Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • srikondoji
    10-15 05:37 PM
    The way the government is trying to make money by first increasing H1-B fee and then adding premium processing and then adding I-140 premium processing, it looks like we are not too far from premium processing everything in GC(I-485 etc).

    They could introduce a jumbo offer for $20,000 and you get GC within few days.

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  • gunabcd
    07-02 10:02 AM
    Stop replying to this guy - focus on something more meaningful.
    Yes, let's close the thread, it's not serving the purpose of the forum and wasting our valuable resrouces. Moderators ????

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  • sgX05
    02-12 10:04 AM
    All my 140,EAD,AP, H1 renewal approvals have all been from NSC, never had any application at TSC.

    So I guess it may just be a case of USCIS balancing the case load between NSC, TSC, however I would expect others to see similar moves as well in that case.

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  • Rohan99
    10-29 01:15 AM

    My wife is on H4, once she gets EAD and applies for SSN does it mean now H4 is canceled and she is on EAD which will require AP for travel and every year renewal.

    She has no plan to work till Jul 08, is it good to apply for SSN?

    You should apply for a SSN. If you find a job, the employer will ask you to fill-up a W4 Form. To set you up in company payroll, SSN would be a requirement.

    Also, as some other people have mentioned, even if you don't plan to work, you should still get a SSN to establish your credit history.

    Applying for a SSN and getting it and has NO impact on your immigration status.


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  • 485Question
    11-14 03:03 PM

    Please update your signature, so that we will know your dates.


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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 12:59 PM
    I got an email from DOS (TRTClearanceResponses@state.gov) as follows:

    Dear XXX

    We can now conclude your application for a nonimmigrant visa. Please mail the following items to the Non-Immigrant Visa Unit, 360 University Avenue , Toronto , ON M5G 1S4 or appear with them in person at 225 Simcoe St. at your earliest convenience within sixty (60) days of this notice, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM , excluding U.S. and Canadian holidays. No new appointment is necessary. Please mail or bring:

    o This request.

    o The notice of suspension TRT/NIV-13(A) received at your interview.

    o Your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from today�s date).

    o All documents that you submitted with your original application (e.g. I-797, I-20, DS-1029, etc.).

    o A self-addressed, prepaid Canada Express Post mailer.

    o USD or Mastercard/Visa credit card to pay any visa reciprocity fee noted at http://travel.state.gov/visa/reciprocity/index.htm.

    o NO electronic items, food or liquids.

    It may take an additional workweek to prepare your visa after you appear here or these items reach us by mail. Please understand that U.S. law makes the applicant, and not the U.S. government, solely responsible for qualifying for a visa in time to suit his/her needs. We can offer no prior assurance of eligibility to any applicant for any reason at any time.

    Should I contact US Consulate in Toronto for confirmation before go to Toronto for my visa interview?


    Hi I am stuck in 221(g) since mid-November 2007..over 75 days..can you provide some details about your case?
    Mine is H1B 3 extension for 7th year at Mumbai. I am not getting any help in this matter from the authorities that my lawyer has contacted...only the standard response that it they are awaiting a response.

    If you like you can send me a private message. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.


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  • manishs7
    06-11 07:19 PM
    This is causing confusion.......

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  • karanp25
    07-13 08:01 PM
    ski_dude12, u r just inviting trouble for urself by not keeping uscis in the loop. I assume u lost ur night's sleep looking for the valid source of my earlier comment? keep looking.

    I will continue shooting "off my hips" .... i think i may have missed it this time...

    Are you sure about that? Can you give your source that says

    "You have to inform them of every small move even after citizenship is approved".

    If you can support your post by citing a valid source then its fine, otherwise stop shooting off your hips please.


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  • ita
    11-08 03:16 PM
    Address Change Online: 24x7 & Calling USCIS : Mon - Fri

    Is it enough if I change the address online and confirm it with USICS.
    Will they resend my EAD card or should I do anything else to request them to resend my card to the new address?

    Thank you.

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  • webm
    05-29 09:30 AM
    When our original APs arrived last year in October they had a expiration date of September 28, 2008. But then we traveled to India and came back on AP. Now stamped AP says

    Paroled until 02 Jan 2009

    My question is which expiration date should use for renewal purposes and apply the 120 day rule.

    Please let me know.
    You should still consider the one which is on the AP document...


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  • s416504
    08-13 08:26 PM
    I think of refiling because I have filed without lawyar (due to Friday 06/29 rumor). I understand frustrations of fews guyes..as I am also in same boat.

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  • Sandeep
    03-08 07:28 AM
    Pl. find here some more stuff about DOL/BEC and PERM.


