Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • anandrajesh
    07-16 12:18 PM

    It should have 50K signatures.


    This gentleman need to know the facts prior spreading all false and misinformed campaigns.

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  • kate123
    03-10 05:20 PM
    I am trying to get the original question info from him. Probably he will read the thread and answer it.

    I guess it is 485. Country of birth does not come in to picture at 140 stage.

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  • laksmi
    07-02 03:50 PM
    USCIS should produce a rule saying that if they are x number of employees, then all the employees should have a company email id as mandatory, In that case they will be no issue at all, every thing will be clear and accurate to one and all in the company with any issue.

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  • pitha
    07-12 11:41 AM
    If you heard what the restrictionist lawmakers have said about what to do with illegal�s, this retrogression makes sense. The restrictionists want to make life miserable for illegal�s by making it difficult for them to get jobs, this way the illegal�s would go back on there own.

    They are trying to do the same thing with us legal�s (without saying it aloud). If you are from India it will take you at least 6 to 8 years (if you are lucky) to get a green card. Frankly in the fast changing technologically advanced world how many people can hold on to the same job for 8 years straight, they cannot. People lose jobs because they are laid of, the company has run into bad times, the technology has changed and the company wants to move you to a different role or position etc, this way a lot of people have to switch jobs which invalidates thete green card process. They are making your life miserable so that you are broken down psychologically and finally will go away either on your own or because of some arcane rule, example the labor should be applied more than one year before h1 expiration etc, a living example is that Indian guy who posted recently that he is leaving US to work for Microsoft in Canada. This way they get the best of both worlds, you have young people in the prime of there life without any diseases who do not burden there medicare system, working hard and paying social security taxes and medicare taxes (which they will not get back) and in the end they are kicked out or go away on there own.

    I smell a huge conspiracy behind all this USCIS, DOS mess. I believe the only reason they did is to make legal immigrants life miserable. They did all this so they waste EB visa numbers again this year and make legals wait for years before they get LPR. By the time the an individual numbers comes for the green card some of them might become illegals and some after years of frustion have gone back home.


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  • rangaswamy
    08-26 02:30 PM
    Since this discussion has been going on for 5 pages, i thought ill add my 2c.

    Firstoff i haven't gone through all 5 pages so if someone already mentioned this, please don't jump on me. You can create an SBI account called SWIFT account. They will give you an account number and a SWIFT code for the bank.

    You can then initiate a wire transfer from any bank in the US. They charge a flat rate of around 35-45$. The good part is, you can have the money sent in $ to your local account. They say it takes 3 days but it never takes more than one day for me.

    The money is saved in FD as dollars and earns you interest if you leave it for 11 months. If you need to convert it any time, you have to forgo the interest (as with any FD) and you can get the closing exchange rate of the previous day.

    This has many advantages
    1) one simple fee of 35$
    2) In case you want to bring back the money to the us, since it is kept as dollars, you can transfer it back without any hassle. (To keep it in dollars , you may have to provide this as a special instruction)
    3) Folks back home have control on exchange rate, they can cash it any time it is high
    4) Takes less than a day in most cases.

    If you do the math, you will see that this is better than icici when you are sending 4000$ or more approx. icici does not take fees upfront but they always give you almost 50p less than exchange rate.

    I have used this 4 times so far and its very reliable.


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  • wawa
    10-13 06:21 PM
    Hi All,

    You know my old H1B case was reopened on Sept. 28, and the USCIS Emailed me that they sent a notice. But I haven't received such notice, my employer/attorney also didn't receive any notice. I wonder the USCIS didn't send this notice at all!


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  • GKBest
    09-30 01:24 AM
    Hi there,

    I received the exact same Email notice from USCIS as you on Sept. 28, 2007. I'm confused! I got my H1B 7th year extention approved in Feb. 2006. What happened to this case?

    What are your priority dates? They may now be working on your GC application.

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  • smisachu
    01-23 08:57 PM
    good thread. I do little bit of trading myself from a personal brokerage account and made some pocket change (few hundreds by trading commodity ETFs) recently. in layman terms, can u explain wht do u mean by ' US natural gas market is in contango' .

