Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • whoever
    04-07 06:36 PM
    he is untalented and i dont know how he is still not voted out. he making it to next round every time is a shame. whoever is voting him to next time arent doing the right thing.

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  • raysaikat
    04-04 11:04 PM

    I am graduate student in Clinical Psychology. I am going to be working for a state employer during summer. This is mandatory for my program and I will receive 6 credits for it by the end of summer. However, due to some graduate school rules, I will have less than minimum credits to take during the Fall '10 and Spring '11 semesters. I was wondering if I could go ahead and work on CPT during summer (the employment is not paid), but register for those credits during Fall '10 and Spring '11 (breaking it up into 3 credits each) which will ensure my minimum registration.

    Also, can I apply for CPT during a semester when I have taken minimum credits required and I am a TA (full 20 hours)?

    Thank You in advance. Your timely opinion is appreciated!

    You need ask your school officials regarding their CPT policy. It varies from school to school.

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  • greendream
    08-11 05:20 PM
    Got an RFE to produce employment verification letter from my current employer. Yes, i changed the employer recently but didn't file AC-21.

    Do you know how long USCIS takes to update the status online?



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  • vikram2101
    08-07 09:14 AM
    There's another thread which discusses withdrawing an application. Can someone please post the link to it.


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  • desijackass
    03-08 09:37 AM
    I posted this on my facebook. Just to spread the message. I think most people think immigrants steal their jobs, but the truth is sometimes we struggle to hire a local person and then a foreigner walks in with the skills we need, but we can't hire him. (this is not to say we have not had good quality local people for the job as well)

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  • raj2007
    06-13 11:25 PM
    My husband is in the same position too.He is a fellow and got a job to start in 2008 july.lc dne.i 140 pending..
    Can he file for i 485....ead for a future job...this has been in our head since this evening....cant wait till tomorrow morning to ask the lawyer:rolleyes:
    can any1 explain this?
    CONGRATS to all to can file for i 485

    Yes he can do this..


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  • H1Girl
    10-13 02:59 PM

    I have had my GC for about two and a half months now. I am currently checking out SOA consultant positions with a consultancy in Saudi Arabia. I don't know the length of the contracts yet. Can I work out of USA and still apply for Citizenship after the wait of 4 years and 9 months ? Does this require me to stay a certain amount of time in USA for every year ? What are the tax implications ? Would I have to file taxes on the income that I earned out of USA ? Thank you.


    I am sure you would not have asked this question if use the term Permanent Resident instead of GC. I believe they ask you to follow the above requirements just to contribute to American Economy by providing your expertise and Tax money...

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  • devidasc
    02-04 12:10 PM
    At lease H1B should qualify for Stimulus amount if not H4
    H1B has valid SSN and should qualify for Stimulus amount even if they are filing the taxes as married filing jointly with spouse having H4.
    lets hope and try for it.


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-25 09:33 AM
    This was already dicussed here in a seperate thread almost 3 weeks ago and everybody knows this is the face saving techniqu of Infosys by paying some not popular channels in USA. just to save from the CHOP SHOP thing.

    So India is always open her arms to any one who want to go back, no one is blocking anybody. But before going know the TRUTH as it is. not from the media. for that matter all Indian medias are false news mongers, as discussed in previous thread.

    So this is again a MEDIA Baffoons gimmick.

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  • aspiration
    06-24 04:17 PM
    Sorry for starting a thread.. Apparently somehow i missed that discussion or thread... .I am newbee here...

    Thanks for the quick update.


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  • h1techSlave
    05-04 10:17 AM
    He is just hopeful.
    http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/citizenship_now_2009/2009/05/03/2009-05-03_sen_chuck_schumer_hopeful_immigration_reforms_o n_way.html

    Interesting. The Chair of the Senate's Immigration Subcommittee is sounding pretty confident that an immigration plan will be signed by the President before 2009 is over.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/schumer-immigration-reform-will-happen-this-year.html)

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  • NKR
    10-02 08:19 PM
    I have heard that it is pretty easy and straight forward to incorporate a business using legalzoom.com. I have not tried that myself..


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  • freddyCR
    February 17th, 2005, 06:46 AM
    Well...not exactly "living" since the "house" you see is really a storage facility for coffee beans.

    This was taken near the summit of Irazu Volcano (10,000 ft), Costa Rica
    Comments appreciated

    43 mm
    f/ 16
    ISO 100


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  • smarth
    07-29 09:51 AM

    Please share your personal experience on the timeframe USCIS response while renewing Advanced parole(I-131) and also share the e-filing address, fee and necessary documents to be posted...



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  • senk1s
    05-22 11:29 AM
    ps57002 ... mytimeline is very similar.
    there is really no rhyme/reason - as to what/why/how/when uscis is doing anything !! (Atleast I dont get it)

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  • xyz
    06-14 07:33 PM
    Interesting findings in the USCIS Ombudsman report - 2007.


    From the report:

    Employment-Based (EB) Green Card Applications
    (Annual Report pp. 32-37)
    In FY 06, over 10,000 visas were lost because of slow processing of EB cases, even though USCIS had an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 pending applications for employment-based green cards. As of May 2007, the
    State Department estimated that 40,000 EB visas may be lost in FY 07 if USCIS does not increase the
    processing rate for green card applications. The Ombudsman attributes the slow rate of adjudications to inaccurate statistics and inefficient USCIS management of its workload. The problem will become significant in the coming fiscal year if there is a dramatic increase in EB green card applications, and a significant backlog is likely to develop if this problem goes unaddressed.


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  • kothuri
    11-23 12:00 PM
    Yes to both.

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 09:01 AM
    Talk to IV core and see if we can come up with a common template, we can prepare web fax ......

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  • Steven-T
    December 1st, 2003, 02:00 PM
    Here's the press release for the new Leica Digilux two.
    My observations:
    1. The hot-shoe is near the left corner, similar to F2AS. This implies ...
    2. The odd looking middle top plate must be for data display
    3. It's no Leica-M, corners not right, much thicker body, lacks view windows, ...

    If not for the Leica and Leitz words, it can easily be mistaken as a Rollei!


    10-02 11:07 AM
    Having fun with your new WACOM edwin?

    04-10 12:55 PM
    I think u did not submitted your 485 application. You can only apply for EAD once u submit your 485 application. There are three stages of GC...Labor, 140 and 485...Once u have approved labor.. you need apply for 140 when your priority date is not current...When your priority date is current then you can apply for 140 and 485 together. Once you apply for 485 you can get EAD.

    Only exception when you are on L2 Visa.


    My employer filed labor for me in October 2007. My labour got approved in Feb 2008. Can you please know when I can apply for the EAD? What are the pre-requisties to apply for an EAD.

    Thanks a lot,

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