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  • syzygy
    01-30 06:15 PM
    Done Voting

    Here is another question. Its about leadership but uses immigration as an example.

    "This is just one example of our political status quo: America's LEGAL immigration system is in dire need of a reform. Even though the members of Congress agree to that, they are not able to or not willing to bring about such a reform. Their hands are tied because of a certain powerful focus group who won't allow ANY immigration reform unless it encompasses a comprehensive reform of a well-known controversial issue. Innocent people always get hurt in a war. And in this conflict its the legal immigrants, who have not broken any laws, are the ones who are suffering the most. Senator Obama, as the President of the United States, what will you do, so that the voice of the people can be heard and their problems solved instead of selected powerful groups bullying the lawmakers?"

    Please vote. We need have people talking about our problems. We need to bring awareness about the difference between legal and illegal immigration. The likes of Dobbs often confuse the two.

    Send the letters and vote for these questions.

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  • pmb76
    07-16 01:08 AM
    Yes - i see my signature and comments now.

    Guys - come forward and sign this...


    Thank you for your support. The reason I choose to approve every signature is that I don't want any hateful comments on the petition. Since this petition will be delivered to CNN top executives we must keep the message professional and to the point for maximum impact.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-25 11:28 AM

    I used to transfer money earlier by Remit2India (R2i) and sometimes C2i but since then they started making ( or your stealing) more brokerage money out of my hard earned dollars - i switched :cool:

    Let me know how you feel the online SBI - they are always 15-10 p more than ICICI or CITI so at the end of year if you save average $25k you are anyway saving Rs 25k/year. Plus they maintain some ethics about tweaking rates and the exact day they dump the cash to your account - i got about 43.25 when market rate was 43.57 and those smart banks ( or thieves) were doing around 43.07..43.12

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info diptam.

    ICICI bank did steal my money. Conversion rate applied to my transaction is less than the rate that was on the actual initiation date, transaction date, processed date.

    Not only that its a record time remittance from ICICI bank.

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  • Macaca
    11-19 12:41 PM
    In War on the Middle Class ( Lou Dobbs says H1B workers don't pay taxes.

    However, H-1B workers are legally required to pay the same taxes as any other US resident, including Social Security and Medicare. Some H-1B workers are not eligible to receive any Social Security or Medicare benefits unless they are able to adjust status to that of permanent resident. However, if their country of citizenship has a tax agreement with the United States, they are able to collect the Social Security they've earned even if they don't gain permanent residency.

    In some cases, H-1B workers pay higher taxes than a US citizen because they are not entitled to certain deductions (eg. head of household deduction amongst many others).

    Indian techie slams CNN Lou Dobbs! ( By N. Sivakumar, October 28, 2004

    In a book titled "Dude, did I steal your job? Debugging Indian Computer programmers", the author, an Indian software engineer, has slammed Lou Dobbs of CNN for calling the foreign high-tech workers as non-tax payers, and humiliating the enormous contributions of foreign high-tech workforce to the American economy.

    "Foreign high-tech workers who come here on H-1B / L1 visas pay every tax that U.S. citizens do, including Social Security and Medicare. But if they return to their homeland, then they will not get any benefits from these programs. The recent recession cost the United States more than half a million foreign high-tech workers who had to return home after paying all these taxes. In fact, Americans owe them money"

    The author writes.

    "The ignorance to mention the stupendous contributions of immigrant high-tech workers was the primary cause for the anti-Indian atmosphere which is seen among computer professionals lately. Unfortunately, neither the media nor the public understand the foreign high-tech workforce. The net result: those who supported the foreign high-tech worker programs have taken a back seat to play safe, and Indians and others who came here on visas, and worked their butts off to make this country prosper are named 'slaves', 'dummies', and 'enemies'. writes the author, N.Sivakumar.

    The book also claims that bringing in foreign high-tech workforce at the right time was the primary reason for America's stupendous high-tech success, and gives statistics and evidence to prove that hadn't America acted quickly, the Europeans would have taken over the software dominance.

    The book also outlines the life, struggle and achievements of Indian programmers in America with entertaining facts, and is a prime discussion topic in many anti-outsourcing and immigration websites lately.


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  • styrum
    04-19 03:10 PM
    Just sent my $100. Sorry, can't send more now - out of a paying gigs and very likely to embark on a new job search again soon...

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  • gc28262
    03-10 04:56 PM
    In my view, it is too good to be true. But we have no way to challenge the numbers either. But it is 50% of the entire EB pending cases. Is this document authentic?? I don't see the logo on the letterhead??

    Logo ?

    This is the response letter from Senator's office. All personal info of the requester has been removed.


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  • pappu
    04-19 03:09 PM
    Actually I know someone who got it even faster.

    This Pakistani guy came to the US in 2004 fresh off boat to do Masters. Completed Masters by mid 2005, immediately landed job at MS, they started his GC immediately in EB2 ROW and by end of 2005 he had GC in hand. It was ridiculous.

    This is truly unfair where country of birth determined who gets an 'Employment' based greencard before someone else. It can only be fixed by eliminating per-country limits.

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:28 AM
    Seems like they are discussing about Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey


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  • murthyvvr
    04-08 10:53 AM
    I contributed 50$ at each time on two occassions earlier.
    Looking at the progress we made, I made a contribution of 100$ just now making my total contribution to 200$ so far.

