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  • Drake OWNED 2010!

  • kmiahali
    Dec 28, 11:32 AM
    This is another one of AT&Ts stupid moves alongside their battle wit Verizon and their boring commercials with Luke Wilson...

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  • jclardy
    Feb 18, 10:51 AM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    Not from the full size picture, it appears Obama is drinking water as well.

    Actually, I only see two glasses of wine at the table...

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  • 2992
    Aug 19, 11:47 AM
    cannot log into the new version. Restored the previous one which works. Really weird...:o

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  • snberk103
    Jun 20, 12:51 PM
    The seldom used optical drive is on the back. All the useful stuff is on the front. :D

    +1 That is is kind of "Think Different" Apple should be encouraging!

    Is Apple thinking that SD cards are going to become the new "floppies"?

    Many people who exchange files by 'sneaker net' use CDs, but don't need the capacity of a CD. Plus while rewriteable CDs exist, they are pricey and most people don't use them. Most files are exchanged a barely used CD that then gets shelved and collects dust.

    Imagine if people started exchanging SD cards. .....

    If Apple can create enough demand for cards, then economies of scale will bring prices down as they become a standard commodity.

    As others have mentioned the bigger capacity ones would have all sorts of uses besides the exchange of files. Wow.


    I was just having an "idle speculation moment" when the I wrote this. But since several people took the time to respond....

    Re-writable optical media was only useful when the price of non-rewritable media was still non-trivial. When the cost of an optical disc is $0.10 in bulk at retail, people stopped caring considering how long it took to "erase" the disc for re-use. ...

    Apple is moving towards being a "greener" company. All those nearly blank discs are becoming garbage. Apple may be thinking of pushing people to using a reusable media. Plus.... writing to a CD is not 'minimalist'. Apple makes it easy, but there are several steps involved, and it is not as easy as just dragging and dropping files to another "drive".

    ? Most people use thumb drives not CD Roms. ...

    Yes, except that I usually want my thumb drive back because the cost is not trivial. I did a little research, and the cost per GB of thumb drives vs SD cards in the lower capacity format is slightly higher for thumb drives. I would assume that is because a thumb drive is more substantial (metal plug, metal casing, constructed to stand up to some abuse.) The SD cards I could examine were less substantial. If a factory started churning out 1GB to 4GB SD cards, I think you could bring the cost way down.

    No. Apple has an application called Aperture. Many DSLR cameras for professional users (for example the press) use SD cards to save the picture data. HD camcorders use also SD cards to save the video data.

    Personally, I use Lightroom myself, since it ties into Photoshop so well, and yes - as a professional photographer I have come across the occasional shooter who uses SD cards as well :rolleyes: (he says tongue in cheek) :).

    I was more thinking along the lines of why Apple is suddenly putting SD card readers into several models. They are usually driving new technologies (or ignoring them), not catching up. SD cards have been around for a while now. Why is Apple choosing now to start adding SD card readers. And, in the case of the Mini - on the back. Professional users are not going to use the SD card reader on the back of the Mini (for the most part), they are going to buy a USB SD card reader so that they can use their cards efficiently. At professional rates, saving a minute a card to feed the reader and unload will pay for the USB reader in about a day.

    ... The reasons why most people do not use [SD cards] for the data exchange are that USB flash drives are much cheaper, more robust and nearly every computer has a USB port.

    I don't think USB drives are necessarily cheaper in the small sizes, I did some price shopping - see above for why I think this is so. I agree that every computer has computer a USB port. But that has not stopped Apple before. One of the really big reasons why every computer has a USB port now is that when every computer had a floppy drive, Apple decided it was an old technology and did away with it - before there was an established alternative. USB drives and CD writers picked up the slack, in time.

    I'm just wondering *why* Apple is choosing this time to introduce built in SD card readers.

    The big flaw to my thinking (besides the fact that there is no compelling reason for it ;) ) is that the Mini puts the SD card reader on the back. That is not user friendly. If you are using an Apple keyboard, you can plug your thumb drives into the very accessible USB ports on the keyboard. Or if you are using the Apple displays, you can use those not quite so convenient USB ports. (Apple may say that you can use your Mini with any keyboard and monitor, but obviously they want you to use their own).

    If Apple wanted to make life easy for photographers the SD card reader would have been on the side (front actually, but there was no way Apple was going to clutter up the front) or..... put it into the keyboard in place of a USB port.

    So this is just speculation. Think about where Apple may be taking this in the next few months. Can an SDXC card slot be used like an ExpressCard/34 slot?



    nicki minaj new album 2010. Posted in New Music by Zay
  • Posted in New Music by Zay

  • SnowLeopard2008
    Apr 23, 07:45 AM
    I think most people that show hatred to sandy bridge CPU are owners of late 2010 MBA. Bias imo.

