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  • r_mistry
    11-06 02:55 PM
    Hi Guys -

    I filed my I485/EAD/AP at Nebraska on July 24th, 2007. Got receipts for all of them on September 19th. Done FP on October 23rd for myself and my wife and saw a LUD on I-485 a day after. EADs were approved and received on October 10th. But i have not received AP yet. Looks like my application is still with NSC. Never got a transfer notice or anything and online status also shows "Case received and pending at Nebraska".

    There is only one LUD on AP and that was on September 21st. Nothing after that.

    Anybody in the same boat? Do i need to make an infopass to get more information on this. I need to travel in December and want to make sure i get AP before that.

    Many thanks in advance for your responses

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  • sdeshpan
    11-26 06:03 PM
    As DOS has posted the NVC backlog numbers as on November 1, 2009, if the core team look at it and update the analysis. This data is not categorized via month but still may be helpful in prediction.


    I second this...

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  • GC_sufferer
    08-22 10:10 AM
    "State Department discusses with AILA liaison employment-based immigrant
    visa availability."


    Is anyone AILA member here to see the contents? Please post...

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  • mantric
    02-16 09:02 PM
    this is a valid point.

    but advantages of CP vs AOS are completely besides the point as that decision is based on individual circumstances.

    If you/IV want to lobby, lobby for EAD/AP for the guys whose 140 was approved and staying in US legally on a non-immigrant visa. This may be possible thro, USCIS regulation w/o law change.


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  • sirinme
    12-20 05:45 PM
    The same memo also talks about AC21 - to me, it sounds like those who qualify under AC21 can also get 7th year extension even though they are currently not on H1-B status. Could someone please clarify if I can now "recapture" my now-long-gone-H1B based on this memo and the following information?

    - I had a H1B visa, whose 6 year period was going to expire in Dec 2005.
    - In Oct 2005, I changed to a different employer using AC21 & EAD. So the H1B became void at that time.

    Now, under the clarification by this memo, can I apply for the 7th year extension of my old H1B and switch back to that (rather than using EAD to work in US)?

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  • MLS
    06-26 04:43 PM
    Any more information on how you contacted your senator (via email / phone call ) will help too.
    Thank you very much !!

    I had asked my StateSenator to inquire about my case and the senator office got back in 2 weeks saying that the USCIS liaiason informed that all looks good on my case and that cards should be ordered within 30 days. Six days after that i.e. today I got a notice saying cards were ordered.


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  • El_Guapo
    05-05 05:16 PM
    Welcome. I urge you to browse this wonderful site and try to gather more information as to what IV has to offer and its history.

    BTW: "sub prime" has nothing to do with the real estate market or the location of the house. It is a financial term to describe a "risk" category invented for the layman. People who got loans even though they do not have the 'prime' credit rating and paid zero down payment are the ones who are walking away from their houses. These foreclosed houses can be anywhere and probably in better locations than not, as their prices would not have precipitously climbed during 2003-2006 crazy years.

    Yup, I know what sub prime is and more. What I meant to say was more that 60% of the foreclosure was due to the sub prime crisis. A lot of these come from the Low Income Group and were sucked into the ARM with 5 yr fixed and variable therafter. They usually don't buy homes in a $500,000 community. They bought houses in a 150K community. Most of the houses in those areas are not what a typical, highly skilled immigrant earning good money would be interested in buying. Atleast not in my area. But you are right. These houses could be in good areas too. With 12 million foreclosed homes, say 6 million are in good areas and with 500K immigrants in line, perhaps buying 250K houses, its about 4% of the foreclosure market. Now tell me, how can that help the economy?

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  • bikram_das_in
    07-13 01:58 PM
    Congrats for you phenomenal journey. Appreciate your contribution and continued effort for IV. Thank you.


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  • johnamit
    07-31 12:47 PM
    Wait for PD to be current
    Wait for RD
    Wait for ND
    Wait for EAD
    Wait for AP
    Wait for AC-21
    Wait for FP
    Wait for GC

    And again wait.

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  • logiclife
    12-28 02:38 PM
    Does this mean that you cannot have 6-9 years extension of H1B for the new employer and you must use the EAD after six years if you are changing jobs?

    No, you can use H1. But if you go to new employer, of course you have to do an H1 transfer to new employer.

