Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • jville
    10-29 04:37 PM
    Any one had luck refiling I140 in EB3 for denied EB2 I140 (for same labor)?

    Also is it possible to request USCIS to change an EB2 I140 denied partition to EB3 during an appeal?

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  • mrudul_hr
    07-07 12:11 PM
    Yes you can travel with H4 to US with your Wifes H1 and then transfer to H1 if its still vaild at the time of transfer.. Note you can also use your existing H1 as well, As per rule an H1 can be in the US for 6 years. if you have spent some time in between outside US that duration will not be counted in the 6 yrs. So calucate your exact number of days spent in US and if it exceds 6yrs then its not possible to use your existing H1. Note: the days spent on H4 will not be counted in 6 yrs but days spent on L1 will be counted.---


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  • indianindian2006
    05-23 12:19 PM
    I do not see a problem in filing 2 Green Card applications.The one that comes first gives you a green card which most probably will be employment based.But you may consult an attorney as I am not one.
    I am on H1 visa and I have a sister with citizenship.
    I am wondering if I can file i-130 (family based immigration) now and file Employment based immigration later?
    Is it OK to file 2 green cards applications? which one will take place then?

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-30 12:10 AM
    The Obama administration announced to use cutting-edge technologies to revamp the entire US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), so as to not only reduce the paperwork, but also the backlog and bring in more transparency into the system.

    US President Barack Obama told a select bi-partisan group of Congressmen that such a system would be in place in the next 90 days, in which the USCIS will launch a vastly improved website.

    This is likely to help thousands of Indian Americans every year who apply for permanent residency or Green Card, citizenship or approach USCIS for various immigration issues, but have to experience an agonizing wait.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/06/improved_technology_to_bring_t.html)


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  • clockwork
    01-14 05:18 PM
    Thanks for sharing the info.

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  • jaybirch
    05-29 03:31 PM
    Hey all, is there anyone on these boards that is a whizz at flash development, but not so hot at design? If so, lets team up on projects. I'm good at flash, fx, video and sound but can't code too well.
    Check out my work at www.jaybirch.com and www.advanceflash.com
    if your interested, get in touch - jay at orangeocean.net
    Cheers, Jay.


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  • desigirl
    04-26 01:04 PM
    Wonder what these people will say, if the native indians proposed laws that said, anybody who is not Indian (:D) need to leave the country; no Caucasians are welcome in this land!!!!!!!!

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  • immiblues
    02-14 06:46 PM
    I am married to a US Citizen and we filed my I-130 petition, which was approved in April 2007. However, the I-797 also notice said that I was not eligible to adjust status from within the US based on evidence presented in the I-130 and that we should consult a local USCIS office to determine what this evidence was. When we consulted an officer at the local USCIS field office, we were advised to proceed with the filing as the language about ineligibility to adjust status in the US was 'standard'.

    We have since filed my I485, application for EAD, and AP. Unfortunately I didn't know about priority dates and their impact on our filing. if my priority is not current does this mean that the 485 will be rejected?


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  • bulgarian
    07-26 01:12 PM

    Just wanted to ask if someone knows if I can become a student while in the US under a J1 status and do I have to go back to get a new visa for that?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • RadioactveChimp
    05-01 10:06 PM
    eh it's alright...doesn't quite live up to your name though

    you should've had a pic of kirupa and a pic of the alien and used the font from alien vs. predator :)


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  • greenguru
    09-26 12:18 PM
    Will not be returned. I did the same and it was not returned

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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:55 PM
    I do not have anything to say. But I hope your consulate has some saved/extra numbers that it can give it you. Good Luck Captain!!


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  • cnag
    10-03 05:01 PM
    I posted the foll. in my company's (Igate) intranet site. Hope this will encourage others to post similar threads to build up the awareness and
    momentum and increase membership which is the need of the hour!!!

