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  • mbartosik
    01-15 01:46 AM
    arnab221, I'm still lurking around occasionally, but you are right I'm not her much.

    Still willing to do rally or interviews etc., but I'm putting most of my spare time into energy advocacy -- which I see as a more important issue. If someone/IV needs me for something specific leadership (inc. Pappu) have my contact details, and a private message to me will reach me.

    I have been a IV member since 2006 . I have seen the ups/downs . donated money , sent letters , attended rallies and done whatever has been been proposed . But I see that many senior members who had the drive to motivate people are not sending or being part of any messages or threads at all and that is exactly why the movement seems to be losing steam .

    The standard response that I see to any question is "have you donated money ? " . "Don't ask for anything till you have donated. " this is followed by some some red dots which normally works to silence the questions. People will be willing to donate when they believe in the movement . I remember we collected $ 30,000 in 1 month before the rally there was huge thread with all the donations . People were charged up and the money came up automatically . I am willing to donate but to be brutally honest I do not see the same level of motivation as was there in 2006 / 2007 days .Please use this as a wakeup call and not as reason to vent your frustration on me .

    There are many senior members who I do not even see any more . Members joining in late 2007 or early 2008 will not know any of these guys .

    Aman Kapoor . He is the founder of IV . I have not seen his messages since the past 3 years almost . Where is he ? Is it too much for him to send a greeting in New years eve motivating the members ? It takes just 2 minutes .

    Mark Bartosik :- He was supposed to the spokesperson for IV .The guy with the MasterCard sign for immigration . I have not seen him for quite some time now
    Where are the other senior leaders like
    a) Walden Pond
    b) There was a this British Girl from San Jose ( had a handle which had name like Rose or something )
    c) Niloufer Bustani from Dallas. I see her once in a while but very sparingly .

    The others even I have forgotten completely.

    The only leadership/core that I see is Pappu and no one else . If you have a country where the prime minister shows his face only once in 4 years , how are the people supposed to believe in that movement ? Please don't reply with a message saying what have I done or why can't I contribute money ? I have done that I am looking for leadership to show us the way and motivate us . All campaigns don't need money donations( Letters , calls , faxes etc ) . We could start with that and then drum up support and momentum and then the money will start flowing in automatically . There has to be a synchronized campaign organized by the leadership and all I see is everybody putting their eggs in the basket called spillover.

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  • gc28262
    01-28 04:01 PM
    Memos are for interpretation of laws by USCIS. Any memo is advisory in nature and does not have force of law. These memos, unless challenged and turned downed by court or withdrawn, are valid.

    Your saying that memo is illegal does not mean anything more than your personal opinion.

    H-1B petitions have denied in past based on employer-employee relationship, unable to specify duties at end client, and self employment cases. If you are interested, let me know, I will put links here.

    PS: This does not mean that I personally agree/disagree with the memo. This is just to show the legal aspect of it.

    Not a legal advice.

    I know what you are referring to. USCIS has tried to raise this issue in the past in 2 instances. Once in 1990s and another in 2006 timeframe. In both cases lawyers were able to force USCIS to back down. Lot of consulting company applications have been approved since then.

    The only difference this time is, it has come in the form of a memo. It is in fact a blessing in disguise. AILA has some reference document against which they can fight in court and get it overturned permanently.

    Please refer this link


    Legacy INS (now USCIS) raised many similar issues, in the early- to mid-1990s, regarding the length and nature of the projects in the U.S., timetable of assignments, and the H1B employer’s ability to pay the required prevailing wage. Senior Legacy INS officials from headquarters in Washington DC addressed the concerns of those examiners by pointing out that the law does not permit them to investigate a U.S. employer’s ability to hire H1B employees. The USCIS is bound by memos and policy guidance of the Legacy INS. After that memo, Legacy INS stopped issuing lengthy RFEs on these matters.
    The law does not require any such letters by end-user clients for the issuance of the H1B visas to the visa applicants.

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  • leoindiano
    11-04 12:01 PM
    Congrats Vikki76,

    I am happy for you. As i said, earlier, i called and explained 2 I140's situation, IO verified and told they have already consolidated A numbers and it is current, will send an email to floor. She also confirmed biometrics and Namecheck are cleared as well. I struggled with that part since, they went vermont cause of EAC receipt number....

    This is a complex system for the ability and knowledge they have...

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  • ganguteli
    04-27 12:19 PM
    Did you mean the India on Earth? :D I dont think people laid off from IT companies in India even get severence.

    Senthil1 is an anti-immigrant and should have been banned long time back.


