Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • mox358
    Sep 4, 09:29 PM
    There may be lots of TV options out there, but right now Apple isn't servicing any of them. They're losing potential business to 3rd Party companies like Elgato. If they released a simple box with analog/digital standard/hidef options, they would be servicing the overwhelming majority of the market (most digital, satelite and other special services require set-top boxes anyway).

    I really doubt that Apple will put a TV tuner in this thing (if it's real). Think about it -

    Point 1 - If Apple puts a tuner in then they have to deal with the myriad of different types of TV.

    Point 2 - THEY SELL TV SHOWS!

    Does Steve want you to Tivo the new episode of "The Office" on your "MediaMac/Airport Express Video/Super iPod" or does he want you to come to the iTunes store and download it for $2? Apple, despite most of our (including my own) beliefs is a business and they have to think of the $$$ first.

    Why give something away when you can make money off it? That's still my theory as to why the mini didn't have a tuner from the start.

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  • turbo79
    Nov 16, 07:29 AM
    When the iPhone 3G was first released, I rushed out and bought one. A year down the line, I gave it to a family member and switched to a Blackberry Bold.

    I absolutely love the thoughtful design that goes into all Apple products, I own an Apple desktop, an Apple laptop, an Apple iPod and various other Apple paraphernalia. However, I didn't gel with the crippled iPhone and am much happier with my Blackberry.

    It has 75% of the fun features of the iPhone and a slew of others that make it a smarter choice - background apps, Google Latitude running all the time, emails arriving instantly, uncapped international data roaming for �20 extra a month on o2 amongst many others - and being able to type an entire email whilst you walk!

    Due to RIM not having a stranglehold over the device's application pool (unlike Apple), there are a lot of fugly applications available, but also a lot of great ones. If you're starting out with the Blackberry, I highly recommend Ubertwitter, BeWeather, Google Sync, Facebook and the Flickr Uploader as high quality apps.

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  • bassfingers
    Mar 30, 11:52 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Dear Microsoft, if you want the App Store, then you should have made the App Store

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  • fishcove
    May 3, 10:20 AM
    So is it safe to assume that with 2 external monitors one can have a 3-monitor eyefinity-like extended desktop?

    And would the same setup work in bootcamp (ie using eyefinity)?

    BTW, Canadian prices are the same as US! Never thought I'd see the day.

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  • Leoff
    Sep 26, 08:07 AM
    who the hell are cingular? what about orange t-mobile, vodaphone or o2? I guess it's US only again...

    You've gotta love it. You're getting mad at not getting a phone that 1) Doesn't exist yet, 2) May not exist at all, and 3) the US doesn't even have yet.

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  • shelterpaw
    Oct 27, 11:51 AM
    Good for Apple. Get those tree hugging hippies out of there. Everytime Greenpeace complains Steve Jobs kills a baby seal.I think Steve Jobs considered himself one of those hippies. He only eats organic foods and is a vegan. He rides a bike too. We saw him ride to Stanford Shopping Center a couple months ago. I doubt he likes any group affecting his bottomline, but I bet he's pushing to make things more environmentally friendly. Plus, there's plenty of places to recycle electronics and I'm not sure why corporations are being held responsible. I'd imagine waste managment companies could offer that service as they do recycling for other products. I'm a firm believer that it's an individuals responsibility to recycle, but companies need to make an effort in the production process as well.

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  • shigzeo
    Apr 19, 08:56 AM
    Yeah Apple has never done that.

    Except for NeXT, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Color, Aperture, the list goes on...

    The post I was replying to said that Samsung created. They haven't created anything except groceries as far as I can tell. Apple, though they have bought a lot, have created far more than they have bought out.

    That, and, well, they keep their name pretty straightforward abroad. For some reason, people in America and Europe think Samsung are some sort of tech company. They are a grocery company that branched into sugar, later into construction, and finally, into tech and cars.

    They create jobs here in Korea, yes, but at the same time, they vacuum the market: most people make a pittance here and Samsung have stopped up the job market. If you don't work for them, you are doomed to be a second class citizen. At the same time, you put out products that break in the home country so that abroad they perform well. Samsung are leeches that bleed Korea just to gain international recognition. Everything in our house is Samsung and everything has broken.