    "Folks, 20 years projection by Gopal, I believe, is a very conservative figure. Believe me, if there is no change in the immigration law in the near future, we are looking at 40 to 50 years( specially those filed after 2004) and not not 20 years. This is a fact and I am very serious. Some legislation similar to SKIL bill needs to be passed to get any kind of relief. There is an organization formed to lobby and bring awareness about the plight of high skilled immigrants - immigrationvoice.org. Visit that site, become a member,learn about the issues and contribute your might. Also mobilise support form friends,co-workers etc. Forget GC without any concerted organizational push."

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  • prince_waiting
    09-07 11:28 PM
    My biometrics appointment is scheduled at ATL ASC on the 19th of this month which is a Saturday. Has anyone on this forum visited ATL ASC for any work on a Saturday? Should I call up the USCIS customer service to reschedule my appointment? Or, do I need to be happily surprised to see my the USCIS working hard for me even on a weekend? ( The later part sounds like a 'Bizzaro World' from Seinfeld )

    Maybe they are going to advance the dates in the next visa bulletin to Jan 2006. Well something to think about for the number crunchers and the PD forecasters on this forum.


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  • redddiv
    07-23 08:04 PM

    i was on F1 he helped me...
    wats the problem. maybe i can help.
    I used to work in the International Admissions of my university when i was a student.

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  • speddi
    07-21 11:03 PM
    Company A filed I-485 (PD Aug 28, 2006). Another Company B filed for I-140 with a pre-approved labor dated Nov 23,2005. If the I-140 gets approved from Company B, can I use that to port my priority date to Nov 23, 2005? If I move to Company B after porting the PD, do I have to stay with Company B and if so how long?

    (I am planning to stay with Company A for 6 months and then move to Company B using AC21. )



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  • arthsidhu
    09-11 08:37 PM
    Many of us repeatedly repeated the same repeating mesage to attend DC rally so that it can repeat in the EARS of all repeatedly whining GC seekers visiting repeatedly every immigration website repeatedly thinking that their GC will come some day. I have repeated the word repeat enough times but still want to repeat my message to you all, who want GC. Come to DC and contribute to IV. I repeat COME TO DC AND GET YOUR GC.

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  • Roger Binny
    11-17 03:22 PM
    Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology | Video on TED.com (http://www.ted.com/talks/pranav_mistry_the_thrilling_potential_of_sixthsens e_technology.html)

    When ever some one asks about tell the great innovation from India, and other curious things first search top 50 univs, faculty, phd's or TED kind of forums and other places or ask them to do so.

    As well we can tell them that probably we may not arrived yet to launch a life changing product,the moment we arrive there, WE promise that we may never talk about immigration specially EB-reforms.

    Yes, with out a backup up of big institutions(this case MIT) this dream or idea would have just lived like any wish or it would have taken 3 or 4 times longer.

    PS: Not sure about pranav's immigration status.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-01 10:40 AM
    Bolivian immigrant Jaime Escalante, the inspiration for the calculus teacher portrayed by Edward James Olmos in the film Stand and Deliver passed away yesterday at the age of 79. Escalante taught disadvantaged inner city Latino high school students in Los Angeles and was known for his innovative teaching techniques. And he produced some highly impressive results. According to the NY Times: Mr. Escalante, a Bolivian immigrant, used unconventional techniques to explain mathematical problems and to convince his students at James A. Garfield High School, known for its dismal test scores and high drop-out rate, that they could compete with students...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/jaime-escalante-dies.html)

    07-17 12:19 PM
    I am surprised at how much information / misleading information spreading around.

    Lets gauge how people perceive IV role in the outcome, that tells a lot.

    08-02 10:28 AM

    I was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. I was naturalized when I was 18 (4 years ago). I heard that when naturalized in the U.S, my Canadian citizenship was not lost (I never filed any paperwork with the Canadian government stating I wanted to give up my Canadian citizenship either). Is this true?

    If so, can I apply for a Canadian passport? Should I do this? Are there any responsibilities/problems/repercussions that could occur if I do this?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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