Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • tikka
    06-07 12:54 PM

    thank you

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  • sreeni.k
    11-03 02:49 PM
    Its christmas time in vacation.. they want less work not more- my guess is it will be set back by couple of years- ..May be they think other way around; Christmas gift - move it forward by couple of years. :mad:

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  • Almond
    11-03 01:06 PM
    I'm a red now, too!!:D And I didn't even say anything bad! Do you all have nothing else better to do than click away at your computers just because you don't like some comment someone is making!? Sad, sad individuals, I wonder how you act in real life. Good laugh though, thanks :).

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  • adibhatla
    06-24 03:54 PM
    On Friday, Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs officially announced that the President was scheduled to call a small group of Congressional leaders and political leaders to the White House to open a dialogue on CIR next Thursday, 06/25/2009. Troublesome was another statement that recognizes the facts by the Press Secretary at the same press conference that the Congress did not have enough numbers to pass a CIR legislation. As we reported earlier, for a CIR to pass the Congress, it should pass both the Senate and the House. However, it is the House that lacks enough numbers at this time to pass a CIR legislation this year. There are a plenty of House legislators who represent districts that are politically not affected by the Hispanic population and their political pressures. These legislators usually form a group of Democratic represenstives who are either conservative and middle of the road in the political ideology. The situation tends to be different when it comes to the Senate that is consisted of legislators based on their statewide consistuencies as opposed to the House representatives that represent small neighborhood and district constituencies. The Senators' decisions are thus derived more from broader national political or statewide political issues and interests of the whole party. For this reasons, for the past several years, the Senate initiated and was able to pass CIR bills which have ended up in the ditch when it moved to the House floor. The background behind the Press Secretary's announcement downplaying the potential success of CIR within this year is their motivation to control unrealistic rise of expectation in the CIR supporting community on the President's initiatives that can also end up in another ditch with potential negative political fall-outs to his political leadership. The current politcal landscape and environment then raise two questions. The first question is whether the President and the Democratic Congress will have enough energy and zeal to successfuly change the existing political landscape, particularly in the House of Representatives, within such a limited time within this year. The Congress will soon go into the Summer recess and the remaining legislative days in the Congressional calendar for 2009 are very limited. The second question is why then Senate Majority leader, Sen. Harry Reid, has been spinning in media on his agenda to take up a CIR bill this fall with the full realization of political reality that can be ditched again in the House. It appears that part of such spinning is related to his own political future. His seat in the Senate will be up for reelection in the national mid-term election in 2010 and he needs a strong support from the Hispanic constituency in the State of Nevada. The Hispanic population has been rapidly growing durng the past several years in the State of Nevada. His push for a CIR will achieve his political calculation, no matter whether the bill will pass or fail in the Senate. Again, the chance for a CIR passing the Senate in 2009 is indeed very good as the chance for Senate Democrats pulling together 60 votes may turn realistic, particularly as affected by the final result of the current Senate election dispute in the State of Minnesota. In the very near future, the Minnesota Supreme Court is likely to hand down a decision sustaining the election of Mr. Al Franken, a progressive Democrat, as the next Senator, over the conservative former(?) Senator Norm Coleman. For the discussion per se, let's assume that the CIR fails to pass either in the Senate or in the House. The Senator Harry Reid will still get all the credits in his Hispanic constituency in the State of Nevada for his initiatives in the Senate to legislate a CIR!

    All in all, year 2009 will turn out to be the only year that can pass a CIR because this is a so-called leap-year when there is no national reelection and the House members will be less affected by their activities this year. The key is whether the President Obama will have enough energy, steam, and polical motive to make a full-court pressing and arm-twisting of the conservative Democratic members in the House within a "very" short period of time, within this Summer or early fall at the latest. Currently, his and Democrats' top two reform agenda stay with the nation's health care and energy reforms. Until we see such full dedication and commitment of the President to the CIR within a given time, one should not raise the level of his/her hope or expectation too high as it will indeed bring out really devastating frustration and hopelessness in 2010 in that considering the November 2010 mid-year election, the chance for CIR next year will turn out to be very slim because of the rerunnng Democrats in the election from small districts that are not affected by the Hispanic political pressures. Until we see such solid momentum and heat of passion on the part of the President leading to quick actions in the near future, all the media campaign and spinning of news by the White House and the Senator Reid may have to be taken with caution and discount.