    First of all note that the original post was alomst year and a half old so dont go by the ideas there now :D

    In commodity markets you trade futures and spot. Spot means immidate delivery of the under lying commodity. In futures you pay today for delivery at a future date. So typically the price of the future will be the price of spot + the storage charge (simple calculation to give you an idea considering no premiums). As the day of delivery approaches the price will pull to spot price. For example if west texas intermediate (WTI) crude is $92 spot price the 3 month future will be $100. (92+8 for storage). Considering that the spot price does not change at all, in three months time the price of the oil you will now be purchasing will be $92, but you paid $100 for it. This is backwardation. This is usually how markets are most of the time.

    Now if in 3 months the price of WTI is trading at $110, you will own oil you paid $100 for and now can turn around and sell for $110. This is contango.

    When you buy a commodity ETF, they dont take actual delivery of the product, they roll their contarcts. So they will hold a 3 month contarct and when the third month approaches they sell the contarct and get another 3 month contaract. If market is in backwardation then they will always be buying high and selling low. If market is in contango they will make money but as soon as it switches back to backwardation they will ride down the slide and loose all the money they made. So I dont think ETF's are agood way of making money in commodities passively. You can actively manage the ETF portfolio and make money using options and hedges and leveraged ETF's. But buy and hold, I suggest go and invest with a CTA who will be trading rule based to negate the effects of contango and backwardation.

    Hope this is simple enough:)


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  • PrinceVA
    03-30 08:39 PM
    good to see you going to homeground but hate to see you go at this stage though.

    We have many helpers here on this forum. I still suggest you to find another H1B holder, start h1b transfer and it will take 2-3 months to get the approval or denial, you have some time to find a job here. At least make money that you have spent for getting H1B.
    If you work here for 6 months, you will at least get what you have paid.

    I know you have made up your mind strongly, but just asking you to think over it again.

    And if you decide to stay back and try for 2-3 months, Please let me know. I will share your email id with all recruiters and see how it goes. I will try my best, and sure there are many other helping hands here.

    And as far as your employer matters, I say SCREW that B***, M***F***. Many of us, including me, do want to do but unable to do that either because we are at some stage of GC or some financial reason or frankly saying.. are little coward to go through that process and investigation. Only way I see is help one another.

    I ask you to think over again and ping me if you decide to stay back and try before calling it off. Nope, you are not a looser, not the one afraid to fight, but this is frustating process and this is how it works here. Some good people come together, form IV like non-profit organization and fight for us but still number is very low and people like me come on this forum when in trouble (And then stays here for long :) and believe me IV has helped a lot.
    Not only fighting for GC cause but also to boost your morale, make you confident and provide with all the good advise that they have learnt from experience.

    What ever will be your next step buddy, All the BEST and there is a bright, very bright future awaiting you.


    Yes i do have the entire H1B application in originals with LCA and offer letter from employer

    Yes friend i have decided to go back , and i am not looking anymore i will rather have this energy saved for myself finding jobs in my homeground again

    However does anyone have the first hand experience of reporting to DOL, please share your experience too with the kind of paperwork that should aid your application.

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  • jackrabbit
    07-17 03:00 PM
    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

    I agree with some of the posters above that suing will bring attention of the individual as well as general publicity as people will analyze our arguments carefully.
    This is one area the IV Core should look at, IMHO


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  • caliguy
    09-17 02:40 PM
    KubMilegaGC - thanks for all the support.

    I am now waiting for October 1st, attorney said that they will send an inquiry through AILA. I am not sure if I should call USCIS now, as they tell me to call after 60 days based on the response they sent to the inquiry that was made by the local senator.

    I also got a response for my 09/04 Infopass appointment today. It says "Based on the documentation you have provided, your cases qualifies for expedited processing. You should hear back from us within 45-60 days. If you do not hear back from us within 60 days, please call us back.

