Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • bugsbunny
    04-18 12:03 PM
    Not being judgmental at all. This is a question that has to be posed to the HR department in the company and not to 'peers' on a forum. The profile says he/she is on EB2 and then he/she goes on to ask this

    "let me know if they have done EB2 with this scenario." WTF! :D While I'm not against getting your degree online or IGNOU but you need to at least have the acumen to geo-locate yourself it nothing else :D Other skills are far superlative and come much later :D

    not all HR depts are helpful or even knowledgeable about the immigration process.

    "geo-locate" ??? what are you talking about?

    i myself was quite clueless about the immigration process when i started out and got stuck in EB3 unnecessarily. Even though my company is one of the best in the industry they had never done H1 or GC before i came along and were quite clueless about it.

    This forum is meant for asking immigration questions...lets be helpful rather than speculate on the person's circumstances or acumen.

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  • naradmuni
    09-17 10:41 AM
    As Last time they did ...will there be lunch recess around 11:30am?????
    They need to eat

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  • Leo07
    12-03 10:14 AM
    Paid membership irrespective of the amount of payment will drive away the people. With all dues respect to IV, there are defintely other places where you can get good(if not better) information for free.
    Strength of online communities is always the members...the higher the members the better.

    Having said that, I kind of disagree with the punishing the wrong answers with a $5.00...most of the answers in these forums are people experiences and they are not legal professionals. People will not be able to share the experiences openly/freely. I think, it's the responsibility of the questioner to pick the right answer and donate for the value that he/she deems the question is worth.

    My thoughts...anyways..

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  • buddyinsd
    03-29 03:19 AM
    First off, any DOL complaint don't need u to be here to continue with the investigation. The way it works is, u tell them ur entire story and leave. They'd take their time to investigate using all the documentation u'd have provided them, and in the end if ur employer was found guilty, they might still let him off the hook giving him a warning. There's really no guarantee that ur employer wud be found at fault unless they find more employees lodge complaints against him. U might be the only one.

    Anyhow, u can give it a shot and see what happens as u have nothing to lose. I know that ppl hv tried this b4 without much luck. Employers hire attorneys to save them from such situations. Ur employer closing down shutters is a far fetched thought...just saying...US laws are quite tricky.

    H1 transfer at this point may not really work for u as u dont hv paystubs. Sorry, its a bad situation to be in. I understand u paid from ur pockets to come here and it sucks - Good luck!

    @Snathan how did you know he didn't call me here , are you one of the consultants yourself who does this filthy work of cheating people.

    I guess it was my employers discretion to make me sit home with him just not responding to my mails, i couldn't barge in to his office and say hey give me desk to work on? can i ?

    Anyways looking at the LCA agreement i think you don't seem to know what you are talking about, I am here holding his company's name on my H1B form , His agreement on LCA and his employment letter, i dunno if there is any other way i could make inroads into barging into his office?

    Now if he puts a security guard against me entering his office, shouldn't i report this to DOL too?


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  • swarnapuri
    12-10 09:37 PM
    Congrats on getting you GC!

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  • snathan
    01-17 12:47 PM


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  • swamy
    11-14 11:40 AM
    I would say ignore. If the hosts dont even use 'controversial' to describe him it's pointless trying to call in - its going to be an 'immigrant hate-fest' whether you call in or not and you are not going to win hearts or change minds. I remember 4 or 5 years ago he was raging against the H1 on air as usual and turned around to his staff and asked if CNN too was using the H1program - and the answer unsurprisingly was 'yes'. He has no sense of shame or a modicum of decency - none of his staff members either. And IV is ill-positioned and too narrowly focussed to take him on in any meaningful way given how a core member spoke against the z-visa (for illegals) to some n.carolina newspaper. But again I could be wrong so someone could give it a shot

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  • indianindian2006
    04-16 10:36 AM
    On March 30 I had a soft LUD on my 485 and then on Apr9 my attorney recd an my case the RFE went only to the attorney.

    Hi all,

    Due to system glitches, cud a soft LUD mean that it cud still have triggered an RFE to the attorney?

    Also, when therez an RFE will the mail just go to the attny or to the applicant as well (if the applicant has signed G-28)?