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  • sai9999
    04-03 05:08 PM
    faxed for no 10 and 11

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  • greyhair
    04-29 04:13 PM
    And who is India fighting with??
    Come on we need to learn to forget the cold war days. This is 21st century and the age of facebook and other social networking platforms. the world is getting more connected and there will soon be no place for fighter planes any more. What we need is "food" and "water".....
    Nature is showing us again and again the futility of our ambitions (regional and international) through her rather quite infrequent thrashings these days....
    296 people perished this week in terrible tornadoes (worst in last 40 years!!!).....10000 or more a month ago in Japan earthquake (5th worst ever recorded!!!)....

    People who care for food and not for security, end up losing both.

    There will always be natural disasters in different parts of the world. US has a fair share of natural disasters, hurricanes, tornado, floods, earth quakes etc. This age is no different than any other, facebook and other websites only exist in the virtual world of computer programmers. The world is preparing for the next round of human supremacy. Humans will always fight wars, like it or not. None of us here make those decisions to go to war, its just part of human nature. The question isn't if we should fight wars, the question is, are we better prepared to deter one from occurring. Strong defenses is good enough to deter a war. So building strong defenses is a good thing.

    As far as immigration and war planes are concerned, some elements in the US government think that its doing a favor on other nations by letting its people to migrate to US. Although, the truth is to the contrary, these things does have an affect on a much higher level, if not for individual application. So this topic is relevant to the subject being discussed on this forum.


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  • delax
    08-06 02:52 PM
    Freakin - more than 50 people from 2004 are waiting and the same number of people from 2006 get approved!!!

    United States Confusing and Incompetent Service - USCIS

    'Service' my a!@#$%

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  • cellphone
    12-13 03:53 PM
    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    I work in a company that has got a decent name in the field I am working in. They recently have introduced a rule stating that I have to stay with the company for a year after GC before I can decide to leave for another company. Otherwise, I'll have to pay back the expenses incurred in the GC process.

    I, however, would ask around and talk to someone working in this company u are about to join.

    If this works.... you are definitely lucky!!


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  • rajuram
    08-01 10:00 PM
    The key is that....there should not be substantial difference in the job duties and the responsibilities.

    what do 180 days start, RN date or notice date?

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  • Macaca
    08-31 10:38 PM
    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.
    I understand that you will be in DC!

    Way to go. Thanks!


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  • snathan
    08-18 04:41 PM
    Sorry - for some reason the post showed up as new on my PC and I did not notice the date. This is evaluation advice and certainly not an ad. It is important that everyone understand what they need as many attorneys make mistakes. It was free advice. That is my only reason to be here. The vast majority of my business comes from attorneys and firms. If you can tell me how I can help and not have you think it is an ad each time, then I will do so. I see so many bad situations that could have been avoided if everyone were just a bit more informed. That is all I seek to do here.

    Thanks for your advice. But no thanks for your so called community service. I am just wondering how come a eight months old thread showed in your PC suddenly and automatically. Basically you are ruining your reputation by your cheap tricks. In fact I had a good respect for you before you started posting here and recommended some of friends to you. But no longer. I will write to admins to ban also proved not interested to pay for ad here and want a free meal. The reason everyone thinks you are looking for business never give any elobrative answer. All the time you are asking people to contact you privately. But no thanks.

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  • H1bslave
    06-24 01:26 PM
    surprising there is no update at all for us so far:confused:


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  • HarshJ
    10-02 01:41 PM
    The only thing seems to be happening is that they are transferring cases from NSC/TSC to CSC/VSC for EADs, APs and I-485s for data entry and EAD/AP approval.

    CSC seems to be doing a great job at that (received EADs and APs in exactly 60 days). Once these are issues and the I-485 data is fed in, the I-485 jurisdiction is passed back to NSC/TSC (wherever your I-485 originated from).

    I am still waiting on my I-140 approval (filed in March 2007)...hoping to get it by around end of year.

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  • vishwak
    11-12 09:36 AM
    That means Eb-2 I screwed....for several months.
    God bless all our Eb2-I guys.


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  • harikris
    05-30 06:14 PM
    I am amazed at the participation.
    What does such a response mean?
    To me, it is evident that IF the action is clearly defined AND some one has a clear mandate, then people will come together to participate and contribute.

