Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • vincenz
    Apr 30, 02:33 PM
    If I could, I would get rid of my mbp+acd for an iMac. Don't know why. Maybe I'm just restless.

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  • Micjose
    Apr 25, 01:44 PM
    YESSS! Exactly what i wanted to hear. I'm waiting till the new redesign comes out to buy my First MacBook Pro.. :D

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  • CuppyCake
    Mar 23, 04:53 PM
    In Maryland outside Washington, DC, there are signs that read DUI Check Point Area. What is wrong with Apple making it available nationwide? Senators get a life. :cool:

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  • exFictitiouZ
    May 4, 03:57 AM
    I'd seen that. Confused, also...

    The reason why i7 seems slower than i5, and 6970M seems slower than 6750M is because they have different baselines. They compared SB i5 2.7GHz (I believe it's i5-2500S) to the previous gen i3 3.2GHz (i3-550), and compared SB i7 3.4GHz (i7-2600) to previous gen i7 2.93 (i7-870).

    For the graphics, they compared Radeon 6750M to 4670, and 6970M to 5750. No wonder why 6750M shows a greater performance increase.

    This information can be found at the footnote (:

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    Mar 23, 05:50 PM
    Its plain to see what is happening here. But I agree with you I will not concede my rights for any reason what so ever.

    I stop listening to anyone who ever utters the words "Constitutional or not..."

    Our basic freedoms as Americans aren't worth conceding for any reason whatsoever, no matter how noble the goal may seem from a distance.

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  • retroactiv
    Mar 29, 11:45 AM
    He means CUT and paste hence the caps. Not copy. i.e. The text you select is both deleted and copied to the clipboard. I use it a lot myself in Windows and do miss it in OSX. Also allows you to easily move files around by CUT and pasting them :D

    Exactly. You should be able to CUT a file and move it. I bought an app in the Mac App Store that does just that...

    Should be built in.

    That other thing that sucks in the folder view. I want folders first in A to Z, then files A to Z like in Windows... Not a default option....

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 14, 12:26 PM
    A Digital Image Suite esque bundle of a pro iPhoto and Aperture.
    :confused: Aperture is a pro iPhoto.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 14, 11:40 AM (

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 14, 12:49 PM

    Looks like a number game.

    Hey, it beats Sudoku anyday. :)

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  • Sodner
    Apr 19, 12:54 PM
    So what? They're already getting sued by Apple, so what's another lawsuit? Point is, contract breach or not, Samsung could cripple Apple's whole ecosystem within days by halting all processor shipments. Apple makes the vast majority on iDevices and this would kill Apple's whole economic model. And this doesn't even account for Samsungs components that go into their Macs. As a result, Apple would have no hardware to sell. They would dip into their treasure chest. It could be devastating to Apple.

    You should be on Apples Board of Directors because none of them must have thought about this.

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  • Ur-Daddy
    Apr 25, 02:39 PM
    This is horse *****! The current MacBook Pro has the best design of any laptop on the market. I love the glossy, black border surrounding the screen. I could go for update on the exterior casing. Maybe something along the lines of fiber glass. Reflective, but in some form of metal.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 25, 01:09 PM
    Black as a color option, please.

    OR make them out of carbon fiber.

    This. Omg, I'd love a MBP that looked like the silly intel mockup. :eek:

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 19, 02:26 PM
    ... but I want all teh artwork as well, so i can FEEL my dvd library growing,
    I'm with you to an extent. I love the look of my DVD collection sitting there in the living room, it's nice to have the case with artwork and have it tangible. But at the same time, I have nothing against having all my movies browseable with iTV. If it's set up like the movie trailers are in Front Row, I'll be one happy camper. If it's just the title of the movie then that would be lame, but I'm sure they'll have "cover art" as well.

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 03:28 PM
    But FW isn't mac only by choice or need. Abit, Asus, Gigabyte and others all offers boards with FW. It was a common feature for motherboard manufacturers for some time. Will TB be included in their low end boards? More then likely not but from mid tier to high end boards will have it.

    Very true, but in the end, USB2 won out.

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  • SBacklin
    Apr 22, 11:15 AM
    i didn't ignore anything. i stream pandora all the time when i'm on the go and while i'm at the house. my work has wifi so i just connect to that and my house wifi while i'm there. I have a buddy here at work that streams netflix and tons of other stuff but refuses to connect to wifi. he uses close to 10gb of data monthly and has still not received any message from AT&T.

    My point is there are a lot of people that just don't connect to wifi when they are around it free, they just rely on their cell service instead. The reason i connect is bc when i'm looking online it's quicker internet wise then the 3g.

    I'm not wanting anyone to change. but you're arguing that this service isn't great...when in reality it's just not great for you.

    I like to live having a dvd collection or cd collection of physical media does not interest me. Apparently, others think the same way or the cloud service would not exist. The service is not for you. Go back to ripping cds to your local storage device and making play list after play list and sync all ur music each time u want a variety.

    Many people are the same way with books. My MIL has like 1,500 books in her house and just sees no value in a kindle and all that it provides.

    I get it, people enjoy their "stuff".
    Its also not great for many many many other people. You still base your ideas and arguments on the flawed notion that people have unlimited data and could still get it. I will also state again, I personally believe this will be some kind of add-on locker and not replacing local storage. I believe replacing local storage at this point would be a major mistake on Apple's part because it would negatively affect so many people...granted, not all.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 19, 08:59 PM
    A strong response from Samsung:

    "We're guilty!"

