Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sounakc
    05-24 05:15 PM
    I am filing for I-485 for my wife based on my approved I-140 and pending I-485 (EB2). Under part 2 which option i should chose for her.



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  • imm_pro
    03-29 04:44 PM
    Search for the memo 245i

    If you have worked illegally for < 6months you may be covered by this..if its > 6 months.. go out of the country and come back in with a new i94..

    Contact a good lawyer while filing 485

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  • manja
    05-24 07:57 AM
    Alright. Thanks for the clarification :)

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  • nursekm
    03-28 10:46 PM
    I am not sure I understand why would you want to do this? You are on EAD, correct? This already gives you the right to work for any employer; getting an H-1B would be a step back in this regard. Am I missing something?

    I am interested in changing from I-485 EAD to H1B. My reason being I want to change my work and get a different position. does anyone know what is the procedure?


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  • desixp
    05-28 08:46 PM
    Hi RayofLight,

    Thanks for your effort. Will meet you at DC.


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    05-31 05:00 AM

    I need some help. Here is my situation.

    I am in USA on H1B since 1999. I am working with Company A since September 2006 on H-1B. My 485 is filed by Company A under EB3 in July 2007 with PD 10/2006.

    I am in process of changing job from Company A to Company B in same field using AC-21 and EAD. My last day with Company A would be June 10th. I have an offer letter from Company B and going to join them on EAD in June end / early July (my start date is flexible). AC-21 will be filed by Company B's lawyers once I join them.

    Meanwhile if I want to travel to India (no emergencies, just want to see the family), can I use my AP to return? My current AP expires in December 2011.

    Has anyone done this before?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all your answers.


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  • freeskier89
    03-19 11:06 PM
    Thanks roxychaney! Ya, acrylics are a pain!

    @halfdog... um really? If I understand you correctly you would then you have a muddy blurry mess.

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  • mzdial
    December 29th, 2005, 08:52 PM
    Yep.. Steve had a database crash last year and the got wiped I believe.. I thought it was funny this old thread was dug up. :-)

    They are on disk somewhere.. But I'm away from home and don't have access to them right now.

    Election Predicitions - IV Strategy [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Election Predicitions - IV Strategy


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  • die_exquisita
    05-27 01:33 AM
    Thanks for the reply. But I guess I didnt frame my query properly. What I intended to ask was if the couple going to be married on a date x can fill up the forms online before wedding for an appointment on a date after their wedding?

    Thanks again!

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  • texanmom
    08-24 11:39 AM
    Its just a blank page


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  • krithi
    05-26 01:55 PM
    whats the avg time to get FP notice after filing EAD online.


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  • ImmigrationAnswerMan
    01-06 03:04 PM
    5 years of progressive experience means that the person progressed within the company in responsibility and job duties, not that the person's salary increased.

    *This information is of a general nature for education purposes only and should not be relied upon without first consulting with an immigration law attorney. This information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.


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    07-19 09:31 PM
    If it is new 485 filing then you don't have A#.

    A# on I-140 is nothing do with your 485.

    Its has everything to do with 485 if its the alien # alloted to you at 140 stage and begins with a 0 (zero) thats your permanent alient number wont change for life.

    But as far as not mentioning it is no big deal as your paperwork includes I140 copy or original whatever and shouldnt have any negative impact on the filing.

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  • glus
    04-18 12:20 PM
    If one applied for his I-485 before the H-4 visa was expired, then not a problem. The minor could obtain a new h-4 visa stamp overseas. He / she should take AP with her / him just in case they can't issue a visa for any reason.
    Generally speaking, one who has a pending form I-485 is not obligated by law to maintain any other status such as H-1 or H-4 and the time after the expiration of such a status is not counted as unlawful presence as long as the pending i-485 is not denied.


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  • cr125rider
    04-16 12:22 AM
    I really like them both!

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-15 01:54 PM
    that is old stuff and also scary stuff for some people, even if old visas's are being recaptured, it was being done only for Schedule-A folks (nurses). So for all other EB categories where the only form of relief they are seeing is from possible recapture, if nurses take away those 200k (per Ombudsman its about 218K lost visas) then thats another big hope gone.


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  • krithi
    05-26 01:55 PM
    whats the avg time to get FP notice after filing EAD online.


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  • kcforgc
    04-09 08:55 PM
    I'm on currently on H1b (NO EAD). I'm applying for another job with a different company and came across the below question in thier Job Application. I don't know if the other company is willing to transfer my H1, but I would like to apply and prove myself in the interview.

    If hired, can you submit verification of your legal right to work in the U.S.?

    Should the answer be YES or NO? Can my current H1 be used as a proof of legal right to work???

    I'm also required to acknowledge the below statement as part of the application.

    I am aware that, as a condition of employment, if employment is offered, I must be authorized to work in the U.S. and demonstrate that authorization as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

    Appreciate if anyone of you can clarify this.


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  • Saralayar
    04-07 04:56 PM
    Sorry folks, dumb question, but what does LUD stand for? A few words of explanation would be appreciated.
    It is Last Updated Date of the file.

    02-05 12:01 PM
    You can live in US legally beyound your current H1B I-94.
    As long as your AOS (I-485) is Pending, Ofcoure u need EAD for work.

    Hello Friends,

    I have utilized AC-21 and moved onto another employer and I will be using my EAD. I have an I-94, from the I-797 of my previous employer, which expires in May 2008.

    The question I have is if we have utilized AC-21 can we still live here in US past the I-94 date? Will the stay be considered legal? I ask because as far as I know when a person is on H1B he can not afford to go past the I-94 validity date, does the same apply with an AOS applicant?

    08-05 11:19 PM
    I have a very complicated case, and I need some answer that can release me from all this stress.

    I came to the United States country in 2007 with a F1 visa. I won a scholarship sponsored by the government of my country to complete a bachelor degree. I was sent to a community college to improve my English skills. I finished my associated degree at the community College last spring 2009. Since my school only issued the I-20 until June 2009, my visa was also issue until that date. Therefore, my visa is already expired. However, already got accepted into a 4 year college and I am starting in Fall 2009, so I am still under F1 status.

    The institution that is sponsoring my scholarship agreed to pay for my bachelor. However, they are requesting all scholarship students to change their status to j1 by the beginning of spring 2010. If I don't do it, I will lose my scholarship and therefore my status since I don't enough money to pay for the very expensive tuition. The institution wants us to go back for two years after we finish our bachelor, so they forcing us to change our visas.

    I have been living with my girlfriend since last year. She is a Permanent Resident since 2003 . She is planning to apply for citizenship on February 2010. We are planning to get married by the end of this month (August). I need to go back to my country to change my status to j1 by the end of the fall semester, so I can keep my scholarship.
    Here are my questions:
    Might getting married now increase the risk of been rejected when apply for J 1 visa?

    When would be the best time to get married?

    When would be the best time to apply for green card? (Summit I-130, I-485, I-765 and G-325)

    My fiancee and I don't have any problems with me going back for 2 years after I finish my studies, as long as I come to visit her about 3 or 4 times in the period of 2 years.

    Thanks for your help.

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