Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • korndog2003
    Aug 16, 09:29 AM
    Got my vote, naked chicks plus computers = :D

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  • TheDC
    Aug 15, 09:22 PM
    Can anyone give me a list of all the song names on the ipods in the apple music store? Also can anybody give my the name of the song that is on an ipod at the store. Its name has the word voodoo in it and it is electronic. I want to know the band and the song name!!

    At least from my experience, the songs on the displayed iPods and Computers vary. It's not a uniform tracklist sent by apple, just a collection built by an employee/manager.

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  • jsw
    Sep 23, 12:16 PM
    Once was fine...but twice?

    Um, no, I don't want to work with a pedantic fool like you every day, thanks.

    I should mail him back and remind him to tuck his period inside the parentheses.
    Not to be pedantic, just ignorant:

    I understand that the punctuation marks go inside the quotes (um, not parentheses... maybe you do need him ;)) when part of a quotational reply. However, when used to mark a single word or phrase, it seems as though contemporary "correct" usage allows for the quoted word/phrase to be used as an indivisible object, meaning punctuation would go outside.

    But, hey, I'm a programmer geek. I'm happy just to be able to communicate at all.

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  • mnkeybsness
    Nov 8, 04:37 PM

    Sorry to yell, but I built ( with phpbb and we all have been regretting it since about 3 months after the site launched. Security holes were the first major issue that we encountered... and now we have incredibly slow loading times and it is very hard to upgrade the software since we have made so many hacks to the default installation.

    If you want lightweight and super fast, try PunBB (

    If you want a powerful board with good support, use vBulleting or Invision Powerboard.


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  • kingmohd84
    Jun 12, 12:33 AM
    Hello everyone

    I would like to listen to your thought about the direction apple is taking. As you know the Keynote was only about iPhone.

    This has to be the least hyped(and cared about) keynote since steve jobs returned to Apple. I didnt even know when it was going to be until I read on a videogame website that there was this 3d game for the new iphone.

    The keynote when it had breakthrough inventions, and great "one more things", where original imac and imac flat panel was introduced, os x, and many great we only hear about one of apple's gadgets and it is the iphone.

    I do realize the apple is smart to increase its money and move into the future by not eating more of the PC market where it is hard and competitive but to go into new markets like they did with ipod and itunes. But I believe Apple is starting to neglect the computer market.

    A whole keynote about iphone? its supposed to be for mac computers and a section for iphone. This clearly showed in leopard where a lot of people complained about it and it wasnt breakthrough like its previous brothers.

    Apple computers and software is not bad, its just being neglected. I am afraid that Apple is no longer creating great computers that beat out other pc's. They are halting that, and concentrating on entertainment(movies & music) and other gadgets...iphone,ipod, apple tv, airport...etc.

    I recall a day where people swear by their macs, people are happy and proud to run their mac computer. Now its just, i will get mac because its the next cool thing...but that iphone, thats GREAT!

    Does apple not care about their core business, computing? its clear since they changed Apple computers to Appl INC.

    The way I see it, apple is slowly neglecting the computer market, and moving toward entertainment and gadgets. I am afraid the day will come where we will see OS X on non apple hardware. Things arent like they used to be, and I do not see apple pushing more toward people switching to macs, but more on spreading iphone and ipod.

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  • RobT
    May 5, 02:46 PM
    It's obviously only been a short time but I do think 4.3.3 battery life is better. Otherwise, no change, no problems (and no location tracking I guess).


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  • radiantm3
    Dec 5, 10:07 PM
    I'm having trouble with vertical distance in GoLive.

    eg: my home page.

    I want to have a certain distance between various headings and sections of but really can't seem to get the "box" tool working properly. Any ideas for guaranteeing vertical distance... without getting into html? (Html scares me at this stage.):eek:

    I looked at your code and almost crapped my pants! Some scary case of DIVitis (among other things) going on in there. :eek: :p

    I don't think anyone can help you until your code is cleaned up. :o

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  • boxcar
    Jul 8, 09:09 AM
    i got the superdrive. only because that is what the apple store in NH had in stock (no sales tax and a 30min drive from boston)


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  • Nereus
    Dec 17, 02:56 AM
    On the Aluminium powerbooks the airport card is not user replacable part. It sounds like the antenna cable is not connected as other posters have said. This is a 10-15 minute fix and your local Apple store will probably do it as you wait.

