Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volvo V70 Engine

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  • 2006 Volvo V70 2.5T Tucson, AZ

  • surge
    02-18 05:18 PM
    Hi Surge
    You should then consult a lawyer.

    i did. different lawyers said different thing so i do not know who is right and who is wrong.

    should i make an infopass appointment and idscusss it with them?

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  • bsbawa10
    04-11 06:09 AM
    I always did paper filing. I have done it third time this time. Incidently, the first two times the EAD approval came in about 17 days but this time, it has already been 15 days and I have not received the receipt even. The check was withdrawn on the 13th day.

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  • gcformeornot
    04-08 11:59 AM
    Its time to file for my EAD. I was wondering what option people prefer most these days. Online or Paper?
    Please vote.

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    05-23 11:26 PM
    A Congressman named Pence is proposing this 'compromise', which has been posted in a Time exclusive Exclusive: A Compromise Plan on Immigration (http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1196991,00.html?cnn=yes)!

    With the Senate headed toward a final vote on an immigration bill this week, a leader of House conservatives is asking his colleagues to support a free-market plan aimed at bridging the gulf between the versions in the two chambers. The proposal by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), provided to TIME ahead of an unveiling speech at the Heritage Foundation, is arguably less compassionate than the version being debated in the Senate and supported in principle by President George W. Bush. But it looks to be more palatable to House Republicans, many of whom have opposed creating a guest worker program before new border crackdowns have been given a chance to work.

    Very disturbing is this passage in this article

    His plan includes all the security measures of the bill that has already passed the House, and adds a provision for guest worker visas would be good for two years. A limited renewal would be available if the worker studied English and passed an English proficiency class. Federal law already has visa categories A through V. �The visas will be referred to as �W Visas,� � Pence say in his remarks. �No kidding. I think it is obvious whose support we are trying to garner here.�

    No mention of anything for legals here!

    Hope this does not see the light of the day, and dies its own death!


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  • desi3933
    03-04 11:58 AM
    >> Do you have a Green Card?
    This is not a legal question. If question is posted on web-site, that can be reported.

    The questions should be
    1. Do you have the legal right (i.e. appropriate documentation/work permit) to work in this job position?
    2. Can you (the applicant), within 3 business days of employment, submit verification of both your identity and your authorization to work in the U.S. pursuant to the U.S. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986?

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • jnayar2006
    12-28 05:40 PM
    Some in this situation are planning to do the full time MBA from the IIMs / ISB under NRI quota
    I am not sure how useful doing an MBA from an Indian school would be if one is planning to get back to the U.S. (or the western world in general) I did mine from IIM Ahmedabad, and find it pretty much worthless here.


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  • gc28262
    01-16 09:42 AM
    can we just buy a vacation for the burger king (a.ka. steve king) and ask him to go to bahamas or cancun or somewhere.... so that we can pass the recapture bill....

    Maybe we can offer him a horse ride to nowhere. He will get enough time to think about "cruelty to horses".:rolleyes:

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  • Volvo V70 Engine Diagram

  • rb_248
    01-21 08:01 AM
    hi dionysus
    i got this from some requirement agencies

    Dear sansas,

    We have seen a lot of such rumors. Can you be more specific and provide sources ? Logically thinking, this cannot be true at all.

    Admins, May I request you to close this thread if sansas is not able/willing to provide sources for his post.



    Volvo V70 Engine. Volvo V70 Engine Diagram
  • Volvo V70 Engine Diagram

  • gcnoteasy
    11-23 11:34 PM
    You should write the job duties, salary , 40hrs.week and get it approved by the lawyer and then email to lawyer. Once lawyer approves you should send it to your friend in Canada and he should print I believe he can notarize in Canada and send it back to you or may be he can print in his company letter head. Thank you.

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  • Refugee_New
    07-25 12:05 PM
    Gurus, tell me one thing.

    After invoking AC21, what will happen if one is out of job at the time of RFE or NOID request from USCIS?


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  • dingox100
    11-19 02:18 PM
    My friend tried to get his brother. his brother is working in some IT company in india. The visa officer asked only one question

    Visa officer: Whats your Age?
    my friends brother: 26
    Visa officer: sorry , visa cant be issued.. rejected.

    No more questions and no more answers

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  • rajenk
    08-21 12:55 AM

    Today the paralegal staff at my lawyer's office told me that they got my wife's application rejected back on July 20th!! They were handling lot of filings and could not update me about this. I am happy that they pro actively re-filed the application. My wife's application was rejected because of improper fees! They filed again and reached USCIS Nebraska on 25th July. Now I am waiting for her application to be receipted.



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  • greencardfever
    12-11 01:37 PM
    Is it 6 months for both, EAD and AP or just EAD? If it's just EAD, then how soon can I renew my AP?

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  • belmontboy
    11-03 05:57 PM
    Do you guys think this 2008 election will have any impact on the immigration process?


    Earlier democrats had a reason of not getting things done [Bush's veto, filibuster...etc.etc]

    Now nothing will get done, and they will have no reasons.

    Welcome to world of politics my friend :)


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  • newbie2020
    03-21 06:07 AM
    When we had our baby, There was lot of insistence from parents to have the baby born in India. Me and my wife had a discussion and we decided it is best interest of the baby to be born in US. We didn't want him to go through the same pain of H1,H4, EAD, GC etc and opted to have him born in US. Yes i know it is little tough since you need your parents to come and stay for few months once baby is born But i would advise go for having your baby born in US than in India. We always thought this was one of best gifts we were giving to our baby when he was born.

    As far as your case is concerned being on EAD will not help if baby is born in India. You will either need to change your status to H1 and get baby on H4 and subsequently EAD or be prepared to have the baby grow in India until your priority dates become current. So choice is yours.

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  • gcphul
    01-10 03:56 PM
    i filed my I-140 in may 07 and got RFE in NOV-07 and replied in dec07.


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  • waiting_4_gc
    03-31 04:54 PM
    Congratulations! Enjoy the freedom.

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  • GCWarrior
    04-16 04:55 PM
    Our attorney contacted the service center today to say that it is service error and asked them whether it is possible to reopen the case without going thru official process. Not sure whether this works or not and also whether I should believe this or not? Any one know the occurances of these in the past.


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  • Env_Engr
    10-22 09:30 AM
    Has any July 2nd filer that got receipts / checks cashed in October, receveived EAD? I am still waiting and wondering how long this phase will last?:mad:

    09-08 11:14 AM
    On the website it says...

    * Calls to Access numbers will be charge by local operator.

    Any ideas what these charges are?

    11-10 02:44 PM
    For my recent in-laws trip, I took insurance from ICICI Lombard. As one of the previous poster mentioned they are tied up with United Healthcare and they give you an Identity Card from United Healthcare. I previously used United and they are pretty good. So its a reliable Insurance.
    I took the platinum cover for my in-laws(age:mid 50s) and it came to around INR 16k for both of them for a 3 months stay, which I consider is reasonable, given a $ 250K coverage.
    Previously when my parents came, I have taken ICICI Lombard. Though I was lucky enough that they did not have any medical issues and I did not need to show up at any doctor/hospital.

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