Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • AdrianK
    Apr 19, 01:18 AM
    You might even be able to swap the hard drive right into the new Mac and it should boot just fine depending on the age of the Intel if it can run the same software version. This is handy if you don't want to reinstall everything and keep your old settings and files.

    Wont the OS 'be PPC', preventing it from booting on intel hardware, and also devoid of drivers? I know the apps included on OS X are UBs, but isn't the 'core' either PPC or x86?

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  • zimv20
    Jan 11, 12:46 AM
    yah its it ctrl+pageup or ctrl+fn+pageup..

    thanks. i had success w/ ctrl+pageup and ctrl+pagedown.

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  • WildPalms
    Jan 15, 07:37 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/3B48b Safari/419.3)

    just wondering when I should set my reminder for sitting transfixed in front of my MacBook!

    May I suggest

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  • FubsyGamr
    Oct 17, 04:03 PM
    Thanks for the post. I am really interested in a leather case with a front cover.

    The site says "preorder." But you have already received the case. So those cases on the site are actually in stock?

    Well, when I ordered it, the website did not say "preorder" it just gave the option to order. So I'm not sure if maybe they've since run out of cases? I'm not 100% sure about that.

    But yes, I received my case about a week and a half ago.


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  • brentg33
    Oct 18, 11:20 PM
    i am in phila and would have gone to KofP....sadly i am unable to go due to an already planned event im going to....but for all in the phila area planning on going...i would pay someone to pick me up one of those free t-shirts they are going to give out (size L:) ) let me know


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  • covertsurfer
    Apr 8, 07:17 AM
    I am doing a website for a client and they have sent me their logo.

    The design is pretty basic but the image they sent me doesn't quite do it justice.

    I was wondering if anyone could knock up a slightly sleeker looking logo?


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  • zimv20
    Jul 8, 12:14 AM
    next part --

    i want to be able to hit my machine remotely and get to ~/Documents. i've gotten htaccess working in /Library/WebServer/Documents and made a symbolic link (ln -s) from there to my Documents directory.

    % pwd
    % ls -l D*
    lrwxrwxr-x 1 root admin 20 Jul 8 00:05 Documents@ -> /Users/zim/Documents

    when i try to browse to Documents, i get "Forbidden / You don't have permission to access /Documents/ on this server."

    i stuck my .htaccess file into that directory, but same thing.

    any ideas?

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  • job
    Oct 20, 04:01 PM
    Originally posted by Rower_CPU
    'Lemon is on page 4.

    hah. not in post count. i was wondering about his physical location. haven't seen him on these boards in ages.



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  • chown33
    Apr 10, 12:27 PM
    Post the exact error message. An "invalid selector" error usually shows the exact selector expected.

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  • mrt209
    Apr 26, 11:56 PM
    I'm pretty happy with my OWC. Has sleep issues, but apparently its been fixed, just haven't had time to update the firmware.


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  • negatv1
    Mar 13, 01:05 PM
    i would put down like 100-150. becouse of the hastle / possibility of having to pay for it to be fixed.

    Unless the magic cracked iphone screen fairy is going to come around and fix this one night while you sleep, I'm guessing the possibility of having to pay to get the screen repaired is quite high.

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  • locovaca
    Nov 10, 06:35 AM
    You may want to check out this:

    Comp USA's have them out for demo, if you have one close to you.

    I have the full sized gyration and like the keyboard, plus using the mouse in the air is really cool and does make it very useful for presentations (if you need that...), but also works well as a standard optical 3 button mouse.


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  • aeaglex07
    Apr 28, 10:22 AM
    SL is stable and solid for me. Leopard was Apple's Vista

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  • sushi
    Jul 7, 10:18 PM
    You either loved or hated the puck. If it was clean, it felt great to use. I still have them and use one on the blueberry iMac I have in the garage. I personally liked it a lot.
    Same here.

    Liked the puck mouse. :)


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  • wnameth
    Nov 26, 08:41 AM
    does anyone? if i don't find any interested 2 weeks before christmas, then i'll go to a used game store.


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  • Jman14
    Jun 25, 01:24 PM
    how old is the machine


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  • Bear
    Sep 17, 08:57 PM
    I'm there with the Bear.
    Also, from an email I got from apple:
    So I'm guessing that means no major releases. You may have to hold out a while longer for your multi-media 'Pod yet!
    ..But you never know with Apple - damn them, damn them all!A multimedia iPod would have a the very least a big press conference. And we usually find out about those a week or two in advance. Since there is no keynote in Paris this year, I'd say no video iPod just yet.

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  • KarlJay
    May 4, 10:30 PM
    Good point Dejo, here's the books:

    Wrox: professional iphone and ipot touch programming, building apps for mobile safari

    Obj C for Dummies

    O'Reilly: Tapworthy

    Payload Media: iOS4 essentials

    O'Reilly: learning iPhone Programming

    O'Reilly: iPhone App Dev, the missing manual

    Addision Wesley: Programming in Obj C 2.0

    Wiley: Obj C develop reference

    Head First: iphone Development

    As far as Amazon displaying more, several only show the 1st chapter, really after you have a few books it becomes more difficult to find a book that has something new in it that hasn't been covered by the other books.
    I have no problem buying another book, I just don't want to buy a book that covers what I already have covered in other books.

    I used to be able to browse the whole book and determine if it was going to be helpful before purchase, this doesn't seem to be the case with online books.

    Books aren't expensive, but I don't want to have a bunch of books that mostly cover the same thing. Even in the past it was hard to find a good book that covered things in great detail so that you could really exploit things.

    Looks like Amazon has one such book coming out about CoreAudio, I'm looking forward to that one :)

    Thanks for the tip on UICatalog, I'll check it out.

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  • school mean girl Amanda (Leslie Bibb) who returns to Dallas after her marriage ends in scandal, hoping for a second chance with those she once bullied.

  • McGiord
    Feb 20, 06:15 PM

    May 6, 04:31 PM
    Just run it at its native resolution, if the something you find is to small to read/see you can always zoom in or of course change the font : )

    Feb 20, 05:56 PM
    Well... it WILL set a precedent and you will see apple going after jailbreakers...

    The Library of Congress already rule jb is legal. Try again.

    And they have MORE muscle than SONY.

    Whatever 'muscle' is? All you need to sue someone is money and both Apple and Sony have more than enough.

    Apple 26.2
    Feb 12, 04:33 AM
    Everyone else going to bed is happy because they're laughing at you.

    Or waking up and laughing! Classic...

    Was it a full moon or something?

    Mar 25, 04:08 AM
    And just to add to that

    56.13 = 5*10^(1) + 6*10(0) + 1*10^(-1) + 3*10(-2)

    Oct 17, 04:46 PM
    I usually go out with my camera and walk around taking pictures. Then I crop and make them into wallpapers.

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