    AC21 portability can be used with either forms of work authorization : H1 or EAD. The important thing is to do it after 180 days of 485 filing and to do it after 140 approval.

    You can start working for new employer on EAD, or you can use AC21 (without using EAD) by applying for H1 transfer to new employer and working for new employer as soon as you get receipt notice of H1 transfer.

    H1 status offers a backup plan in the sense that if your 485 is rejected for wrong reasons, you can appeal the case in office of administrative appeals and fight it out and stay here on h1 while you fight it out. Your H1 status you have at that time of 485 rejection and its validity is unaffected by 485 being rejected. But if you are on EAD, and if your 485 is rejected, then your EAD is invalid and you are out of status, you cannot switch back to H1 from EAD and continue fighting the rejection of 485 thru appeals. You have to go back.

    H1 offers a backup plan but the disadvantages are that its more expensive to do for employers and so many employers will not prefer you. It costs between 1600 to 2400 for employers to file H1 transfer and bring you on board, plus lawyers fees needed for filing H1 transfer. EAD is easy, you dont need lawyer and your employer has nothing to worry or deal with. So you will have more options when using AC21 if you use EAD as your work authorization rather than H1. Besides, H1 extensions and transfers are a headache. EAD extensions are easier and they can be done by yourself without the need to get anything from employers and lawyers.


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  • swadeshi
    08-31 07:47 PM
    Its useless... How many senators, their voters or other decision makers watch those kannada, telugu or even rediff???
    Try to contact FOX, CNN, ABC etc.. that will be helpfull.

    It is for all those people (the indian diaspora) who do log on to the online versions of their hometown newspapers to check local Indian news, it might be a pleasant surprise to see the news abt the rally out there!!!

    Secondly won't you be inclined to be a part of the rally when your mom or dad friend or a cousin read the news back home and asked you " are you a part this movement" imagine all the non commital people saying ummm ummmm food for thought bloke!!:rolleyes:

    An BTW I would bet that CNN, FOX and ABC would be forced to cover a rally of this magnitude...

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  • kiran24
    03-14 04:19 PM
    wcs, Welcome to IV.
    The campaign has been in place for almost 2 months. Thousands of letters have already been mailed out. The deadline is Mar 10. Please pick out a format and mail U'r letter to the president and IV ASAP.
    Sample letter formats can be located at

    Were the letters mailed? Btw I sent my letter to IV aswell as to President.


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  • Kitiara
    02-05 06:18 AM
    Just 27 more votes... Just 27 more votes...

    I might stage a late comeback, you never know... :evil:

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  • Widget
    04-15 10:25 AM

    In general a person who is in the US should have a valid and unexpired passport at all times. In addition, there is a whole loooooong list of documents that you attach to the I485- your attorney should advise you on this. The most important once for employment based immigration are documents showing legal status up until the I485 application and current offer letter from your company. There are many many more documents you need to provide...search the net for the necessary documents...


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  • Lamabs
    01-26 07:58 PM
    We all migrated for one reason or other. Don't add salt to an open wound.

    I'm not from Andhra but I'm an Indian and always proud to be known as Indian. No matter what this place has to offer at time of crises if you can't help then don't hurt.

    I have been on F1 before, I'm waiting in line for GC to be approved. This forum is for information that will help.

    Can the Admin delete any post that hurt people.

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  • vnsriv
    12-12 03:52 PM
    What is the significance of April Barrier !


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  • actaccord
    01-31 08:56 AM
    to find anything related to the patent in uspto.gov

    Ms Su of TVU....why would someone stoop so low and looks like she became a convenient scapegoat for the students ..? not sure what'd you think. She has a Phd from UC Berkley and a patent on her name ....several publications.
    I dug up her resume...
    Dr. Susan Xiao-Ping Su
    President of Tri-Valley University
    Tri-Valley University TVU (http://trivalleyuniversity.org)
    E-mail: ssu@trivalleyuniversity.org, su123@sbcglobal.net


    Ph .D. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2001.
    Major: Design; Minor I: Microscale Heat Transfer; Minor II: Integrated Circuit Technology.
    Dissertation: Compliant Microleverage Mechanism Design for MEMS Application
    Dissertation Advisors: Prof. Alice M. Agogino; Prof. Tsu-Jae King, Prof. Dennise K. Lieu
    M. S. Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of California at Davis, 1997. Major: Design
    Thesis: Computer-Aided Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Spatial Mechanisms
    Thesis Advisors: Prof. Harry H. Cheng; Prof. Bahram Ravani; Prof. An T. Yang (Emeritus)
    B. S. Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China, 1991.
    Major Field of Study: Fluid Mechanics

