Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • wandmaker
    12-02 11:30 PM
    Wandmaker, do you know what are the odds of getting approval for COS to B2 from H1B?

    I'm about to submit an application for work visa in New Zealand and I want to stay here in the US and wait for my NZ visa approval here. I'm a Filipino national. I'm currently working on some document requirements and my guess-timate is that I'll get my NZ work visa by late January or even February. I do have an employer waiting for me in NZ and I signed an employment contract already. Will all these info be enough to support my application to stay for a few months and leave when I get all my affairs in order (NZ visa,etc)?


    As long as your (immigration) records are clean, I do not see any issues in COSing to B2 from H1B. You do not have to go into greater detail about your future employment. You just need to mention that you have some personal closing tasks and site seeing to do before leaving the US for good, it should fetch you 6 months.

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  • vinki
    10-27 12:54 PM
    Hi !
    I recently got my EAD. ..but I have not yet got a job..... when should I apply for SSN ? :confused:

    Thank you in advance....


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  • karanp25
    07-11 01:43 PM
    stop whining. I've seen your other posts as well. If u get an EAD approval, you complain. If PDs move forward, u complain.

    No one is going anywhere--this is just another non-sense move - DHS has no clue how many 485 apps are pending...they just moved the dates forward to use maximum visa numbers. EB2 will be back to where it was (or worse retrogress more) after Oct'08.

    It's simple math...10K visas a yr and over 160K applications pending. Go figure, how long will it take.

    1 year from now, only EB3-Indians with PDs of 2001-2006 will hang on the IV website. Everybody else(or atleast 99%) will be gone...
    We will need help renewing our EADs and AP each year forever...and will seek answers on wague rules and regulations USCIS/DHS will keep putting in

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  • chumki
    12-17 07:06 PM
    My situation is I got LAID off.

    I had to change employment.


    Should I file Ac-21 ?


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  • Ramba
    03-28 01:46 PM
    The Advance degree + 3 years of experience on H1B are not just a matter of fact formulation from the senators. It�s an effort to revert back to the 60�s through 80�s formula where the only way to immigrate to the US (at least for Engineers) was to pursue a master�s degree in the US and then adjust their status to a PR. There is a growing demand from academic institutions to revive this culture. America wants people to study here, specialize in evolving technologies and drive the technological innovation. Every day we see posts on this forum of folks wanting to include laws and regulations to fix the situation that they are in. We need to have a unified front with a common goal. May be we should learn from the �less educated� Latino community. They probably do not have the internet media to rally support but boy did they have their voice heard with ONE COMMON AGENDA.

    I agree with you. All the peoples want to fix the problem currently they are in. We should have a comman, broad sense goal.

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  • lvinaykumar
    09-09 08:39 AM
    I am going to meet TANA organisers again this month. I will try get more details for them on what kind of help do they need.


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  • reddog
    06-18 04:28 PM
    No one ever has gone to court over a Noncompete agreement issue. No one will.
    Most things in Business run on 'the word', and a non-compete is one of them.

    Now, if the company you are working for has more consultants working for the client, the client should be able to convince your company to let you go without any issues.

    Also, there are always some loopholes that are not covered in the non-compete, and it would help to explore along those lines.
    Very common idea is if job responsibilities change or if you are moved to a different project via a different vendor..
    Also, is the non-compete between the two companies written by a law firm and is of any legal binding? If not, what good is that outside the two businesses?

    I still do not know why would you want to work thru a different Vendor?
    Is this a Preferred Vendor issue?
    I mean, if you are anyways going on an AC21(assuming you are one of us :))
    why not push for a direct employment, that would ease the non-compete issue far more then the Vendor move.

    And finally, if the Non-compete is between the Client and the Vendor, why are you worried?

    someone please explain me how complete agreement works. I am working for the client through the main vendor who has a noncompete agreement with my employer (This is signed by my employer, not me). Now I am planning to leave my employer but the client is interested keeping me in the project through another vendor. Can someone explain me if it is possible?

    Since the Noncompete is between my employer and the vendor, how am I responsible since I didn't sign anything? Don't laugh, may be I am ignorant

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  • MatsP
    March 24th, 2005, 05:59 AM
    Thank Mats for your kind reply.
    The problem is that I purchased the camera in Hong Kong few day ago and went back to my home country. I will not visit HK any time soon and the guarantee I received from the HK shop is not valid in any other country.
    I have been told (since the last correspondence with alparsons above) that a common misshap with the D-100 is breaking the shutter glass/cover or mirror (I think) while attempting to attach a lense. I deeply hope that this is not the case since I will have to pay for it's repairment (3 days after spending about $1,400).
    Any thoughts ?

