Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • trueguy
    08-27 12:48 PM
    It cann't be EB3-ROW. EB3-ROW should start somewhere in 2006 hopefully.

    Here is EB3 PD movement for FY 2008:

    Month EB3-I EB3-ROW
    Sep'2008 Unavailable Unavailable
    Aug'2008 Unavailable Unavailable
    Jul'2008 Unavailable Unavailable
    Jun'2008 Nov01'2001 Mar01'2006
    May'2008 Nov01'2001 Mar01'2006
    Apr'2008 Oct01'2001 Jul01'2005
    Mar'2008 Aug01'2001 Jan01'2005
    Feb'2008 May08'2001 Nov01'2002
    Jan'2008 May01'2001 Oct15'2002
    Dec'07 May01'2001 Sep01'2002
    Nov'07 Apr'22'2001 Aug01'2002
    Oct'07 Apr'22'2001 Aug01'2002

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    04-27 10:32 PM
    6. Maintain a detailed list of all legal troubles, including minor traffic infractions such as speeding violations (ignore parking violations, because they do not constitute legal "detention"), going as far back as possible. Keep copies of all relevant court papers, traffic tickets, proof of any payment (e.g. scanned copies of personal checks used, credit card statements), and so on.

    Why should speeding tickets matter? :confused:
    It's been some time but I recall being asked something about legal troubles but lawyers when they filed my 485. They said to exclude speeding tickets.

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  • lsuk
    07-13 09:12 PM
    Guys! Thank you for marching for all of us! Let's not give it up! Now's the time to convince them!

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  • NKR
    09-25 10:58 AM
    Hey buddy sc3, How are you this morning. I just have to go to a meeting in another few minutes. Would you be around today? We have to continue our discussion from the other day. I feel like learning a lot from you and I love discussing with you. Please stick around and I will be back soon. Please don't go, ok. In the meantime, here is an excellent video you may want to watch in the meantime.

    This is really good.


    Why don't you go on IV chat?.


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  • bostonqa
    02-14 08:50 AM
    Can we have some kind of time line that IV core/lobbying firm has knowledge of about S .9 and what might or will happen in March, just in another 15 days.

    If I call the IV number, can we get the future time line.

    My GUESS is that, it would take same time (if not more) for S9 as it would take for the IRAQ issue in Senate and House.

    I think if it wasn�t for the IRAQ fiasco we would have had our issues resolved a year back.

    And the start of S9 won�t happen till IRAQ issue is resolved/voted/rejected in senate or house.

    I think the biggest hurdle for S9 would be the request by Democrats to DUBYA to provide certain number of votes from Republicans. Democrats do not want to put there neck on the line for immigration issue. In other words if it comes to party line voting S9 is probably on the fence, and most likely to not pass.

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  • gc_peshwa
    01-10 12:22 PM
    That seems to be the way where this is heading. Would this be another july fiasco?.
    I dont mean to sound negative but I desperately need a way to file I-485 for my wife to get EAD. She has been rejected twice just coz she did not have a work permit/or was not a GC holder/citizen.
    Mind you she has a brilliant engineering academic record and worked in India for 2 years a Java programmer before marrying me :mad:
    I don't know if USCIS has "wasted" visa numbers but just like the Government has been "borrowing" money from future why cant they borrow "visa numbers" from future (or even past for that matter)...does sound ridiculous :eek: The economy is in recession for last 2 years for sure. Less and less number of folks are filing for GC. I would expect the EB1 numbers spilling over big time to EB2. That has not happened. Its been 3 loooong years after the July 07 fiasco and USCIS still doesnt have enough numbers to clear the backlog...this is BS.
    Bottomline is we do need USCIS to advance the dates rapidly enough so that thousands like me can be relieved of their daily ordeal in US....sorry for the selfish thought..:o I just had a shot of tequila....


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  • dr_vroeg
    06-16 09:58 AM
    mette...just read your post...your mean :p

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  • belmontboy
    04-20 04:56 PM
    getgreen and bboy this is for you .......

    dont mind the hypocrites here. They are blinded by frustration and have lost their minds. In fact, at this rate, the time may not be far away when they decide to bid adieu

    ignoring you again :D


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  • When485
    04-01 09:05 PM
    All our I485 applications had a soft LUD of today. Recently I applied EAD for my son and it got approved within 15 days. One of my friends got LUD and later (after 2 days) a Hard LUD that they sent an RFE. Our SC is Nebraska. some of my friends also had got Soft LUD 2 weeks before but no change inside... Not sure what is awaiting us. Hopefully its all pre-adjudication. Any insights will be highly appreciated.


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  • pappu
    12-13 10:02 AM
    The ideas are good and in the past we have contemplated having a paid member area on IV site too. However the biggest problem we have is - who will manage it?
    We all have full time jobs and already have our hands full. Adding anything extra to the current workload will be too much work for us.

    Either we hire someone to do it. And to hire we need money. We find it hard to even raise money for Lobbying every other month. There are other important areas like publicity we can look at too if we get more funds. So we cannot hire anyone to manage this.

    Now can someone volunteer for it? Yes but how many people come forward with a commitment in a 25k membership? You can see from the thread
    So if people are not willing to make a commitment and have their spouses to help us from home for this cause, we cannot take our ideas any further. We can only do what our limited time, funds and manpower allows.

    This is a reality and is the reason why we all do not have greencards till now. Solving this greencard issue is not difficult. Its only a matter of gathering enough people and people wanting to make an effort. IV has been around for 2 years now and only 25K people have signed up. We should have had about half million signups by now and millions of dollars to spend on large scale lobbying, media publicity and several initiatives to draw the attention of lawmakers on this issue. That has not yet happened and will not happen until we all indicate how badly we want greencards.