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  • satishku_2000
    07-27 02:42 PM
    My I-140 got approved even though my company also did not file 2006 Tax return. My company is a small(less than 30 employee) loss making company. Our company secretary just gave a letter that company has not filed tax return for 2006 and has asked for extension, attached request for extension. If you are meeting any one of the three criteria of the yates memo, there are very high chances of I-140 getting appoved. Search for yates memo and you will get more details. Is your current wages more than prevailing wages? If yes, then you will be fine. Your lawyer has do a very good analysis of companies ability to pay prevailing wages. So work with your lawyer and you will be fine.


    you have any link to the memo?

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  • dewang_lakhani@yahoo.com
    01-19 09:13 AM
    i am ready to contribute...please count me in...



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  • sj2273
    12-23 03:13 PM
    Happy New Year everyone!

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  • santb1975
    05-23 10:19 PM
    congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard from the list as she is now the co sponsor of all three bills

    what was the decision though?


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  • msadiqali
    08-14 05:34 PM
    It was a ridiculous mail by chanakya..If we keep accepting the system as is then there will be no change. we have to make efforts to change the system, clean the system or make it better. And to everybody else, yes the system is defined to bring in cheap labor and exploit them as much as possible. Otherwise it would be ridiculos in the 21st century to be worrying about immigration. Can you imagine when billions of dollars can cross boundaries within seconds without any rules, destroying lives for many, creating new for few..If we can allow capital to do that, why should labor be restricted? and then why do we call it free market?

    So yes..we need to complain and crib and work for better things..not accept status qo and stay put.

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  • gc28262
    03-10 05:16 PM
    Thanks for posting this. Can you post the original inquiry? Hopefully it will encourage others to send similar inquiries to their Congressperson.

    Do you know if these are 485 or 140 applications? Would be nice to know these numbers by PD and how it compares to pending applications for ROW.

    I am trying to get the original question info from him. Probably he will read the thread and answer it.


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  • ek_bechara
    08-13 06:08 PM
    Boy! you thinking every EB2 is masters and every EB3 is bachelors?

    Never visited IV? Thank you
    First and last post in IV? Once again, thank you
    Never contributed or will not contribute? We are not begging you to contribute. So chill Doc.

    Next time you decide to tickle your tonsils with your toe-nail make sure you have your facts right.

    Let us start a fund for this guy's ticket back-home.

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  • nashim
    08-11 12:41 PM
    dec 04


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  • GC2002-2008
    02-06 12:12 PM
    How do we call DOS ? Is there any contact number for this Visa delays ?

    Please let us know.

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  • Vexir
    05-31 08:52 PM
    My entry, thought I'd do an abstract :)

    Scroll down for it.


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  • gbof
    06-14 10:37 AM
    I guess I may fall victim of FBI background check. Even though, my priority date is not current yet but, it should be next couple of months based on recent EB-2 movement. We had our AOS interview last Nov and IO told us that she is going to initiate another Background check as original BC is more than two years old. In the end of April, I made an Infopass appointment out of curiosity because Background check use to be a major source of delay for many people. Service Rep on window told me that my Background check has not come back yet.. It was almost 5 months since it was ordered.. She did not elaborate on why was it pending.. She asked me couple of weird question which did not make any sense to me. I have schedule another appointment in next couple of days to find out where do I stand. I would like to keep my expectations in check as pending BC can delay it even when priority dates are current.
    Can anyone on forum please provide some info on what can be done if Background check is pending over 180 days.. I can make a request to my Congressmen and ask for their help... Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated..


    I really donot believe they will do Background checks again before approvals for everybody. Can you please elaborate what was the reason for the interview and what were the weird questions -- You can give us a little flavor. -Thanks

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-19 07:26 PM
    Fully agree with each word you said. Many people with legit US education (not TVU kind that many not so educated people on this forum are taking shelter under the umbra of) who have been in the US for more than 10 years are still lawfully waiting in the line. And this idiot with a BCOM and MCA ( correspondence course from IGNOU) is dreaming of porting into EB2 and screw us up. Shame on USCIS and Shame on DOL. I am really concerned that if legit EB2 applicants don't talk to lawmakers and send emails to USCIS, we will be stuck here for years due to these fradulent porting.


    Do you even think before you open your mouth !!!!!!!!! ????????


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  • agtexas2007
    12-10 10:47 PM
    Can you tell me what do i have to do for WOM. Do i have to hire a attorney or i can do myself?

    When GCSOON-Ihope becomes GC-IgotIt!