    It was bought for us and we had no choice. I'd rather anything else, but in Korea, there isn't much you can choose from. It is either Samsung or Hyundai, or lesser companies like LG.

    Again, I don't like the idea of forced IP tech, but if it puts geriatric barbarians like Samsung down a bit, I'm happy with that. If Apple get hit in the process, that is too bad, but at this level, someone is bound to stumble.

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  • DudeMartin
    Mar 29, 12:23 PM
    Mac's are far from the top of the market share for computers... no one thinks any less of them?

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  • Hattig
    Mar 29, 12:53 PM
    Let's ask yourself this.. they are saying that approx 1 in every 17 people now have a Windows based phone?? Do you know ANYONE that does?? Cause I know hundreds of people who have smartphones and not one of them has a Windows based phone.. major statistical failure!

    They must be counting the old Windows Mobile 6.x devices too - a very shaky thing to count as definite wins for WP7 in the future. A lot of those old WP6 devices are corporate, and we all know that corporate phones are moving towards the iPhone or BlackBerry.

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  • matrixmaniac
    Apr 25, 01:43 PM
    hideous? Really?

    I am guessing this is the kind of laptop you admire for its beautiful case design, right?

    +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 :d

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 9, 01:15 PM
    Oh yeah, I forgot about the Windows socket limitations. I know it'll be a great performer but a "better" chip will always come out later. Kentsfield appears to be an Extreme Edition chip until quad core trickles down to more normal desktops. Still, I can see some new Mac Pro running off a single Kentsfield.Yeah that will be the Mac Pro Jr. while the rest of the Mac Pros will be running pairs of Clovertowns.

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  • /Moke
    Mar 29, 02:29 PM
    No. Looser and looser = extra extra baggy! :D

    LOL, I guess next time I try to insult people I should show my stupidity as mooch as that looser.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 14, 12:11 PM
    ...the desktop versions of the Core Duo processors which currently reside in Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac computers.

    But the current Core Duos are "mobile" processors right? :confused:

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  • MacCheetah3
    Apr 11, 02:21 PM
    Not completely on topic but...

    Is it possible to stream audio and video from a mac to the iPad? If so, is the feature included or does it require an app?
    Refer to my post just before yours. Both solutions will work for streaming videos to your iDevice from iTunes. My previous post had a link to the iTunes instructions for Home Sharing, but here are the iOS instructions (

    It isn't 100% free, but not too pricey. Air Video (iOS app) ( will allow you to watch movies, in nearly any format, that are stored anywhere on your computer -- not just iTunes. Air Video Host software for Mac OS X and Windows (

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  • FFArchitect
    Mar 30, 12:35 PM
    The term "app" may be generic, but there was no "app" until Apple came into the picture. Apple got there first and everyone (as usual) followed.

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  • Yankee617
    Apr 20, 12:28 PM
    everyone here is on facebook, exposing their real names, friends, user uploaded photos that are under the control of facebook under the new TOS agreement, where they live, phone numbers, what they like, what they dislike, their status updates, etc.

    i'm not on facebook.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 22, 02:08 AM
    This seems like apple did a very bad compromise. I am suspecting that apple will not allow other source music. It would be pretty hard to confirm if that is the song to give you access to the song on their online copy. I doubt they will do an unlimited access either.

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 23, 05:59 PM
    That's quite a sum of money! A bit more than my Power Mac cost me, even with that extra RAM.

    It's seems to me that it's unlikely that the cost of litigation could have exceeded the cost of a settlement, so does that show that Apple expected to be found liable for patent infringement as charged?

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 14, 12:27 AM
    The mockups always look real, but when the actual product comes out, it's wayyy cooler than the mockups. Look at the 5G iPods and its fakes.

    Everyone seems to know that Apple is waiting to release a phone. It's only natural after all the success the iPod's doing.

    As for when this phone comes out, It'll probably be Cingular at a "one more thing" event in october just like last year.

