Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • spicyapple
    Aug 23, 05:25 PM
    Creative declares 'war' on Apple's iPod (
    Digital music player maker Creative has pledged to spend $100m to out-market Apple in a bid to take the market away from the iPod.

    And not just Apple. Speaking in Singapore this week, Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo bullishly pronounced: "I'm planning to spend some serious money - I intend to out-market everyone."
    I guess Creative just broke even. :)

    In other news, Creative has been granted permission to use the "Made For iPod" logo on their upcoming line of iPod accessories.

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  • dave honey badger randall.

  • Furze
    Oct 12, 12:46 PM
    Unless it's a RED macbook pro, then it should be at least 20% to good causes. With 120GB hard drive, just imagine how much awful U2 music you could have.

    Please CAN IT!

    CAN IT!

    My god we cant talk about anything on this board without the core 2 duo macbook/pro crew coming to mess up a thread THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH LAPTOP UPDATES

    CAN IT!

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  • Don Kosak
    Apr 30, 01:30 PM
    Great news.

    I wonder if the price for SSD storage will be more reasonable?

    They have been "tweaking" this design a bit over the years, making it thiner, and reducing the size of the chin. (and going from Plastic to Aluminium if you really want to push it as technically, those early iMacs had the same design.)

    I think a big redesign to a drafting table/upright convertible style iMac is somewhere in the future, but OS X Lion is probably not the OS it will be running.

    - Don

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 26, 11:25 AM
    i'm sure glad i didn't renew my contract with cingular yet now i can use my upgrade to get the new telepod! :D

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  • GGJstudios
    Feb 25, 10:16 AM
    It makes sense. iProducts are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, therefore they will become more profitable for malware developers to attack. It's not a McAfee sales pitch so much as it's stating the obvious. Same with Android.
    i think it's pretty common knowledge that Apple devices will be targeted more by virus making idiots in the future as they become more popular.
    The "Market Share Myth" has been around a long time, and it's exactly that: a myth. It's displays ignorance of the facts to say, "When Apple has more market share, they'll be more of a target." 10 or so years ago, Mac had a very small market share, and there were a handful of viruses that ran on Mac OS 9 and earlier. Today, Mac has a much larger market share than ever before (and growing at the rate of a million Macs a month), and the number of viruses in the wild that run on current Macs has not increased, but has declined.... to exactly zero. There has never been a virus in the wild that runs on Mac OS X. That completely nullifies the "market share" argument. The fact is, Macs already DO have a larger market share, not to mention iPhones and other iDevices. Are they immune to threats? Absolutely not. No device is immune. The fact is, at the present time, there are no threats to Mac OS X or iDevices except one: the user.

    Sad, but true :(
    (And I don't feel the need to argue or debate or say more in this thread to justify this obvious fact.)
    In other words, "My mind's made up. Don't confuse me with facts." You don't feel the need to argue or debate, because you have no facts to support your opinion.
    Made a correction to the headline. It should be:
    McAfee faces obsolescence with increasing Apple popularity.;)
    Exactly! It's really a matter of greed. McAfee has plenty of work in the Windows world to keep them in business for a very long time. However, they look that the growth and popularity and, yes, market share enjoyed by Apple, and they want a piece of that lucrative pie. But how do they get it, when there's obviously no need for their product? Well, you attempt to create a need, with FUD.

    A little reading material: Mac Virus/Malware Info (

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  • bitfactory
    Oct 27, 10:17 AM
    Hmmmm, so what you're saying is that a quiet protest (which as an eye-witness I can say this was!!) about a subject they feel strongly about isn't allowed at certain conventions because of the political orientation of the people in charge.

    The whole point of the MacExpo is to show the services that Apple and its Third-Party agents can supply to the public. I don't see what the harm is in advertising what they DON'T offer (ie:- in the opinion of Greenpeace - a sound environmental agenda) at the same time.

    I'm not going to side with any particular viewpoint about Apple's "green policy" here, as I simply have not read enough about it to convey an honest and balanced opinion. however I do feel that it is within Greenpeace's right to advertise the issues they feel strongly about in an orderly manner (which as far as I'm concerned they did on Thursday!).

    I'm sorry, what part of 'private property' don't you people understand?

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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 25, 06:43 PM
    Fearing a design change to something like 16:9 ratio for the 2011 refresh, I bought my 2010 in late November. I really hope they remain the only computer company to not go with the 16:9 ratio. I even keep my dock parked on the side, not the bottom to get the maximum vertical space.

    Other than that the current design is simple and elegant and I love it. Having a snap in slot for a second hard drive which could quickly swap to a DVD drive would be great.

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  • JAT
    Mar 30, 12:16 PM
    Just seen on Mashable that Apple is now releasing a new iPod touch aimed at children. Now the Catholic church is suing Apple because they are naming this new device iTouch Kids. :eek:

    Does stupidity really improve people's day? I don't get it.