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  • bigboy007
    04-27 11:28 PM
    For me as i did similar analysis during CIR 2007 the text of the bill looks very much similar. They had the same issues on H1/L1 except now fraud prevention... Not sure where it goes... Any idea Pappu, PPL seem to be still interested in debating H1Vs L1 etc... For sure more offshoring...


    I went through the text of the new bill vis-a-vis current INA and compared the old and the proposed act. Here are the findings -

    Section 101 - This spells disaster for all H1Bs in consulting companies (as FT or C2C) -

    by striking clause (ii) of sub-paragraph (E) of the section 212(n)(1), and then adding the new clauses under (F), they are PROHIBITING placement of H1B employees on another employer's site, period. This will affect NOT ONLY pure staffing (desi or non-desi) companies who place their W-2 H1B employees at client site, BUT ALSO big consulting companies like IBM/ACCENTURE/DELOITTE et al. No placement/leasing/outsourcing/contracting for services or otherwise at another employer, period - UNLESS a waiver is obtained, which will mean every company will need to obtain a waiver in order to do so, EFFECTIVELY ENDING ANY CONSULTING BY H1B.

    Section 102 - This spells disaster for all companies who's H1B+L1 > 50% total employees

    by inserting two new clauses (H) and (I) in section 212(n)(1), it prohibits H1B only or H1B preferred advertisements and prevents any company that employees more than 50 employees to submit NEW H1B/L1 application IF the total number of H1B and L1 employees exceeds 50% of its total employees. It also requires ANY company employing even a single H1B employee to submit W-2s of IRS. This affects ALL Indian IT companies like TCS/WIPRO/INFOSYS/COGNIZANT et al.

    remaining sections (103 onwards) are more about enforcement and investigations.

    Section 201 - This spells disaster for companies that bring in workers on L visas

    This also affects ALL Indian IT companies like TCS/WIPRO/INFOSYS/COGNIZANT et al. AS WELL AS some other companies that might bring in workers from their home country.


    In the SHORT RUN, this hurts outsourcing industry, as they need more time, and H1B/L1 resources on site to transition the work offshore, but I agree that in the LONG RUN, it will GREATLY BENEFIT AND INCREASE OUTSOURCING.

    That will indeed be a sad day. Grassley and Durbin are trying to cut the branch they are sitting on. :) This will have the exact opposite of their desired effect.

    Hope this helps.

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  • chanduv23
    07-02 09:50 AM
    It looks like, in many cases, employees are ready to put up with the crap due to some reason or the other but come to IV and complain because they want to vent out their frustration and organizations like IV is the sweet old mom who will hug anyone who needs support and they feel the comfort and warmth under IVs arms.
    Where else can they go? Not AILA offcourse, not Compete America, not ALIPAC , nor their lawyers, cannot discuss with friends or coworkers - everyone is looking out for themselves and will not bother about other's issues (unfortunately thats how people are)

    So many people come here to see if they find some solace - if IV starts a new initiative to help thewse people out - will they come out of their shadows and utilize the services?


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  • smartboy75
    10-01 01:36 PM
    Another intresting update...

    I just checked the USCIS website and found out that the approved H1 which has been reopened has a Last Updated date of 09/30/2007....

    09/30/2007 was a Sunday...why is USCIS working on the case on Sunday ???

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  • shishya
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Anybody got any idea on my situation?
    I am an absolute newbie, I unfortunately dont! :(


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  • prashantc
    01-31 11:26 AM
    Congratulations...and am happy for you.
    Dear lost_in_gc,

    I am praying for you. And everyone who is a victim of the now naive PIMS system. I assure you you will hear good news soon. Good luck buddy!

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  • ilikekilo
    04-28 09:58 AM
    Can somebody please post a link to the 'original' H-1B Employer Application Requirements document from USICS (not interim docs) ?

    I believe this is the one you are looking for!?


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  • rajagopal_04
    01-01 08:57 AM
    Attended Interview on Dec 12,
    Visa Stamped on Dec 17
    Got the passport on Dec 20th.

    I am still waiting for my wife's PP (interview on DEC 19th). My friend went on DEC 26th and got his on the same day....

    What about you guys who are waiting for thier PPs?

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  • nandakumar
    04-18 12:02 PM
    For the past 2 weeks many times I emailed/called most of my friends with our situation, only couple of them made contributions. Looks like most of them wants free lunch:mad:

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    12-09 11:13 AM
    I read about your intense desire for GC and was thinking to myself... is GC something that someone has to be so very obsessed about? But after reading about your ordeal on this thread, I am starting to see why this is such a joyful time you in you life. Congrats!!! And I wish you all the best ... hope you will get to taste the better fruits of life now after having gone through so much crap.

    This is a standing testimonial of the kind of negative impact this broken, fu**ed up immigration system brings to the life of individuals. Core IV team, I think we should package this person's story and use it as an example of how bad things can get in this system and publicize this incident. Maybe mail his story to all the incoming senators and house reps and make them see the kind of shit every single person undergoes in this system. This almost makes Abu Gharib prison system look like a Christmas fete ... atleast they KNOW the kind of crap they will have to endure each day. With the US immigration system, you never know what they will hit you with next.


    01-29 07:21 PM
    I know a lot of people using pre approved labor certs waiting for GC. What happens to them? I think this rule will affect only those who are trying to do Labor substitution in future.

    11-06 12:10 PM
    I think we as high skilled immigration community need to accept some sort of restrictions on H-1B visa for our provisions for lost visa recapture or additional EB permanent visas. We need to let Senator Grassley know what we can accept. Otherwise everybody is at standstill and nothing will happen.

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