    I have no clue what that means? I have not provided them any documentation in the last 2 years. LUD on my case is from April 2009 (when I filed for AP/EAD) and status update is for the document they sent to me for FP in September 2007.

    I filed for AP last year in May 2008 and didnt see any updates at that time either. I have no idea where my case is or whats going on with it. Let's hope for the best.

    Again, congrats to you. After 16 days of pain and agony, I am glad you got your GC today, you can now relax and move on with your life. You too have been great support in the last 3-4 days.

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  • sanju
    09-24 12:08 AM
    so let me understand it, you are saying that you don't agree with something that's why it has got to be wrong. Its not wrong because it is wrong, but its wrong because you don't support it. Is that right? And because you don't support it, it has got to be unfair and that's why its wrong. Isn't that what you just said?

    I made the post there. Since you are making some funny comments along with clarification, not sure if you are really looking for the information. But here goes

    1) Removal of per-country quota: Claimed to be fair for everyone. Not really. It only helps Indians and Chinese. ROW will see a serious degradation in the time they will get their GCs. I am sure there will be lots of bashing based on this, but the fact of the matter is that such action is not suitable for non I/C applicants.

    2) The Rich guy comment is based on the latest (supposedly supported by the CORE no less) action which is to ask for legislative changes if you have money to throw in to buy a house with 20% down.

    So yes, I do stand by my statement that IV is devolving into less than general purpose immigration group.

    I am EB3-India, yet I dont support the removal of per country limits, as there is a reason for the diversity rule, Indians and Chinese are currently on the wrong side of the equation so it seems "fair" to remove the quota.


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  • chetanjumani
    03-14 02:15 PM
    We have seen that even after the PD being current, there have been many people whose cases have not been approved. We saw last year in July many cases with later priority date and later receipt dates were approved and people with earlier PD and earlier Receipt dates still waiting,

    Now with the 180 day rule for FBI name check, things could be expected to be little better, but we have to remember that since most of the cases are paper based, some one has to physically get to cases from a huge storage, sort it manually, distribute it manually and get it adjudicated.

    So even if the visa number is current, just beacuse the number of applications are so high that we still cannot say for sure whose cases are going to be approved.

    From, it appears, the biggest factor in getting the GC visa number allocated to a case is, having a case ready to be adjudicated and in the hands of an immigration officer at a time, when both processing date and priority dates are current. It appears that even after the huge retrogression, there were not enough demand for AOS based approvals, so they had to PD current to allow CP based cases to use the visas and ensure they are not wasted. I like the fact that visa were at least not wasted, but I would have loved to see applicants who have been waiting for years to have a first opportunity to that visa, specially because they have done everything that any one could do.

    I have been pro-fee increase by USCIS, only provided that they will use this money to expedite the processing, make things eletronic, make things more transparent, and to be honest, I feel the overall improvements are happening. Though I still see a lot of scope for futher improvements.

    We have clearly seen that labor processing has been improved dramatically with PERM. Now waiting for years to get Labor is almost history. I hope that IV and all its members direct its efforts towards ensuring that we see the improvements in efficiency that we expected to happen with fee increases.

    Lets unite together to work for a system which is fair and efficient for everyone. Lets contribute to IV administrative fixes and any other efforts which will ensure a higher efficiency and better utilization of visa numbers for AOS applications.

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask all the smart and creative people here to put some effort and find out what real steps could be taken
    - Identify what was expected from the fees increases like
    =>more information online about the case status.
    => Some tracking on how much backlog is reduced each month
    => come up with a trend of how much time it would take to complete the backlog.
    => Use the statistics, to keep the pressure on the agencies, to improve effencies.
    - Verify that those steps (which needed fee increase) have actually taken place
    - Maintain Statistics to show how successful Fee Increase was ....
    - Ask for multi year EAD/AP
    - Ensure, that once a higher fees is paid for EAD/AP, every one should be treated equally(as in all other renewals should be free)

    Keep coming up with what all needs to be done. How we could track it. How could we maintain statistics which would put the needed pressure on agencies which need to improve....