    We are winning and worked enough to come out of the clutches of the {edited by logiclife }.

    WE WILL COME OUT OF THIS {edited by logiclife }

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  • indianindian2006
    03-13 01:16 PM
    Does any one know what the EX and FX categories mean?

    employment and family


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  • desi485
    11-10 06:39 PM
    I don't think this is true. But you put a seed of doubt in my mind, I will confirm with my attorney :)

    ItIsNotFunny, please DO SHARE once you are able to get some insight from your attorney. Meanwhile, I printed out AC21 IV campaign letters and went to each of my co-worker at my work-site and convinced them to send it. Hopefully atleast some of them will send it. Thanks for your effort on behalf of our "descriminated based on country of birth community" :)

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  • ejinal
    07-14 10:58 AM
    Any thoughts on this ??


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  • seattleGC
    05-24 02:18 PM
    Thats not entirely correct. Three of the most vocal supporters of us are
    Sen. Brownback(R) - Kansas
    Sen. Hagel(R) - Nebraska
    Sen Coryn(R) - Texas
    They are from the so-called conservative states.

    I haven't heard anything positive for our cause from senators from the so-called sophisticated/liberal states like Illinois (Dick Durnbin & Obama) , NY , MH (Kennedy and Kerry), CA (Boxer and Fienstein) for our cause. In fact they have gone towards family immigration and are screwing us in the process.

    If you might notice that all these Senators who are coming up with these brilliant ideas are either from some god forsaken place in the US where there is nothing except a WalMart and a Church or the Senator doesnt know his economics right and is using VOTE BANK POLITICS parallel that to the recent Mayawati being elected in UP & AB & AMbani getting hit in scams and SEZs.

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  • Ramba
    10-07 02:41 PM
    There is vast difference between US and Indian housing market crash. India RE market will not collapse like here. There may be a melt down or small correction. The simple big reason is demand for housing in middle class due to economic growth. Based on population density, US is 9 times bigger than India. Lot of land in US. But housing land is so limited in India. So there is always demand. Second reason, there is no sub-prime lending in India. Third, in India, housing loan is based on cash worthiness rather than credit worthyness like in US. So we may not see such a massive foreclosure/bankrupcy in India to bring the price down considerably like in US.

    However, now the prices or extremly high, such that it can not be affordabe to people other than NRI or IT folks. 1 crore houses are very common now. Based on US economy it will definitly come down. It will be depend on how hard IT/outsourcing bussiness gets affectd in future.


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  • burnt
    09-12 09:36 PM
    Yes.. can you please let us know how the rupee draft work? And where can we get it made from?

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  • Macaca
    02-01 02:38 PM
    I am planning on sending some question so the Hillary Clinton Townhall. I will check in with the experts before I send them in
    Clinton, Romney & McCain know about EB GC problems; they may not know some low level details. I don't know about Obama.

    The questions are very very simple.

    What do you plan to do about administrative delays (like labor, namecheck, ...)?

    This can be done by the Prez alone!
    What do you plan to do about the yearly cRap of 140K?

    There is no cRap on F1. There is no cRap on persons hired. Why should there be a cRap on GC?

    I-485 approval should mean GC!

    This needs congressional legislation!
    If retrogression drags then H-1B rules (like pay stubs etc) should not be applicable!

    This MAY need congressional legislation!


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  • Bpositive
    02-03 11:58 AM
    When I was asked to resubmit documents after the interview (via drop box), the consulate said they will need 6-8 working days from the date of receipt of the latter. They indeed took only 7 working days.

    Also, I believe they must already have done PIMS verification in my case since they asked for additional info 16 days after the interview. So in total it took them 29 days ( incl weekends)

    In your case, it doesnt seem they got enough time to do PIMS. It is hard to
    estimate the delays.

    Good luck though will be fine.

    thanks..appreciate it

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  • ilikekilo
    05-24 06:41 PM
    Any idea what is the number of the amendment

    On the Amendment (Sanders Amdt. No. 1223). OK GUYS THIS BILL PASSED $8500 for any h1b renewals, new ones extenstions , correct me if IAm wring

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  • dr_vroeg
    06-07 12:23 PM
    it's a "skin" if you were to wrap the thing celophane with your design you wouldn't see the wheel or the screen... I say play with the screen, the button but not the wheel. besides, you would rub it off in one day and then it would reaaly look like arse.

    11-10 03:46 AM
    right on money!!!- you stole my thoughts dude...thats exactly how i think...

    Using H1B makes one safe. but how many years we want to do the safe job. If I-485 gets denied do u have enough patiences to file another green card. One thing is believe is "We are here to make money, most of us are in our thirties and we have short time remaining to reach our goals. I think we all have one year EAD. wait for 6 months then go on job hopping, learn whatever you can, get into whatever you want. Start a business, do something.... Anything you do will help you in future. Sitting with H1B in pocket may take 4 years cream of your life.
    If you have the talent you can get great salaries anywhere in the world. Because of your talents and hard work you guys are here. World is not small.

    06-03 05:41 PM
    how come the so few are calling?
    everyone has a EAD> no one cares for GC that the case??

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