Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • pointlesswait
    05-01 09:28 AM
    if u change ur job using H1 does it mean ...he has to restart his GC all over again?? ok i am little confused here..

    > if he choses to use EAD..his wife will be oout of its bad

    > if he chooses to transfer using H1..what happens to his EAD???

    I believe AC21 is for shifting employers on EAD after 180 days of I-485.

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  • gcwait2007
    04-18 08:18 PM
    First of all if you are the employee for whom the case has been filed, you should NOT be contacting the Dept. of Labor. The purpose of the DOL as stated in the regs is to notify the USCIS that there are no able, willing, or qualified US workers for the position, and that's why they are granting you the position. If you call, especially over and over as you have indicated, that's a big red flag. Leave it alone and let your attorney or employer contact them.

    A very much TRUE statement....

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  • transpass
    07-24 03:20 PM
    Assuming you have very good credit history - you may also consider getting Citibank PremierPass Elite card. It gives you 1 thankyou point for each mile - multiplied by the number of travellers when you book using this card. This is in addition to any airline miles you will earn.

    I got $500 of gift cards (staples/sears etc.) and cash checks from encashing the thankyou points (roughly fifty something thousand) from my last India trip. This card has $75 yearly fee - but that is more than compensated by the 20,000 bonus thank you points they give for enrolling in the card.

    And if you have a long layover like I had (7 hours) - maybe you could even consider one of those cards which gives you free lounge access. I have Citibank Platinum Amex. These cards require even better credit history than Premierpass Elite. Again - all these cards have yearly fee - but you can get bonus for enrolling which compensates for these. Mine has a $125/yr fee and gave me a bonus of 20,000 thankyou point for enrolling.

    I typically go to india every alternate year. My plan is to cancel these cards every year and re-enroll just before I travel.

    Hey, what is the cash back rate? 1%, 2%? Is there any limit?

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  • chanduv23
    11-05 05:16 AM
    Wow, Tri State has 88 registered members (all 3 states combined).

    I think TX is really doing great in that sense. Come on TX folks, this is your chance. Join the State chapter and help yoursleves


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  • GCwaitforever
    06-03 03:26 AM
    Indian Consulates will be conducting VISA camps at different places. Verify the schedule on the web site, stop by and get the passport renewed.

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  • Chicago Desi
    08-18 03:00 PM

    --must be of great help

    Another way to milk money off of legal immigrant cash cow.


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  • amsgc
    08-21 12:07 AM
    Also wanted to mention that your I-20 will have information on when the OPT was applied (at least that's how it was in my case). I got a new I-20 when I applied for OPT (indicating that it was pending), and then another one when it was approved.

    Another point - they generally approve the OPT and issue the EAD within three months. So now you have the month narrowed down to 3 (from the month of your approval).

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  • pointlesswait
    04-28 09:24 PM
    when u file for the new 140..u are supposed to send in theold approved 140 and request for porting.. thats how my attorney did..

    finally i got the 140 from my employer..and my date was ported its all good.


    Is I-140 approval and date porting done concurrently? my attorney told me that old priority date can be ported only when new I-140 is approved, we have to file an application to port date seperately. Correct me if i am wrong OR my attorney is just trying to drag it longer.



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  • sunny26
    11-21 08:08 AM
    Hi Raj
    Ur RD is dec21st.Now according to nsc processing date they r processing jan1st 2007 cases.So wait till next update if u didnt get before that u ask ur lawyer or employer to open SR.i dont think there is any paper work for that.They need to call and talk to IO and open.but i donno the procedure so check with quizzer.

    I think you mean I need to see which dates are processing @ NSC; if my I-140 reciept date exceed more than 60 days then I can request my Attorney to got for SR(Service Request)?

    Please confirm the way what are the documents we need to provide to go for SR or Attorney will handle it?

    Your response much Appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • detroit2009
    07-11 03:48 PM
    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR PRECISE REPLY BUEHLER but am I not within my legal right to work for any hospital branch because they are all with one name.

    My final question would be YES I was told that I will have a new ID and new payroll number and a separate paycheck but what can be done to rectify this situation. Like do they have to amend the H1B petition(mine is a non-cap hospital--- a charity hospital).

    My H1B stipulates that I am a full-timer with 40 hrs per week but starting from next week it is going to be 32 sometimes and 40 hrs some weeks as we are not seeing many patients into our hospital due to the economy,jobs etc.

    What is the solution. Do I have to move to a different job or can there be a solution to work for the same company (in different branches)


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  • xiaomatu
    06-05 05:06 PM
    Thanks for the reply. But like I mentioned, this case was approved on 5/8/2008 and the approval notice was sent on 5/8/2008 and received on 5/14/2008. Between 5/8/2008 and 5/22/2008 the status was "approved, approval notice sent".