    +1 I agree. They tend to not accept that Apple will release something that is potentially better (at least CPU-wise) and newer than what they have. In case "Icaras" says I'm dictating whatever again, that is my perception, my personal opinion.

    I would definitely take sandy bridge over what is essentially a 5+ year old CPU.

    I don't think the new Intel graphics is horrible as some people suggest. But then again, I am only a light gamer.

    If you set the settings to low, you can pretty much run anything on anything. I remember being able to run Crysis on a GMA950.

    Yea, it's definitely not THAT bad. It's not a dedicated card of course, but it's not like as bad as it was back then in the GMA days. Heck, the 3000 is better than the current card I'm using, the 9400M.

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  • cfitz7111
    Mar 24, 09:10 PM
    Saw the story about the price cut, while on break (ironically I work at Target, where we have been receiving a lot of the IPad 1 16/wifi's lately, and selling them as fast as we were getting them in at $399.99) and got out of work at 8:30 went straight to the Verizon store, and bought the last 16 they had.

    They of course tried to up sell me cases, mifi,keyboards, applecare, and I said no, and the rep went to page two of the handbook, meanwhile she did not even know the price was cut, until I informed her, as she told me there is not much price difference between the 1 and the 2, I consider $200 a lot. :p


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  • andythursby
    Mar 28, 05:13 PM
    I think he;s going by the fact that iOS is mentioned before Mac OSX in the add.

    As someone earlier posted, I suppose those of us that use Apple computers as tools and not as a fashion item should just be grateful it is mentioned at all.

    that's even worse!! lol being picky about what's said first in a line?!?! so by that mentalilty if they were switched, would he then complain about Mac OS being the focus of Apple from now on? it's absurd to judge something like that just from a sentance like that. they have to have one before the other, it seems alphabetical, thats it.

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 12, 01:33 PM
    If you want to outlaw racism, you may as well outlaw stupidity, loutishness, poor manners, alcoholism, and ill tempers.



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  • levitynyc
    Apr 1, 08:40 AM
    Just buy a Slingbox and watch any channel you want, anywhere you want.

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  • onemoof
    Sep 14, 07:10 PM
    Someone asked the difference between RISC and CISC.

    First thing, there isn't that distinction anymore. RISC originally meant that the processor had fixed width instructions (so it wouldn't have to waste time asking the software how big the next instruction will be). CISC mean that the processor had variable width instructions (meaning time would have to be taken to figure out how long the next instruction is before fetching it.) However, Intel has addressed this problem by making it possible for the processor to switch to a fixed-width mode for special processor intensive purposes. The PowerPC is stuck with fixed-width and has no ability to enjoy the flexibility of variable-width instructions for non-processor-intensive tasks. This means that CISC is now better than RISC. (Using the terms to loosely define Pentium as CISC and PowerPC as RISC.)

    Apple will never switch to IA32 (Pentium) because 32 bit processors are a dead-end and maybe have a couple years left. The reason is because they can only have a maximum of 4 GB of RAM [ (2^32)/(1 Billion) = 4.29 GB ]. This limit is very close to being reached in current desktop computers. Apple MAY at some point decide to jump to IA64 in my opinion, and I think they should. Obviously the Intel family of processors is unbeatable unless they have some sort of catastrophe happen to them. If Apple jumped on they'd be back on track. Unfortunately I don't believe IA64 is yet cheap enough for desktops.


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  • Grimace
    Sep 19, 04:43 PM
    I unplugged everything and that made it work.

    Network Cable
    USB devices (3)
    Firewire400 (1)
    Firewire800 (1)

    I didn't think to unplug them one at a time to control for where the problem was. Oh well. If your drives comes out and snaps back in right away without updating the firmware. Remove all devices before rebooting.

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  • Nicki Minaj - Material Girl

  • KingYaba
    Apr 15, 03:08 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?

    Quote of the week right here.


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  • minimac
    Mar 25, 10:01 AM
    I picked up a 16GB yesterday for $299 and after using it last night I decided I should get another one so my wife and I aren't fighting over just one :). I ran out this morning and all the 16GB are gone so I picked up a 32GB for $399. The problem now is I still have an iPad2 on order from Apple due mid-April. I'm considering canceling the iPad2 and being content with the 2 first gen iPads.

    I think these are perfectly fine and I'm sure there will be another revision next year. The only thing that would have tilted the scales for me to hold out for the iPad2 is if it had a higher resolution screen. The cameras do nothing for me and the weight and thickness I don't think will make much of a difference when just using it around the house.

    Is that what others who are still buying the 1st gen are thinking too?

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  • April 27, 2010

  • Eraserhead
    Jun 12, 04:10 PM should be deleted, Vista full is now out.

