Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • Pressure
    Aug 7, 02:24 PM
    As a side note a AMD3500/6800GT combo will still hammer the base unit in Doom3:p

    The real question, however is, who even cares about Doomed III?

    I surely don't hope you buy a Mac Pro to play that awful game . . .

    The base unit will hammer the AMD Athlon64 3500+ into the ground in everything else ;)

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 26, 11:06 AM
    To me, Tablets are worthless. I've had to deal with them at work because some people continue to order them for all their tasks, but they're less mobile than some laptops. They're usually the same thickness or size as a portable, so why carry something that's going to be crippled in some manner?

    Are they not getting the latest generation of tablet / laptop? These are functional as both, by allowing the screen to flip over, concealing the keyboard to act as a tablet, or simply opening up as a standard laptop. For example:

    Now, while I'm sure there are issues that come up with a joint like that, I'm also sure that Apple could come up with a way to make it quite rugged. They could have a MacBook Pro Tablet Edition. I have been desiring such a thing for quite some time. (I even considered custom building my own out of an older PB G3. Too much cost for too little reward in processing power. I want it as a new, relatively top-of-the-line computer... :D )

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  • islanders
    Jul 23, 09:36 AM
    If Apple is really trying to stay state-of-the-art, they will lose Yonah as soon as Intel's supply can keep up with Apple's production volume. On the MacBook front, this should be able to happen by October-November, I imagine.

    If Apple doesn't put Core 2 Duo in MacBooks @ 1.83 & 2GHz by November, the competition on the PC front is going to make Apple look like they are selling outdated products as if they are current. This will not fly among savy buyers and MacBook sales might falter - perhaps even tank without such a switch. :eek:

    Almost all mobile computers selling for more than $1k by November will be Core 2 Duo. So for the holiday shopping season, Apple has got to put them inside MacBooks by then.

    This seems to be a realistic approach� how long can Apple wait?

    Just because Intel is shipping Merom, who are they shipping to? Apple? Dell? Sony?

    When are these chips going to be delivered to Apple for at least one line of MBP?

    Is it possible we are getting ahead of ourselves here? After all Apple was the last player to sign with Intel.

    Or has Intel already produced enough chips to satisfy demand before shipping to any single company?

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  • starstreak
    Apr 20, 05:14 AM
    OMG... Sources close to it says, Iphone5 coming. Faster processor.

    Really? Wait. I'll close my eyes and wave my hand and say it'll have a nice screen with it. Might be bigger. But not decided yet. Oh... And it'll look nice! And not too different so to scare away people who likes things the same.... *sigh*

    Seriously, I hope they release it soon. It'll need to have at least 64GB of space so I can finally get rid of my ipod.

    Make it LARGER. Just a little. Give it a 4in screen. Oh and look... Now you have room for that larger battery and bigger CPU and camera.

    I BET you if Apple released two TOP END models.

    1) Same form factor. But with new CPU only. and 32gb memory to keep the same form factor.


    2) Another with the same CPU but with 4in screen, larger battery, better camera,and 64gb memory. Of course a bit heavier.

    I bet #2 would sell 3:1... Those who is willing to pay that high price of the 32GB model would be the same group of people willing to get the extras. If not for the screen size, then for the battery or better camera. Would I pay $150 more? Yes.

    Here's the kicker. That would make it $450. That's slightly less than an unlocked Android that has most of those features NOW. Not 5 MONTHS from now. Granted, it's no iOS system. But it works.

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  • fxtech
    Mar 30, 06:35 AM
    Who cares? There are greater things to worry about than iPods at the moment..

    Yeah like where the heck is my iPad 2? According to the latest email manifest, at 2:03 am it was somewhere over the pacific. This isn't near enough information. I'm thinking of chartering a jet so I can fly out and track it's progress myself. Anyone else want in?


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  • maclaptop
    May 4, 06:01 PM
    i would rather have a disc or flash drive.


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  • tigress666
    May 4, 02:58 PM
    Anyway, what happens if you whole hard drive dies?
    What if you want to reinstall everything from scratch?
    There is just too many what ifs

    I thought about this and while I think having a CD is better for these reasons, I don't think it would leave you up a creek without a paddle.

    Either you have an OS that supports Mac App store so you'd have a CD that would at least install that OS (and therefore you could install old OS and go back to Mac app store and reinstall Lion) or you'd have to buy the Lion CD anyways (but in this case if you lose the Lion CD you may be w/out Lion).

    So, while the app store does have the advantage that if you buy through them, long as you have the CD from the previous OS (and probably not too expensive to buy a CD off of ebay, don't know, haven't checked) you can re install Lion. WHere as if you buy the CD and lose it, you'll have to buy Lion all over again (and I am betting Lion won't be as "cheap" as Snow Leopard as it isn't considered an incremental upgrade).

    But... it also means more hassle if your hard drive does crash cause you'll have to install an OS twice.

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 04:44 PM
    We have axes. How about cutting a shortcut through a floor, wall, or ceiling :eek: .

    On another note, how many above ground floors does this house have ? From the outside, we would have seen how many floors the house has.

    if nothing happens in the next few minutes, i am about to prepare some goblin stew.

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  • 0tim0
    Apr 18, 03:08 PM
    Have you looked at the TouchWiz UI? It's almost identical to iOS - dock at the bottom, pages of icons in a grid and you even remove applications in the same way as you do on the iPhone. I've nothing at all against competition for iOS, but they shouldn't just rip the design off

    Wow, that does look familiar!

    It looks just like the original Palm UI....

    Maybe HP should sue Samsung instead :rolleyes:


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  • �algiris
    Apr 26, 02:35 PM
    iOS is neither, at the moment.

