Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    03-21 08:24 PM
    Join IV-NY ( mailing list. Please promote this group and add more members

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  • MCQ
    05-26 01:37 PM
    Chiraj - read the following from the UK Home Office Visa web site

    Transit (INF 20) (

    seems to say that as long as you have a valid visa (which a greencard is a physical manifestation of an immigrant visa) then you should be ok.
    Assuming your son is a US Citizen - he won't need one either.

    hope that helps

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  • pkuttu
    01-07 07:51 PM

    I need some advice on what are my options.

    I have been working with a consulting company since June 2006. I have an approved Perm and approved 140 with the same company.

    Before my Perm and 140 were approved we got my H1-b extended till September 2011.

    I am planning to visit my home country and need to attend for Visa stamping. I have booked my tickets too.

    The problem is my company has recently changed its location and I have the old address on my paperwork (I-797, LCA etc)
    But the latest pay stubs have the new Address.

    Will I have any problems when I attend for Visa stamping?

    Do we need to apply for the ammendment? In that case should I postpone my trip, get the paperwork and then go for stamping?

    Thanks and Regards

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 06:43 PM
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  • Vic
    11-26 09:07 AM
    I dont think this means anything. With the huge influx of AP and EAD applications - I am quite certain that the last thing on USCIS's mind was making sure that the LUD was kept updated for the 485 apps. The important thing is that you have your 485 receipt and that is the acknowledgment that they have recieved the application and its in order.

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  • jma1108
    01-29 10:15 PM
    Currently my 485 is pending over 1.5 years with I-140 approval (2007). I was laid-off. I have valid EAD card. Am I eligible to transfer to a TARP company for a similar position but in different state? Is there any specific policy or limitation for this work status? The company's HR couldn't make a decision. What should I do? Thank you very much for your kind and generous help.


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-03 06:12 PM
    Yes, you can ask CIS to extend the RFE deadline and explain the circumstances. It is critical to make this request before the first deadline has passed.

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  • vinzak
    05-18 11:26 AM
    My friends received Green cards in 2007. They live abroad, but make regular trips tho the Us to visit family and maintain their GC.

    Unfortunaltely, they recently misplaced their green cards. They are planning a trip to the US this month, for which they have received travel letters from the US Embassy abroad.

    Would anyone know what the process is afterwords? We know they have to file I-90s to replace their lost GC. Does this have to be done at the port of entry? Or is it done at a local office on reaching their final US destination?

    Also, will they be called for a biometric appointment locally or can that be done at a Port of Entry. Can the biometric be done at a location abroad?

    If anyone has any info on this, it'd be truly appreciated.


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  • immigal
    06-14 10:38 PM
    I am currently working for my employer on EAD. Can I work for another company and at the same time keep my current job on EAD?

    Please help!


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  • marsardpt
    07-17 05:13 PM
    Hello, my wife and I have been approved and got notice of action (I-797C) in mail May 23 (recieved date May 22). Online USCIS states our cards went into production June 13th and allow 30 days to recieve. We have not moved but will in mid August in order to begin work under OPT. We called USCIS service center on 1-800-375-5283 on 30th day and put in a trace on our cards. USCIS states case will be assigned within 30 days and then expect within 45 days to hear. This is impossible as we hope to begin work before that. I know that calls can be made to get permission to work as we are F-1 graduating Aug 8th BUT need the cards for our bank to approve financing.

    Question - is there any way to make direct contact with someone who can tell us the card WAS mailed and provide confirmation. It is odd that regulkar mail delivers such a valuable, time consuming document.

    Any comments would be helpful.



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  • dce.deepak
    05-24 03:50 PM
    I just received an 3 year h1-B extension based on an approved I-140. I had only 2 years left of 6 year h1 limit but because I have an approved I-140, I got one more year.

    I attached my approved I-140 copies along with H1B extension application but the Alien number A# on this new H1-B extension approval is different than what I have on I-140 approval notice. Actually its a typo, instead of A 08 it A 008 and because of one extra zero the last digit is lost.

    Is this a matter of concern? Please help.

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  • nogc_noproblem
    08-16 10:01 AM
    Labor, I140 approved and I-485 filed during July-07. Have EAD and AP but never used it. Still on H1B, extended for 3 years based on approved I140 and valid until Dec 2011. With my GC employer all along, employer is applying for LCA now as my new client is located in different state. My questions are:

    � Whether there will be any impact on my ongoing GC process if the job description on this new LCA is different?
    � If anything goes wrong with this LCA, whether there will be any impact on my existing H1 and eventually on GC process?
    � If something wrong happens to my H1, can I still switch to EAD after that?
    � What is the process to move from H1B to EAD within the same company, is filing new I-9 with EAD detail is suffice?



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  • voicerj
    05-20 02:41 PM
    I got my I 140 approved under Eb3 if i get another job and transfer my I 140 can i use my old PD if my new employer applies in EB2 ?

    Yes you can. but in that case you need to file a new labor and new I-140 with EB2

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  • chanduv23
    12-03 12:00 PM
    More evidence things are not going well for Lou.