    You should be able to see if the mirror is broken, misaligned or similar. Most cameras will actually function with the lens off. I don't know with the D100, but you could give that a try. Set it to manual and set the exposure to 30 seconds or something like that, and see if you can actually see something wrong in there.

    I'm sure if you contact the shop, you could send the camera back for warranty work, assuming that shipping is less than the cost of repairs of course...



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  • gc_on_demand
    09-19 11:24 AM
    If I go for appointment and they put case under PIMS review as I just got ext approval last months. Will they take passport with them ? if Not can I travel with passport and ask to close case of stamping ?

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  • copsmart
    02-15 01:07 PM
    Come on, Man�

    Why are you so worried before even knowing whether your company is a TARP receiver or not?

    BTW, if you entered on AP and still work for the same employer, then you are not on EAD. Also, you have no issues extending your H1.


    Hi rvr_jcop

    Thanks for your valuble advice.To the best of my knowledge my company is not a TARP Company.So if my company happens to be a TARP company ,there is a possibility for H-1 renewal denail.otherwise not.Pls correct me.


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  • Cloakendagger
    06-15 12:39 PM
    I would be willing to work with you. Check out this site I designed for a Lan group.
    Nevermind the chatter on the site, its nothing.

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  • Michael chertoff
    07-22 10:51 AM

    Why cant you just remove the feature of red/green dot completely. just ban the person directly if he/she is misusing this forum..

    See after ten twenty minutes I will have RED DOT.

    here if you say anything which moderator does not want to hear, you will get red dot or may be just banned.

    for example last week i just asked my question in Free Q/A , did not got answer but i had to say sorry to Pappu just to stay in this forum.

    I know man you can ban me from this forum anytime.

    Just my views.

    Please delete it if you dont like post.....sorry.



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  • abhi_jais
    12-03 02:59 PM
    A friend of mine has got 221G from the New Delhi consulate. He works directly for the company there is no client involved here. The consulate has requested the details of every single employee of the company along with their immigration status. My friend is trying to get that information from the employer.

    Any suggestion at this point????

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  • gcseeker2002
    11-05 02:50 PM
    I called UScis Customer support and they said that as of today they are approving EADs with notice date July 2nd, so I should wait another few weeks for my EAD, so EAD will take 5 months or more for me :(


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  • swamy
    12-30 01:20 AM
    about time ppl came forward to share the burden & not let just the core/a few others carry the load alone - i was thinking we should be able to raise a million every month with wider participation (20000+) at lower $ levels like 50/100 so its sustainable. but lets see how far this goes - cant affrd 2k rightaway tho

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  • kaizersoze
    07-18 10:44 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    Granted, its nto the best way. Now, can you suggest a way pls ? What is generally recommended ?
    Can you pls help 'convince' people to contribute...


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  • paskal
    12-01 10:13 AM
    I believe no group is formed for TN. I am requesting people to reply so that we can count and form something.



    We can help you but the first step is to complete your profile
    Also I suggest you start by joining the GA chapter, you will get some help from them.

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  • dwhuser
    06-15 08:40 PM
    This is my openion.

    POE IO might ask for the EVL letter from the sponsoring employer to check the integrity of the case, though not very common.

    What is a EVL letter ?

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  • airbusfan
    06-02 12:09 PM
    I had sent you a private message yesterday. .
    Without verification we cannot give access to anyone.

    Anu has been out sick and will not be doing verification for next couple of months. Myself and other team members will handle this task in our spare time from other IV work and there could be delays. However we will try to have the delay only for 15 days at the most.

    Ryan, Thanks for responding to the PM.

    Thanks Pappu!! I just messaged you my cell number, I think you tried to call me, but am in meetings all day today

    02-09 09:54 AM
    You have to somehow prove to USCIS that company A and C are subsidiaries and mere mentioning that they have been owned by the same person may not fly. You need some kind of proof on paper.

    This may not fly because, both are considered different legal entities. The time that you have worked for A from Oct 05 to Aug 06 till the date H1B Transfer was filed from C to A, your employment will be considered unauthorized.

    You need to immediately contact a good lawyer to evaluate your situation and options. I am sure they will find a way out.

    Your case is slightly different than working for multiple employers while on H1B.

    You can have multiple H1B's and work for multiple employers, given one of them is primary full time employment. This is perfectly legal and one of my friend has gone through this situation during his GC process. He did get an RFE and provided the details of both employments to CIS and they eventually approved his case. This was in 2004 though.

    01-15 10:48 AM
    My friend's father-in-law, a retired Indian army personnel, was able to obtain a visitor's visa to US and he did come and stayed with him for about 3-4 months. So, in short, retired Indian army personnel can get a visitor's visa and travel to US without any trouble.

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