    Depends on who you ask.

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  • ender land
    Apr 10, 08:17 AM

    There is implied multiplication between the 2 and the (9+3) term, meaning the equation effectively looks like


    This is quite obviously 288.

    I agree too this is a stupid question, it's akin to asking someone verbally "what does 'their' mean?" because the choice of "their" vs "they're" is not clear.

    If there was a space, such that it said

    48/ 2*(9+3)

    then I could see an argument for it being 2, but as it stands, there is no reason you should ever find this equation to be equal to 2.

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  • eenu
    Aug 11, 03:02 PM
    So it's definitely due for one. You don't really think they'll go a year before it's upgraded, do you?

    I wouldn't say it would be anything noticable!

    Probably make the low end one a 1.66 Duo and the top one a 1.8 or 2.0 Duo

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  • vmachiel
    May 6, 03:33 AM
    Not this again! welcome back stupid universal binaries and "rosetta" :(

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  • hayesk
    Nov 25, 09:34 PM
    All this talk about Palm needing to modernize their OS, or it is outdated, or needing to re-write is absolutely hilarious.

    On a phone, I want to use its features quickly and easily. When I have to schedule an appointment, I want to enter that appointment as easily as possible. When I want to add something to my to-do list, I want to do it easily and quickly. And first and foremost, I want to be able to look up a contact and dial it as quickly as possible.

    A phone is not a personal computer. I couldn't care less about multitasking, rewriting, "modern" OSes (whatever "modern" means). "Modern" features and look is just eye candy and/or toys. A mobile phone is a gadget of convenience, and it should be convenient to use. Even PalmOS 1.0 was convenient. It was just as easy to use its contact and calendar features as any so-called "modern" OS is today.

    I would really like to know how "modernizing" the OS on my phone would help me look up contacts, dial contacts, enter to-do list entries, and entering calendar entries any better that I could today.

    Again, I repeat: a phone is not a personal computer. There's no point in treating it as such.

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  • iStudentUK
    May 5, 06:18 AM
    It is happening, these signs are metric rather than imperial.

    While they aren't really for general public use it does help people get used to how far a kilometer is and will ultimately add the transition.

    That is interesting, never knew that. I don't think the problem with converting road signs is so much money, but logistics. If they are all changed very quickly that needs a huge workforce, if it is staged over time it could be confusing. I'd like to see it happen in the next few years, the imperial system needs to die out.

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  • mackiwi
    Jul 31, 06:22 AM
    As other posters have said...they practically announced it during the last financial anaylyst conference call.

    There will be a phone released. No question about that.

    The questions are:

    - when?
    - features?
    - will apple do it themselves or seek joint partners?

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  • ValSalva
    May 7, 12:04 PM
    Could Apple be tired of offering support for MobileMe? It must be an expensive pain in the butt costing more than they make from selling it. Maybe if it were free they would drop much or all of the support leaving it to an online manual or something. It could simplify things for Apple leaving them to concentrate on more profitable areas.

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  • Tara Davis
    Mar 26, 10:48 PM
    Here's my beef with cloud services, as concisely as I can make it:

    Data storage is cheap.
    Networking (away from home) is costly.

    I absolutely DO NOT want to rely on my AT&T data plan to get at stuff. Wi-fi, okay, when I'm at home, but then I might as well keep things on hard drives on the local network, rather than have to reach across the whole damn Internet via my DSL drop.

    But knowing Apple, they will do it anyway and wait for all their partners' tech to catch up with theirs. :rolleyes:

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  • Jeevs bost
    Jul 31, 06:30 AM
    Yeah, agreed, but I'm just saying that there's no truth in the "photographer" crap. This is totally false.

    Mar 30, 06:00 PM
    Will this work on the 2011 mbp's?

    Apr 25, 08:50 AM
    The info circulating around is false.

    So Steve is saying there is no database of locations? Thats just an outright lie.

    Apr 5, 02:36 PM
    2010 - Apple Loses #1 Mobile OS spot to Android OS
    2011 - Apple pisses off their JB customers and loses 10% more
    2012 - Apple loses #2 and #3 spot to Windows Mobile & HP OS

    Within 12 months Apple will own the same market share as their computers, 9% ... and it'll have been the same story: rose to glory, abuse the customer and business partners, people get sick of the rulebook and leave for more open pastures.

    This is all deja vu from the 80s repeating itself, wow.

    I dumped iPhone at xmas, now I'll likely dump iPad 2 if this trend continues. If they really push the washington involvement to stop jailbreaking, I'll get rid of my 3 iMac\MB Air\MB Pro... I don't support companies who attack me. They're here because of me, not the opposite. If they don't get that, adios.

    Let's see it that way:
    - Microsoft needs to pay cellphone manufactures to put their OS on it (Nokia)
    - Google pulls an "Apple" to avoid nightmare fragmentation and over-customization of providers and their lack of support for new OS versions (as already admitted by google)
    - Apple will still make tons of money

    So apple is a sure winner, google still has a chance but needs to change things.

    Also: I don't feel attacked by Apple ... I have more the feeling they still put good quality products out, invest in innovation that is copied by others and keep the carrier from putting crap on the device, which I see as a good thing.

    Jul 30, 09:36 PM
    this is the rumor that comes out when there are no rumors.

    Small White Car
    Apr 5, 01:10 PM
    Kind of weird, Apple should not be meddling in that stuff. Way way too domineering.

    Apple should absolutely have asked for this.

    Toyota should have said 'no,' but for Apple to not ask at all would have been irresponsible. They're being consistant, which is a good thing.

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