Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Big Tom
    07-05 08:34 PM
    I just found this link ( where this topic is already covered. Mods, please remove my post (and maybe it would make sense to create threads specific to the USCIS/DOS mess up to - at the moment it does not look very organized to me and it is hard to find information. Maybe sub-threads with "law suit", "publicity" would channel comments better?)


    I only read about an article in two online newspapers but believe this whole topic should get significantly more attention. I do not know if that is going to help to get this started but I sent an e-mail to our local TV stations and hope that some may be interested and even pick it up. Again, no idea if this is going to work but I assume that if they get more e-mails regarding the same topic, interest will come up....


    With having many international operating companies in the U.S. who all employ legal alliens who are going through the "greencard process" to become legal permanent residents, the Department of State (DOS) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have destroyed many plans, caused significant financial loss for applicants and very likely acted against the law. Here is an open letter from congresswoman Lofgren which explains the situation a little bit more detailed:

    I think this would be well worth a few minuted report - everybody is talking about the pain that the illegal immigrants go through but (without taking away anything from that), the pain of legal alliens having to deal with the willful behavior of USCIS and DOS is not much better.

    If you would be interested in more information, I would be more than happy to help.

    Best regards,

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  • alkg
    11-05 10:19 AM
    I am in the same Boat. I am 2nd JUly filerfor I 485/EAD/AP and I have not received AP yet. My H4 has expired and need to go India.


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  • milind70
    07-08 05:49 PM
    I'm getting a visa stamping date in Kolkata embassy but I'm from New Delhi. I dont want to take a chance and wait till the dates in New Delhi embassy are available. Can I schedule interview in Kolkata and later when dates become available in New Delhi change it ? I mean can I change the venue of my appointment ?


    I was in a similar situation last year.I had stamped my intial H1 stamps from Mumbai and Chennai. Last year in June i booked my appointment with New Delhi Embassy for stamping in Sept end when i was to be in India. i think appointments were a major issue at that point of time. Returning workers can apply for visa stamp at any consulate/embassy .

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  • zappy
    01-26 03:46 PM
    My status on I-140 changed to "Request for Additional Evidence". Notice was sent only on 25th, so I don't have any more details yet.

    Just wondering if anybody has any idea what it could be?


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  • perm
    07-06 10:08 AM
    Media Drive - not even 9000 diggs from US!!??

    There's a thread on media coverage which also states that we can get a lot of coverage amongst people via

    What is digg and how it works- (wikipedia)
    Readers can view all of the stories that have been submitted by fellow users in the "digg/News/Upcoming" section of the site. Once a story has received enough "diggs", it appears on Digg's front page. Should the story not receive enough diggs, or if enough users report a problem with the submission, the story will remain in the "digg all" area, where it may eventually be removed.

    The highest rated digg in last 7 days (with 8632 hits / diggs) is that of a iphone. Our issue could not even beat the new iphone release. Immigrationvoice has about 14893 members, 7939 active members. If each member does a digg for himself and other one for spouse, we should have atleast 14000 digg to keep our write ups LIVE, in the minds of all the people visiting this page.

    Our Diggs ring_Immigration_Lawyer _Americans tin _immigration_practices

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  • skark
    11-07 02:02 PM

    I am unable to determine if the 180 day timeline is calculated from RD or ND? There are different opinions here in this forum and no clear answer. Is there a law text that defines this clearly...does anybody know?

    yea...I did search this and some of the other forums :confused:



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  • dvb123
    10-01 04:19 PM
    It took my friend 32 days to recieve the 485 reciept from the day they recieved the fedex package for 485.

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  • jaggu80
    09-19 09:03 PM
    I applied for H1B cap exempt physician job on june 25th with my lawyer at vermont service center( wrong center by my lawyer's mistake) and my I-94 Expired on june 30. Vermont center lost or misplaced my file till july 22nd and when we send 2nd file with premium processing they found old file and forwarded it to california center and returned new file back to us. However california center placed recieved date as 22nd july. Later on the center asked for my medical license and that 22days out of status explanation. We send my license which was issued on august 23rd and explained about that 22days out of status. Finally they denied my petition just giving the reason that my license was issued later after my initial petition was filed meaning i was not eligilble for the job when i filed and cannot consider the evidence that came after in my question is
    1-) in final decision they didnot mention anything regarding that 22days out of status issue
    however mentioned that i filed on july 22nd.
    so when now i go to consulate in india should i mention this 22days as out of status as overstay or still i am in status because i have my fedex reciept of sending my file on june 25th and final decision came on sept 15th. Need expert opinion guys ....thank you...