    I am tired of hearing how the loopholes in the immigration system are taken advantage of. If we focus on increasing the cap for Indian EB category [across the board] and recapturing the lost visa numbers, then the remaining problems will take care of themselves. For this, we need to lobby until we get a reform legislation to pass.

    And for people that are furious that a very small percentage of folks are taking advantage of the system, i urge them to look at the majority of the people that are leading a honest life and take solace. You are not alone in this journey. And don't let lack of GC put a damper on whatever you wish to do. Get creative and make use of the same legal system to achieve what you want. You are in the same framework as those folks that are taking advantage of the system are. Work the system in the right way.

    I have neither met a honest person that has ultimately lost nor a dishonest person that has ultimately won. Please have some self-confidence and self-respect and keep fighting for what we truly believe in. When you hit a low point share your experiences with others here - in a productive manner.

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  • RDB
    01-06 03:08 AM
    Yes, completely agree....PMP is akin to CCNA type of certifications and MBA is akin to a MS in Computer Networking. I will not go into details explaining the difference but just getting CCNA only helps you get a job, not advance in your career - where as a MS degree will always help in advancement. Ofcourse, there are exceptions and nothing is set in stone but that's the general rule of thumb.

    I am not sure why the 2 are being compared. One is a professional degree while the other is a certification. MBA prepares you (in theory) for several different jobs (marketing, finance, ops, general mgmt etc.) while PMP is primarily to "check the box" on program management. With all due respect to the PMPs (and other PM credentials) I havent seen any additional skills that PMP provides.

    Yes- I have an MBA and a PM certification and work with several IT PMs/techies but an not in IT myself.



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  • Jaime
    05-25 10:25 AM
    You are not the only one. I have been waiting for my GC for 8 years now and it is nowhere in sight! I took the plan B (Canada) and became a PR there (it tookj just over a week, without the need for a job and without me leaving the USA, except to "land" there as the final step). Canada is not as bad as people may think. It looks just like the US, in many cases people are way nicer, multiculturalism is encouraged and enshrined in the Canadian constitution (as opposed to assimilation in the U.S.) and you have free healthcare and free social security for life, whether you are employed or not. Finally Canada has consistently ranked as one of the very top places to live worldwide (ranges from 1-5, it is 3rd this year, with U.S. in like #8) and there is so much to do there. Anyway, for a plan B, Canada is quite honestly pretty damn nice.

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  • brahmam
    06-23 11:23 AM

    where are you guys taking these? Fedex kinko's would be fine? any pointers in the NY-NJ area?


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-31 12:14 PM
    guys cool down it took them till end of May about 2 months to issue all receipt notices for H1 filed on Apr 2 this year. With the whole yes-no-yes situation this month they are definitely backlogged. Lets just wait till we actually get the receipts .

    there is no point in calling names.

    12-07 04:12 PM
    I am trying to understand the cause for this huge delay to issue either EAD or AP. Could it be due to a large number of I-485 filers in July 2007 that the agency is unable to handle the volume of requests (either for a new one or renewal)?

    Has USCIS come up with any explanation as to why there is lot of delay to issue EAD renewals or new EADs? Could it be the US economy that is causing the drag on the agency?

    Laziness of USCIS so called officers and also might is right mentality and of course Corruption in USCIS! believe it or not see this

    Immigration Services Homeland Security Department of Justice Ause Blog (

    Corruption is more the rule than the exception!

    11-03 11:15 AM
    Dug the hole for 8 years, expect prosperity in 18 months!!!!

    we can argue both ways, democratic party was not rejected because of the economic mess, even today lot of voters are angry at bush for the mess, the issue here is WH is completely out of touch with the main street, why spend 2 years on health care when ppl dont have jobs to afford basic necessities, the less we talk about stimulus the better, ppl dont like someone who don't listen and arrogantly say what ever they do is for the good without showing any progress (hmmm, reminds me of bush but hell dint we vote for change?) or say voters are ignorant,

    bush is not the whole problem, democrats are in the majority since 2006 and look at the deficits since then, wars costed US trillion dollars which is less than annual deficits under the current president, i agree he does not own the deficit problem completely but he dint help to fix it either, bush dint sign "glass-seagall" act which caused the whole mess in the first place, clinton was the one who pushed the initiative "housing to minorities" and his administration wanted to push it through freddie and fannie and the rest is history,

    point is demonizing one of the parties is not going to help, both contributed to the mess and neither of them has bigger share

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