Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • arc
    09-04 06:21 PM
    I am interested if there is anyone sponsoring tickets/miles/acco? Wanna fly from SJC to DC and back, I can afford to take a couple days off.

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  • arrarrgee
    07-06 05:05 PM
    As if being a FT employee is a virtue :rolleyes: ...dude you gotta move ur crap somewher else
    If I give you the name of the firm I work for ..you d be shitting in your pants and not a consultant but as a FT employee

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    01-27 03:50 PM
    You never know! All the gray areas of payment, unenforceable contracts are a game of poker, he bluffed and you blinked. See if the reverse can happen now. Send him a mail or call him up and see his reaction. Say that you spoke to a lawyer and the recommended path is to begin with small-claims court and if that does not work out you will be filing a lawsuit. if he offers you anything back to avoid these hassles (say 3.5k) then go for it (& take your family out to hawaii this summer)

    p.s: just as mbartosik said, you need documents to prove everything, hope you have all those, without that nothing will stand up in court (though you might scare him enough to actually pay you)

    Thank you once again for your recommendation and trust me I am cloud 9 while reading suggestion by you & "mbartosik"....I just took a close look at my previous documents including pay stubs, signed contracts and my last detail email explaining how much I paid for GC (pay stubs clearly explains) and how much I paid & how I paid for the balance amount...which I sent to HR Manager & cc to CEO ..

    Shame on me I couldn't even remember how much I paid until I saw my last email it was not 7K, the total amount I paid was $7.5K..

    I checked with my current employer(since he is my friend too) & see if there will be any side effects by doing this..& he pretty much said I am at benefit side to for sure win the case since its clearly mentioned in pay stubs, your contract, & your last email which can be add on as supporting documents to help your case winning but I may have to also prepare myself if I had clean record since day one (year 2001) have pay stubs etc., in some cases DOL would be interested to know details from scratch and see if my records are straight even before knocking employer 2 door..

    I know for the fact that I was out of my project when I came to US back in 2001 for 5 months and during that time I was not given pay stubs (it was pretty bad IT market at that time...)and later got into another project & if questioned by DOL for missing pay stubs then I may have to be prepared to answer any such questions.....and it might put me in trouble and

    (2) second item I may have to think about it, after giving my resignation to this 2nd employer I continued to work at the same client on behalf of new employer and that it self is against the contract that I signed which my current employer reminded to me at that time and even now...& and based on that it might back fire on me from 2nd employer and asked me to decide if its worth of fighting or let it go........

    any comments or suggestions please!!

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  • belmontboy
    12-01 03:49 PM
    Waitime tracker for my PD says june 2028.

    The numbers in backlog data report show a rosy picture.

    Which one to believe??


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  • Libra
    07-10 01:21 PM
    Yeah...one day he make a movie on immigration policies;)

    This is an awesome find... We desperately need to contact Michael Moore for our cause...

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  • anilsal
    12-20 12:45 PM
    Great news! I was never on H4 so it does not really affect me. But any good news for skilled immigration is good news.

    Now can we get news on SKIL bill passage or USCIS allowing filing I485 during retrogression?

    Plus the 5 year EAD....


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  • thomachan72
    05-18 04:19 PM
    for those with masters or phd there is already a special quota called EB1. All of the others are not different from one another. if with your MS/PhD you are going to do the same kind of job any qualified person from India would do, what is the need for a special catagory. You have to prove your point then everybody will agree. Just by saying "special quota for MS" we will ask; WHY? show us the reason. I know lot of engineering graduates/MBAs/research scientists who have got MS from here but dont see any special significant contribution. I also know lot of professionals (specialists in medical / other fields) who were trained in the US and are significantly valued all over the world. So to put it briefly, this argument will not work with the law makers. People with PhD and lot of publications / patents / significant contributions etc definitely need a special quota and they already have one. The rest of us are in the same boat friends.

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  • BornConfused
    07-03 10:29 AM
    I thought to but now don't want to comment on your posting because you were already born confused:D

    But you still commented:p and I know it's because now you want to be my friend so I can take you there with me. Get your dollar bills ready!!:D

    I'm making fun of the situation, but when all is said and done I am so frustrated with this whole thing. Sometimes I wonder if I would have done better somewhere else although, except for this whole GC deal, I do like where I am. I just wonder if my life would have been better in a different way though. Am I the only one who sometimes wonders about this?


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  • srikondoji
    06-07 12:04 PM
    Why did yuor wait so long to approve I1-40?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a new member

    My PD is 02/01/2005, my labour cert got approved in 03/01/2006,

    I applied EB3 I40 on 05/18/2007 and got approved on 05/23/2007

    Considering the scenario is my I140 invalid?

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  • h1techSlave
    11-09 02:16 PM
    AP applied at: NSE.
    on: Sept 7th.
    mode of application: online + mail in all copies via good old USPS.
    Status on 11/09: Card production.

    No physical card yet, but so far so good.


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  • snathan
    06-16 10:48 PM
    This is a really good initiative. I appreciate the IV core for taking this up. I have read enough stories from people on Murthy forums. I will ask people on those forums to post their stories first hand on IV forums.