    Apr 19, 07:45 PM
    Sometimes I laugh when I read this website.

    Look up the thread "Your perfect 2012 Macbook pro," ( pretty much everyone who mentions USB wants USB 3.0. There is no reason not to include it. People don't want their peripherals to be useless several years down the road. Or have to buy an adapter.

    I've heard so many people justify the price of a mac on the "you get what you pay for" well a cheap adapter is going to crap out on you sooner of later. And really, people buy high end devices to lug a bag of adapters around lets see (minidisplay port to DVI, HDMI, digital; Thunderbolt to USB 3.0, e-sata, other ports such as audio ports) That's 5 adapters, that needs a bag (and no these things are more than an inch).

    I personally think that Thunderbolt will become popular (just as minidisplay is) but that it will take a while. I wish I had in on my computer. If its supported natively then it is very likely that it will become more common.

    If you seriously think that they will deliberately not put USB 3.0 on their Ivy Bridge computers then there is no sense arguing with you. Why would they not? Its not that they have anything to lose?
    Personally, I think that the reason they did not put in the refreshed Macbook pros is that it would require a separate PCI slot and take up space that they do not have.

    As for future proofing, thunderbolt more than USB but there will always be a demand for USB. Currently the fastest SSD drives are way more than enough for the average user who does not need gigabyte files in 2 seconds. Speed is limited to the slowest component in the data chain which for many will be the hard drive. I mean most back up their data to a mechanical drive and not a SSD simply because of the cost, external SSD will become popular but these speeds aren't going to be needed for a while.

    USB 2.0 is still being used and is adequate for many.

    Really, the connector on your motherboard is capped at 6 gbps (sata 3), you are never going to get a faster speed than this on your hard drive on the new macbook pros. 10 gbps becomes sort of meaningless if you can only use a fraction.

    So where is you 10 gbps going to go? Hard drive cannot deal with this. Wireless, you'll be lucky to get over 20 MB/s. Ethernet is only 1 gbps and that is assuming that the connection is being used fully, providers may limit this in reality to far less. Of course you could have 2 SSD drives but I don't think many are going to use this much data, at least in the usable life of the system.

    Why have 1 when you can have both? Apple won't cut off the nose to spite the face. Of course they did do this with blu-ray (why not make it an option, don't justify this as "people don't want it" cause some do and not making it an option seems as a waste on those beautiful screens). Options are not going to hurt anyone.

    Sep 13, 04:37 AM
    Fullscreen touchscreen video iPod is going to be the biggest change to iPod since the 1st generation iPod was released, so I'm not surprised that it is taking so long. All the previous generations have just included some smaller updates (click-wheel, color screen, smaller size, new features etc).

    I'll probably buy the 80GB version before Christmas. I have waited for a large capacity for a long time, and the new model seems to be great (although it's not that fullscreen 6G iPod). It has a good battery life, large capacity, nice new features... enough "new" to replace my old 30GB iPod, bought in 2003.

    Apr 22, 05:28 AM
    Great, another way to chew through our cellular data..

    I can see it now, after the release of this "cloud service" the cell companies are going to scream bloody murder "our networks can't handle all this data consumption on, we have to raise rates to upgrade our infrastructure, yada, yada.."

    Zooooooom, we the consumer get the shaft yet again!

    Jul 17, 07:36 PM
    All at WWDC?

    With the bumped up date for Merom, it is all possible. Since core duo is going to see a price drop the mac mini may get speed bumped, the MB may see a price drop or speed bump, merom MBPs *may* be released, iMac may get updated, and the MPs will come uot.

    Sep 14, 06:04 PM
    i am a mac-apple newbie~~~
    aperture 2!!!waiting for me...i m a photography lover...

    i have go through (youtube) a few previous keynote that brought by Steve...

    i have addicted with aPPLe

    cant wait my new 24' iMac n my new iPod..shuffle
    Welcome to the Mac Family, bring your friends. It is always more fun when the family grows. We are vocal, but we have a reason for it. We are proud of Apple and we want them to continue to do better, it is a win win for us that get better and more useful products, and it is better for Apple as we carry the word.

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