    Guys, guess what I am holding in my hand? Yes, that bit of plastic, object of our fantasies �.and nightmares. After filing Writ of Mandamus on November 1st, things went amazingly quickly and smoothly: on December 1st, the US attorney gave confirmation that the case has been approved and I received the card in the mail on 12/07.
    What did I feel then? Really indescribable�Happy? It goes way beyond that.
    I feel more relieved than anything else, like if I had a ton of lead off my shoulders�
    May my story inspire, give hope and faith to all of you guys who are so depressed at the moment because of what happened, or did not happen should I say, in that shameful Congress.
    As you will see, I had my head in a brick wall more than once. More than once, I was devastated and, still, I never gave up and made it through.
    So, please, enjoy the holidays: as long as there is life, there is hope.
    I know something about it:

    Come here in 1993 as a student on F1 visa. Graduate and got Work Permit (OPT).
    Find dream job in dream company. Hired directly by CEO himself.
    Company loves me and applies right away for H1 and then Labor Cert.
    Life is beautiful. The start of the American Dream. Not for long.
    Attorney has been working for company for years. Always successfully.
    Picks me for his first failure: screws up completely.
    H1 denied. Labor Cert denied. Company gets mad: attorney is fired.
    OPT runs out: company still loves me but�I am now out of status and�fired too.
    Welcome to America. Life has turned dark. The start of my American Nightmare.

    I am disgusted. Decide to go back to my home country (France).
    I miss California. Find new company that loves me: apply for H1 again (this time, I am paying all fees, out of my meager savings).
    H1 is approved, got stamp at embassy in Paris. I am back. Life is beautiful again.
    Not for long. Exactly 2 hours (no kidding).
    Find out that company is a sweat-shop and boss is a crook.
    Pays me half (yes, half) what he was supposed to.
    Go to INS to complain: �If you are not happy, go back to your home country�.
    I swear that it is exactly what I am told.
    Consult attorneys for a possible lawsuit: � Alas, your situation happens more often than you can imagine. Many unscrupulous employers use and abuse of would-be immigrants like you. Don�t waste your time and money in a lawsuit, just find yourself a new job�and be more careful this time�.

    I am broke. Can�t even go back �home� and anyway I don�t want to.
    Not with just my tail between my legs for the second time.
    Home is here. I want my American Dream and I will get it, no matter what.
    Decide to swallow my pride and endure the humiliation until I can find new employer willing to sponsor new H1 and pay all fees. I just can�t afford anything as I am hardly surviving.
    Employer wants to fire me: �you are always complaining about the money�.
    I have to threaten him (yes I did) to report his company to Dept. of Labor (most his employees are illegals and as abused as I am, not getting paid for overtime and so on�).
    Imagine in what kind of atmosphere I am working�but I need this job to remain legal until I can find something else.
    For sure, I will be out of there within a couple months at the most.
    Don�t know yet that this nightmare will last�2 years. Still can�t believe it.
    Had I known, I would have fled the first day, no matter what.
    In my specialty, jobs are not easy to find.
    Not to mention that this time, I have to be very �choosy��
    Companies that I approach:
    a) don�t want to hear about immigration or
    b) don�t want to pay attorney fees or
    c) don�t want to pay at least prevailing wage or
    d) all of the above
    All doors seem to be closed.
    I have never felt that bad in my life: go see the doctor.
    �You have all the symptoms of someone who is having�a nervous depression.
    Do you want me to refer you to a good psy who could help you?�
    No, thanks. I know why I am sick.

    Finally find new company that loves me: apply for new H1 and they pay all fees.
    H1 approved.
    This time, I am holding my breath. We are now in December 2000. Seven years since I first came in the US. Time flies�and no GC in sight.
    Job is nice, company is nice. Recovering from depression.
    Boss loves me: decides to start for me RIR Labor in�.May 2001.
    Yes, one month after that damn month of April 2001. You know what I mean.
    Six months of advertising.
    PD is January 2002.
    Labor Cert approved �in July 2004. Concurrent filing I-140/I-485 in August 2004.
    Get EAD. FP in September 2004.

    Things change: company is now going down. Boss still loves me but�lays me off.
    (Re)(Re) Start of my American Nightmare?
    Attorney says: �Don�t worry (!!!) Employer loves you. Won�t revoke I-140. GC is for future job. Find new H1 job to maintain status and see what happens�.
    This time, I am lucky (!) and find right away new H1 job. Company is OK, job is OK.
    Later, previous company nicely recovers: got rehired!
    Only thing: I will have to pay all fees from now on. Don�t care. Back on the right track.
    Do Medical in April 2005.
    I-140 approved in May 2005�but visas are now �Unavailable�. Nothing to worry about.
    October is around the corner and new numbers will be available, right?
    Just a few more months and I will have my GC. Wrong.