    Again I would encourage to come with ideas which will unite the legal immigrants togther and be fair to every one instead of ideas that will divide us and help one group at the cost of other.

    We all deserve to get cases processed in a reasonable time. SO lets put ideas together....................

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  • a.j.2048
    04-27 01:53 PM
    I dont have problems with genuine L1s who wants to settle down and apply GC. But 90% of L1s, just come for 1-2 years, take away jobs to India, drive down wages and never interested in settling down

    Don't you realize that this is the preferred policy of a large part of the US establishment? The anti-immigration activists are concerned about demographic change and are thus okay with jobs being sent abroad in exchange for limited permanent immigration.


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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-15 11:21 PM
    kubmilegaGC - Yeah, lets hope so. Let's see who is going to be the last man standing!!! :D

    Btw, do you know the sequence to get to the POJ method for TSC center? I am planning on calling them tomorrow.

    btw, I hope none of us will be "the last man" standing :) lets not wish for it!

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  • god_bless_you
    03-13 01:22 PM
    This my copyright and very much pertain to our situation:
    I left my world in search of prosperity
    The prosperity is taking an eternity
    My struggle is long and daunting
    Making it more and more frustrating

    Life at times seems uncontrollable
    Flowing with the time unstoppable
    Graying hairs testify for the feeling
    Fat belly making me further unappealing

    Sometimes I think of going back
    Try to gather the courage that I lack
    But the world I left is not the same any more.
    And the world I am in, has lost its lure.

    I am on the crossroad of my life
    One is forward, one is left and other is right.
    I don�t like the choices shown
    May be I would have to create a world of my own


    Good one, Thats what we are now .:)


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  • willigetagc
    08-25 12:11 PM
    I have sent money using icicibank's M2I service . Usually they take 5 working days to remit the money(atleast 8 days to transfer). I made four transactions last week(mon, tue, wed, thu) and they already remitted the money using low conversion rate.

    It just took less than three days to remit the money this time. Bank deliberately did this just to steal money from me. I have lost more than 35 paise per dollar and it comes close to Rs 10,000. This is ridiculous and its a big robbery.

    How do i get my money back? How do i make a compliant about this bank? They have no one to assist me over the phone.

    What to do now?. Rs 10,000 may look too small for us. But how can we let banks to act like a criminals.

    Any help/suggestion/comment?

    They just did what the law allows them to do. These things happen according to established practices. Be happy that they are efficient.

    What would you do if the opposite had happened and if you were in the money because the currency moved in the opposite direction after you initiated the transfer. Will you return the money to the bank?

    So, stop whining. If you are so smart that you can predict currency movements, then hedge your money transfer with some other instrument.

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  • desi3933
    08-19 02:01 PM
    Well, s/he did say s/he was proud to be an INDIAN-American, didn't s/he? In the order you wanted...

    I don't have to tell anyone how I feel about my country-of-origin. Whatever I am, I am due to India.

    One can take man of out India, but never India out of man.

    __________________________________________________ _
    Proud to be an Indian-American and Legal Immigrant.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-13 10:04 AM

    Don't fight for Eb2 vs Eb3 or Eb2 vs Eb1 etc. If we focus on these 3 bills then it will solve all our problems.

    (1) STEM bill remove all MS + Phd people so Eb2 will be half empty and Eb1 will be 80 % empty.

    (2) Re capture will bring new visas where they will go certaily to Eb3. ( Eb1 and Eb2 do not need visa if passes STEM bill )

    (3) No Country cap limit. Will clean Huge line of Eb3 india, China , Phili..

    Lets focus on 3 bills. We donot have time. Every one make a call to lawmakers. PLEASE.

    08-11 05:41 PM
    IV tracker shows 3000+ EB3-I applicants, however, it is not a good tool to make analysis off of. The sorting function does not consider month-year combo. Anybody knows how to download the data to run your own post processing??

    04-02 01:38 PM
    I got soft LUDs on our cases on 4/1/2009 and 04/02/2009

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