    1. President and Founder, Semiconductor System Integration, Pleasanton, 2003-present
    � Consultant for Phosistor Technology, Pleasanton, on Semiconductor Device Fabrication, Development of photonic component (laser and OPM) process, Oxford Plasmalab DRIE and ICP etching of SiO2 for Optical MEMS devices.
    � Consultant for California Micro Device on Chip-Scale-Packaging strengthen mechanism;
    � Consultant for NASA on nano chemical sensor fabrication.
    � High-density Magnetic Random Access Memory Development
    2. Lecturer, HerGuan University, Sunnyvale, 2007
    EE537 Analog IC Design, EE515 & 516 VLSI I & II
    3. Lecturer, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, Fall 2004-2006
    EE178 Digital System Design with FPGA, ME 101 Dynamic
    4. Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, 2004-2005;
    ENGR 890 Design of MEMS; Design of CMOS Memory Circuit
    ENGR 356 Computer Architecture; ENGR378 Digital System Design with Verilog.
    5. Lecturer, International Technological University, Santa Clara, CA, 2004-2007
    EEN967 Analog IC Design; EE 519 CMOS Memory Circuit Design; EE 511 VlSI I, II;
    EEN 923 & 910 Semiconductor Physics & Devices; EEN 918 IC Fabrication Technology.
    6. Lecturer, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, CA, 9/2002 -2004
    EE 507 Analog IC Design; EE 520 CMOS Memory Circuit Design;
    EE 506 VLSI II; EE 624 IC Fabrication Technology; EE 581 MEMS/NEMS Design;
    Developing MEMS and nanotechnology concentration area curriculum.
    7. Member of Technical Staff, Project manager, PicoNetics Inc., Fremont, 9/2000-9/2002.
    � 256K 100MHz (TSMC 0.25m) and 4M 200MHz SRAM design (0.13m G logic process); RLC circuit for on-chip sin wave generation, sense amplifier fro SRAM, DRAM, Bandgap reference, voltage regulator, PLL circuit design, standard cell library design.
    � Supervision of two layout engineers for a 256K SRAM circuit including all technical file set-up, layout optimization for minimum coupling and RC delay, Dracula LVS and Arcadia extraction, LVS and Extraction tools evaluation and memory compliers; UMC and TSMC 0.25, 0.18, 0.15 and 0.13 m process evaluation for SRAM.

    8. Graduate Researcher, Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC), and Berkeley Expert Technology System Lab (BEST), U. C. Berkeley, 1996-2000.
    � Design, fabrication and testing of a resonant accelerometer (RXL) with on-chip amplifier and two-stage leverage mechanism by the SOI-MEMS integrated process.
    � Compliant micro-leverage mechanism design and analysis, FEM analysis and simulation with ABAQUS and SUGAR; Design of the mechanism for force and displacement amplification in other MEMS devices including a micro-valve, an electrostatic actuator and the suspension of the disk drive.

    9. Internship, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, EETD, 6/1999-12/1999.
    � Optics programming; SEM and TEM measurements of glass samples.

    10. Graduate Researcher, Integrated Engineering and Mechatronics Lab, Dept. of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, UC Davis, 1994-1996
    � With Ch program, analysis of velocity and acceleration for 32 spatial mechanisms (4-bar, 5-bar, 6-bar and 7-bar); force and torque analysis of RCCC & RCRCR mechanisms;
    � Designed a data acquisition system for PAS machine by communication of an AT-MIO-16F board in Labview.