    "I felt like **** yesterday, but then I said something that lowered my IQ 10 points and just cheered myself up!" Ok.

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  • Gundampilotspaz
    Sep 5, 04:07 PM
    I want my Core 2 Duo Macbook!

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  • Edot
    Mar 30, 12:02 PM
    I'm not sure why there is so much argument about the term "app". The trademark is for "App Store" not for "app". It would be like arguing that "Burger King" is not a valid trademark because "burger" is a generic term.

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  • bassfingers
    Apr 21, 12:13 PM
    We need unions to protect people from abusive BS like this ( Either that or we just need to have a limit on how big a company can get before it has to become the property of the employees.

    Yay for more unions and government intervention!

    Dear government, at somepoint sinss the 18th centory, we've become completely incapable of taking care of owwselves. Wood you pweez do evwyting for us? I don care iv you suk at it, cuz we are helpless wichout u

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  • AidenShaw
    May 3, 02:16 PM
    I wouldnt worry about kernal panics or incompatibility issues with thunderbolt. Its like any other peripherals, its been heavily tested by apple and as long as other devices meets the requirements for thunderbolt, there will be no issues.

    I *would* worry, for the following reasons:

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  • SBacklin
    Apr 22, 09:42 AM
    people are complaining about data much time do you spend at home vs. on the go? i have unlimited so doesn't matter to me. I also, don't own cd's/dvds/blu rays and don't even own a dvd player. physical media is slowing dying. I've been waiting for something like this forever. For someone like you, you are eventually going to have to adopt or live in old age technology.
    Key things said in your statement. First, believe it or not, people do spend a lot of time out, people have lives. I'm not saying you don't necessarily but, not everyone sits at home. When the time comes when its obvious physical media is actually dead, internet connectivity sure will be more reliable at that point. Its hard to say what data charges and such will be like at that point. Also, not everyone has or is able to get unlimited data so quit acting basing your arguments on that people do. Also, I'm assuming you have AT&T. In case you didn't know AT&T is already sending out messages to people with abnormally high data usage...even to people on unlimited plans saying stop it or we will change your plan to one our current higher end plans....i.e. 4GB. So until, cellular data is stable, reliable and the carriers do NOT want to gouge the customer on data....I want my local storage. One more point, physical media is one thing and local storage in terms of what we're discussing is not exactly the same thing. You're talking about CDs, blu rays and such. I'm talking about digital storage of .mp3/.aac/.mp4 and such. Not exactly the same.

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  • rgirtler
    Apr 22, 10:31 AM
    That's my point. You don't have to. Most of the ereaders have the ability to swap books as loaners. This is all still very, very new to our society and I am sure that as we progress this is the way it will become.

    Thank you, I was reading this forum losing my mind on some of the comments.

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  • jofarmer
    Sep 12, 03:43 PM
    Well Folks, you all seem to be concerned about if your iPod 5G is outdated..
    ever thought about that?
    If I got Steve right, no iPod that was sold prior to this very day will be able to play videos from the iTMS sold from this day on - not if Apple hasn't been lying VERY much about the H.264 decoding capabilities of the "old" iPod 5G.

    I'd love to be corrected, though...You're wrong. Older 5g iPods can play the new tv shows and movies from the iTunes store. Lets not get ridiculous here.

    Ahem. I was told that the iPod 5G can play H.264 with a resolution up to 320x240 and 768 kbps. Now the resolution gets quadrupled, and you suggest that it is ridiculous to assume that this does make a difference?

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  • oober_freak
    Oct 12, 01:41 PM
    Please CAN IT!

    CAN IT!

    My god we cant talk about anything on this board without the core 2 duo macbook/pro crew coming to mess up a thread THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH LAPTOP UPDATES

    CAN IT!

    mmm.. Red merom macbooks?


    who is honey badger randall. who is honey badger randall.
  • who is honey badger randall.

  • skwert
    Sep 13, 09:03 PM
    I assume the screen would be a touch screen. I would hate to start dialing numbers using the click wheel.

    "The click-wheel portion of the device reportedly slides down to reveal a traditional numeric dial-pad underneath."
    someone was too excited to read the whole thing :p

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  • geox
    Apr 23, 02:18 PM
    backlit keyboard on it and i am in. Perfect form factor and feature set for what i do all day every day. And less weight in my bag

    currently have the 13 mbp and would love to get a mba to lighten my load.


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  • MacCheetah3
    Apr 11, 05:10 PM
    I didn't know it was possible to use Home Sharing to play music simultaneously between several Macs - care to tell how? (not being sarcastic, just curious)
    Not simultaneous control like AirTunes. You can stream to multiple computers, but it will need to be controlled separately -- as far as I know.

