Friday, June 17, 2011

map of latin america and capitals

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  • gc_on_demand
    07-09 03:35 PM
    Why people are not calling any mroe !!

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  • gcsomeday
    07-12 03:45 PM
    Here is something from my lawyer


    USCIS is no longer issuing rejection notices. The are now "holding" the applications. This means that if your priority date were to become current sometime soon, but your case was at USCIS, and they were not issuing receipt notices because your case was being held in the mail room, you would have no choice but to recreate your case, pay new fees, new medicals, photos, and file again.

    There is also an outside chance that USCIS could keep your filing fees, which would make you subject to paying them again with a new filing.


    This was part of the document we have to sign and send to the lawyer expressing our understanding that costs are involved.

    I think by holding applications USCIS is trying to reduce the number of people from filing in july. This armtwisting tactic will reduce unnecessary overload in their mailroom and reduce the number of people in the july filing class as far as any lawsuit is concerned. Maybe just another move to reduce losses or any complications if any lawsuit is successful at some time. The smaller the number of beneficiaries the smaller the headache.

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  • IamWithImmiVoice
    01-10 03:18 PM
    Reading the thread it seems like there are a few steps being dicussed here:

    1. Hunger Strike
    2. Go the court way for failure of visa spillovers
    3. Letters, Faxes etc etc.
    4.. I am missing something that someone can add.

    I am wondering if hunger strike will work. First of all hunger strike is useless unless its heavily publicized. For publicity we will need to be at Washington (maybe not )and strike for atleast a week before we get any publicity. That means risking physical health as well as professional life. Moreover we will need a large number of people to make news. It has to be a well publicized and a successful strike. It will surely have more impact than the rally.

    I suggest writing one letter everyday to white house and to USCIS. If thousands of us write two letters a day everyday to President and USCIS it wont cost us much and it will be a continuous effort till we come out with a more substantial effort like a rally or hunger strike.

    Feel free to blast my ideas and suggest others.

    Lets be all a part of the core team and not get an opportunity to say that the core team is not doing enough

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  • unchew
    06-15 08:45 PM
    Nice :thumb: Like it much.

    Funny how much the background makes it look better ;)

    Hey that is not fair, you shouldn't be able to change the background because you will earn votes for it and not for the iPod design... it interfeers.


    map of latin america and capitals. names Latin+american+map
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  • learning01
    02-01 09:14 PM
    excpet for Directors and above.

    They don't pay taxes, etc etc. It is being mis-utilized by all companies.

    I know even Accenture brings people on B1 visa @ 50 dollars a day

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  • thescadaman
    01-31 02:24 PM


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  • senthil1
    04-27 02:33 AM
    My analysis if the law is passed in the current form

    1. Non displacement provision will delay H1b process. But innovation will not be impacted as best companies Like Google, Microsoft and start up companies will not have a problem in proving that skills are not available in the market.

    2. When a company lays off they cannot recruit for 6 months. But a company is laying off people they will hardly recruit for 6 months. Generally when they do less than 5% of staff that will not come under layoff provision and still they can recruit H1b. So only a few positions will be impacted.

    3. 50% rule may make many bodyshoppers and Top indian companies force to recruit US Citizens and medium non public companies may split into many companies. Some H1b dependent small and medium companies may go out of business. It will have huge short term impact on H1b aspirants but they will adjust quickly to change their jobs.

    4. More powers for DOL will make the companies to follow the law and reduction of abuse

    5. Of course the restrictions will make less number of jobs for H1bs and L1s. But when economy improves demand will increase so that H1b cap will be reached inspite of all these restrictions. I strongly believe that system will adjust the new restrictions similar to TARP bill but short term very high impact. But that can be minimised by applying all those restrictions only for new H1bs. Generally more restrictions the persons qualifying will be best and bright and also wages for H1bs,L1s also will increase with improved working conditions.

    6. If pro immigrants like IV can negotiate to include Recapture or increase GC cap. But that depends on chance of passing the bill. If IV and other pro immigrants lobby and block the bill then that makes sense. But if the bill gets bi partisan support then it may be wise to take different approach. This bill may be like 2007 and may not be considered at all.

    I did not read the bill completely but my views were based on some major provisions and also I do not believe the conspiracy thoeries that they want to remove the H1b program first then EAD then GCs. But it is a protection for US citizens. I am not arguing that the protection is right or wrong but most countries in the world are trying to do that when recession. India has 100% protection for jobs for Indian citizens

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  • eb3India
    03-08 11:17 AM
    Growing up I use to goto an organization wearing kakhi-chaddi, so I grow up hating Mahtma Gandhi (but that ws long time ago),

    I now has so much respect for this Man, I wonder how was he able to cheer and integrate my fellow Desi's ;) almost 60-80 years ago, if I think about it now seems almost like a miracle.