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  • fatfish
    Aug 23, 07:00 PM
    There's more to this than anyone here as realised I believe.

    A hundred with 6 zero's is an awful lot of cash, even for Apple, but what gets me is just how quickly this has been settled.

    Before going down that road though, lets understand that fighting this case could have cost Apple between, let's say half as much and maybe 3 times as much, so it's a fair gamble. Additionally it seems that Apple have endorsed the creative patent, which may pave the way to creative receiving further license fees of which it seems Apple will receive a share.

    The deal also lets creative move into the accessory market with made for ipod and out of the mp3 player market. I don't know if this is usual but I have an ipod which cost � 270, but I have around � 400 of made for ipod accessories. Perhaps creative will earn more from accessories than their zen. creative have struggled against the ipod, the zune may not have a significant impact on ipod sales but it would destroy the zen.

    In many ways it is all the accessories for the ipod that make it so irresistible. creative may not only join the made for ipod market, but enhance it and ultimately benefit Apple. Also whilst not clear here whether the tag is free or not, I believe the made for ipod tag earns apple 10% of sales, which if not free is likely to recover all if not more than the $100 m paid to creative.

    Now to the issue of how quickly Apple settled. I have to wonder why Apple could not have hung on for 6 months, offered creative half or 3/4 as much and had their hand snapped off because of creative's declining situation. Put simply I believe the deal had to be done quickly because Apple are about to announce something big, something that may have made the $ 100m look miniscule.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 20, 03:22 AM
    Nokia will according to a swedish site ( will release their first true GPS cellphone (integrated GPS reciever) within two weeks.
    If Apple want to enter the cellphone market they better get going...

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  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 03:22 PM
    Hmm mixed feelings about this.

    I want them to be successful, but I also want:
    - DVD extras
    - HD resolution
    - burnable to disc
    - rental system

    I hope success won't lull them into thinking the current restrictions are ok. :(

    Oh well, I can stick with DVDs.

    You want HD quality downloads but you can "stick" with DVD's? Do you understand how much information there is for a HD movie? Try one of the new disc formats, but you want to be able to download it? Crazy!

    I agree on the rental system however, I wouldn't mind renting but it would have to be cheaper of course.

    Sep 5, 02:22 PM
    I don't usually speculate, but I find it interesting "Showtime" is capitalized. Could the downloads be part of some partnership with the cable channel? Just wild speculation on my part.


    Showtime is owned by Viacom,who also owns the movie channel and a cable company.

    Sep 12, 02:35 PM

    had to go to summary/restore/update

    it downloads update to 1.2 and then restarts iteself.

    learn how to restore iPod, iPod mini, and iPod nano to factory settings.

    If you need to restore an iPod shuffle, click here.


    It is important to understand the difference between "update" and "restore". Update simply installs the software that controls iPod and does not affect the songs and files stored on iPod's disk. Restore erases the iPod's disk and restores iPod to its original factory condition.

    Warning: because Restore erases all of the songs and files on iPod, make sure to back up any files you've saved on the iPod disk. All of your songs, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and games can be loaded back to your iPod provided that you have them stored in your iTunes Library. If you use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, see this document for more information.

    How to restore iPod

    Ensure that you have an active Internet connection as new versions of iTunes and iPod Software may need to be downloaded to your computer.
    Download and install iTunes 7.0 or later if you do not already have it installed.
    Open iTunes, and then connect your iPod to your computer using the USB or FireWire cable that came with your iPod.
    After a few moments, your iPod will appear in the Source pane in iTunes.
    Select your iPod in the Source pane and you will see information about your iPod appear in the Summary tab of the main iTunes windows.
    Click the Restore button. You will be prompted with one or more restore options that may prompt iTunes to automatically download of the latest iPod Software. The 4 possible restore options are:
    Restore Option 1: Restore - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod.
    Restore Option 2: Use Same Version - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod even though a newer version is available.
    Restore Option 3: Use Newest Version - Restores with the latest iPod Software on your computer.
    Restore Option 4: Restore and Update - Restores with the latest iPod Software on your computer.
    If you are using a Mac, a message will appear prompting you to enter an administrator’s name and password.
    A progress bar will appear on the computer screen indicating that the first stage of the restore process has started. When this stage is completed, iTunes will present one of two messages on screen with instructions specific to the iPod model you are restoring.
    Restore Instruction 1: Disconnect iPod and connect it to iPod Power Adapter (typically applies to older iPod models).
    Restore Instruction 2: Leave iPod connected to computer to complete restore (typically applies newer iPod models).
    During the stage 2 of the restore process, the iPod will show an Apple logo as well as a progress bar at the bottom of the display. It is critical that the iPod remains connected to the computer or iPod Power adapter during this stage. Note: The progress bar may be difficult to see since the backlight on the iPod display may be off.
    After stage 2 of the restore process is complete and the iPod is connected to the computer, the iTunes Setup Assistant window will appear asking you to name your iPod and choose your syncing preferences similar to when you connected your iPod for the first time.

    Apr 20, 09:58 AM
    nice! Actually.

    Oct 12, 08:04 PM
    Dang they look good! I think the red is going to be a great hit especially in the high school crowd. Now if only I could justify one of these :)

    Sep 15, 07:06 PM
    Wow...that would be ideal! Mucho $$ too.

    Oh, and GPS of course ;)

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