    To answer your earlier question, according to the apple service manual disconnecting the airport antenna is a required step when replacing a display since the airport antenna cable crosses over the top of the main display data cable.

    Thanks mrichmon! I'll call Apple right away on Monday to have it fixed. :)

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 3, 12:04 AM
    IIRC, the Quadro is the same as the 7800, but with a port for a stereo-3D headset.

    I've got a 6600 in my PowerMac G5 and it's certainly whisper quiet since it doesn't have a fan. I'm considering an upgrade to an ATI X1900, though. I've got an X1900XT in my Mac Pro at work and I'm more than modestly pleased with it, but the 6600 is more than adequate for what I need at home.

    So, the Quadro fx 4500 is noisy like the 7800 GT? I mean, this 7800 GT is noisy as noise is spelt: N O I S E!!


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  • Consultant
    May 3, 12:25 PM
    Solution: download from here
    I wrote about the fail here:

    Update: I've tried OpenDNS and google DNS, flush cache, rebooted, still getting errors. But others are saying the Apple page is working for them.

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  • macnulty
    Jan 1, 12:26 PM
    Besides the obvious of Apple, Filemaker and Nisus (Writer Express 2, great word processor)


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  • Peter.Howard
    Nov 13, 09:11 PM
    you get the ? disk icon when holding down shift key?

    but without shift key it boots normally?

    you may want to let it get to the happy mac icon, then hold down shift

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  • arn
    Jul 24, 08:52 AM
    "Registered" simply means you have a username/login.

    So, if you are reading this, you are registered. :)



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  • zelmo
    Mar 7, 02:18 PM
    I have computers running all the time, and this seems like a worthy cause.
    My dad died from a brain tumor, and my sister recently underwent surgery to remove a large chunk of cancerous liver tissue [and is starting up chemo very soon:( ].
    It might be akin to throwing splinters from the arms of deck chairs off the Titanic, but it makes me feel like I'm contributing, and the competitive nature of accumulating points is a geekycool bonus.

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  • paulypants
    Mar 11, 12:49 PM
    Recently I have had an issue where if I get 1 piece of new mail the Dock Icon tells me that there is 3 instead of one. If I quit and relaunch Mail it will display correclty...any ideas?



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  • jdechko
    Mar 29, 08:17 AM
    2 - Where can I get one?

    Well, I'm not familiar with your location :D , but if you're in the states, you might want to check out EB Games/Gamestop/Rhino. Normally, these stores aren't worth the hassle, but when looking for old game accessories, you gotta take what you can get. Also, look for garage sales. Might be able to pick one up for very little, though you stand the chance of spending more on gas then on the product itself. Then, there's always ebay.

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  • eva01
    Oct 7, 03:06 AM
    I agree 100% with the comments about flash

    I despise of flash with all my heart it is horrible

    Learn PHP it is fun

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  • hellrider
    Jun 15, 11:21 AM
    I haven't pre-ordered, but at this point do you think it will make any difference. I plan on heading to the Apple store at 6:00 am or so.

    Apr 5, 03:53 PM
    Some one from some little European country kept daring me to try and catch up to them.


    Apr 25, 02:36 PM
    Hi all

    Is there anywhere to get some cheap ram for the 2008 Mac Pro

    It seems to be so expensive everywhere that it almost makes it not worth the upgrade!

    Jun 20, 10:49 PM
    wow, didn't realize we have dukies here @ MR -_-

    dukie is everywhere :)

    Dec 23, 10:42 PM
    ipod ipod ipod ipod :rolleyes:

    Cool.:cool: Looks like the hardware pages, which I like, a lot.

    Oct 30, 03:58 PM
    LOL. I meant that to joke dude. But This should give apple some kick....

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