    If possible contact other forum moderators and post this message/link. We need more support to fix this issue.

    Thanks for your support.

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  • unitednations
    03-11 03:28 PM
    It is not so easy to convince Sen Grassley.

    Gotta love this system...

    Two years ago; Grassley sent a questionnaire to the top 10 Indian outsourcing companies of how they use non immigrant visas.

    They did not have any legal obligation to answer his query. They answered his questions by non answering it.

    Grassley then starts to increase the rhetoric and starts pressuring uscis/dol to start investigations.

    uscis/dol start investigatin and denying cases and study it and find fraud.

    now; Grassley is getting his way and starting to change policy.

    Nascom senses game is over and come begging which is exactly what grassley wanted in the first place.

    At the end; he will get these guys to agree to tough measures (ie., lca requirements for L-1; tougher measures on h-1b, etc.

    See how Microsoft answered differently when they got the query and compare to these guys.

    This system created in USA has a way of making you conform to their behaviour willingly or through long and painful way. Looks like they had to learn through long and painful way.


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  • absaarkhan
    02-13 11:33 AM
    My Attorney Says You will get 3 Year H1B Extension

    Per My Attorney if We do a H1B Transfer after I-140 Approval YOU
    will get 3 Year H1B Extension. EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE ALREADY USED 6 YEARS OF H1B.

    I am currently on 7th Year H1B, I-140 Approved, I-485 filed more then 6 months ago. He confirmed that if i do a H1B Transfer to another employer and attach copies of all AOS receipts and "I-140 APPROVAL" i will get 3 year
    H1B Extension.

    Shana Can you Please confirm with your Attorney again.

    All I have used is the same job title and salary specified in the new offer letter. did not specify the job duties.

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  • Jaime
    08-31 05:10 PM
    There are hundreds of thousands of us, stuck in retrogression! There's no excuse not to bring 10,000+ to the rally! Let's think guys! Let's promote the rally more, talk to all your friends, visit blogs, univeristy international associations, etc and spread the word! Let's sponsor people, invest our finances and our time. If there was ever a moment in our lives to do this it is now! Once you get your green card you can go and start your company and be a millionaire if you want. Right now we have to suffer, give our money, time and effort and bring LOTS of people to Washington! Illegals did it for God's sake! Let's GO!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • vxg
    06-26 04:10 PM
    I am getting confused here about digital photo and USCIS not accepting them. I am assuming that "digital photo" just means pictures taken from a digital camera and printed out, which is what most of the studios do anyways, so why would USCIS have any problem with it. Is there a difference in pictures taken from a digital camera vs poloroid camera? If anything, digital camera most likey will have far better picture quality than poloroid camera so what's the deal with "digital photo" being unacceptable. Or do you guys mean a photo on a floppy of something when you say digital photo.
    Check the photo guidelines from USCIS website here is blurb
    "For U.S. passport and visa photographs, a digital camera with a resolution of 1 mega-pixel will be more than adequate for capturing the image and producing the final photo that conforms to the dimensions specified on this web site.
    and the link is
    digital photos are OK if printed prpoerly.

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  • Shirdibaba
    11-03 04:22 PM
    Yes,it was 10/15 when we called the center.
    the agent id is XM0161
    Is the ID same for all?
    I am trying to get the appt wt infopass through my lawyer.Hope he will not have to accompany us then.
    ALSO Guys, what are the docs u took for the appt wt the officer?
    Was there any specific questions?

    thanx again.we were so worried all this while.till i read ur thread.


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  • pd_recapturing
    06-18 10:47 PM
    There is a question on part 7 of AP efiling. I guess, same question is also there in paper form as well. Could somebody please explain as to what to do about this. Here is the question:-

    On a separate piece of paper, please explain how you would qualify for an Advance Parole and what circumstances warrant issuance of Advance Parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions.)

    Do we really need to send this ? I do not remember that I did send it last time. Thanks

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  • smuggymba
    05-12 03:29 PM
    DREAM Act Re-introduced in the Senate

    A day after President Obama gave a speech on immigration, Senators Richard Durbin, Harry Reid, Robert Menendez and 30 others re-introduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act that would allow young undocumented people to apply for legal status if they join the military or attend college for two years.

    Each year about 65,000 undocumented students who were brought to the U.S. by their parents, often as very young children, graduate from high school and face a bleak future because of their status. Last fall, despite President Obama�s strong support, the DREAM Act passed the House but failed to attract the 60 votes needed to end a Senate filibuster.

    Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition welcomed the move, but pointed out that the bill faces a slim chance in the current Congress and said the President should use the authority of his office to protect young undocumented immigrants.

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 02:13 PM
    this is an unprecedented development..GO IV GO>>> Kick butt

    07-25 01:39 PM
    Have time to post something here? Heheee.... I am posting these message while my project is compiling and building.

    06-24 01:15 PM
    I understand that Immigration bill is not an easy one to pass. If it is being introduced again, hopefully they are not going to have the exact same wordings. I am sure they would have learnt something from the previous failures and come to some agreeable compromise.
    So i think it is good to have some hope and work towards making it happen. Lets not worry about failure. We have nothing much to lose.

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