Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • Lisap
    08-22 12:08 PM
    So the attorney sent the package before you were actually current?

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  • greyhair
    04-29 04:13 PM
    And who is India fighting with??
    Come on we need to learn to forget the cold war days. This is 21st century and the age of facebook and other social networking platforms. the world is getting more connected and there will soon be no place for fighter planes any more. What we need is "food" and "water".....
    Nature is showing us again and again the futility of our ambitions (regional and international) through her rather quite infrequent thrashings these days....
    296 people perished this week in terrible tornadoes (worst in last 40 years!!!).....10000 or more a month ago in Japan earthquake (5th worst ever recorded!!!)....

    People who care for food and not for security, end up losing both.

    There will always be natural disasters in different parts of the world. US has a fair share of natural disasters, hurricanes, tornado, floods, earth quakes etc. This age is no different than any other, facebook and other websites only exist in the virtual world of computer programmers. The world is preparing for the next round of human supremacy. Humans will always fight wars, like it or not. None of us here make those decisions to go to war, its just part of human nature. The question isn't if we should fight wars, the question is, are we better prepared to deter one from occurring. Strong defenses is good enough to deter a war. So building strong defenses is a good thing.

    As far as immigration and war planes are concerned, some elements in the US government think that its doing a favor on other nations by letting its people to migrate to US. Although, the truth is to the contrary, these things does have an affect on a much higher level, if not for individual application. So this topic is relevant to the subject being discussed on this forum.

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  • GCard_Dream
    04-13 11:27 AM
    Well .. there you go. When I predicted few weeks ago that there will be a big jump in the priority dates, some of us came up with big speeches about how that thread was a big waste of time and the thread should be closed. The thread in fact was closed without any explanation. It appears that there has been several occasions where moderators are just closing the threads without any explanation.

    Here is my suggestion.. don't close the thread just because you can. At least give some explanation as to why any thread was closed. I know there are threads that talk about personal issues faced by members and if that's not acceptable then all threads dealing with personal issues should be closed.

    What amazes me is that person closing the thread doesn't even want to mention his/her id. What a shame ..

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  • eilsoe
    02-02 06:44 PM
    Dan: Was it the trout-eating werm? :beam:

    pom: Yeah, he REALLY amazed me with those shadows as well... I can't decide right now.. I need more time...


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  • HarshJ
    10-02 03:45 PM
    As a follow up, got a faxed copy of the "Receipt Notice" for self and spouse from lawyer for I-485. The Receipt Notice's receipt date is as expected Jul 23rd.

    So as members correctly stated that Receipt Notice's date is what matters.

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  • gcgreen
    08-15 12:49 PM
    my non-lawyerly suggestion: do not file ac21 until well into whichever job you takel

    I have read on various forums that there is no necessity to notify unless there is an RFE, but to maintain appropriate evidence at all times. you may want to consider doing that until you are well settled in whichever job you take.

    by the way, what is your PD?
    hope this helps.

    I have a pending AOS (I-485) application
    filed by my previous employer (company A). The I-140 is approved and is well
    past 180 days. I moved from company A to company B in late April
    2008. They did an H1 transfer and filed for AOS portability under
    AC21. I did not like the role there, so had planned a move to Company C, my current employer - again H1 transfer and AC21 (yet to
    be filed). Just before I moved, I got another offer from company D
    (which I believe best fits my long term career interests). I would've
    avoided the hop to company C had I not given the notice to leave at
    Company B. Now, I am looking to move to company D at the earliest (perhaps in a month). I have
    been at company C for 4 weeks now.

    Should company C file an AC21? Since there is already an AC21 on file (by
    company B) and if I will move to company D, can I reduce one additional AC21
    filing? This is just so that there aren't 3 Ac21s filed and to avoid
    making me look frivolous. Please advice. If its safer to file it, I
    can request an AC21 filing soon from company C.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    10-06 04:48 AM
    Why do fingerprints matter so much?

    As long as you already have the interim benefits - the EADs & APs - taken care of, what's the significance of FPs?


    Transfer people are stuck for FP notices... If only csc could have done the FP along with the ead/ap...

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  • peacocklover
    08-02 12:46 PM
    Every employment based immigrant who aspires to settle here in US to realize their American dream for their kids better future like the way you think.. if America doesn't welcome him, he will look for competitive job in some other country where he is welcomed or he will go back to his own mother country... if you don't promote the insource of worlds best talent in to US economy...that job will be outsourced for sure in couple of years...young talents on the other side of the planet are working like rocket scientists with innovative engineering brain to keep their economies rising to reach number one position in the world...if you observe the salaries these days in India and china..they are on par with US jobs and more in some companies..there will be no stand to mentality of the people once they struggle for their existence with the job and other issues in the goes with money mostly......if you think on the other side like if govt welcomes those same young talents who can create jobs and can help US economy to continue its journey with out putting per country limit for in sourcing the talent..:cool:

    Never say never, I dont know what my kids will do, they will go where is best for them.

