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may 2011 calendar uk

may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk.
  • may 2011 calendar uk.

  • iFanboy
    Mar 30, 05:41 PM
    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • Don't panic
    May 3, 04:05 PM
    methinks we need someone with some perspective in charge here, so before the crazy wizard gets us all killed for his king's secret quests, whatever they are, I propose we follow the wisdom of my brother Jorah

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • iMeowbot
    Nov 23, 12:54 PM
    o.O Mactracker has no information on this. Do you have links? I would be very interested in seeing a pict of it.
    The product was called PowerCD (

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • biallystock
    May 6, 01:41 AM
    Oh, NO!

    Not yet another hardware transition and emulation.

    Apple never picks up the tab for this crap. It's always the user who pays and pays and pays.

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • 0010101
    Nov 24, 09:20 PM
    For those of you who may have forgotten, or are too young to remember, Apple has had more than it's share of Cleveland Steamers.. and an iPhone would just be another turd in the punchbowl.

    iPod was a hit because nobody at the time of iPods introduction made anything like it. Sure, there were other players out there, but nothing came even remotely close to the features, size, and ease of use.

    The cellular phone market is a whole different playing field, with dozens of established manufacturers with a significant head start (decades) and an established user base.

    Apple has about as good a chance of entering the cell phone market as LG does entering the MP3 player market.

    While there are folks out there who would buy any piece of plastic that Steve Jobs wiped his rear with and stuck an 'i' in front of the name, in order for it to appeal to the masses, it's going to have to be cool looking, feature rich, and perhaps most importantly, widely available, and inexpensive.

    Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well.. and 'playing with others' isn't one of their strengths, either. Both are requirements to enter an already highly competitive cell phone marketplace.

    Apple needs to get back to what they do best, which is innovate in untapped or barely tapped markets where they really stand out and shine against the competition.. Apple II, Original Macintosh, iPod, etc. Not jump into an already saturated market with little to distinguish themselves between the competition but a pretty case.

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • nomad01
    Sep 11, 01:54 AM
    I don't see that happening this week, as much as I want a merom MBP. This Sept. 12th event is geared soley towards ipods, nanos, and especially the movie store. I'm betting nothing will be said or released concerning MBP's or MB's.

    I kind of agree although judging by the relative lack of fanfare for the new 24 inch iMac, it's possible they'll just appear when the store comes back up. Certainly not impossible.

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  • navguy
    Jan 4, 10:12 AM
    There are numerous Youtube videos using the car kit, some that are dash mounted, and it seems to make no difference. I understand its more of a "line of sight" issue so as long as the mount is visible to the sky you're fine. I get mine by Fedex today and I'm mounting it to the dash so I'll let you know how it all works for me.

    thanks for the feedback. that would be great.

    some of the behavior of the mount that i'm noticing (by using the TomTom car kit free app) is that from a cold start, the mount takes about 20-30 seconds to achieve a satellite fix ... seems longer than the 3GS which makes sense because the mount doesn't have assisted GPS (cellular triangulation help) ...

    BUT i'm curious whether the satnav apps are waiting on the mount's fix or taking first availalble? ... i would hope they'd wait on mount since ultimately it should have more precision since it's called 'enhanced' GPS, but how can you tell for sure?

    one thing i've tried is to remove the iPhone from the mount after navigating and see if it disrupts the GPS signal w/in the satnav app ... i would expect there to be a switch over to internal GPS and see a small disruption ... but i'm not getting a disrupted signal ... can't be sure one way or the other

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • crashnburn275
    Sep 16, 12:48 AM
    Just to give you guys some perspective:

    I ordered my custom Blackbook two days ago, ship date is 9/22, arrival date 9/29.

    Basically, I got sick of waiting for Merom for the macbook and I couldn't justify the price jump to the MBP. In retrospect, I wish I wouldn't have waited so long but I'm glad I ordered when I did.

    Sidenote of interest: I used a student developer discount on my purchase of a macbook and black 8 gig Nano. I was amazed to see the discount applied to the Nano as well, saving me another $30!

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
  • may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011

  • dagamer34
    Mar 30, 10:49 PM
    Application Launcher - Useful for organizing apps
    Versions - Useful for those who don't leave an external HDD plugged in at all times such as laptop users.
    Resume - Useful when you need to restart your Mac.
    Auto-save - Self explanatory.
    Mission Control - Useful because you can view EVERYTHING on your Mac at a quick glance your windows, spaces, full screen apps, dashboard, etc.
    Lion Server - Server functionality that wasn't there before unless you bought a server capable Mac.
    Air Drop - Useful for quick file sharing.
    Full screen apps - Useful when you are only doing one thing on your Mac or when you are using an app that uses a lot of real estate.