    Bottomline, is it a good idea to check with the attny if there were any RFEs?

    Pls lemme know...



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  • laborfd
    04-26 05:39 PM
    Sent a contribution of $50 through pay pal
    IV is doing great job, Sincere thanks to all the core members for doing all these great work :)

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  • sc3
    08-11 05:41 PM
    IV tracker shows 3000+ EB3-I applicants, however, it is not a good tool to make analysis off of. The sorting function does not consider month-year combo. Anybody knows how to download the data to run your own post processing??


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  • vin13
    09-17 10:58 AM
    its 5 min to 11 and they still have not started?...oh I am getting impatient :(

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  • nixstor
    03-14 01:00 PM

    Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act provides that if total demand will be insufficient to use all available numbers in a particular Employment preference category in a calendar quarter, then the unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual �per-country� limit. It has been determined that based on the current level of demand being received, primarily by Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices, there would be otherwise unused numbers in the Employment Second preference category. As a result, numbers have once again become available to the India Employment Second preference category. The rate of number use in the Employment Second preference category will continue to be monitored, and it may be necessary to make adjustments should the level of demand increase substantially.

    May be EB2 India and China can see some movement in July VB published in June.

    This piece in VB is telling that the unused numbers in EB2 will be given to the retrogressed countries in EB2. The VB when it defines the categories, also defines EB2 as 27.6% of 140K and what ever is left over from EB1. EB1 is current for some time now and EB1 also circularly gets unused numbers from EB-4 and 5 which account for around 20K. My thoughts are here ( I have been under the assumption that EB-3 ROW must become current for EB-2 retrogressed countries to move significantly forward because of spill over and not by the quota they get every quarter. It does not sound like that. Am I just hallucinating or Am I just reading too much or Is it just the VB as usual unpredictable and capricious?


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  • GC_ASP
    06-14 08:33 AM

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  • BrightSpark
    06-16 02:11 PM
    Edited .. new entry on newer post.


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  • gceverywhere
    01-31 07:46 PM
    thanks for leading this effort

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  • nixstor
    10-02 11:24 PM

    Please refrain from fighting on EB3 and EB2 issue. We all know how difficult retrogression has been to every one here. As some one has already said, If interfiling was so easy and every one was fortunate enough to file another Labor/140, EB-2 would have been in 2002 or along with EB-3. AFAIK, Interfiling is some thing the law allows and as long as one does what the system allows and is not gaming the system, its perfectly fine. Don't rub salt on others wounds. Do what you can to improve the system. IMO, the backward movement was a knee jerk reaction to the false demand, shown by USCIS with a huge movement in PD. As you may know, this is purely demand and supply based DOS will move dates forward as soon as they realize that there is not much demand. DOS keeps track of all visa number requests and approvals based on PD's. The problem is DOS just does not know how many applications are pending per country per category to stop the back and forth movement of dates and make the date movement strictly forward. DOS clearly made this a requirement in OCT 08 bulletin and lets see what happens in the next few months. 2nd Q will be key as the over flow will start to trickle based on demand in EB-1+EB-4+EB-5


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  • neverbefore
    08-19 08:41 PM
    Yoo who the F*** is this? Gave me red dot which i really don�t care about...but said this 'It is not "Barath" u moron, it is "Bharat".. learn to spell corrrectly u idiot' ...look at you D*** head how you have spelled "correctelly" (correctly) in your comments you go learn how to spell first or better understand that its always possible of TYPO.:mad::mad::mad:

    Wonderful performance, man! You must be proud of yourself.


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  • Refugee_New
    10-10 12:28 PM
    ICICI has some very good interest rates. I like them because they have online access to your account which most of the indian banks don't.

    ICICI bank will cheat and steal your money. Beware. Also they are exposed to this financial crisis and the news is not coming out. I heard that so many people withdrawing money from this bank.

    Check with others.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-31 12:09 PM
    My entry:

    07-18 04:48 PM
    Normal CS reps have no idea whatz going on there are some LIasion inf officers for each Service center at National service center they have up to date info

    08-25 11:41 AM
    I am with the same employer who sponsored GC. Until GC was approved I was with H1B visa. Is it neccessary for me to file I-9 after GC?

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