    And Best is not just GDP, Romania hast 4 times more GDP per capita compared to India, but I don't see my self going back there. Coruption, stupid mentality, etc. dis will not change with GDP growth, to change the mentality of the people you need a couple of generation to die until you get somwhere close to USA.:(


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  • snathan
    06-16 10:48 PM
    This is a really good initiative. I appreciate the IV core for taking this up. I have read enough stories from people on Murthy forums. I will ask people on those forums to post their stories first hand on IV forums.

    If possible contact other forum moderators and post this message/link. We need more support to fix this issue.

    Thanks for your support.

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  • Pallavi79
    01-11 02:13 AM
    <Quote>About point 4, I am trying to find a hospital that would provide a payment plan in Dallas area.</Quote>
    I believe all hospitals provide payment plan.


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  • chtting2me
    10-10 06:04 PM
    I opened this thread to know any one working with everest techologies "" . basically to know how they are treating other employers. Looks like no work is working with them.

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 09:33 PM
    I personally do not know of anyone who has attempted admission into a University with a CA.

    Professors expert letters range up to $900.00+ with most firms. We rarely charge more than $550.00 Each case is different and it depends on the research needed.

    In India, only UGC (University Grant Commission) is qualified to issue equivalency letters. Professor letter can be supplemental, but it can not be authentic certification, as UGC is only one to issue that.

    >> The professor's letters are not cheap but effective.
    Care to explain what do you mean by "not cheap"?

    Is there any university that have taken CA qualified for PhD programme?


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  • Libra
    01-29 09:54 AM

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  • langagadu
    03-02 01:58 AM
    Bujji, Any update on this?

    I have one week from now for his visit. He gave me his desk number too. So I guess he is still an ICE employee. I did not call him at that number though.


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  • gapala
    03-03 11:55 PM
    I think, there is no harm in calling the cops and let them know what has happened to be on safer side. Especially when you provide them your address, Did you by any chance?

    Let them investigate it and find out what is going on. If you want, you can also file a complaint with FTC for phone fraud.

    here's the link.

    Let them investigate and find out the truth about the visit.

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  • lskreddy
    06-13 12:26 PM
    Every one has his own vantage point. Mark K has his own and the others who represented for legal immigration has their own. Mark K's argument to only allow the so called 'Einstein caliber" people speaks volumes about how he has simplified the problem.

    Sitting on a high position in an immigration research facility does not necessarily mean that he is abreast with the technological needs. From his arguments, he certainly has proven that he has very little or no idea of where the resource needs are.

    Everyone of us are here because there is room for us to work. If his research shows that there are more US people who will fill our shoes, then I am sure the market needs would govern the numbers. For all the anti's who cite articles about how low paid we are, how less qualified we are, they should research to complete the full circle. They leave it half-hearted, its not as if they don't know, they just want to stick on to the rhetoric.

    Even to entertain Mark K's idea about bringing the so called cream of the crop, there has to be proven ways to identify who these people are. One way of doing it is to allow people to come here on F1, prove their worth in research, work for a few years. One does not become an EB1 qualified before he steps into the country, he probably climbs his way up to that qualification. Some may succeed, some may fail. To selectively choose the best and expel the rest would mean disaster for the country. These are human lives we are talking about, not parts in a process control factory where you can chuck as and when you need as it does not meet 'specifications'.

    He has blinders on, and that will never change. You can't debate a person who has already decided on what the outcome. The most amusing part personally for me is that most of the anti-legal folks accuse the entire industry of conspiring to screw their own. I can see how one or two companies to do that, but to underline that the entire system is geared towards raping their own is blasphemous to say the least.


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  • pkak
    11-18 11:59 PM

    I am curious, can you explain why you think housing crisis is because of not issueing green cards?
    I want to know your theory

    When did I say that I think "housing crisis is because of not issueing green cards?"

    Was English a third or fourth language for you?;);););););););)

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  • northstar
    04-29 03:56 PM
    Typhoon costs about $135M a piece
    Eurofighter Typhoon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

    Rafael costs close to $100M.

    India definitely needs a F-22 like aircraft considering the Indian AGNI-3 is still not operational and there is no proper long-range nuclear weapon delivery medium. Sukhoi's and Mirage's are no F-22's.

    F-22's are not up for sale, how did you got that idea

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  • palemguy
    08-19 11:15 AM
    PD: April 20, 2004
    service center:NSC
    I -140 approval date: Jan 8, 2007
    I-485 RD: July 3, 2007
    LUD on 140: 4/9/2008
    LUD on AP: 8/8/2008
    I-485 Approval: Hope to see it very soon

    I have opened an SR as my case is out side the normal processing time. I have infopass appointment on Aug 27, 2008.

    I will post my experience once I am done with my infopass or if I hear anything from NSC.

    09-05 06:32 PM

    I sent you a PM, can we team up? I need some more info!

    Please book through our website on my signature.

    02-05 01:02 PM
    Good idea. Most of the Bay Area folks are in South Bay and I am sure would find it pretty easy to get to ICC.



    Did you get a chance to look at the ICC board of directors? They are exactly the kind of people who we need on our side (and in our bank account).

    I may be getting carried away here -- but if we get coherent enough, wonder if we could do a fund raising event at the ICC.


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