Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • geevikram
    11-25 04:34 PM
    I don't think the analysis for EB2 C&I is accurate.

    Current does not mean beyond your PD. There is no mention of PD's being current anytime soon.

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  • apb
    08-29 12:27 AM

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  • gcnirvana
    07-07 08:46 PM
    If you are in the West, Nightly News is on right now and this news is coming up shortly.

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  • chanduv23
    08-31 08:32 PM
    I have now stopped getting phone calls from friends, when I call them they talk to me but divert the topic when I talk about the rally. Many of these people are in real tough situations facing layoffs etc.... but still just do not want to talk about it.

    Immigrants are now turning out to be anti immigrants?

    A human being can resist himself to such an extent that he starts fighting his own people who want to help him and blindly supports the opposition due to fear?

    It all depends on where you come from and how you are raised. On one side we have people who can motivate themselves and can be pushed to any extent, at one stage they seem to start moving mountains - whereas we have these immigrants who have turned anti immigrant just due to excessive fear and anxiety.

    Tri State members have been most disappointing. Very few self motivated members worked day and night and are getting tired, but not losing hope. Majority of members not coming forward at all.


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  • vselvam
    07-02 06:20 PM
    Medical - 385
    Lawyer Fees - 1500
    Fees as MoneyOrder - 625 (I am not sure how I am going to get it)
    Others 200

    About $2700

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  • venky321
    03-03 07:19 PM
    Its probably part of an investigation of your employer. Maybe they finally decided that it wasn't necessary to interview you. But probably best to get back to that guy all the same; talk to ICE directly too.


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  • rajmirk
    05-25 01:49 PM
    Does anyone know how Quebec compares to Ontario. Specifically Montreal to Toronto. Economically, culturaly, etc.?
    I would appreciate any comment. Thanks

    I would say Ontario (Ottawa or maybe Toronto) is better compared to Quebec with regards to immigrants.

    In Quebec, if you cant speak French, you are frowned upon. Yeah, yeah i can hear the Montrealers saying they speak both French and English, but the reality is that Quebec only likes people who are French. I heard some racist remarks while walking in the downtown, not uncommon. For some ignoramuses, every colored person is a "bangladeshi" and hurl racist abuses. I was very shocked to say the least...Isolated incident, but not uncommon.

    Bottomline, if you wanna life like u had in the US, better Ontario than Quebec or even BC.

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  • sabkaNumbrAaga
    06-02 09:30 AM
    Dude....we need more people like you.......See below....

    OpenCongress is a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource with a mission to make Congress more transparent and to encourage civic engagement. OpenCongress is a joint project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation. To read more about our approach, our data sources, and how Congress works, see About OpenCongress.


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  • ssnd03
    02-19 10:09 PM
    Even if PD is not current, I believe you can convert CP to AOS. Check Murthy website or talk to them.

    If this cannot happen for you then you should look for a change towards this provision.

    But EAD & AP fro CP is not going to fly administratively. As others have stated it is contradictory.

    Guys let's come together on this--everyone has some good points to share, from every angle. As a CP filer myself, I want to say that job stability concerns are very valid for CP filers, who are haunted by last summer's greenlight and today's major retrogression. The landscape has changed for everyone, for both queues. From personal experience of being in the BEC backlog, being too early for PERM and too late for concurrent filing, after 5 years of being in this process and seeing the further backlog ahead, yes I was willing to pick CP (even though I would be giving up my ability to work as the spouse) because it looked like things were finally moving last summer. The option was there for people to choose, and nobody knew the dates would roll back so painfully again. Equally, I also want to point out that IV IS about everyone and these marvellous efforts IV continues to put together and inspiring in all of us, are beneficial to all because the overall goal is to ease the backlog which is holding everyone back. Now that this discussion has happened we are all aware of the new problem that is facing CP filers in severly retrogressed countries. And it is better that this is brought to light as we continue forward. Please everyone, continue supporting the letter campaign and let's be united and discuss these issues with respect for one another.

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  • rajsenthil
    06-10 01:44 PM
    Quite honestly, if that is how you feel - perhaps you'd need to reconsider relocating to your home nation. I'm Indian, who grew up in the Middle East. I've lived in the United States for 6 years. I've always felt quite welcome and accepted in every way possible. I believe I've been treated fairly and have had the opportunity to live with Americans and contribute in positive ways. I continue to live here, primarily based on these sentiments. I'd never live here if I felt the way you do now. Nicely put ryan. This country has given me a lot that I could think of. I may get GC lately. But that does not stops me what I want to do right now.


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  • americandesi
    10-11 05:56 PM
    One important issue is over looked here. Small employers will have a tough time in proving I-140 "ability to pay" for employees with older PD�s, whose labor got cleared after Aug 17 from BEC. Cuz the company has to prove its "ability to pay" the proffered wage starting from the date PD is established continuing until the adjudication of I-140.

    Suppose the PD for an employee is Oct 2001 and the proffered wage is 80K per annum, then the company should prove that its assets, net income or salary payments were >=80K starting from Oct2001 continuing until the adjudication of I-140.

    This is indeed an acid test for small employers.