    October bulletin comes out. EB3 World is back to March 2001 (PD is 01/2002).
    I swear that I almost s..t in my pants. When is too much�just too much?
    How much more frustration and anguish can I endure? More, much more.
    By rage and stress, I pack up an extra 20 lbs in just a few months.
    Most people lose weight when they are under extreme stress and/or depression, I do the opposite. I am now 40 lbs overweight.
    Second EAD. FP again in October 2005. Life is paced by visa bulletins�
    September 2006 bulletin comes out: EB3 World has now passed my PD.
    I am holding my breath again. Rightly so, for the umpteenth time.
    Third EAD.

    Wait 2 weeks and start inquiring about the status of my application.
    Call so-called �Customer service�: as usual they know jack s..t.
    �Your application is still pending�. Thanks, I already knew that.
    Make Infopass appointment at Los Angeles downtown office.
    �Sir, I can�t tell you anything specific because your case is at the Laguna Niguel office.
    Contact them at: CSC-XII@dhs.gov�

    E-mail #1 on 09/18: (�) Status of my case? (�)
    Response on 09/27: �the I-485 at question is still pending FBI name check clearance.
    Once the file has been cleared by FBI, it will be adjudicated. The service has no control on how long it takes FBI to clear the case�.

    E-mail #2 on 09/27: (�) When was that initiated? (�)
    Response on 10/02: (�) On or about 08/19/2004. (�)

    This time, I surprise myself: I am one more time devastated but remain strangely calm.
    Even laugh about it. Nervously. Too much is just too much.
    I had heard about that Name Check aberration before but had ignored it.
    Like most people involved in that GC mess, I refused to worry in advance.
    One bridge to cross at the time, please.
    Weirdly enough, I am now almost relieved. Why? Because for the first time ever, I can be proactive and I CAN ACT!
    I call my lawyer and tell her about those 2 e-mails: �That�s good enough to file Writ of Mandamus. That summarizes the whole situation, we don�t need anything else�.
    WOM is filed on November 1st.
    (I requested FOIPA and contacted Senators, President, Vice-President etc, etc�
    only later just in case we would have needed more ammunitions).

    After that, things go fast:
    11/ 29: without any warning (!), LUD: �Your card has been ordered�.
    12/01: confirmation from the Assistant US Attorney that my case has been approved.
    12/04 LUD: �Your case has been approved�.
    (So, they notify you that the card has been ordered�before notifying that the case has been approved�).
    12/05: receive Approval Notice in the mail and my attorney indicates that she will then dismiss the Mandamus complaint.
    12/07: receive the Magic Card in the mail (regular mail, even not certified, unbelievable�).

    What a timing! Could I dream of a better Christmas Gift?
    Who said Papa Noel/Santa or Banta Claus/Little Red Riding Hood did not exist?
    :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :)

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  • NKR
    08-20 12:00 PM
    If you think that the GC is not worth the wait then I suggest that you withdraw your I-485 application asap. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Nope, if you think that the wait time is what makes a GC worth, then would you have liked to wait for another 10 years to make it more worthy?, on the other hand if you had got the GC the very next day you applied for it, would it have been worthless?.

    The point I am trying to make is that no one can justify the wait time. it is torture.

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  • logiclife
    04-22 11:40 AM
    Hi aycy,

    Completely understand. No problem. Being in the hellhole of backlogs and the gaps between jobs, benches(not a pleasant time period in consulting) etc is the worst kind of hell and under those circumstances even $10 is worth much much more than $10. Your belief in this mission is invaluable.


    05-09 04:24 PM

    We have used the following plan over past 3-4 years (though never had to file a claim)... it offers coverage for pre-existing conditions as well...

    Visitor Health Insurance, Pre-existing condition coverage, AIU (http://www..org/)

    Any insurance is good until you have to use it. It is nice that you didn't have to use it.

    However, the fact remains that the 's plan is a fixed coverage plan that has sub-limits for each and every procedure. That means, it wll only pay a fixed amount and you will pay the difference yourself which can be a big amount.

    It is always better to buy comprehensive coverage plans that have no sub-limits.

    Check out http://visitorsinsuranceusa.wordpress.com to look at the shocking but true facts about India Network Insurance / KV Rao Insurance.

    07-13 04:48 PM
    All the best, guys! Enjoy, wish I were there in bay area, but hey we will be watching closely.

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