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  • vasireddyanil
    02-19 09:42 PM

    Could you please review my situation? My attorney told me that I can not work untill the decission comes out from USCIS. In 485 denial notice it was mentioned that ....
    Upon consideration, it is ordered that your application for permanent residence, form I 485, filed on Nov 1 2004, to adjust your status to that of lawful permanent resident, be denied for the following reason (s):

    On February 13 2008, the US citizenship and Immigration service�s issues a revocation on the underlying form, immigrant petition for alien worker. Since the underlying petition is revoked, a visa is immediately not available. As such you cannot adjust status to that of a lawful permanent resident. Therefore, the form I-485 application is denied.

    8 C.F.R274a.14 (b)(1)(i) allows termination of employment authorization when it appears that any condition upon which it was granted has not been met or no longer exists. If you have received an I-765 for classification C9 based upon this pending I485, you are reminded that this EAD is no longer valid and can not be used to allow yourself to work in the United States.

    The decision leaves you without lawful immigration status���.

    After filing MTR (I290B) we received receipt number SRC-09 -044-xxxxx
    Notice Type: receipt Notice.
    Amount received $585.00

    It states that
    This notice doesnot grant any immigration status or benefit.It is not even evidence that this case is still pending. It only shows that the application or petition was filed on date shown...

    The notice number you are referring is same as I mentioned or different?

    I will appreciate your time and help in this regard. I will get back to you if you need further clarifications..

    Employer: A

    December 13, 2002: Labor date:
    October 26, 2004 I-485: Filed
    April 28, 2005 I-140 Approved (EAC1)
    May /2005 I765 Approved
    September 16, 2005 Used AC21- and moved to new employer.
    April /2006 I765 Approved
    Aug 26 2006 Went to India for 1 month vacation using AP
    Sep 20 2006 Returned to US
    April /2007 I765 Approved
    May 13 2007 Went to India for 1 month vacation using AP
    Jun 02 2007 Returned to US
    February 14/2008 The I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN Worker
    was transferred and is now pending at Texas

    February 22/2008 I765 Card production ordered.
    NOV 08/2007 I140 Notice Returned as Undeliverable to the employer/Attorney

    March 03/2008 I140 Notice Returned as Undeliverable

    March 05/2008 I485 Denial Notice Sent

    August 28, 2008: the post office returned the notice we last sent you on
    this case I485 APPLICATION TO
    STATUS as undeliverable
    Finally I got my denial notice. It was delayed due to previous attorney�s negligence and mistakes.

    Nov 26 2008 MTR received and pending

    What will be my fate? How long should I wait??

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  • newuser
    07-10 11:54 AM
    Well said. Why doesn't he show the contributions made by the HIGH SKILLED to the american economy.

    Why don't we educate him by sending mails in writing to all the other news media organization's on a particular day - just like we did the flower campaign. Its costs less than a dollar and we can 1000's of them.

    Folks, I have in the past written to Lou Dobbs directly expressing concerns with his vitriolic outbursts against Indians. He responded at length claiming the he has no disrespect or disregard for India, just that he cares about his country so much that relatively it might make the other country look worse off!

    Here is what I would suggest: write to Lou and CNN producers exposing
    how Lou's views:
    - Are racially insensitive, slanderous to an entire community; with the risk of flaming hate crime (which is criminal offence)
    - How they ignore the basic economic reality of high skilled labor's contribution and competitive advantage to the US economy and corporations
    - How they ignore the basic legal reality that high skilled labor on H1B visas pay taxes, social security and medicare that goes back to the US economy
    - How they tarnish the reputation of hardworking ambituous workers that are truly the only remaining link to the USA's hoary tradition of sweat equity with the hope of achieving the Great American Dream.

    Basically, we need to point out that he is insulting his own country's grand traditions of democratic, legal and meritrocratic traditions by taking potshots at a defenseless community of white collar workers that are strengthening the social, economic and cultural fabric of this nation.

    Of factual inaccuracy is his hallmark and his tradition. Let us counter that by reframing the context of the overall dialog so that the world see how shallow Lou Dobbs really is.

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  • god_bless_you
    03-16 11:40 AM
    can we stress on getting unused 100,000 unused visa numbers from previous years in mean time as a short term relief!!

    is new bill required for doing this ?

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  • jsb
    01-05 12:59 PM
    I think as a next step I will contact my Congressman after the Feb dates are released and we are still current. Do you know if it makes more sense to approach Congressman or Senator for this ? Also should I approach only 1 rep like 1 Congressman or approach both my district congressman and 2 state senators ?
    We are even more screwed because since our dates are current we can not even get 2 Yr EAD or 3 yr H1 extension but you have to renew both annually.
    Please share your experiences.