    We really need to look into his life and find some answeres, as we have long battle and it is just getting started


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  • MYGC2008
    11-03 04:06 PM
    Congrats vikki76,

    Looks like most of 2004 cases are getting approvals.

    Congrats on getting physical card caliguy--today even both of us got our CPO emails. :D.
    Your posts along with alterego, kabmilegaGC and others ..were quite helpful. Ironically, in the entire time, since GC process began , it is only last 2 months that were most stressful but rest of the time, I didn't even care when dates will become current etc.etc..was just going with flow. I wouldn't want to repeat time from Aug 10th to Nov 2nd.--just waiting, waiting and waiting..and nothing happening.
    If USCIS becomes more transparent and follows FIFO strictly.then that itself will give lot of relief to waiting applicants.

    485 CPO Email: 11/3/2009

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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 10:11 PM
    anyone can start a thread, if you need help doing it, you may wish to ask politely and someone will tell you.

    why so? ask yourself. read your own comments. and let us all know how you have helped the process of ending YOUR retrogression.

    i have reviewed every post you ever put on iv. i don't see any deleted post.
    so you may want to think again. hardly anything is deleted around here. otherwise a lot of intemperate stuff that's posted would disappear.

    ultimately it comes to this: if 25,000 members show no interest in contributing in a fund drive (barring the minuscule 500 who did), what's the point in being "friendly". hey- iv is you and me. there is nothing else. no building, assets, stocks. I or aman or pappu or logiclife and every other core member and iv leader are just like you. we have jobs and families to take care of. we are afflicted by immigration retrogression- like you.
    we have put in time, money and effort at great cost to our personal lives. i wish i could "like you" to that one too.

    if "members" are willing to make this their organization their own- if there is to be this sense of involvement and ownership, then we will succeed. if not, if the attitude for the most is going to be "why should i" and "nope i am not contributing" and "how dare you ask" and "i have free speech" and "why doesn't iv do xyz for me" and "why should logiclife use this and that tenor" and "why did abc say def to me" and "i demand respect" and the best "these are my 2c but don't ask me to lift a finger to do this- iv should do this" then forget it. won't happen. because that IV you are imagining doing wonders and making miracles is YOU.

    let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in the fund drive, joined state chapters, met lawmakers, took initiatives to start state groups, ran the funding threads and contributed in any other way.
    you are guys are true assets to iv- in fact you are the true iv. kudos to you!


    First time I am seeing you angry.:)


    map of latin america and capitals. map of latin america and
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  • anai
    02-14 10:09 AM
    If black hats were around during the Indian independence movement, here's how it would have been:

    In 1930's
    Black hat: "What the hell, Gandhi! What good did salt satyagraha do? Where are the results? What did you achieve in the last 15 years? Change the leadership."

    In 1940's:
    Black hat: "Yeah. I continue to do nothing. But you suck."

    In 1942:
    Black hat: "Quit India movement! What a stupid waste of time. Gandhi, you should do a cultural show and raise some money."

    Ok. Ideas seem to be always welcome at IV. But crassly worded trashing of volunteer leaders rankles a lot of us.

    I won't be reading that silly sounding de bono hat book you suggest. But I might go to a cultural show by that other Bono and help him raise some money.

    So is this how you brainstorm ideas at work?

    Ideas are just as important as contributions.Your design team at work dont have to write the code as well. If its a bad idea then shoot it down,lets not ask everyone who comes up with an idea to implement it as well. Providing ideas is much better than sitting out there in blissful ignorance not knowing anything about retrogression or IV.

    You may wanna read "Six thinking hats" by Edward de bono.He talks about having critical thinking hat(black hat) during brainstorming.Lets have some people with black hats here.

    btw I thought anand26 was banned from this forum. I am not too far away from being banned as well. I got a post deleted by the admin already without any notice.

    Forgive me for wearing the black hat in recent times and yes I have signed up for recurring contributions.

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  • nojoke
    10-08 11:17 AM
    You are right in the sense of returns but I am also looking at investing ,not 50 lakhs but small amts. The rturns may not be good but the main reason I think people invest is because of the surity that the land price appreciates more than 50% and be sure your principal is safe compared to stocks or other.

    Just my 2 cents .Let me know if somene think otherwise

    That is speculation. Speculation is what is causing all these problems. When the game stops all the speculators dump the property and the values spiral down.


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  • ndialani
    10-28 07:31 PM
    @ vikki76

    Where is your case? I am sorry if you have already mentioned it before. If its TSC, please send me a message and I will give you the name of the officer. Please try to call around 4 PM tomrrow.

