Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • desi3933
    07-13 12:28 PM
    I did not generate. The employer did, but I paid the taxes due 925% + 12.5 % employer tax)

    So you "paid" taxes, could you please explain how it is legal?

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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-19 12:23 PM
    read up about EAD and AC-21 RUle - Google it.

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  • H1bslave
    10-23 01:36 PM
    Please check you PM.

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  • rally
    07-17 08:27 PM
    ---Thank you Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren,
    For supporting the immigrant community after the July update bulletin fiasco.

    ---Thank you Mr. Emilio Gonzalez (and other people ), for doing the right thing by reinstating the original july bulletin.
    I am in a shock right now. I have never seen a government (anywhere else in the world) agency backtrack on a proposed policy based on public reaction.
    Hats off to you.

    ---Thank you IV CORE and other key members, for the organizing the efforts!

    God bless America!


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  • GCwaitforever
    07-12 08:41 AM
    I expected Rep. Ed Royce to come hard on Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to improve performance of USCIS, taking your question as a cue. Thats what I would expect from a true leader. Not any circumvoluted responses.

    Next time, please ask a specific question which elicits yes/no response like his position on SKIL bill and if he would vote in support of it. No more spin on illegal immigration to not support legal immigration. Then it will show how supportive of he is for immigration.

    After 9/11, former INS functions of border security went to Dept. of Homeland Security. USCIS is solely for immigration processing only. This reorganization should have improved performance of USCIS. Instead, we see the more delays, hear more stories, and fudged measurement criteria to show USCIS in good light to the Congress inspite of the poor performance.

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  • desi485
    06-06 12:38 PM
    Looks like everything in GM is on sale.

    Saturn is sold for $100 to $200 mn.

    Who knows GM may sell the retired brands for 1 or 2 mn.

    Now the important question.
    Did tatas overpay for jaguar and landrover ? Looks like they did.

    Saturn has plants to produce cars, BUT NO TECHNOLOGY OF THEIR OWN. NO R&D.

    Saturn sells rebranded-rebadged OPEL (GM - EUROPE, now sold to Magna) Vehicles.

    While Jaguar and Land Rover are very strong brands with their own technologies and research & design capabilities. Besides Tata bought those brands when Rupee was historically high (below 40 per USD). So I don't think Tata made any mistakes.

    I think it is Mahindra who is making mistake by not buying Hummer or Volvo or Saturn. I am very excited to see first Indian Vehicle to be sold in US i.e. Mahindra in 2009. No matter what, I will be the first to buy one.


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  • gunabcd
    07-02 10:02 AM
    Stop replying to this guy - focus on something more meaningful.
    Yes, let's close the thread, it's not serving the purpose of the forum and wasting our valuable resrouces. Moderators ????

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  • chansek
    07-22 02:08 AM
    rajeshiv, Thank you for your response. I mean, i used my personnel check (My Checking A/C with Chase) to pay the I-485, EAD and Advance Parole fees.

    Please let me know if this cause any problems.

    Thank you for all your help.


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  • anandrajesh
    12-08 11:39 PM
    Dear friends,

    We are hoping to here from members in MN, there is much to be done yet...let us build on the energy from these last days.
    Please visit the Chapters thread in the members only area and post your info and ideas in the MN chapter thread. Thanks!
    OR use this thread if it is just more convenient....

    Count me in dude... i am not a member in the state chapter...

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  • jthomas
    03-04 11:22 PM
    During this process of recession why USCIS does not help the economy by hiring more employees or contractors and issuing green cards. However, green card guys may think of buying houses and improve economy.
    Is it a good idea to request Obama, USCIS to employ more peoples(decrease unemployment), process work faster, and let the green card guys invest money in US to improve economy.



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  • kabeer_g
    08-10 03:39 PM
    You are right that to get registered in US I would have to marry in US. That's why I was asking if I even need to get it registered in US to file for my green card. Response I got on this forum was Indian registration certificate is fine.

    I want to restate that I got my green card on August 9th 2010. So I need to be married prior to this date for my wife to derive her green card status using mine.


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  • jamsumfarray
    11-16 07:09 AM
    I was thinking of askign my lawyer to change my case from non rir to rir ?
    i was wonderign if anyoenhas done it? and what are the risk factors in changing from non rir to rir?
    My pd is oct2002? nothign heard after teh 45 day letter....
    thanks waiting for eager response ..any oen has idea about a good lawyer please pass on the info about the lawyer too


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  • ss1026
    07-29 11:31 AM
    I am an EB-3 I with a 2005 PD on my 10th year on H-1B. I have a standing offer from a different company who are willing for file for a new GC in EB-2. I requested their HR to file my GC before I join their firm as I want to stay on my current project till the end of the year and they are ok with it but want to see some website/links stating that it is allowed and legal. I personally know that is allowed but had not much luck finding a good website noting this.

    Could anyone paste a link or point to a good website that has this clearly stated. Thanks

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  • Macaca
    02-09 02:19 PM
    Some paras from Complaints Rise Against Immigration Lawyers ( There was a nearby link that had telephone numbers. I could not find it. I had posted the numbers in a Lawyers thread. I could not find the thread.

    Complaints against immigration lawyers working in and around the nation's capital are rising, say officials who investigate allegations of attorney misconduct.

    Last year, the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel received 59 complaints about immigration lawyers, up from 49 in 2005 -- when, for the first time, immigration law drew more complaints than any other specialized practice area.

