Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • igucl
    Dec 2, 09:49 PM
    I would really like to get that price. I have never sold anything on eBay. How easy is it?

    It's quite easy. It helps to have a reputation, though. Main thing is just to assure people that you're making every effort to be totally honest, and be quick to answer people's questions.

    To get the best price, make sure your auction ends at a prime time on a weekend, when a lot of people are home and in front of their computers.

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 24, 07:28 AM
    Basically you are freeing memory you did not malloc/calloc. Your double returnElement within the last loop is requesting space to store a double. This will be on the stack. You are not mallocing or callocing the space for this double (if you did it'd be in the heap). You then memcpy into this space (which is fine: you are allowed to do that). You then free the space that is on the stack. You can't do that. You can't free on the stack. That is automatically done when the current stack frame is popped.

    If that doesn't make sense (if you don't know what the heap and stack are for example) it's time to learn basic C properly...

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  • Unstupid
    Mar 11, 03:51 PM
    Maybe the line is somewhere else.... You should go check! :D

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  • nomad01
    Sep 20, 02:39 AM
    UK Store just came back online... I don't see anything different

    Worst update EVER. :D


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  • jbromer
    Apr 9, 09:41 PM

    If so what do you think? is the charging port bigger than the oem apple bumper? (can you plug in non apple plugs)


    Looks just like the SGP Neo Hybrid EX (a knockoff?). If so, only the Apple plug will fit...

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  • taylorwilsdon
    Mar 19, 01:25 PM
    Why does it matter if I am a new member? Does it mean I can't voice my opinion? Don't treat me like I'm some little kid.

    Honestly, $560 is a high final price when you see the completed auctions for a new unlocked one that are mostly around $500. But congrats on your winning auction from the hacked account.

    Great. I'm glad thats your opinion. I don't care. If I can get ahold of the winning bidder (not the phisher) and he wants it, I will send him exactly what he paid, at a price he chose, not me. I started it at $200, which is a very reasonable price. He chose how much to pay; and its not my fault that you're jealous/envious/whatever you are(?) about how much it ended for.


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  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 25, 01:31 AM
    I am not 100% on how to use parallels

    Basically I just need that one stupid site to stream, so I need to find a way to stream and I wont have to worry about windows ever.

    Forget Parallels, VMWARE Fusion is much easier to use and less buggy.

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  • PurpleHeart
    Mar 24, 08:50 PM
    just an update.. I thought best buy was supposed to be doing the ticket system at 10am ?

    I just called them and I was told that she cannot confirm on any of it .. except that iPads are being released tomorrow


    no concrete information even though launch is less than 24 hours away?


    apple store @ pacific centre said they are doing ipads at 5 but don't know the quantity/stock ...

    this is so frustrating I should've just gotten the ipad from the states last week or something


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  • eman
    Apr 19, 06:41 PM
    Don't buy the aluminum 24" imac with the 3.06 processor for gaming, the video card won't hold up. Ebay is full of these imacs being sold for bad/ dead video cards and no Apple is not doing nothing about extended repairs.

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  • AirmanPika
    Jan 16, 09:23 PM
    The only logical thing, should anything get released, would be Final Cut Server.

    Other related products are DVD Studio Pro 5, Blu-Ray Drives, Phenomenon (Shake Successor) and Cinema Displays. I do not expect the first three until NAB at the earliest. The Displays maybe at the developers conference.

    Apple would not announce Newton 2 at a Final Cut User Event.

    Yea thats the most logical thing. But I wasn't saying it would be the Newton 2. I was saying it would be some kind of multimedia editing tablet. The newton 2 just being a rumor based off some random person who didn't have the full story. Ah well, I'm just floating around in dreamland so don't mind me ;)


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  • deral
    Nov 16, 02:56 AM
    On iTunes, using the search function in iMix and here's my dilemna. Always wanted a search to find an iMix, and now that I can do that. i don't know what to search for. My first search for an iMix, I type the word "song".

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  • macOSX-tastic
    Sep 27, 06:38 AM
    ah..that may cause a snag....i cant see anything about it in the agreement, but i guess its better to be safe than saving me �90 odd. :D

    i guess i shall just have to use that mosterous gray cable.....connected to my beautiful powerbook!!!



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  • StarbucksSam
    Feb 23, 08:06 PM
    I like it. However, I'm not crazy about the fonts used in it or that the controls are always on.

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  • sparkyms
    May 1, 05:56 AM
    Here's mine with just a green bumper on it..

    oh and for reference that's not my leg, it's the arm of my sofa..


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  • chrono1081
    Apr 12, 09:30 AM
    Corona SDK could do it pretty easily. You'll want to watch tutorials from them at this site: to make sure they cover what you want.

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Dec 31, 08:27 AM
    Ambrosia Software ( has some of the greatest games and utility programs I've ever used for the Mac. They're one of those shareware developers that has been around since the System 7 days at least.


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  • twoodcc
    Oct 22, 07:56 AM
    i'm not getting there before 5:00 for sure. just depends on when i get home from work i guess (you know how bad friday traffic can be)

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  • Cindori
    May 1, 10:24 AM

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  • d wade
    Jul 8, 11:41 PM
    I'll be there at 8:00 AM at the Apple Store hopefully to get mine. Then selling my current 8GB and accessories for $130 to a guy at work.

    3G for $70... wooo hoo!

    Nov 17, 12:38 AM
    Bose makes the best speakers for computers

    no highs? no lows? go with bose...

    I gotta disagree with you, man.

    Creative iTrigue 3400 2.1 (

    i went to the store and checked out these speakers, and although they aren't *quite* as good as the klipsch's they come real damn close, and look damn nice too. I'm surprised nobody suggested them..

    May 3, 09:54 PM
    On the front page, I had a spinning beachball for a few minutes and could not exit. Doing the software update which included Safari and Java seemed to solve this problem, but I'm not sure if that was the cause.

    Thanks for the input, but that's not the issue here. My computer was running perfectly, no beachballs, and I was still able to perfectly contact and load every other site at that time, and DownForEveryone said that the site was down for them too.

    Apr 10, 01:08 PM
    I bought a Bumper at launch. I did take the money back though.

    Mar 16, 01:08 PM
    You need to start your own rental service and recoup some of those gaming funds; you'll probably turn a profit in a week's time with all the games you've been getting lately mate. ;)

    I would do, But nobody would rent some of the crap I buy :D :(

    Mar 20, 04:00 AM
    A while back I had posted up about my attempts to paint my iBook, and I finally finished a step-by-step guide for anyone interested in trying this out:

    Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/threats etcetera!

    Here's a pic of the finished product:

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