    Getting help from a Congressman may or may not help. The only difference is that processing center is obligated to reply within a specified limit. Most likely, if dates are outside advertised processing dates, they will send standard reply that your case is pending, or if by that time there is a retrogression (and your PD is not current any more), they will simply say that your PD is not current (they also attach a copy of latest bulletin). Sometimes they wait until retrogression happens, so that they can provide a convenient reply. That's what happened on Ombudsman's intervention in my case.


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  • npperi
    04-03 09:51 AM
    Sent faxes 10 & 11.

    Thanks to all involved!

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  • copsmart
    10-10 07:56 AM
    Everest Technology? Sounds so familiar, but definitely they are not in the list of blood suckers I dealt with.
    There are thousands of bloodsuckers like this one, they know the Immigration law better than anybody else do, they will do anything to stop you from leaving their company.

    BTW, you don�t need the copy of I-140 for using AC21 portability.
    You might need a copy when you apply for a 3 years H1 extension, double check this with an attorney.

    If I were you, I wouldn�t stick with this employer, I would definitely use AC21 after 180 days.

    Good Luck!


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  • nixstor
    12-13 04:34 PM

    speak to a lawyer and stop responding to people on this thread!! everyone pontificates. all the people who are screaming from their rooftops here about ethics etc., would readily accept an offer of reusing a previously unused LC if their employer gave them the option.

    just my 2 cents.

    Do you accept one if you were given one right now? If yes, why would you accept it? If not, why wouldn't you accept it? I wouldnt have posed this Q but by looking at what you said, it appears that you support labor substitution as long as both the employer and employee can hush up the money involved and leave no proof.

    On the flip side, there are so many people who wouldnt take a substituted labor. Please do not generalize.

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  • EndlessWait
    10-02 01:30 PM

    Filed at NSC on Jul 21st. Received as per FedEx receipt on Jul 23rd. Transferred I-485s, EADs and APs applications from NSC to CSC.

    Received EADs and APs on Sept 25th from CSC.

    Sept 18th notice received that I-485s have been moved back from CSC to NSC.

    Rceipt date for transfer notice is Sept 18th. Dont see my actual Jul 23rd date anywhere.

    When I posted this on , posters suggested that there is a "Receipt Notice" versus a "Transfer Notice".

    My lawyer received the receipt notice. Will check with him about the Receipt date on that notice and post later today.

    Any other ideas what this all means would be appreciated.

    Seems like a ping pong ball being hit from one center to another with no result

    recipet notice would keep the 23rd july ur case


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  • funkmaster
    04-03 01:00 PM
    Done !

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  • dixie
    05-25 02:24 PM
    I live in the US but I have been to canada a number of times on extended business visits, and my impression was that quality of life is very good over there. Granted, you dont earn as much money (or possess as much in material wealth, as someone put it) as in the US .. but that is compensated for by much safer neighborhoods, good social security and far more immigrant-friendly policies. The immigrants are much more integrated into society there than the US. I realize this may not be true for all regions for canada, but at least in BC and Ontario its very true. So it depends what you are after .. opportunity and earning potential are both better in the US .. but overall quality of life is as good or better over there. The quick turnaround time for permanent residency makes it very attractive for young people like me who havent already invested in settling down in the US .. I would rather live with "limited" opportunity there than remain in the US and be at the mercy of a single employer for 10 years.


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  • downthedrain
    02-18 10:31 PM
    Aachoo, downthedrain, jazzbytheway, sushilup, rvr_jcop -

    question 1) did both you and your spouse's I485 cases receive the "pending at the location it was transfered to"?
    question 2) did both you and your spouses I485 cases receive RFE?
    question 3) did both you and your spouses case have an LUD after RFE?

    have you guys received the RFE notices and if yes, what is USCIS asking


    LUD for my wife before RFE. RFE on just mine. got 1HLUD and 3 SLUDs on just mine after RFE received, no transfer on both cases

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  • Daisy
    01-10 09:26 PM
    Dont lose hope. I am on H4 since 2000 too and been out of workforce ever since. I had 6 years of prior experience. Now, I have a job offer(non IT) and the company is planning to sponsor my H1 this April. Keep applying and something will work out.


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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 04:46 PM
    thats ok, no need of apologies. all i am asking you is to keep it to the point that you opened this thread for and discuss the options. We do not need to go into who is the guru here with so many number of postings etc..its totally irrelevant to this thread. again, when you open a thread with questions, please be prepared not to accept atleast expect different forms of opinions from different people. u have a nice evening too.
    Ok what i have heard after calling Lufthansa is because of the new Schezewan (I knmow i spelled it worng) visa changes AP is no longer considered a valid visa document by Germany. It used to before but no longer and of course France, England and other countres never did. So coming back to Germany yes while travelling to and fro you need a transit visa (Direction does not make any difference because as far as Germany is concerned you are from India and you have no Valid visa to America and/or any european country so you are suspect of trying to illegally enter Germany and to avioid it you need to buy transit visa).

