Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • lincolntran
    Jun 29, 02:55 PM
    And this is just the front�
    :eek: :o

    The seldom used optical drive is on the back. All the useful stuff is on the front. :D


    You are totally correct!
    ;) :cool:

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  • ArchaicRevival
    Apr 19, 10:56 AM
    This is so exciting! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about Detox or the White iPhone! :D

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  • Lacero
    Sep 17, 11:00 AM
    How would one go about dating an Apple employee??
    Could you surreptitiously take a photo of her with an iSight and post her picture here? I wanna see just how gorgeous this girl is. Or what that be too much to ask?

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  • mazola
    Sep 25, 10:30 AM
    right now there is an "On-going demonstration about how metadata is stored even when some media is offline"

    I stand corrected.


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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 08:53 AM
    I once sat on a plane next to an intellectual property lawyer who was commuting to NYC for work from Rochester. As it turned out he had once worked for EK and was now working in the city.

    When I conveyed my surprised over how strange it was that Eastman Kodak was lagging behind in digital imaging and still focused on film considering they were responsible for much of the technology behind digital imaging, he basically inferred that EK's leadership mismanaged their patent goldmine.

    i bet they had people there with MBA's from good schools running financial what if's and telling management to avoid digital because they will make less money due to not selling the film or anything other than the camera

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  • dscuber9000
    Apr 9, 10:20 PM
    Are you suggesting it is harder to abort than to raise a child?

    Both are terrible for two very different reasons.


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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 8, 10:40 PM
    It's temporary just to avoid the shutdown. A government shutdown so that Tea Partiers can push their conservative social agenda wouldn't go over too well.

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  • bildio
    Apr 21, 07:11 AM
    Sometimes it will just sit there on some of my older workstations. Clearing cache or waiting on hardware or whatever the heck it does.

    Most times it's installing something. I wait it out and eventually windows will shutdown.

    If it's installing something, there's usually something like a "cursor" flashing, but in this case the "cursor" was frozen in place.


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  • generik
    Dec 6, 03:07 PM
    All Macs?

    Even Mac Mini?

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  • Jason Beck
    Jun 18, 06:44 PM
    You guys realize the 2TB is just a theorized maximum? The technology is quite there yet.

    I would be happy with even 1TB Sd. :D


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  • danielbriggs
    Nov 21, 04:52 PM
    This is not really new technology.

    This is a very common device what is new is that someone is marketing it to Apple.

    I agree... But sounds nice, but I just don't think it will pay off. Keep a fan spinning 10 mins longer may set you back around £5-10. + add's size an weight.

    Nice idea, not practical

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  • BenRoethig
    Oct 30, 11:34 AM

    Macworld posted an article on the subject today. You can read it with the link above. I'm going to post a couple comments from the article by Adobe's John Nack.

    Nack offers a different point of view. From his perspective, if Apple hadn�t switched to Intel processors, Soundbooth might very likely be a Windows application only. Apple�s migration to the Intel chip architecture �makes Mac development more attractive,� said Nack.

    �Here�s the reality: Apple�s migration to Intel chips means that it�s easier to develop for both Mac and Windows, because instead of splitting development resources optimizing for two different chip architectures, you can focus on just one,� he wrote.

    This is why the PowerPC machines need to go as quickly as everyone can buy an Intel machine. Making a intel only Mac Application is cheaper and less time consuming for the developer and is able to take advantage of any code optimization for the x86 platform. That makes it more likey that we'll get better software products and applications we normally wouldn't get. To be frank, developers had absolutely no reason to optimize PPC applications. The platform is too small to warrant it.

    The follow snippet is something the platform as a whole should take note of. It should be pretty self explanatory.

    Nack � a professed �die-hard� Mac user � also refers to �that vocal little group of zealots and forum trolls� he sees as particularly damaging to Mac users� reputations as a whole.

    �You�re hurting the Mac platform. You�re hurting the Mac community. You need to crush a little aluminum foil against those antennae of yours, because you�re hurting everyone concerned. You�re making it harder (and less appealing) for people of goodwill to make the effort to support the Mac,� he said.


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  • Mr. Incredible
    Apr 6, 03:57 PM
    So, I have a 2007 MacBook, it's really old, and it's in horrible condition (been dropped too many times).

    I want to sell it to get my parents an iPad.

    My dad is the only one who really uses my old macbook, and just uses it for Skype, which is a free app for the iPad.

    Here are my specs, and I will provide pictures also:

    Mac OS X version 10.4.11
    Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Capacity: 80 GB

    When using the computer, it does make some sound, like something is spinning fast below the number keys on the keyboard, I think it's the hard drive, not sure.

    Also, it's battery is practically dead or dying. It has to be plugged in for you to actually use it, if it's not plugged into an outlet, the most it will last before the battery dies is under 2 hours.

    So, how much can I sell this for?