    Afterwards since 5/22/2008 the online status became "new documents sent on 5/22/2008, you should receive it within 30 days". I do not think this "new document" is the approval notice coz I even received it before they sent. Just curious what could this "New document" be. Would it change the status of my I-140 (like revoke or withdraw or RFE)?

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  • sridharnarasimha
    04-09 08:32 PM
    I went for H-1 renewal after 10-year completion. All set for 13 years on H1B. I also renewed my EAD but do not plan on using it. I did not renew my AP after the 1st year. My employer pays for H1 renewals but not EAD and AP renewals. So it was a no-brainer for me. Visa stamping is an hassle, but it is worth the trouble when considering the money saved in not applying for AP for 3 of us in my family for 3 years.


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  • vavuvya
    11-03 10:25 AM

    My labor was approved recently but i am not sure wheather it is approved under eb2 or eb3.Attorney is trying to keep me in dark and saying every time you have to contact to your employer only we will not provide the details.My employer is saying your is eb2 in oral only,but when i am trying to ask him in email he is calling to me and saying your's category is eb2 only.Can you guys help me out how to find it out my category is eb2 or eb3,and he send me a pdf document,it is saying

    the department of labor has made a determination on your application for permanent employment certification(ETA form 9089) pursuant 20 CFR �656.24 and as required by the immigration and nationality act,as amended.

    Form ETA 9089 has been certified and is enslosed.This certification must be attached to the I-140 petition and filed with the appropriate office of the united states citizenship and immigration services(USCIS).

    Can some one please help me to find my case is wheather it is EB2 or EB3?

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • continuedProgress
    01-03 11:21 AM
    YOU: If thats a valid visa until 2009 you can travel without AP. Else, you can travel but will need H1 stamped.

    YOUR WIFE: If she needs H4 stamped, she can get that done and re-enter.
    If your travels are not urgent you could wait for AP and save couple hundred bucks!


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  • va_dude
    03-04 03:51 PM
    The url forward is for admins to decide. What does it really buy us.

    But the home page clearly states this:-

    Immigration Voice is a national non-profit organization (501 (c) (4)) working to alleviate the problems faced by legal high-skilled future Americans in the United States. We act as an interface between this set of immigrants and the legislative and executive branches of the government.

    I think this makes it clear we are talking about legal skilled folks.

    just my 2 cents.

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  • paulkurni
    06-17 04:24 PM
    I heard this from a Chinese friend once and believe its true to its extent. I think most of us, including me, come to this forum and either read the stuff about immigration or take out our frustration one way or another and the anger and frustration dies down there. I am sure IV core team is working day and night for the cause but they are limited with options. I believe the best way to create some gain is to do a collective non-violent rally throughout the nation. The way I see it if you dont make noise nothing gets done in this world. I have been here for almost 9+ years surviving f1,h1b and with very vague future ahead. Satyagraha was started by Gandhiji, and was followed by leaders throughout the world under Non-violence movements. As matter of fact even Obama advised it in the Cairo speech.

    I understand that the cause is not as dire as in the other movements but we are here fighting for our freedom. This nation is built upon liberty and yet we are under agreed slavery for employers, which is somehow supported by the government. My point is if we really want to make a difference then we need to be collectively heard. What the worst could happen?


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  • key_ket
    12-15 06:19 PM
    if you have bachelors and more than 5 years, you can definitely qualify for EB2. Good luck

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  • regacct
    09-07 08:34 AM
    Last November I quit my job in the US and left the country as well. Two days ago, I received an email saying my 485 is approved, and card production was ordered. The card will go to an address in the US where someone can forward me the mail.
    What should I do? Try to enter the U.S. with the card? What to say to POE officials? WIll I be questioned?

    Do you have a valid AP?
    If not, how is it possible to enter the country?

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  • GCBy3000
    07-24 02:42 PM
    I dont want to know about the contributors. Again and again same people come and post. I am pretty much sure about it. I want some feedback from non-contributors.

    05-15 04:20 PM
    I got my GC last year auguest but her gc/485 status is stil pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    your PD is 2006 and you got the GC? please correct your PD.

    08-09 01:19 PM
    Hi, Thanks for your reply.
    Also by any chance is "alien receipt number" same as the A# that appears
    in my old OPT-EAD? If yes then perhaps I can use that? I know that
    "A#" is called "alien registration number".

    Thanks, Mtsaha

    it's the A# in your 140 approved petitioin.
    Generally spouses won't have this until they get the 485 receipt so they can leave it blank in the 485 application but the principle applicant should have from the 140.

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