Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-26 12:53 PM
    According to the pattern the next one is due tomorrow,

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  • veeyes2009
    02-14 10:25 AM
    After reading your posts i checked my cases online and LUD changed on 02/10 (Mine) & 02/13 (my wife) too for the first time since they are filed .... Both cases start with LIN xxxxxxxx & both are at NSC, EB3-I, PD March 2005. We have given FP twice so far once after filing the cases and other when we applied for EAD/AP extensions.

    No emails though .... Not sure what they are checking or updating ...

    Hoping for the best like you all ... good luck. Please share if you have any updates

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  • ndny
    07-25 02:32 PM
    go to top ..please

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  • kghoshal
    12-21 11:47 PM
    Indeed it was great Christmas new. At last.


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  • sanbaj
    03-27 11:56 AM
    Hello Sanbaj, where did you send your interfiling request ? I mean which center ? I am also in same situation but I did not send the original I-140 approval copy.
    NSC. I got the RNs from there.

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  • desi485
    10-10 06:08 PM
    I have seen SWITCH ppl starving to SWITCH on H1B (rat-race) and its not without a reason.


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  • jungalee43
    03-18 04:02 PM
    As already reported if SJC can send their bill on March 27, their bill would replace the bill braught by Sen. Frist. We all know that Frist bill is more positive than Specter mark? Should we start sending faxes to SJC to include identical EB provisions as Frist bill in SJC bill also?

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  • gsc999
    08-31 02:45 PM
    Wear the Gear:
    California, thanks for showing your support! If you are on the fence and still deciding to attend the rally or not. Do what the sheep did, jump the fence and put the issue to rest or sleep :)

    I ordered my IV T-shirt, it looks cool, with California printed on the back. It takes a couple of days in the mail so order now. I am excited about the event, it would be fun.

    Flaunt that Flag:
    We are ordering American flags and California state flag for the rally.
    Who wants to carry the California state flag at the rally:)? This is an honor so who ever volunteer's first gets to hold it and probably get on TV. You will represent the Silicon valley.

    Guys in Nor. Cal. Can you help me carry some stuff to DC? I have some T-shirts I need to get to DC.


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  • apt29
    08-12 04:52 PM
    A little unrelated question but couldn't find the the right thread to post it...

    What do you do if while traveling abroad, your GC is lost/stolen? Would the CBP officer at the airport allow you back in on the basis of a photocopy?

    Another similar Question:
    do we need carry the supporting documentation(Birth/Marrriage certificate, old H1Bs, etc) certifacte while travelling with GC? Please share your experience.

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  • Waitingnvain
    07-17 12:22 PM
    I think you might be getting stressed out for no reason vis-a-vis the job market. Most of the people applying (~500k by your estimates) are already on H-1B or L-1. The number of spouses getting EAD is another question.

    Just imagine what will happen to the market flooded with EADs. Job market for H1Bs will totally be down. No US companies will hire H1Bs if they get somebody with an EAD. Tonnes of Junior developers and S/W testers will in the market driving the billing rates down even further. It's better to pack up and leave. I have heard from one of the forums here that an estimated 500K people will file this month since all PDs are current. EB-3 mexico + phillipines togther alone will be close to 300K. God help the Job market.

    Also minimum wait time will be 500K/140K ~ 4 yrs before they get to process your GC. Add to that the time for namecheck backlog 2+ yrs. So total 6+ yrs before getting GC........



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  • garybanz
    11-02 04:25 PM
    I will repeat again that I said earlier.

    Again, do not quote some lawyer's opinion on this issue from his/her website.


    The law seems to have changes due to AC21, I don't think we can get any actual data of any one who got his GC after AC21 and has already converted to citizenship.

    It would be really great if IV can contact USCIS and get an official guideline on this topic.


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  • shivarajan
    06-10 03:52 AM
    funny it says ...

    "...... we can likely expect to see the following cutoff dates in the October, 2009 Visa Bulletin:...."

    EB2 Worldwide: Current
    EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year.

    Can anything be grimmer than U (EB3) and 01-JAN-2000 --almost 1999 (EB2) which it is currently?

    It may be "U" (that's not grim for us for sure, we can take anything now --some have lost it waiting long... so try out?)

    Or ohhh wait r they creating a new record assigning something like 1991 for EB* (India) rather than U?

