Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • DakotaGuy
    Sep 12, 09:10 PM
    Look, Apple is focused on having an Alti-Vec processor, everything has been written for that, now people say the new IBM Power PC based on Power4 might not be Alti-Vec so therefore Apple will not use them. If Apple is so worried about having Alti-Vec, then why in the hell would they be now going to an x86 from AMD. If Apple goes AMD or Intel it would have to be an x86 processor. That is what they build and they are not going to build a small number of some special high tech processor just for Apple, sorry IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Okay lets say you guys are right and Apple says...yep an AMD Athlon for our PowerMacs in Jan...then what do you do with the "i" and "e" series. Do you continue on with them as a PPC with Alti-Vec and make the PowerMacs with an x86 AMD? HOLY MOLY what a confusing thing. We then have Macs that are not even compatible with each other, you then have to make different software for different computers. What about all the PPC Macs that are out there right now. How long do companies have to make different software for all different types of machines? If Apple goes to AMD it would not be a PowerPC, and for now changing chip arc. would make for lots of confusion.

    There is still something called AIM and PowerPC and this is where the future Apple processors will come from. Intel and AMD are not going to plug huge amounts of money into designing an all new chip that is completely compatible with PPC considering Apples market share. If Apple goes x86 then they might as well stick Windows XP on their machines and go head to head with the rest of the PC mess.

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  • kineticpast
    Sep 22, 06:32 PM
    Ah, Ok. It's a .mov file. That sounds suspiciously Mac friendly. I presume .avi might be better?
    No, .mov is just Quicktime's standard file format/extension. The extension won't be the problem, especially since you've already confirmed that the file is being read by playing sound.

    The problem will be the video codec you've used to compress the video, do you know what you've used? If you don't, open the file in Quicktime and hit Command-I, in the new window find the format. Then post that here.

    Most likely the PC user (I presume you aren't the one doing the testing since you don't know what the error message says) simply is using an old version of Quicktime and needs to upgrade.

    This would have been easier to diagnose had we had a link to the Quicktime file.

    Is this for the Trifle video? If so I think your tester just needs to upgrade to at least version 6 (the latest version for Windows, not including the Public Preview of 7).

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  • macboy62
    Oct 18, 10:50 PM
    I'll be there, taking the day off work.
    English, 40 something with long hair and beard (comes as an accessory when you buy a Harley). :D

    Real name: Stuart

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  • kuebby
    Jun 23, 09:09 PM
    iPhone headset, nano tubes, and iPod sock received today! Excellent seller.


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  • onewiseman
    Jan 15, 10:11 PM
    Can somebody please link to the keynote stream or the MacRumors page from this thread?

    I've been avoiding sites all day and I didn't get an email.

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  • Bluemeanie1976
    Apr 13, 10:59 AM
    What file are you trying to download? Do you have a link. I can Dow oaf to airsharing, or file browser. Do you have a file handling app at all?


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  • Loopie
    Apr 28, 10:32 AM
    I have an Emac that turns on, but doesn't start properly; the screen stays black and the fan is working. It used to beep/flash a light a couple of times to indicate what was wrong (unfortunately I don't remember how many times, but sort of remember looking up what it meant - I think it was a motherboard or CPU issue), but the beeping/flashing and chiming stopped.

    Has anyone dealt with a similar issue and what was wrong with your Emac?

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  • Crispy1
    May 5, 05:18 PM
    doesnt justify the fact that I did multiple other tests throughout the day and realized the temperatures were wrong. Ive had 2 overheating issues after 20 minutes of play and found my temperatures reading at 102-105 degrees celcius before shutting down. Only having the game and windows open doing my tests.
    I've even tried using a friends laptop cooler but that doesn't really do much either


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  • pullman
    Mar 9, 01:24 PM
    Thanks for the info, guys. I appreciate it.

    Well I am considering the new MBPs too. Getting a PB would only be for curiosity, posterity, interest etc.


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  • bearcatrp
    Apr 29, 07:04 PM
    I've recently installed a 2.33ghz c2d chip in my old 1.66 cd mac mini. The performance boost has been great!

    I've noticed temps have gotten a little high while running encodes and such... around low - mid 90s C while handbrake is encoding. I know this is still within operating temperature, but i'd like them to be a little lower.

    Suggest you install smcfancontrol and manually adjust your fans when encoding. Your mini's air flow was designed for the original processor. Works great on my 2010 mini and my Mac pro's I used to have.


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  • tman07
    Feb 14, 09:48 PM
    although im pretty sure there is already a thread on this somewhere.... my favorites are any of the DMB live dvd's.

    Then again, i love DMB, so... yeah... haha

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  • rockinmorockin
    Apr 23, 03:43 AM
    I'm an Android guy but I bought an iPad 2. Since I didn't know much of the app store, I bought an app for $9.99 with my mom's credit card (it's on her account). but i wanted to use my 25 dollar gift card, i didn't know you were supposed to redeem it first -___-.

    i sent an email reporting it saying it was a mistake. do you think they will revert it or does apple have a no return policy?


