Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • usgc07
    02-15 10:04 AM
    Thank you for the advise.
    I had similar thoughts about the H1B process (for a person whose spouse is a US green card holder).

    I was wondering if somebody had faced a similar situation . It would be interesting to learn about their experience and the final outcome.


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  • grupak
    11-21 11:15 AM
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Dingdong
    02-27 10:34 PM
    You can get your FICA taxes back for the period you were on F1. I did the same several years ago. You will need to search the IRS website for the right refund form. Make sure you were NOT already having less taxes withheld when you were on F1.

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  • GreenCard4US
    08-31 03:59 AM
    I am in a similar situation but I had worked for the GC processing employer for 6 years but switched jobs before I applied for 485. Can I invoke AC21?


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  • rkumar18
    07-09 10:14 AM
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  • guitarzen
    09-13 01:05 PM
    W"oaaa thats a col idea man -- the UI is a bit hard to use - especially for clients with no design app experience-- maybe u need to lead people thru the coices-- eg first choose a page layout, pick one of these.. now ...... something like that ..

    but wow nice little app, a lot of work I am sure, Looking forward to seeing the finished product. ( its very processor hungry? - hard to use sometimes because of this)
    - keep trying - Kudos to u man

    Thanks for the review. I did create a small flash movie to use as instructions on how to use it. I would have added it to my upload but it ended up to large to do so. The processor problem is easily over come by taking out the color component and just do a 10 color selector but it will limit the selectivity of it all.

    If you want the instructional video email me and I'll send it to ya.


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  • gcboy442
    08-26 09:35 AM
    clockwork :

    Mine is the same case....Did you have LUD on your I-485. Mine was received by J.Barrett on July 2nd and has an LUD on 8/5. Not received the RN yet.

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  • ramaonline
    03-05 01:35 AM
    Any kind of full time employment with monetary gains is not allowed on h4 status. You can legally go to university or any community college full time, and take up any kind of training programs or voluntary work with no remuneration. Also, passive investment such as stocks/ bonds etc is OK.

    If your spouse's GC process reaches the 485/EAD stage, then you can get work authorization with EAD to do any kind of work full time or part time. Without EAD, you need some other work authorization such as H1 / L1 visa to work legally..


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  • same_old_guy
    07-05 04:32 PM
    You should be ashamed to use LC subs and bragging about it here. People like you are making the whole things worse. When you get your I-140 rejected you can start nagging about how unfair the system is !!

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  • transpass
    09-28 12:37 PM
    After a lots of effort I got chance to meet the great man J.B. Wow he was very nice. I told hime everything and showed the FedEx print out which he signed for the 485 delivery.

    He appologised several times and went inside to the mail room after 40 minutes he came with a +'ve result with another appologies for his mistake. He told that the some of the packages are piled under the desk (hiding for the eyes) and he coudn't move the packages to clearks room. He moved a bunch of fedEx package to the clearks room, and took mine seperate from the bunch and put a note to the cleark saying his mistakes.

    I thanked him and went to hotel room, after couple of hours I got call from MR.J.B and gave the receipt # for my whole family. I thanked him for the courtosy and afternnon I again I went to meet J.B and thanked again and tiped around $ 100, suddenly he started yelling at me...oh man..this was my fault, and u tiping for Nonsence....I got panicked and start sweating....
    .Then I got up from my bed, I don't know what happend after that, could anyone please help me to findout what happend?
    Oh I had a nice dream, Is'nt?....:)

    Folks I was frustrated and no one is to cheer up me, So I made this and no bad intensions, Sorry if I hurt anyone.



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  • aguy
    01-15 01:55 PM
    I am hoping that the availability of visa numbers has little or no effect on 140 approvals.

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  • snathan
    11-27 11:25 PM
    I thought the same thing but then I researched some more and I found out that this kind of notes basically gives the holder the power to go to court and get (easily), a court order to retrieve the owned amount from the other party's account. It generally applies to a Creditor Debtor relationship, but doesnt end there. ( i may be wrong ).

    Dont be surprised, the guys is covering all corners, so that in no way he gets in trouble. it just instates that fact he's good, which somehow doesnt work in my favour.
    I guess you are right, attorney is the best way to go about it.
    will post my out come here soon.
    Till then please post your comments or views here.

    Appreciate the responses!