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  • gchopes
    10-15 09:55 AM
    I just want to confirm that this ruling is still in effect. Use AP to return as Parolee, never used EAD, can continue to work for same employer on approved H1B petition. Are there others in this situation as well?

    MurthyDotCom : Effect of Travel While in H1B/L-1 Status with Pending I-485 (

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  • milind70
    06-14 11:23 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    I am in a interesting situation. I have an approved EB2 I-140 but I recently applied for EB1-140 and I-485 concurrently and they are pending. Given that all PDs are now current, is it possible to convert my I-485 to the approved EB2 I-140. This will remove the uncertainty around approval of EB1 I-140. Any advice/experience is appreciated.

    You can apply of AOS i.e I 485 only for one application . Since you already have applied for AOS on EB1 I highly doubt u can apply for AOS for EB2. Talk to your lawyer and find out


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  • Dalai Lama
    02-09 01:08 PM

    some body told me that if you are on H1B1 then you can not file for greencard. is it true?

    I am on H1B1 and I have approved I-140.

    I didnt knew the difference between H1b and H1B1.

    Please help, I am so frustrated.

    Dalai Lama

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  • aray
    02-25 01:58 PM
    My wife and I both came back on AP through Frankfurt on Feb 3rd. We do not have stamped H1-B visas in our passports. You do not need Transit Visa. Transit through Frankfurt is very easy and hassle-free. Security and immigration personnel in Frankfurt are very friendly and nice.

    Hope this helps.


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  • BharatPremi
    09-29 09:17 PM
    somewhere in the forum someone was mentioning that PD are no more considered after 485 is filed since u file 485 based on PDs...

    It is a part truthful. For easy explanation, I would say PD does not matter
    for EAD/AP/FP /Namecheck all processes but it matters at teh final stage of 485 and that is approval. So say you pass through all processes and that time USCIS will see whether your PD is current or not. If it is current than you will get your approval soon and if not than your file will be out on a rack to wait for your PD becoming current.

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  • msp1976
    04-13 12:08 PM
    Some respectable names in the members list...
    I donot think that these people are directly responsible for creating the issue in the first place....It is a reactive response to the anti-immigrant postures of many candidates...Also people like are us are not eligible to donate to immigrantList...Only citizens or premanant residents can contribute to immigrantList.....


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  • amitps
    10-14 10:35 PM
    You should get your EAD after FP

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  • ranand00
    02-09 07:03 AM
    Thanks for the reply
    I thought cap to non-cap transfer could be done anytime
    again if someone has similar experience or an attorney please reply


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-25 08:20 AM
    The Immigration and Nationality Act (Act) provides for the admission of different classes of nonimmigrants who are foreign nationals seeking temporary admission to the United States. The purpose of the nonimmigrant�s intended stay in the United States determines his or her proper nonimmigrant classification. Some classifications permit the nonimmigrant�s spouse and qualifying children to accompany the nonimmigrant to the United States or to join the nonimmigrant here. To qualify, a child must be unmarried and under the age of 21.

    F-1 nonimmigrants, as defined in section 101(a)(15)(F) of the Act, are foreign students coming to the United States to pursue a full course of academic study in SEVP-approved schools. An F-2 nonimmigrant is a foreign national who is the spouse or qualifying child of an F-1 student.

    M-1 nonimmigrants, as defined in section 101(a)(15)(M) of the Act, are foreign nationals pursuing a full course of study at an SEVP-approved vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution (other than in language training programs) in the United States. An M-2 nonimmigrant is a foreign national who is the spouse or qualifying child of an M-1 student.

    SEVP is the DHS program that administers SEVIS. It ensures that government agencies have essential data related to nonimmigrant students and exchange visitors to preserve national security. SEVP provides approval and oversight to schools authorized to enroll F and M nonimmigrant students and gives guidance to both schools and students about the requirements for maintenance of their status.

    ICE SEVP I-17 FAQs provide information for schools about SEVP certification, including background on SEVP and SEVIS, SEVP certification basics, an overview of the SEVP certification process, preparing the petition for SEVP certification, and preparing for a site visit.

    Click here for more info for Schools (

    More... (

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  • wandmaker
    05-27 04:26 AM
    Thanks for the reply. But I guess I didnt frame my query properly. What I intended to ask was if the couple going to be married on a date x can fill up the forms online before wedding for an appointment on a date after their wedding?

    Thanks again!

    You can fillup forms online before wedding date but appointment date should fall after your wedding date.

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  • ski_dude12
    09-20 12:50 PM
    Thank your for the response. Will consult my attorney now.

    05-01 08:50 AM
    For that matter, even Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy come in illegals... They work here without proper authorization. Worse, NORAD tracks Santa Claus with tax payer dollars without arresting Santa....

    08-17 12:44 PM


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