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  • Consultant
    Apr 11, 04:02 PM
    kinds of looks like any page with tons of flash games on it.

    Sorry but not going to go with the standard Apple coping crap here. Apple copies a lay out that was out for those web pages with flash games.
    On top of that it looks a lot like the game folder on Windows Vista/7. On top of that MS called apple on saying App Store was generic looks like they are making the point even bigger now.

    Picture from the game folder from my laptop attached

    Sure, in your mind it's always Apple's fault.

    If you hate Apple so much why are you here?

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  • e�Studios
    Dec 10, 12:52 AM
    Price lowered to $450 on PC. If I can find them, I have a unopened copy of Quake 4 and The Sims 2.

    Is the software Mac or PC compatible?


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  • i4k20c
    Apr 28, 11:13 AM
    Mods Please Lock.

    iPhone has been sold locally. :)

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  • chainprayer
    Nov 10, 06:12 PM
    Will this affect devs for the Mac app store?


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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 24, 08:41 AM
    yep,it's nil,I haven't call it before.
    That would seem to be a problem...

    Dejo,I don't see any problem releasing newView(?)
    This is also a problem.

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  • bfj
    Apr 26, 01:16 PM
    To be honest, I had forgotten the apple even existed, until I saw the FP iMac commercials early last year. As soon as I saw the commercials, I drove 2 hrs to the closest Apple store to check them out. But, being a PC user for 15 years, I was iffy about going with something I knew nothing about, but, the main thing that limited me was my budget at the time was only 1500, so I couldn't get the iMac w/ the Superdrive, grrr.....

    Well, sadly, I ended up going with a slapped-together Athlon system. Everything was running smoothly, so I thought I was happy with my decision. But, after a few months of playing with system, and countless Windows XP reinstalls, due to system errors, driver conflicts, and that devil-incarnate directx, i started looking at apple's again, even though I had no money to buy one :(

    Then, as luck would have it, during a Thanksgiving day Beer/Football fest, a friend of mine offered to by my Athlon system for 1800, which I couldn't pass up. So, in short, I sold the system within the week, & promptly ordered an iMac, still had to get a 15" (but with the SuperDrive) :) although the 17" was amazing, at the time it was a little out of my budget.

    After using the iMac for a few months, I was very pleased with my decision, I miss the games, but my wife bought me a playstation2 to take care of that, heh.

    After watching my financial situation improve since the beginning of the year, I decided to buy a laptop. I was open to all brands/platforms, and, to be honest, I was intent on buying a peecee laptop, since there were a few things that i HAVE to have a pc for, so I did.....actually I bought two....

    The first one I bought was a Toshiba, but it had a bad video chip, so i returned it, the 2nd was a sony grv-680, a very powerful machine, but 9 lbs was too much, and it had very bad build quality, so I returned it too.

    After researching for a few more weeks, I went to look at the 12" Powerbook....played with it at the Apple store, and took one home that day :)

    (it's got the SuperDrive too, hehe)

    anyway, with the money I saved going w/ the PBook, I stopped by WalMart, and bought one of the 499 HP bundles, which handles the few things that i needed the peecee for, hehe....

    Anyway, after playing with the Powerbook, I've decided that I want the 17", if all things work out, I'll be owning a 17" by the end of summer, my wife will inherent the 12", & my 5-yr old will get the iMac.

    Anyway, that's my story, I went from forgetting apple even existed to owning 2 Macs within a year


    just thought i'd share my story



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  • MacTech68
    Jan 18, 01:22 AM

    Bungie who? ;)

    May 24, 04:17 PM

    Sep 8, 06:03 PM
    In the registration agreement when you registered:

    As well, posting multiple messages with the same content (spamming), or registering on this board multiple times is not allowed.


    Apr 10, 06:24 AM
    I just started to back up when I installed lion

    A backup of what exactly?...

    Why not use Finder to just backup all your files and folders you are interested in, then reinstall Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and then get back the files and folders you were interested in from the backup you made before you reinstalled Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?

    May 4, 10:50 PM
    FYI, unless you're planning on doing heavy-duty gaming (Halo, Quake 4, Doom 3 or the like), I'd stick to a passively-cooled graphics card; the fan noise will be pretty obnoxious, especially if you get an ATI 9800.

    Also, think carefully about using that machine as a daily computer--they idleat well over 100W; leaving one of those on regularly will noticeably increase your power bill (unless you have free utilities :) ) Be aware that things like Netflix streamiing will never work on a PowerPC Mac.

    With all that said, I'm glad you're enjoying your "new" toy! I loved my dual G5, and if it were still practical to have it, I would :cool:

    May 4, 08:36 AM (

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