    How long this bond is for. You employer seems like a cleaver and cunning guy.


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  • desi3933
    03-14 09:10 AM
    I did check the USCIS website for the July 17, 2007 (reinstating the July Visa Bulletin) and July 23, 2007 (about I-485 fees) notices that are specified on link you provided, but did not find them. So if any of you know how and where to get them from please let me know. Appreciate your help. Thank you.

    Here are USCIS links -

    July 17, 2007 Memo (
    July 23, 2007 FAQ (

    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • snathan
    04-25 11:26 AM

    Keep yawning....


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  • Carlau
    01-10 10:39 PM
    This Talent Bill: will it be presented, when, what is the status? This is another way, among great benefits for all, for us H-4s to work.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-18 06:48 PM
    Since on 2nd July they said they will reject the AOS application, what if they would have done some rejection during that time, and by the time July filers get their application back, it is after 17th of August. In that circumstance, can you send the AOS application back arguing USCIS's mistake and ask them to take it back after 08/17 and would they take it back politely or reject it again.

    Its going to be another lawsuit :confused:


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    04-15 09:55 AM
    I am also having the same issue. My return has been rejected twice already.

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  • gparr
    January 21st, 2004, 08:58 AM
    Matt, There were patchy clouds so the shutter speeds were all over the place but never slower than 1/300, which is why the lens was wide open. I was scraping for every ounce of light I could get and I knew the extremes of sunlight on one side of the geese and shadows on the other were going to cause me problems, regardless. I did think about swimming out there and hanging a sheet on the left to reflect, but it was zero degrees and I just wasn't up to it. ;)
    I was going to reshoot this morning, with smaller apertures and a higher ISO to retain shutter speeds but, as things go in Illinois in the winter, yesterday was probably the only sunny day we'll get this week, so no warm morning sun to shine on the geese. It's a popular hangout spot for geese, so I'll try the shot again. I'm not all that excited about the shot itself, but it's an excercise in perfecting the miniscule talent I have.
    Don't worry, I have enough sense to not touch a 1D unless my pockets are bulging with disposable income because I know that, once I do, I won't sleep until I have one!
    Thanks for the thoughts. I tend to go right to manual. I'll incorporate Av and Tv modes into my shooting to see if I like them and/or can get comfortable with them. Usually, once I go to that side of the dial, I figure I might as well do all of the work. Agreed on the fully automatic side. I've used it a few times to see what it would do, but I just can't get comfortable with allowing a computer to dictate how my image will look, outside of composition. And I doubt I'll ever rely on the automated side of the dial.

    Bring RETROGRESSION into FOCUS - AMAW (A Message A Week) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Bring RETROGRESSION into FOCUS - AMAW (A Message A Week)

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  • rockstart
    11-30 01:56 PM
    Here is what I can advise

    1) Get all the supporting documentation that you have for both cases. Example tickets/ citations, fine receipts, any other docs related to the case you can find. make sure you make photo copies of all documents
    2) Get a court dispositon documents for both cases to prove that the cases are closed and fine was paid
    3) Make sure you run all these documents past your immigration attorney to ensure nothing is missing. Also get in touch with your lawyers that handled the DUI & other case to see if they can help you with paperwork
    4) If you are not comfortable defending you case you can take an attorney with you. That is entirely optional thing.
    5) No one on this forum or immigration officer has any moral right to tell you what you did was good or bad. Its the job of courts and they have already made you pay fine. So as long as you can furnish all relevant papers that these cases are closed you are fine with your immigration process.

    02-04 09:07 AM

    I remember that last year your prediction about spill-over was almost close. What's your take this year.


    States accumulate spill over from Q1 to Q3 but doesnot apply. Those extra visas will not be given to any one .. Once gone from quarter then it cannot be given to any one. In last quarter it will go to Eb2 India.

    10-09 01:16 PM
    This was big surprize to me. Mine and my spuse had hard LUD on our I485 with the current status as :Notice Returned as Undeliverable. There wer no other updates or status change or approval or denial or soft LUD etc.

    The most surpising to me that both of us received the Finger Printing notices on our new address just a month ago.

    This is really frustrating.

    When I called up the 800 number the lady said just ignore this status as this is some computer glitch.
    Dont know what to do just believe her or try to do something else?

    Need help ! any one out there in same situation???

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