    I myself was plannig for a trip and was trying for travle via Doha and Qatar where no transit visa is required. (Us to gluf direct flight. Gulf to any city in india) but the rates were high. If you like you can look at that opiton too. beats the hell out of going to teh german embassy and getting a transit visa. But if that is your preference go with it

    All the best

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  • whattodo
    07-19 04:45 PM
    Desi, Do you have some .gov site that mentions this? These site are unreliable and I am sure USCIS will not entertain these as reply to any RFE.

    LoL. You are such an idi***!

    Rest of the post is not for Mr. Kumar. So Mr Kumar, please ignore the rest of the post.

    Here is another link:
    Immigration Rights and Responsibilities of Scholars in H-1B Status

    Search for no later than 30 days after the I-797 start date

    Before you ask: I don't work/study at Boston University.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • ragz4u
    03-16 03:59 PM
    I did read it, and I really hope that something happen this year. The OC magazine is very focused on Immigration, like the AZ Central.

    Here's a link to his website

    I have a feeling it will have some pro-immigrant stuff too....the next 10 days are going to be very interesting

    Text of Bill Frist's statement below

    March 16th, 2006 - WASHINGTON, D.C. � U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN) today announced his intention to introduce a border security bill before the recess to ensure the Senate has a border security bill ready for debate during the week of March 27:

    �Our country needs security at our borders in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists. That�s why today I will introduce a border security bill, to guarantee the Senate will have legislation available for consideration the week of March 27.

    �This bill will be based on the consensus enforcement, visa reform and immigration litigation reform titles of Chairman Specter�s mark-up of border security legislation and focus on ensuring strict enforcement of our nation�s immigration laws. I look forward to bringing a border security bill to the floor during the week of March 27 and allowing the full Senate to start work on border security and interior law enforcement, as well as comprehensive immigration reform, so that America is more secure and our constituents are safer. It is my hope that the Judiciary Committee will be able to report a bill we can bring to the floor that meets these objectives. As a country of immigrants who respect the rule of law, I expect us to honor those heritages as this debate unfolds.�

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  • jasguild
    07-17 09:17 AM
    I would not call you pessimistic. You are SELFISH. Sure you do not share the same enthu because this announcement does not offer you anything. Grow up and feel for others. Everyone knows that there will be a backlog and that is an issue we have to deal with once we get there.

    I wont even get in a pissing match with you. YOu are free to believe what ever you want.

    if you read my post you will see my concern is about the system not working.

    I can make a similar argument about you and others. You are so concerned about your benefit today, that you dont see the harm it may do to H1b holders and future candidates for I-485.

    If it makes you feel good you can fly to washington and thank them for the blessings after the announcement. So whatever makes your boat floats...



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  • Refugee_New
    05-15 12:19 PM
    Don't preach...if this is your life..keep it with yourself..others have other reason to move forward with their one has asked for any advise..just answer his questions..

    Munna Bhai,
    Why did you choose this pseudo name? Is it because of the character in that movie and the "Jaado ka jhappi" sentiments or something else?

    This is the exact thing snathan was trying to do. I think you are an arrogant man.

    snathan, it was touching and a very good post.

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  • rdehar
    10-02 11:56 AM
    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC. D

    says that

    "*California Service Center and Vermont Service Center are currently assisting in data entry of employment-based I-485 and related forms (I-140, I-765, and I-131) received at Texas Service Center between the dates of 7/28 and 8/8. As a result, some applicants may receive receipt notices from a service center different than the one they originally applied to."

    Match your application date on that page to your dates ...

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  • hiralal
    05-06 07:18 AM
    Shiller is smart but I think he is confusing the word 'Immigrant' with the word 'stupid'.

    I am an immigrant and why should I buy an unaffordable over priced house which no American is willing to buy?
    he is smart but his idea was stupid ..why will they allow anyone to come to US and give him GC on the first day just because he purchased a house ??
    also the reality has changed somewhat as US loses its charm somewhat ..and as other countries become better ..many will not come and buy a house.
    maybe we should have a campaign (or should have had a campaign) telling shiller that forget newcomers ..there are million of well to do immigrants in US who would buy a house EVENTUALLY if their GC's were to be processed faster !!

    01-04 10:56 AM
    Applied for EAD and AP together (e-file at TSC center) in the last week of Nov 2010 and got the EAD card yesterday in mail. The validity period is for 2 yrs. The online status for EAD updated accordingly. However there is no status update for AP.

    11-30 06:39 PM
    Because the USCIS did not implement name check procedures properly in the first place - they are not required by law and are not codified in the regulations, the USCIS can implement new procedures simply by issuing inter-office memorandum. One day is enough to do this. I anticipate this may happen within the next two months, more likely early next year. But one can never predict the USCIS, it does not have logical behavior :)

    Meanwhile one of the comments to the blog ,

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