    EDIT: can now be deleted, the articles have now been moved as suggested above. Guides has also been emptied.


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  • applefan69
    Mar 28, 01:35 PM
    Im looking forward to the future of iOS.

    If its good enough, I might even unjailbreak, still running 4.2.1 here, Ill miss it though, infinifolder, custom lockscreen, custom sounds.

    Hopefully an iOS 5 Jailbreak will release soon after.

    you realise you contradicted yourself?

    "I hope iOS 5 is good enough that ill unjailbreak"

    "I hope once iOS 5 is out there is a jailbreak soon after"


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  • Lesser Evets
    Mar 28, 09:04 AM
    I understand why people like iOS, and it is useful for a lot of things. Productivity is far behind novelty/entertainment at this time, but iOS will become far more versatile when the portable hardware ups a few leaps.

    iOS 9 + iPad 5 might be worth the hype. IMO


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  • danielsmu
    Mar 16, 08:28 AM
    Anybody seen any of the DFW apple stores receive and begin selling iPads during the day or have they been holding them for sale at the beginning of the next day? Trying to see if it's worth going to Northpark or Knox bright and early on Saturday morning or if it's best to just keep calling around throughout the day...

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  • Jvhowube
    Oct 25, 07:26 AM
    I ordered a MBP last evening, and cancelled my order late last night after realizing that it is WAY more than I need. I have been waiting for this Merom update for ages, but I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for the MMB. The MBP was just way too over-the-top for my use, and way too expensive for what I need.

    So now that I'm on this bandwagon...

    What's the speculation on a timeframe? Before Thanksgiving?

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  • marksman
    Apr 14, 02:25 PM
    I rated Negative, so should you. Please, move to Page 2.

    People who don't understand what they rating system is for should be suspended for a couple of times to contemplate it.

    This is real and confirmed information that could indicate any number of things for Apple... thus is fine for page 1.

    Since you don't understand that, and since you think the rating of stories is to determine what page they belong on, you fail.

    Apr 27, 10:56 AM
    MPEG Stream Clip (assuming these are not protected DVDs)

    Drag the VOB file into the app
    Open as a stream so you get the whole dvd.

    drag the slider to the beginning of the clip you want press "i" drag the slider to the end press "o"

    export to the settings you need for your editing app

    Jun 11, 12:39 AM
    It probably won't happen, but T-mobile is, at least, a better candidate for having the iPhone that Verizon. T-mobile is GSM, they've never turned Apple down and they don't release advertisements mocking the iPhone.

    Sep 13, 11:49 AM
    So you re telling me I most likely won't even be able to have a cab take me home - my partner has to work, can't get out of it.

    I'm afraid I'm going to be puking all over the place.

    I'm weird. They are going to cut a 6-inch hole in my back and remove one of my lamina and a disc, and I'm worried about anesthesia.


    six-inch hole? :eek: *ouch* (sorry not helping am i)

    really there is nothing to worry about at all, you'll be in very safe hands and you should feel fine afterwards, just probably a little sleepy and possibly nauseous (though not in all cases). they do strongly recommend that you have someone come and collect you after a general anaesthetic just to be safe.

    my experience of GA is just from a very short operation - i had an arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) on my knee a few years ago. i remember being on the trolley outside theatre and was amazed at how easily the anaesthetist stuck the cannula in my arm and how painless the process was... all previous history of blood tests etc has involved much painful prodding and poking to find a vein! i wasn't asked to count down or anything, all i can remember is saying 'oooh i feel all funny' - someone here described it as a dreamy sort of state which is pretty accurate, you sort of feel a bit faint - and the next thing i knew i was waking up after the op.

    apparently people say strange things when they are coming around after a GA. one of the nurses was pulling a plaster strip off and said 'this might hurt' and i vaguely remember mumbling something about it not being as painful as bikini waxing, LOL!!!

    i felt fine afterwards, in fact surprisingly perky especially as i'd been up really early that morning. but then pretty tired later on in the day. i hadn't actually been under for very long though.

    all in all, don't worry about it, you'll be fine :) good luck with the op!

    i've got a video of my arthroscopy somewhere...

    edit: actually by far the worst thing about the whole op was having to wear big granny-style paper knickers!!! :eek: :o :D

    Sep 25, 11:16 AM
    Looks like an excellent update. By the looks of things they've reduced the system requirements, which may mean it will be less of a resource hog.

    The MacBook is now officially supported, along with older PowerPC models too.

    Kudos to Apple for making it a free update, although there'd have justifiably been an outcry if it wasn't.

    Edit: RAW support updates also point to OS X 10.4.8 being released this week too (as per previous poster's observation).

    Sep 17, 10:56 AM
    One day, just rush into the store and shout "I Love You!". That should get her attention.

    & creep her out ;)

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