    Bolivian immigrants Rene and Fanny Saavedra of Gaithersburg with son Alexis. Rene Saavedra won permanent U.S. residency in 2000, but his wife was mistakenly told by their attorney that she would have to wait for her green card. (By Lucian Perkins -- The Washington Post)

    The bar counsel office is finalizing 2006 totals for other categories, but complaints about immigration law appear likely to rank near the top again.

    Federal sanctions have been rising in recent years. Established in 2000, the bar counsel at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the Justice Department branch that oversees U.S. immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals, disciplined 47 immigration lawyers last year and 54 the previous year -- up from 22 in 2000.


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  • superdude
    07-18 12:13 AM
    Let us give our leaders a break for now. Let us focus on filing the apps ASAP. IV core has been working on these issues for a long time. Let us knock one wicket at a time.


    USCIS and DOS had to correct the bulletin in response to tremendous public pressure because quite clearly the error was theirs.

    We have to use this momentum to work out two root causes of this mess which are also completely due to USCIS and FBI inefficiency, and yet the consequences are borne by applicants:

    (1) Visa Number Wastage: Fix Through Recapture

    (2) Name Check Delays:

    (a) More than 30 FBI analysts should be granted for the process
    (b) Process itself streamlined -- are the Reference file checks really useful? See Ombudsmans 2007 report.
    (c) More information on name check status should be made available easily -- we should not have to ask our Congresswoman or schedule an Infopass appointment just to find out (i) when our data was submitted to the FBI and (ii) at what stage we are stuck -- IBIS, Fingerprint or the Name Check itself

    We should all keep calling Lofgren's office so that she does not let up the pressure on these root causes (after all Gonzalez himself acknowledges there is a bigger problem.). I thanked her for her work so far and also emphasized that these root causes are what she should really be going after.

    And in case you want to sit back down and celebrate, I just want to point out that even if you manage to file, if these two things are not fixed there is no telling how many years (decade?) you will be waiting.

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  • amulchandra
    02-06 06:47 PM
    Actually the reply I got was from the attorney(who is HR head I believe) of the non-profit organization itself. What I was told that some companies do accept volunteers but due to ignorance of law on their part.

    Volunteering itself means one is not paid for. But H4s cannot volunteer in their own field of expertise. This is what I understood.

    Anyway I am planning to file my H1 this year.

    On the lighter side of everything may be he is a member of numbersusa...


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  • pitha
    03-28 11:23 PM
    I read, a liberal blog site, often. Recently, there has been a spate of postings there that are anti H-1B and anti high tech immigration. One example, from today, is: I have been posting comments as cacophonix. is the most powerful and most popular liberal blog. Opinion that gets set there is influential with Democratic legislators. There is significant support there for high-tech immigration, but I think the tide could easily turn.

    I need help from fellow IVers in refuting such ridiculous diaries as the one above. Please register and follow developments there, and please post responses when these issues come up.

    I can't stress this enough: dailykos has a strict trolling/abuse policy. If you lose your cool and start abusing, you will get banned in a flash. So please be courteous.

    I read your response, it was good and I signed up as well. I will post my response refuting anti h1 rhetoric.

    On a separate note Logiclife response was spot on and I hope IV will follow in the footsteps of dailykos in dealing with the nonsense mongers.

    I will take this opportunity to bring some anti-h1 rhetoric and h1 bashing that happens in our very own IV site!!!!!!!. I don’t want to name the individual who specializes in h1 bashing, so as not to make it a personal attack on that individual. A few days ago I posted a message on one of the threads in IV saying day by day reading some responses on h1 bashing makes me feel like I am on an anti-immigrant website rather than a website fighting for legal eb immigrants.

    It feels sad and disheartening to see some members attacking h1 when they themselves are on h1. By attacking h1 they are attacking the very movement and people that IV is trying to help. Sure there are some abuses on h1 but lets not attack h1 like anti immigrants. Let’s fight the people outside who attack h1 and this community but let’s also clean our own house as well and not parrot the same anti h1 rhetoric in IV forum.

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  • myGC_0507
    05-17 10:14 AM
    My friend filed her H1B transfer at Vermont office in April and got her approval in May (one month).

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  • bestin
    12-21 08:55 PM
    Thanks, Bestin.

    I have another question. If my I-140 is approved in next few days, how the status will change?

    Thanks in advance
    Ur status doesnt change unless u use your EAD.Again this is AFAIK

    02-07 01:45 AM
    We legals who are waiting in line have another setback with news like below

    Illegal immigration: Influx of immigrants from India baffles border officials in Texas - (,0,3295315.story)

    last week we heard about Trivalley.

    eb-3 -> eb2 seems like a minuscule problem now.

    We are self destructing ourselves by making US gov loose complete trust on indian credibility with few of the above among hundreds of nuances we are causing.

    If you are like me.. always following rules.. light at the end of tunnel seem to be diminishing very quickly than what we thought.

    03-01 10:12 AM
    I work in Health Insurance domain so if you need help in understanding the technical terms, may be I can help.

    Kaiser Permanente mght be a good option if you are buying at individual level. I am not sure if they provide services in TN but if they do, then I would go for it. It is a HMO plan but KP hospitals provide reasonably good services at reasonable price in California.

    Thanks for all your response. Kaiser does not provide in TN. when I get into trouble understanding the technical terms, i'll PM you.

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