    I believe this is an older version of the report I was talking about as it says "Assessment Year2004"
    The question is why is DOL projecting that it is doing a great job? There are serious flaws everywhere and there are thousands who will testify to that. They do not know how much money to ask from the Congress and they do not know if they can even meet the deadlines they have set. Also look at the way the goals have changed
    Page 212
    "The goal to reduce processing time to six months for 90% of applications, though ambitious relative to current 32- month processing, may not be either sufficiently tailored or ambitious for the new automated review process, if program reforms go as planned, and processing rates are as high as envisioned."
    "ETA Congressional Justification submitted with the President's Budget for FY 2005: (1) Reduce average processing time such that 90% of new applications are processed within six months of filing (target ambitious relative to current processing time of 32 months; target remains same in future years; contingent on implementation of reforms). (2) In 2004, reduce backlog of permanent applications by 36. 5% from 270,000, and in 2005, by 42% from 171, 450 (revised goal: elimination of backlog by end of 2006). (3) Goal for 2003 was to "assist employers in meeting their workforce needs by providing them with expeditious determinations on their applications to hire foreign workers under the [permanent, H- 1B, and H- 2B programs]". (4)Goal for 2001 and 2002 had been to "promptly review employer applications for foreign labor certification". Goals tie to program's mission and DOL's Strategic Goal 4, A Competitive Workforce. Numerical targets for processing will almost certainly need adjustment upon implementation of the new,automated system and centralized processing."


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  • etiennelin
    04-02 03:49 PM

    My husband and I submitted I-485 last year (I am not currently working). He already got the green card and mine is still pending. I've got my Advanced Parole in hand. We plan to visit Canada in May . I'd like to ask someone in similar situation regarding applying a temporary resident Canada visa.

    On the column 8 of the 5257 Form "Applicant for a temporary resident visa made outside of Canada", "Immigration status of applicant in country where applying", which optioin should I pick? (Permanent Resident?) What date should I put in the box "valid until"?

    When mailing the visa application, which supporting document should I send? Only the AP and I-485 receipt?

    Anyone with similar experience could give some advice?? Thanks very much!!!

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  • masti_Gai
    01-05 12:50 PM
    He needs to find a consultant who can sponsor a H1B for him. But H1B for this fiscal year is over he might have to wait for the fiscal year of 2008


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  • bbct
    02-17 04:57 PM
    Mine was suppose to expire on 01/24/2009 and still haven't received a new fingerprint notice. This I learned through the senate's office. In fact, the 2nd EAD renewal got approved in 25 days without any fingerprints. So, I don't know what is happening. I took an Infopass appointment to inquire about this, but the officer just responded saying they would get back if needed.

    Most of us who filed during jul/aug 2007 got our FPs done later that year.

    Aren't those FPs valid for only 15 months or so?

    So have folks started receiving their second FP notice yet?


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  • Eb3Pro
    01-25 11:03 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I went online to check the status of my I-485 and it displayed me the following message


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On December 19, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    What does it mean? Does it mean that I-485 is approved.

    Pls guide.


    I got similar message on my 485. in my case they resent response to SR to my new address. This is more likely change of address issue.
    if you(or lawyer) have not changed address then contact USCIS.


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  • lost_in_migration
    04-09 04:08 PM

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  • godspeed
    01-26 12:10 PM
    I moved to a different state with pending 485, however i paper filed AR-11.
    My 485 apps had soft luds within couple of days.
    Filed for ead and ap renewal from new address and got it at new address, i havent faced any issues with change of address.

    I am planning to move to different residence. My 485 application is currently pending.
    Has anyone successfully filed change of address form? and have their EAD or other documents deliever to their new address correctly. Reason I am asking my friend changed his residence while his 485 pending and all his document would still come to my address (his old address). He made numerous request to USCIS and files for AR11 etc. His all documents EAD.. even Green card also came back to my address(His old adress). At least he was lucky that I was still staying over there.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

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  • pthoko
    07-05 03:18 PM
    Yes I got an I-94 with the transfer(Same I-94 number as the L1 one). I didn't go out of US after that.

    Please note that I joined the H1 employer and later got an H1 transfer approved also.


    01-05 01:42 PM
    In addition to that, there is a 90% chance that there will be an inquiry from USCIS when change of status petition (B1/B2 to H1) is filed, mostly asking the routine questions and the query would have to be replied by a good attorney in a proper manner.

    That would cost your friend here some money as replying the USCIS inquiries is pretty routine but its not free and lawyers would charge you $$ for that. If you are doing this thru a small company, the company might charge you / your friend here for reply to the USCIS query. It would be a minimum of $1000 to respond to such inquiries by an average attorney.

    Its better to go to India, get a fresh H1 approval (I-797) for yourself, get the visa stamp of H1 on your passport in India and then come here. You wont be able to start working until Oct 1 anyways.

    Also, please dont open 2 threads for the same question. I am going to delete the other thread.

    01-09 06:57 PM

    I am in a unique situation, any advise/help would be appreciated.

    My H1 Visa and I-94 are expiring on Jan 20, 2009. It can be extended till Apr 2011 as I have been in US only for 3 Yrs and 8 Months. My current employer is not extending my Visa, so I am going to get it extended through another company, say COMPANY ABC (a Staffing company basically).

    However, I don't want to be with Company ABC because I am soon going to get a job with a direct client, CLIENT XYZ, but that won't happen until Jan 25th or so.

    So my question is, if I apply for extension through COMPANY ABC for now, just so that I don't go 'out of status' on Jan 20th, will CLIENT XYZ be able to apply for my extension on Jan 25th, while my application with Company ABC is still pending? Or they (CLIENT XYZ) will have to wait until my first application (With COMPANY ABC) is processed?

    Basically, just want to know if a Company ABC has filed for H1 Transfer and I-94 extension before the expiry date, can another Company XYZ file for an extension/transfer after the expiry while the application from company ABC is still being processed?

    Any help is appreciated. I have posted this query on couple of other posts but no one seems to know the answer! no one replied yet

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