    I can't think of a good reason to stream strictly audio to multiple computers, even if each is connected to speakers. Seems very clumsy to me, and you'd be better off getting an Airport Express ($69 refurbished ( for each speaker system or getting AirPlay-supported speakers.

    WiFi2HiFi ( takes the AirTunes idea beyond iTunes, however, it's only to an iDevice, not a computer.

    Sep 26, 11:32 AM (

    ThinkSecret claims that Apple and Cingular have signed an agreement ( that will make Cingular the exclusive carrier for Apple's upcoming phone, reportedly due in early 2007. The contract is said to last 6 months, after which Apple would be free to expand its offerings to other providers. According to the site, Apple is still in talks with providers in other parts of the world on other exclusive deals.

    The site has previously ( claimed that Apple's phone will feature a candy-bar design with a 2.2" display and 3 megapixel camera, with "robust iTunes and iSync" support. MacRumors has posted an artist's rendering ( of how our sources have depicted the phone.

    I would just like to say that i had said this exact same thing a couple weeks ago-apple would probably initally only sign on with one carrier and everyone else would be left out in the cold-so to al those who said it wouldn't happen it appears that it will be happening

    Aug 28, 12:03 PM (

    As expected, several laptop manufacturers ( have released the first of the Core 2 Duo (Merom) based laptops today.

    Dell, Toshiba, Samsung and Alienware announced laptop models which utilize the new Core 2 Duo processors.

    Apple, however, has yet to announce a Merom/Core 2 Duo upgrade to their laptop line (MacBook and MacBook Pro), but several rumors ( suggest that these upgrades will come in September.

    Historically, Apple's processor upgrades have been tied to Motorola/IBM's PowerPC upgrades which have generally been less frequent and less public than Intel's. With the switch to Intel, Apple may have to provide timely upgrades to remain competitive with Windows-based PC manufacturers.

    Jan 13, 01:41 PM
    There's nothing to set up. You should increase the setting to maximum when you first install Windows 7, but other than that it has nothing to do with playing games online.

    You should have a unique identifier (password) attached to authentication mechanism (UAC in Windows). So, Windows users should run as standard users. But, using a standard account in Windows causes issues with some software, such as some online games, that require admin accounts (or "run as administrator"; superuser) to function. Many online games on Windows 7 still require running as Administrator (superuser privileges) to function. This requires setting the "Properties" to allow "run as Administrator" or turning off UAC. This is risky as the games connect to remote servers and download content. Trojans are installed without authentication if accessed with superuser privileges. This example, using online games, shows the problem with how software is being written for Windows. This problem lead to DLL hijacking exploits ( You definitely need good antivirus software in Windows to more safely play games that require Administrator privileges.

    The issue with online games found in Windows is not problematic on Mac OS X given that software for Mac is written following the guidelines of the principle of least privilege ( more so than Windows software. For example, I have played online FPS games on my Mac with standard account privileges that require "run as Administrator" (superuser privileges) in Windows systems. Mac OS X is much better insulated from Malware.

    Flash, Adobe, Java, etc. all have virtually identical issues under all three OSes. It's rare you see something that only affects one, unless it's a significantly different program.

    Vulnerabilities in those components in Mac OS X are attributed as OS X vulnerabilities because OS X includes them by default so this artificially inflates the number of vulnerabilities in OS X when looking at vulnerability comparisons. These components have worse security in Windows. How these vulnerabilities manifest in Windows is through Internet Explorer.

    Apr 19, 07:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    One part supplier gone, another one pops up.

    Samsung can't afford to lose customers the likes of Apple.

    Regardless, this suit has nothing to do with Samsung's supply agreements with Apple. Bridges won't be burned, Samsung won't breach their contracts, and the sky won't fall.

    It's just business. And yes, a lot of entities are guilty of ripping off Apple's work. It's almost a favorite pastime in the industry. Apple has the wherewithal to go after whomever the wish without fear of losing customers, partners, or suppliers. Yeah, they are *that* secure, folks. Welcome to 2011 and the beginning of a massive growth phase for Apple driven by insane customer demand.

    Jan 11, 04:08 PM
    ��We��ve seen significant advancements in device and social network adoption, placing a bulls-eye on the platforms and services users are embracing the most. These platforms and services have become very popular in a short amount of time,..

    TRANSLATION: Someday, maybe in the future if this trend continues and Apple screws up, you might need our product.

    The ONLY reason PC user find this crap usful id because Microsoft screwed up the way security is handled and users require a band aid type patch

    Apple did make a few errors, they could do better. For example thy should not allow most "normal" programs to run on an admin account. iTunes and Safari and iPhoto and so on should simply refuse to run and put up a box teling you to log into a user account. Forcing user to run in non-admin accounts would make most Trojans ineffective. There is muh more that could be done.

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