    U don't even see cars that old on roads :D


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  • EBX-Man
    05-11 03:57 PM
    Ahhh !!!! the junior members come out of the wood work with enthusiasm and fire. let us see how long this lasts !!!!, Only untIl the next VB I would assume

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  • Leo07
    06-03 04:53 PM
    "(b) Worldwide Level of Employment-Based Immigrants- Section 201(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(d)) is amended to read as follows:CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(d) Worldwide Level of Employment-Based Immigrants-CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(1) IN GENERAL- The worldwide level of employment-based immigrants under this subsection for a fiscal year is equal to the sum of--CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(A) 140,000;CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(B) the number computed under paragraph (2); andCommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(C) the number computed under paragraph (3).CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(2) UNUSED VISA NUMBERS FROM PREVIOUS FISCAL YEAR- The number computed under this paragraph for a fiscal year is the difference, if any, between--CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(A) the worldwide level of employment-based immigrant visas established for the previous fiscal year; andCommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(B) the number of visas issued under section 203(b), subject to this subsection, during the previous fiscal year.CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(3) UNUSED VISA NUMBERS FROM FISCAL YEARS 1992 THROUGH 2007- The number computed under this paragraph is the difference, if any, between--CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(A) the difference, if any, between--CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(i) the sum of the worldwide levels of employment-based immigrant visas established for each of fiscal years 1992 through 2007; andCommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(ii) the number of visas issued under section 203(b), subject to this subsection, during such fiscal years; andCommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    ‘(B) the number of unused visas from fiscal years 1992 through 2007 that were issued after fiscal year 2007 under section 203(b), subject to this subsection.’.CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    (c) Effective Date- The amendments made by this section shall take effect on the date which is 60 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.CommentsClose CommentsPermalink

    The same bill text can be verified here:

    I think his post was based on the summary on the site.

    "OpenCongress Summary:
    This legislation would reform the family-based immigration system and speed up the process for family members of legal immigrants to secure visas. Specifically, it would reclassify spouses and children of legal immigrants as immediate relatives, raise the per-country family-sponsored immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admissions, recapture visas that went unused in previous years due to bureaucratic errors, allow widows and spouses to remain eligible for visas after the death of a sponsoring family member, and more."


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  • sparky_jones
    09-27 04:53 PM
    I filed at NSC, got transferred and receipted at CSC, then got transferred to TSC. See my ginature for details
    ANYONE else in this queue.

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  • Devils_Advocate
    06-24 01:20 PM
    The pace by which the Climate change and health plan bills are moving is pretty impressive, they should tackle that within a reasonable period of time, i have a strong feeling that CIR might be taken up this year, as all the dirt has been worked out in 2007, its just a question of political will, and with the hispanic vote swing that changed the face of the elections, the GOP might just swing the other way, you never know


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  • glus
    04-13 11:49 AM
    Looks like for the ROW the EB3 moved by a year. In march it was for August 2002 and in April it is for August 2003. That good for some folks who are rest of me. Still 2 years away for me......

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  • msp1976
    12-20 05:17 PM
    Hello IV and its core members,

    INA 202 (a) (3)

    �Exception if additional visas available. - If because of the application of paragraph (2) with respect to one or more foreign states or dependent areas, the total number of visas available under both subsections (a-Family category) and (b-Employment category) of section 203 for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who otherwise may be issued such a visa, paragraph (2) shall not apply to visas made available to such states or areas during the remainder of such calendar quarter�.
    Therefore, the 7% country cap had always been �soft� till year 2000.

    After year 2000, AC21 has completely removed country cap in each employment category, if excess visas are available in each preference categories.

    After 2000 (After AC21) the following law was added to INA in the section 202.

    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.

    The devil is in the details....What do they determine during the year that there are additional visas available ??? In that question lies the whole issue...
    The state dept. would not give the number usage statistics until the year has ended..The laws say something...the Babus in Washington interpret it in their own way and donot explain anything....How do you make them tell their interpretation ????

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  • GCplease
    05-09 09:58 AM
    OMG, I am truly apalled by these stories. What is DOS upto.

    Reminds me of the movie Rendition where the guy will be taken to another country and physically tortured because he is an American Citizen but born in a Muslim country and he is a chemical Engineer.

    Here in these real life stories, the physical torture is not there (Thank God), but the emotional torture is equally worse. I still cannot believe something like this can happen in this century.

    People forced to have an extended stay in their home country, forced to let go of their belongings in US, not sure if their employer will preserve his job, this is ridiculous.

    Guys, I am really sorry for you. I would suggest, a bunch of you guys join together, contribute some money and consult with an Attorney like Sheila Murthy or Rajiv Khanna and try to coordinate things through Immigration Voice because our name could carry some weight. There should be atleast 10 of you guys so that there can be the desired impact. I am sure your Employers will be backing you. Get letters from them, document your sufferings and get in touch with Senators and congressmen.