    More... (

    Loo's only place is KKK


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  • h1dedorebaba
    05-24 12:09 PM

    I guess it is taking too much of time to get the receipt notice for H1 transfers/ext due to backlog. Let us fill out the following details and it will help everyone who is waiting for the receipt notice..

    I saw one more thread like this but it was purely for premium cases.

    Please fill in the following details:

    Date Sent:
    Receipt notice date:
    Service Center: CSC/VSC/NSC/TSC
    Approval date:
    Processing type: Premium/Regular


    H1 Transfer
    Date Sent: 05/22/07
    Receipt notice date: Waiting
    Service Center: CSC
    Approval date: Waiting
    Processing type: Regular

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  • SGP
    03-25 03:05 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD AFTERNOON GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    This is a supporting thread to the "Want to File I-485 without Current Priority Date? Gather here" thread started by pappu.

    As suggested by pappu/starsun, this supporting thread provides impacted members with additional information and tools to help the initiative.

    Visit Immigration Voice Wiki ( 2C_and_EB3.29) - for overview of Employment Based - Green Card process
    Visit I485 Filing w/o current PD Wiki ( - for overview of this initiative

    As pappu stated in the first post of the above referenced thread - some of the ongoing efforts include finding how many IV members would get benefit from such a provision and get basic details such as username/Priority Date of impacted members. Future action items might include drafting documents and letters to support this provision. There maybe actions such as sending emails etc. However we would not be able to open a public action item unless we can have thousands of our members willing to participate in a grassroots action item. This survey intends to understand the needs of our membership for this provision and collect grassroots information.

    The fact is we have a dedicated group of volunteers (and we need more) who have been trying their best to spread the message about this initiative so that a strong grass-roots support can be created leading up to launch of the public action items. So far we have around 1100 people who have responded. Based on quick calculations carried out using PERM data, it is estimated that there are at least 60K-70K EB applicants waiting to file I-485/EAD/AP (this is a very conservative estimate..the actual number could be much more). Grass-roots initiatives require time and patience and we request maximum number of impacted folks to participate actively.
    What can you do to participate?
    1) Vote on the poll/survey created by Pappu.

    Then please send an email to (starsun) with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your a) IV username b) Email address c) Phone #, d) State of Residence e) Priority Date - so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated

    2) Print out below Flier and circulate at all asian/indian malls/groceries/theaters. Forward the flier to your friends/co-workers and ask them to do the same.

    I485 Filing Initiative Flier (

    3) Volunteers have created a facebook community and an Immigration Voice WIKI page to spread the message about this initiative. Please circulate these links among your friends/co-workers who will be helped.

    Please "Share" and "Link" and "send to friend" the facebook community via your Facebook account. Also include these two links when you post on the IV forum.

    Facebook - IV I485 filing w/o current PD initiative community (!/pages/Immigration-Voice-Grass-roots-Campaigns/150562351660693?v=info)

    (Just FYI that you might have to be logged in for the above link to direct to the facebook community. Alternately, search for "Immigration Voice Grass-roots Campaigns" to find the community after logging in. Search "Immigration Voice" to go to the IV's main facebook page)

    Immigration Wiki -
    I485 Filing Initiative - IV Wiki (

    PM these members for additional info:
    nmdial ; geevikram ; vbkris77 ; ashwin_27 ; snathan
    Dedicated members can also join the leaders group:


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  • rehanb
    03-18 10:50 AM
    I am currently working for Company A on h1b, expiring on May 31st 2010. The GC application is denied based on on A2p issue with company A.

    I had company B already filed for my labor in 2008 and approved in Jan 2009. They also filed concurrent 140 and 485 in March 2009 which is still pending. Company B wanted to hire me and now its time that I move to company B. I do have latest paystubs from Company A, currently valid i797 and experience letter.

    can I migrate to company B by transfering my h1b based on approved labor with company b and pending GC application. What documents are required to transfer.


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  • annsheila79
    04-19 09:50 AM
    this came after 9/11 because of biometric requirements

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  • jai_immigration
    04-28 10:53 AM
    I am planning to switch job, looking for a good attorney in New Jersey near Edison to help me with AC21, if any of you can refer a good economical lawyer, appreciate it.

    Also let me know how much does AC21 filing cost on a average (for both myself and spouse)


    09-19 08:37 PM
    That would be 245(i) - ability to file for AOS with more than 6 months out of status by paying a fee. Most people here would be opposing this ammendment because of some "moral" issues. Well, I hope they have never been out of work while on H1.

    01-07 12:48 PM
    Good MOrning All I have 2 questions:

    1.) My littel sister is living with a Looser for the past 10 teays and he refuse to file for her Residency. So got pregnat last year and now has a baby by him. Is there anything she can do to get her residency in this situation?

    2.) I am married to a US citizen. I have a Pending case with USCIS however it has been draging out for too long. I wanted to file for my Residency using my Current marriage. She is a US citizen however dose anyone know if there is a limit or time frame when a US citizen can file for someone else? She was married before and filed for her X-husband residency. Can she file me now without any problem?

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