Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • caliguy
    09-15 11:36 PM
    Senators inquiry was initiated in first week of September. I guess that is TSC's way of saying F$%$ off....

    I am thinking.....I think they have black listed my application for hassling them too much :)
    How can I get in their good books now? :)

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  • ajay
    12-07 12:08 PM
    I also used points provided by altergo to send my story. Let us see if all of this will make some help in getting some real help.

    Thanks to altergo for initiating this.

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  • prinive
    03-13 10:02 AM
    I couldnt belive it. But let us wait... I told some one that I will send sugar to them... Let me contact them through PM...

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  • arunmohan
    06-12 01:59 PM

    I don't see any improvement since 2005 except June/July 2007 fisaco. But people are still waiting since long time.

    I will request all EB3-India/EB3 ROW filers to join this thread. We need help from IV.


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  • natrajs
    09-23 09:29 PM
    Recd the cards today (9/23/09)

    CPO E Mail recd on (9/15/09)

    Thank Q IV

    Good Luck to all

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  • logiclife
    12-15 03:58 PM
    Techy wont bother us again. Say TA-TA to techy2468.

    Sorry this thread took an ugly turn with techy's profanity and inflammatory comments.


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  • vxb2004
    07-15 12:03 PM
    Great job IV. Keep up the great work.

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  • ek_bechara
    08-13 06:08 PM
    Boy! you thinking every EB2 is masters and every EB3 is bachelors?

    Never visited IV? Thank you
    First and last post in IV? Once again, thank you
    Never contributed or will not contribute? We are not begging you to contribute. So chill Doc.

    Next time you decide to tickle your tonsils with your toe-nail make sure you have your facts right.

    Let us start a fund for this guy's ticket back-home.


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  • immigrant2007
    03-21 11:59 AM
    I know many people are going to blast me and curse for after reading my post but I think NEw H1b , greencard applicaitons , or any other route that leads to GC should be banned for countries that are severly retrogressed in EB category ...same for the FB based new applications....Doesn;t make side US business needs H1s so they fight to get it in thier favor but on other side the life of these H1b / L1/L2 guys becomes miserable the moment they get in the GC line.....

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  • Brightsider
    07-16 05:36 PM

    AILA has a template of a letter/email to Congress members that can be used to express support for visa recapture and immigration reform.

    Please check out
    AILA - Web Resources (

    You may like to modify the message to suit your life situation and preferences. For example, instead of undocumented aliens, I used the opportunity to stress the difficulties of employment-based applicants. While I have nothing against them, it is my belief that I need to stress my own problem and seek a resolution.

    And, I have also forwarded the link and my mail to all my friends who are waiting for green cards. More importantly, I have asked my relatives and friends, who are citizens or who have green cards, to pitch in and write for our sake.

    My suggestion, should you agree with the above, is not only to write to your Congress members but also ask your relatives and friends to do likewise.

    Best wishes


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  • qasleuth
    04-27 07:22 PM
    Can somebody please post a link to the 'original' H-1B Employer Application Requirements document from USICS (not interim docs) ?

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  • forever_waiting
    04-22 07:26 PM was the site created. But of the info is in Chinese.

    I had gone through their presentation sometime back and they were basically complaining about how EB india gets most of the spillover and they don't (along with some common arguments about visa recapture, FIFO etc etc.) You should be able to get details from their class action doc against USCIS uploaded on the site.
    when news of this class action lawsuit initially came out, lots of folks on IV were mad at why we were not joining in and that we should launch a barrage of lawsuits against USCIS as well. IV core at that time calmly explained that lawsuit options have been explored and will not be viable but few people listened.
    Anyway a recent update on this forum shared that they lost the lawsuit. So on hindsight we saved ourself lot of time, effort and money.

    Hey forever,
    What is this lawsuit? Do you have info?


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  • realizeit
    05-26 07:01 PM
    400k is the unused visas from both FB and EB. Don't know the breakup though.