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  • firestarter
    May 3, 04:22 PM
    Not all lives are "equal". One life of an important financial worker who perished at WTC might be worth more than 1000 soldiers. That's the order of society. A soldier's life is meant to be sacrificed to protect the worker. Some "warriors" are born to be this way, like army ants. The worker is more important because he makes guns to put into the hands of new soldiers. And of course, as you may have noticed, many of the front line (infantry) consists of would be rejects of society that have been conditioned and given a chance to serve a greater purpose than to become delinquents or menial workers that they would have been. "Unimportant Lives" in the big picture despite what their own families think of them. That's the unwritten rule.

    I disagree with the difference you're placing between financial workers and soldiers. For all the financial workers lost in the twin towers, others were keen to get in to the industry and take their places. Take Cantor Fitzgerald - almost wiped out by the attack (638 employees killed), it didn't take them long to rebound (http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1891774,00.html).

    I was on the phone to colleagues in 7 world trade on the day of the attack, and talked with them later about their experience (quite a few took the opportunity to 'reappraise their lives' and stepped away from the industry). They were replaced by others just as good, and our computer systems which were wiped out when the building fell were back on line in hours/days.

    People are very resilient and soon bounce back from things like terrorist attacks. Useless waste, pork barrel 'homeland security' projects, 'traffic light' security levels and ongoing war create a steady wearying depression on a country - and I think the negative effect of that has been out of all proportion of the attack.


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  • Benjy91
    Mar 25, 10:26 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8F190)

    When you release the kinds of game-chaining products that Apple does, I'm kind of inclined to look the other way. Why not. Apple's earned special treatment for the time being. That is, for the time being.

    Might doesn't make right. But being exceedingly awesome, does.

    I know it sounds unfair, but **** it. Apple's changed the entire conditions of the game.

    It doesnt matter what they've done, no company should deserve special treatment.

    And "being exeedingly awesome" puts you above the law?

    Well that confirms it, *LTD* is 14 years old.

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  • Bosunsfate
    Nov 21, 04:47 PM
    They work, buy passing a relativly large current 3-20 amps, depending on wattage. to draw heat from one side to another basically. one side is -10 degrees c. The other is +80 degrees c.

    This hits what I think is their main hurdle...how do you get these numbers down.

    A nearly 100C difference and the amps alone make this really a problem for basic consumer devices..

    Now on an industrial scale...


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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 17, 04:51 PM
    No, both should just be civil offences.

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  • mgauss
    Oct 16, 10:03 PM
    The world is ready for the "computer we carry" that "syncs with the computer at home and work."

    The iPhone will also let Apple hook the user into the whole Apple experience by giving cell users what no cell company has done: a good cell phone operating system, with friendly software.

    If Apple misses this opportunity, it will be the defining moment in its history.

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  • snberk103
    Jul 12, 10:24 AM
    Are you living in 2005 or so? Recent SD cards already max out at 64GB. That is already ~100 CDs worth of data.

    As I already posted, I had a brain vapour lock when I wrote..... it happens at my age... though I've noticed that it is not exclusive to any particular age...:D

    May 5, 09:37 AM
    Looking at numbers alone, you will be paying more for an apple laptop then a dell, hp, asus etc. Its called the apple tax

    Its funny how all the macs are turned off and all the windows PCs are one :)

    Apr 18, 09:16 PM
    I am trading this guy a crappy guitar for it. I don't plan on using it, just wondering if it is something I could flip and make a profit. And the guitar has not been used since I was around 10 and I am pretty sure it is from Walmart.

    Don't count on making a profit off of an iMac G3. I think at most it is worth $40. Having the box and everything is a plus, but it is still a G3. With all that said I would definitley buy it and keep. I bought one a while back in box with all the original items and box for $10!!

    Apr 20, 02:09 PM
    Why do you guys assume Nvidia cannot make graphic cards for Sandy Bridge? Have you seen Dell's Alienware laptop line? They have the new processors and also are using Nvidia graphics card.

    but those are dedicated GPUs not integrated

    Apr 14, 10:22 PM
    Better check the latest Delta ruling -- no use of an iPod on board at any time.

    Hard to believe, but that is the statement in their magazine and they are having the flight attendents enforce it.:(
    Can you provide more information about that? There's nothing on Delta's Website that references that, including the latest security bulletins. There is the link to their press release about increased iPod integration, dated November 2006: press release here (http://news.delta.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=10453). Nor are there any iPod-related security suggestions on the TSA's website (which would be the *only* reason Delta or any airline would try to mess with personal music player usage).

    I do know you are not supposed to be using any electronic device (which would include the iPod) at take-off or landing, but having a few frequent flier tickets behind me (all earned with the help of my iPod), I just find this very strange.

    Jun 10, 03:02 PM
    Well software all is mostly OK, but there is a lot of stuff still in Mac OS X (which is now in the root of Old Categories) still to be moved.

    349 edits later, and I'm calling it a day.

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