall 200 E Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95113


    July 14th, 2007.

    Planned Route

    11:00 AM: Meet at San Jose City Hall at 200 E Santa Clara St.
    11:30 AM: Go to the square in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (150 E San Fernando St).
    12:30 PM: Walk towards 635 N 1st St through S 4th St, E San Carlos St, Market Street and N 1st Street.
    1:15 PM: Arrive at 635 N 1st St and stay till 2:00 PM
    2:30 PM: back to City Hall


    Silicon Valley is the world’s most advanced crucible of innovation, an example that countries all over the world have tried to emulate. The success of Silicon Valley as a global hub of innovation has a lot to do with it being the world’s foremost melting pot of highly skilled immigrants. In San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, these highly skilled, legal immigrants who want to continue that tradition of innovation by becoming permanent residents of this country will stage a peaceful protest rally to bring awareness and attention to their issues.

    The people gathered at this peaceful walk are already huge contributors to the innovation edge of the US but their potential is still not fully tapped as it is still being hindered by unreasonable delays and bottlenecks in the process of gaining permanent residency (green-card).

    With this effort, the skilled, legal immigrant community hopes to create awareness about their predicament and express their anguish and frustration at the reversal and the lack of action from the Government. These are the highly skilled workers who have been driving the innovation in the US for many decades and have been living in this country legally and yet, they feel that their issues, concerns and contributions to the economy have largely gone unnoticed. According to exhaustive research done by Vivek Wadhwa, executive-in-residence at Duke University, if highly skilled immigrants in the U.S. don't have a chance to stay here permanently, would-be entrepreneurs take their skills back to their home countries—where they compete with U.S. companies instead of founding them.

    There are 140,000 Green cards allocated for highly-skilled workers and their dependents in a fiscal year (unused visas may not be rolled over to the next year). However, due to over-subscription, thousands of highly-skilled workers, including engineers, scientists, MBAs and health care professionals have been waiting patiently for years in order to be eligible to apply for their Green cards.

    Now, these highly-skilled professionals have decided to call attention to the "broken" immigration system in the U.S. for legal immigrants. Earlier this week – the community received widespread attention when hundreds of them sent flowers to the USCIS Director, Emilio Gonzalez. With the San Jose rally, the community of skilled, legal immigrants wants to put focus on people who have abided by the law, played by the rules and ask for a fair treatment and attention to their issues.

    Media Contact:

    Please contact Gopal Chauhan at or 650-576-8759 for any questions.

    This article on the South Asian Journalist Association's forum explains the issues facing skilled, legal professionals in the US.

    Media coverage:

    Washington Post: A Gift From Gandhi by Xiyun Yang. July 11, 2007; Page D01
    The New York Times: A Floral Protest Over Job-Based Visas by Nina Bernstein. July 11, 2007
    Reuters: Indian green card seekers in flowery U.S. protest by Paul Eckert. July 11, 2007
    SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Tech Industry to keep pressing visa needs by Frank Davies. July 9, 2007
    THE TIMES OF INDIA: Green Card Hopefuls Resort to Gandhigiri in US by Chidanand Rajghatta. July 7, 2007
    THE NEW YORK TIMES: Immigration Malpractice. July 7, 2007
    THE NEW YORK TIMES: Suit Planned Over Visas for the Highly Skilled by Julia Preston. July 6, 2007
    THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Reversal Frustrates Green-Card Applicants by Miriam Jordan. July 5, 2007
    SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Green card cutback would hurt valley by L.A. Chung. June 6, 2007

    This is the press release prepared with help from the Core. Please send it out to your friends, journalists and other contacts.

    Best of Luck for the rally.


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  • 50cent
    06-21 03:57 PM
    This thread is amazing...It is nice to know that a lot of people are in the same situation...

    1 Q though :

    I am planning to get a registered marriage in India (in july) and the come back to file I-485 as "married". The real wedding will be in Jan 08. Will i be able to use the 180 day "follow on" rule here ?

    Thanks for all your support people...

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  • arc
    02-02 12:58 AM
    It seems Obama is gonna win!!! Then what IVans will have to educate him abt the Legal immigration...

    Lets njoy superbowl before super tuesday :p :D :cool:


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  • needhelp!
    05-23 03:06 PM
    How many of you have actually talked to the lawmakers? Its always the assistant!

    Some of us Have actually talked to a few lawmakers. But one or two or five won't do, how many of us have the determination to do what it takes??

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  • october2001
    12-12 11:29 PM
    no my address on I-485 wasmy phisical address not PO BOX but I got my welcome notice last week to my PO BOX but the address on it is the physical address I hope this is clear the only mistake is that I didn't mention to the officer at the time of the interview when He asked about my address I didn't mention that the USCIS if they send me anything to my physical address that they have to add the name of my friend with the C/O my name


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  • a1b2c3
    04-28 04:07 AM
    is 2, 3, 4, 5 important for citizenship?

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  • eeezzz
    03-13 09:30 PM
    I wonder if the figure will remain the same.
    If it works the way it says, the EB-2 quota stay at EB-2 for oversubscribed country, then why there's no movement for EB-2 China? Something is not right.


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  • zCool
    02-27 06:48 PM
    Exactly.. You apply now.. no way it is going to get approved in time.. substitution approval takes anywhere between 4 months to 1 yr. Most common I heard is 6 months. you try to slide just under the door.. they aren't going to be happy abt it..

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  • qasleuth
    04-27 07:22 PM
    Can somebody please post a link to the 'original' H-1B Employer Application Requirements document from USICS (not interim docs) ?


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  • garybanz
    12-03 03:55 PM
    Most of the people on Immigration Voice come here for legal advice regarding immigration, what if IV negotiates a good rate with 3-4 Immigration attorneys and recommends those attorneys to members? Attorneys would get business due to IV recommendation, IV will get referral fee ($100-$200) per referral and members will get discounted rates from good attorneys.

    Do you think this can work?


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  • bkarnik
    09-17 02:02 PM
    I guess republicans have devised this strategy to proposing different amendments as a delaying tactics so that none of these bills will be get approved.


    you are absolutely correct...when you cannot win fighting fair, fight unfair...and to make matters worse, the next bill to be discussed is the "horse slaughter" bill...we are still not on the horizon...:confused:

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  • GcSTART1
    07-01 01:39 PM
    I just joined the form but would like to call...Any body knows who should i call for Massachusetts?

    03-10 05:06 PM
    Good news but sounds too good too be true. On an average a family takes away 2.5 visas and going by this only 50,000 applications for primary bene is pending.

    So if they are giving this info to Senator for free why are they asking us to pay $5K for this; unless we requested different information.

    01-09 12:17 PM
    I am in U.S. and I applied here.
    do I still need that I-601?

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