    � Yaosong Tao, International Technological University, Ph.D. Thesis: RF MEMS Components for Communication Systems, 2004.
    � Leo Huang, Northwestern Polytechnic University, M.S. Thesis, Contacting Printing Lithography for Polymeric Organic Light-Emitting Diode, 2005;
    � Sam Shi, International Technological University, M.S. Thesis, A 8-bit Energy Recover Adder, 2005;
    � Parthiv Pandya, International Technological University, M.S. Thesis: MRAM Core Cell Design and Optimization, 2004;
    � Paisit Sriprataks, International Technological University, M.S. Thesis: MRAM Sensing Circuit Design, 2004;
    � Balajee Premraj, International Technological University, M.S. Thesis: Design of an 8M MRAM, 2004;
    � Raul Gali, Northwestern Polytechnic University, M.S. Thesis: Signal Process Circuit Design for a Resonant Accelerometer, 2003;


    � John H. Latoures Scholarship, Mechanical Engineering Department,U.C. Berkeley, 2001.
    � Lankershim Awards, U.C. Berkeley, 2000
    � National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (1996-1999);
    � American Associated University Woman (AAUW) Selected Professional Fellowship ,1995;
    � University Fee Grant, UC Davis, 1994.


    1. S. X. P. Su, H. S. Yang, Alice M Agogino, Resonant Accelerometer with a Two-Stage Microleverage Mechanism Fabricated by SOI-MEMS Technology, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol.5, No.6 December 2005, p.1214-1223
    2. An Sang Hou, Susan X. P. Su, Design of a Capacitive-Sensor Signal Processing System with High Accuracy and Short Conversion Time, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume 119, Issue 1, 28 March 2005, P.113-119
    3. X-P S. Su, H. S. Yang, Analytical Modeling and FEM Simulation of Single-Stage Microleverage Mechanism, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 44, 2217-2238, 2002.
    4. X-P. S. Su, H. S. Yang, Two-Stage Microleverage Mechanism Optimization in a Resonant Accelerometer, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 22, 328-336, 2002.
    5. X-P S. Su, H. S. Yang, Design of Compliant Microleverage Mechanism, Sensors and Actuators, A 87 146-156, 2001.
    6. X-P S. Su, H. S. Yang, Single-Stage Microleverage Mechanism Optimization in a Resonant Accelerometer, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 21, 246-252, 2001
    7. H. S. Yang, X-P S. Su and B. Bai, Strain Analysis in Uniaxial Tensile and Compression Testing of Anisotropic Materials, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 42 (2000) 2395-2415.


    1. Susan X. P. Su, �A Folded-MTJ MRAM Cell� U.S. Patent No. US60/994941, 2007

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  • vghc
    03-01 12:09 AM
    u shud have tried the smuggling from any other country say thailand or singapore.. then u would not have come here crying.. now get lost :mad::mad::mad:

    LOL!!! Yeah....in those countries, as mine, if you are caught with that much drugs, you will be crying all the way to the gallows. :D

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  • singhsa3
    01-04 01:30 PM
    This is so funny. You made me laugh like anything.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    You can bring UP TO 4 spouses on H4 visa. That's why it is called H4. Similarly on F2, you can only bring 2 spouses, Ah...students do not make that kind of money to support more than 2 spouses. USCIS thinks so much about us.

    I am just talking out of my A**.

    05-17 10:12 AM
    I am wondering everybody here is throwing stones at small consulting companies, I wonder how these people came to US surely somebody did there H1? right? People are working in big companies HP/Oracle/SAP bla bla.. but I'm sure they are not the ones who brought you guys here. Also the day they'll get their green cards each of these people are going to open similar companies and do the same thing. This is amazing how people forget their past and forget the people who brought them here...I will call you guys thankless....
    you are completely misunderstanding / I was not clearly stating my point. Let the small comp / head hunters bring in people BUT TREAT THEM GOOD TOOO!!! Dont let people come here and not pay them / treat them as slaves on contract etc. Look at all the postings (go to murthy's web site--you will see many) Employer not paying, etc etc. In such case whats difference between an illegal hotel worker and these mistreated H1bs. I stay in an apartment OK. One day my neighbour (living downstairs) was crying with his wife and a small kid. You want to know the reason--NO PAY FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!. All his hard earned money was finished paying rent, OK and his kid was sick. No money, nobody to ask. His contractor said WAIT, WAIT and nothing else. Having personally seen this situation, I am a little concerned. Why would you be concerned in asking infosys to disclose the usage of H1bs procurred by them?? If its used properly there shouldn't be any issue. Now how microsoft uses the H1b is more transparent. How many of u working for microsoft have had any issues???

    01-12 10:39 AM

    Please read the following discussion, it has lot of information about pregnancy without insurance.



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