    For all those who have sent me pvt. messages, I will mail you a copy of the letter I sent out to Secretary Napolatino and first lady in the evening today.

    Hi Caliguy,
    My case is stuck in Texas service center.
    Opened SR on 9/8...reply....6 months wait
    My spouse SR 9/8....reply....60 days wait
    Filled #7001 form
    Emailed to answer yet.
    How can i reach IO me out ....please

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  • ssunka01
    04-20 01:29 PM
    :confused: :)


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  • satyasaich
    11-01 08:04 PM
    if flowers campaign was a grand success, why not try this?
    There is nothing to lose

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  • krassib
    07-21 11:49 AM
    I would be interested to hear more about E-VISA too. Anyone that knows something?


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  • fatjoe
    09-17 05:53 PM
    This is the most wonderful news for you I believe, and this is the day the Lord has made for you, when you least expect it. Hearty congrats.
    OK, coming to the point, how did you open 2nd SR within a week. Did you get any response for the 1st SR or 2nd SR at all? If so, what was it?
    Did the senator's contact help you at all?
    What did u ask when you went for the infopass?
    What do you think, that could have triggered CPO? May be your rep at the infopass sent an email to NSC?
    Sorry to bug you with a lot of questions... just trying to do an anlysis on what would have worked for you.

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS...this morning 10:00AM CST we got the CPO emails for both of us...

    I just can not thank Aall of you enough and the IV community for the support they have provided over the last few years - especially since Sept 1.


    I will be around - not going anywhere and will support IV efforts!

    BEST OF LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE WAITING...Believe me "appka bhi number aayega" I was loosing hopes - since Sept 1 when saw number of approvals after my PD/RD/ND etc..but there is really nothing that can predict this system.

    Here is my journey - encapsulated:

    PD- June 04
    I485 files on July 2nd 2007 - NSC
    RD 8/4/2207
    SR #1: 9/4/2209
    SR #2" 9/11/2209
    Senator contact: 9/10/2009 and 9/11/2009
    Infopass: 9/15/2009
    CPO emails: 9/17/2009

    Hang in there - open SRs and contact your senators!!!

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  • miceelf88
    01-08 03:25 PM
    Bartely any movement for ROW either. How does the visa bulletin move to the state projected in the Jan bulletin.

    Does anyone know whether State's fiscal year ends in June or September?

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  • vikramaditya
    03-13 03:00 PM
    hope this will help us understand e1 and ex

    07-18 06:54 AM
    dear mr. "audience",

    one more "highly skilled" immigrant thinks she/he is "audience".... "audience"!!!! nice

    life is going waste in gc backlog but .... "audience", oh and someone forgot to ask, while you are watching this movie titled 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'.... would you like to get some popcorn and coke with it..... why? because that's what "audience" do..... they enjoy the game and movie when someone else is doing something..... but the "audience" sit on the sidelines and watch

    you seem to very much enjoy this movie 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'? with your kind of star cast it has got to be a grammy winner... thank you mr. "audience" for the wonderful performance.... time for you to speak out your garmmy winner speech, and don't forget to thank all the people on that list.... aila aila aila aila aila aila, and btw, and whom are we forgetting, did you miss out aila

    Paskal, You are right - I do not understand. But mostly I cannot understand because as an organisation - you do not explain. Frankly, all I can do is register my disappointment at both your response and your attitude.While I get it that IV is actively involved in doing things over the years aimed at resolving this issue, I might feel that I could respect and maybe even understand these efforts better if IV kept its website up to date and all members who sign in updated on what's happening.

    I have often seen threads on this site that have members complaining that IV is not doing anything - to which invariably the response is that one should join the donor forum. On the other hand we get newsletters from admin that ask up to tighten our belts etc. - and get more involved. Well, that cannot happen unless IV provides more updated information on what IV is actually doing, veiled references to behind the scenes activity and years of hard work are not enough to involve all those who have signed up here to become 'more involved'.

    As for this discussion going nowhere I could not agree more - you see to have an open discussion or indeed debate - there must be at least 2 willing participants. And since you have already decided that you do not have time for the Qs of a mere non-paying member of this forum, I do not expect any better.

    By the way, the way ahead is not to close doors, but to welcome questions and encourge those on this forum with curiosity to be more active. More often than not, I have seen that those who Q on this forum, are mocked, ignored, and treated as if they are wasting CORE's time. Sad for a forum that hopes to involve a wider audience in this issue.


    07-16 11:15 AM
    Friends, Below is one of the comments I got on the petition

    444 Sainath Lou Dobbs is a big A..Hole

    Such comments only defeat our cause. I understand the frustration and believe me I feel the same way. But at the same time it is important to channel our anger the right way for maximum impact. I am going to delete this comment from the petition so please repost.

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