    The number 400,000 (total unused from family based and employment based) in Mrs. GILLIBRAND's website is an estimate as clearly mentioned in the website itself. During last year's recapture bill discussion season, the unused number many calculated and conlcuded was somewhere between 200K to 225K for employment based category.

    The bill S.1085 doesn't speak of any specific number of visas to be recaptured. It says that, recapture all (unused visas from 1992 through 2007 + unused from previous fiscal year (2008)) and add it to the current fiscal year.

    So, the total should be somewhere between 200K and 225K (or more).

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  • unchew
    06-05 02:21 PM
    I don't know why but that remembers me of Bethoven...


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:33 AM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    it need not just a few very good core team members,
    what is needed is a weight of slightly good, active and contributing, masses.

    It is bad to rely on a few doing a lot, more need to do just a little more.

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  • psaxena
    03-03 07:13 PM


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  • snathan
    04-26 06:38 PM
    I have seen so many in this forum spits on L1. This is really bad, we all belong to one family and one kind.

    If some one thinks L1 is more advantagous why don't those people join TCS or some thing...

    Well let me put some of the Disadv.

    1. On L1 one canot change the job. If you want to change the employer you should have H1B
    2. L1B salaries are 20% less than H1B on AVG
    3. If employer want to send you back (For any silly stupid reason) you are gone
    4. Most of the companies like TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO won't file green cards for 99.99% people
    5. On avg a L1 person stays in US in a trip for 1 - 2 years.

    Now think!

    And above all as I said all those L1 are living in this country legally like me and you, living a painful uncertain life. Because the time is bad now we can't blame them.

    Some one talking about getting laid off with TCS employee. just recapture the 5 or 8 years back when you replaced a AMERICAN CITIZEN and you can't call people as idiots ... its street clear.

    Well some of you may not agree with me, but if you want to respond harhly just visit any L1B guys house some how they are living.

    Unite, Fight! Don't fall for same old british divide and rule tricks.

    We dont have to fight on H1B vs L1B. But the fact is employees with L1 are suffering more then H1Bs.

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  • virens
    07-16 07:32 PM

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  • sbabunle
    08-19 04:58 PM
    You said it. Some years ago people who filed in wyoming get lc in 3 months
    and got GC in 1 year. I know a friend who completed the whole process in 11 months :)
    What to do? This world is a big unfair place. we have to live with that I guess.

    Congrats buddy ! Its quite ironic that there are some people who filed a few months here or there from your PD in 2000/2001 and are still waiting for their GC and I know a few people who filed for GC in 2003/2004 and got it in 2005.

    The odds of getting lucky with USCIS are worse than hitting the jackpot .

    Best of luck to you .

    09-17 01:25 PM
    What is the senate equivalent of this bill? I believe there is one, anyone remembers the number?

    I believe irs S 3414

    09-17 04:59 PM
    KubMilegaGC - thanks for all the support.

    I am now waiting for October 1st, attorney said that they will send an inquiry through AILA. I am not sure if I should call USCIS now, as they tell me to call after 60 days based on the response they sent to the inquiry that was made by the local senator.

    I also got a response for my 09/04 Infopass appointment today. It says "Based on the documentation you have provided, your cases qualifies for expedited processing. You should hear back from us within 45-60 days. If you do not hear back from us within 60 days, please call us back.

    I have no clue what that means? I have not provided them any documentation in the last 2 years. LUD on my case is from April 2009 (when I filed for AP/EAD) and status update is for the document they sent to me for FP in September 2007.

    I filed for AP last year in May 2008 and didnt see any updates at that time either. I have no idea where my case is or whats going on with it. Let's hope for the best.

    Again, congrats to you. After 16 days of pain and agony, I am glad you got your GC today, you can now relax and move on with your life. You too have been great support in the last 3-4 days.

    Keep the hope, You will get it , Good Luck and Best Wishes

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