    I sincerely hope your sufferings will come to an end in the near future.

    I think, getting my visa re-stamped has become the most inhuman experience. I received my visa renewal I-797 in January 2008 and since I was visiting India in Feb 2008, I decided to get the remaining period (2 years) of my H1B visa stamped. I was not expecting any trouble since I had received my 2nd visa stamp just last year in March 2007. I thought it was impossible for the visa officer's to not have my information since I have been through the drill two times before. Unfortunately, on the Feb 11th, when I went to get my passport stamped, the Visa Officer started giving out blue handouts (this one is not even listed on the New Delhi embassy website) one after the other and sure enough to me too. She wanted to know what I did (Quality Engineer in a biotech company) and even while I was explaining she started chit chatting and laughing with her superior (I assume). Then she wanted to know about my experience of over 4 years in just three words. I was completely shocked. How could I sum up my experience in 3 words. I gave her my answer but was bluntly told to take the blue handout and send the questionnaire and resume as listed to a given email ID. I did that the next day, having no idea what I was getting into. It has been over 2 and a half months now and till date I have no idea what exactly is my fault and what is happening with my visa. The visa officer kept my and my wife's passports and I-797 form and around march 11th asked for my i-129 and other documents which I promptly gave at the embassy. Every time i have called the embassy or the DOS, I get the same response that the application is pending security check and no more details can be given. They refuse to understand that I have a life and home there and i have to pay my bills. I have lived in US for 8 years now and have also completed my master's there. Every month I have to call the utility companies, insurance company, post office and phone company to know what my bills are and have to pay them. Every two months I have to spend close to Rs 1800 to fedex checks to my friends so that they can pay my rent. I have had to cancel my flight tickets and suffered losses there. I have not even filed my tax returns for the year. My life is thrown completely out of gear and i have no idea how i will pay my rent and bills if my company decides to put me on unpaid leave or just terminates my employment. The consulates refuse to issue even a visitor visa so that we can go to US and dispose off our properties. How inhuman and arrogant can the get? How could we possibly become criminals overnight? How can they expect our employer's to retain us after such long delays (so guys have been stuck for 8 or more months)? Aren't they forcing unemployment unjustly on us without any reason if they cannot find anything wrong with our background later? What national security secrets act is preventing the phone visa specialists from disclosing exactly where we are in the process and what is stopping the progress? There are so many questions that need answers and all of us feel helpless as we continue to witness DOS destroy our credibility, careers, our credit history...almost everything that we have worked so hard to earn. How can they expect to build bridges with the world when they are hurting unjustly so many people (29 pages worth of numbers at delhi website and some 59 pages worth of numbers at the chennai website and God knows how many on other consulates worldwide. I have heard people spending some $5000 every month in Canada. This is horrible and some community organizations and law firms must talk to the DOS/Whitehouse about this issue. National Security is must but there must be better way than playing with the future of so many innocent people (99% most likely of which will have acceptable backgrounds).

    10-23 05:50 PM
    If they don't want to publish the numbers, fine. If they don't want to process application, we can't do anything about it. But at least move the PD forward so more cases become eligible for approval and it makes USCIS's life easy to use all the numbers.

    Whats the use if they move PD forward by 2 years in July and then USCIS is super busy using all the numbers available. It would be better if DOS move PD forward every quarter if they see visa numbers are not utilitized.

    They should divide 140K total numbers by 12 (which is 11666) and watch each month how many numbers were used in last month. If 11666 numbers were not used last month then they should move PD for retrogressed country forward so more cases become eligible.

    This is not rocket science and I don't know why DOS don't understand it.

    03-26 03:39 PM
    Can't agree more. This is nothing but harassment. What has drivers license got to do with employment or immigration status ?

    I don't understand how many of our members think that this is the right thing to do. Haven't we got enough chains on us already ? :rolleyes:
    I feel like this is an example of how messed up this country is becoming. I used to work in Dubai and you need to show a copy of your visa page and employer letter for things like

    1. Getting an internet connection . I kid you not: DSL became available thru Etisalat and I needed a copy of my visa page before I could get an internet connection,

    2.Driver's License. This one takes the cake: I needed a letter from my employer stating that HE IS OK WITH ME APPLYING FOR A DRIVING LICENSE. Not an EVL but an EAL (Employer Authorizing Letter)

    What does it tell you when you reach a situation where the laws and policies within individual US states start bearing resemblance to those used by medieval monarchies.

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