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  • amit_p27
    06-19 02:26 PM
    Guys Got approved today morning........... Thanks to everyone on this forum for infinite information........... Will be back when ready for the Citizenship application..................:D


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: LIN0XXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On June 19, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    *Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at under Case Status and Processing Dates.
    *** Please do not respond to this e-mail message.

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

    PD- Dec 2002, I485-RD- Dec 2003.


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  • chanduv23
    03-26 02:29 PM
    We can get a employment verification letter. But now a days you need employment verification letter for many things. Just recently, jan 2009, I carried EVL for visa stamping. Now, my DL is expiring, should I ask them again for EVL. It has become more like HR nightmare for having a non-immigrants in the copany. These taylor made rules are not appropriate. When driving is a basic necassity, I could not comprahend why they need all additional documents. Any ways if this is true I have to ask my HR again to provide me one. Hope they do not get mad at me.

    I think an original offer letter along with latest paystubs is a good way of doing things.

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  • angelfire76
    08-10 01:00 PM
    The best thing DOL did was to get rid of Labor Subs. Period.

    1. I've paid Social Security taxes + Medicare + Income taxes longer than people who've come here in 2006 and used LS. If I don't get GC (frustration due to retrogression), aren't these guys enjoying (or going to enjoy) benefits that I've paid for, for a longer time.

    2. It's really no different than the system in India (or what used to be)for getting everything from telephone, passport etc. where a select few jump ahead in line by either knowing somebody or paying somebody. Isn't that one of the reasons a lot of us decided to move to the US for better(fairer?) opportunities.

    3. Isn't this very similar to the falsifying of experience people do to get better positions in a company?

    4. Yes, I do have a problem if after slogging my butt off to get a Ph.d, somebody with 3 yrs + 2yr of NIIT comes in through desi consultancy and gets far ahead in line than me. Now before somebody says NIW+ EB1, let me tell you that it's not that easy to get it in the Computer Sciences.

    Anyway, having said that it's no time to be divided, but to present an unified front in getting legislation passed that eliminates exactly this kind of discussion. Atleast 20 yrs down the line when we talk about arranging marriages between our children, let how we got GC be a deciding factor in who's got the bigger status :D


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  • meridiani.planum
    07-20 03:37 AM
    History does not repeat itself. The historians repeat one another.
    Max Beerbohm

    Sir Beerbohm was a parodist. I hope you have not taken something he said in satire and made it your life's mission statement ;)

    If we are going to quote humorists, heres one that shares my view:

    You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. ~ Samuel Levenson

    I guess it does make life more exciting when we make decisions without thoughts to the past but I prefer learning from others experiences. Rather make new mistakes than do something stupid that 3 other people had already done.

    You are of course entitled to your own views on life and debating this is perhaps of no use.

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  • Lisap
    08-22 11:00 PM
    Thats what IV is trying to do. Sitting in your holes will not achieve anything. Speak up[/QUOTE]

    When I joined this forum it was to look advice on my case and to offer help when I could. No one has ever taken the time to explain what the objectives of the Core are. What I see alot of are #1 asking people to contribute and #2 members complaining about people asking their questions in the wrong area or opening too many threads. Someone needs to explain fully what Core is doing and list ways for the members to help. I would love to help if I can. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to offer financially being that my husband and I are living off one income. I wish I could go to the rally but I cant afford to do that either. There must be some way that I can help- stuffing envelopes or something- anything. But what I would love to see is an explanation of what it is the Core is trying to accomplish and a set of guidelines for posting if possible because I am so sick and tired of seeing "please close this thread"


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  • yagw
    08-20 02:26 PM
    Expedite request approved yesterday. Hopeful.....

    how did you expedite?

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  • yabadaba
    06-27 02:50 PM
    hey guys the main problem with digital cameras was that the images from them could be pixelated whn using a lower megapixel camera and/or printing from one of those home photo printers.

    i think as long as u dont have pixelation, u will be fine no matter how u print/ get those photos.

    i would say use at least a 4 megapixel camera without any flash

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  • shana04
    02-13 10:15 AM
    I know what the job title and Job duties were stated in the Labor certification and have acopy of my Labor certification application with me, but if you can give me the format of the letter for AC21 that would be great.

    Please let me know


    check post #22

    02-12 10:24 AM

    I left my previous employer more than 6 months back , he didnt paid me my final paycheck and i complained to DOL since 3 wehn i asked for my W2 he said me to do whatever i feel and he is adamant at not giving it....moreover he said that his company has suffered losses worth 25K and his lawyer has sent a legal notice in this regard....and when i said how will we file taxes he says he wished for me to be out of status and go back.....

    Since i have complained to DOL and also it is more than 6 moths since i left his organisation giving proper notice and have email confirmations, can he issue me legeal notice.....?please advice...

    He is also saying that he has written to USCIS that I am fraud,....though I have been working in fortune 100 companies and now also working in reputed company and never lied for anything and was on project from day 1 since I came to States....? can USCIS cause problems for me in future...

    Also, he seems to have closed his company..

    Folks please advice....

    You dont need W-2 for filing taxes all the time. As long you have paystubs and i shows howmuch you paid taxes federal and state..that is enough..Please go to HE block or any other CPA who can file taxes and he can help you..
    I did same thing 3 years back..and there was no issue at all...

    08-21 10:18 AM
    Office of Inspector General, they investigate all Labor Frauds

    Can you reveal the name of this employer?

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