    Want me to explain any more features for you?

    He's talking about parts of the UI that have been taken from iOS. This is the worst example so far:

    It's clearly a "form over function" fail as the words are hard to read in the buttons. At least on the iPad, they had the decency to provide some contrast by making the letters white. It's horrible looking!

    Then again, it's a developer preview. But I realllly hope stuff like that doesn't stick around. It's like the translucent menu bar introduced in 10.5 which everyone complained about that didn't get fixed with an checkbox option until 10.5.2. Apple has a history of making VERY silly decisions only to give us options several months later (like iPad side switch being a lock button in 3.2, forcing it to become a mute switch in 4.2, and then FINALLY an option for either in 4.3)

    may 2011 calendar uk. calendar may 2011 uk. may 2011
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  • DavidCar
    Jul 22, 10:38 PM
    I'm with Multimedia i don't see why Apple would intentionally cripple the Macbook with yonah when they coast exactly the same and are just a drop in upgrade.
    Maybe the low end MacBook will keep Yonah and get a price drop, while the higher end MacBook, black and white, will get Merom. That might lead to the most sales, to both those looking for a cheaper MacBook, and those waiting for Merom.

    may 2011 calendar uk. 2011 calendar uk. may 2011
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  • kirk26
    Apr 20, 06:07 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    Not sure if serious. We pretty much knew it wouldn't be a summer update.

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk. may
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  • firestarter
    Mar 29, 08:41 AM
    Seems strange that they're not rolling this out to iDevices. I can't see them having to hand over 30% of the revenue to Apple - this looks like more of a Dropbox competitor.

    Possibly Apple's launch of a competitor is imminent, and Amazon just doesn't think that they can compete on Apple's home turf?

    I hope this is true. Could be quite useful.

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk.
  • may 2011 calendar uk.

  • Littleodie914
    Mar 29, 08:38 AM
    Dang... I feel like $80 a month is a LOT of money for 1TB of space. Especially when you can pay $70 ONCE and get your own 1TB drive.

    Of course there are many benefits of having your data "in the cloud," but I think their prices are way too high.

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  • Don't panic
    May 4, 12:05 PM
    Your insolence grows tiresome. :)

    What does the OP mean we found a healing treasure and it has no effect? I thought we'd get an extra 5 HP for that.

    i think it only restores health that was lost, up to your level.
    since we just started we are at full health, so it has no effect.
    i don't know if we can come back later and use it, or take it with us and use it later.
    i would imagine we can, otherwise it seems kind of pointless to put this treasure in the first room (unless treasure placement was done randomly).

    do we get a map of the next room? are there any other doors?
    EDIT: i see we have a map, but shouldn't we see the next room?

    EDIT2: ahah! :)

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  • RichP
    Jul 30, 09:12 PM
    Why would it be advantageous to ban texting? All these features on phones are simply functions of software, not requring excessive hardware technology, so its not like the phone would benefit from not having it.

    Also, 5MP camera? Thats just ridiculous. The issue with all these phones is the lenses involved, not the resolution. Give me a 1.2MP that has some decent glass with it to take a picture rather than some bumped up resolution that is junk when I iSync the iPone to iPhoto :D Beside, the nokia phones that do actually have high resolution cameras are THICK. Over an inch. Im not saying we need the next razr here, but over 1" thick makes it uncomfortable to keep in your pocket.

    And I think it will be SIM free too. As posted, we all go blow 200-400 on ipods, why not phones. Beside, if Apple just releases unlocked GSM phones, the carriers have no say. iTunes, iChat, VoiP when the wifi is available, its all open season if this thing isnt branded to a particular carrier.

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  • Littleodie914
    Mar 29, 09:04 AM
    The price is actually amazing. MobileMe is $100/year for 20GB. Amazon is $20/year for the same storage plus Amazon is running a promotion through the end of the year where if you buy a digital album from Amazon, you get 1 free year of 20GB of storage.You can't even begin to compare this service to MobileMe's current offerings. This is just space. (And a music player.) MobileMe offers address book, calendar, photo browsing, and other features.

    Dropbox is $100/year for 50GB or $200/year for 100GB. Amazon is now offering storage for half those prices. This is going to be devastating for Dropbox since they actually run their entire system off of Amazon Web Services.I do agree here - compared to Dropbox the prices are nice.

    ...Cloud storage includes redundancy, bandwidth, and syncing tools that add a lot of value. Plus of course the electricity and servers processing power necessary to access the hard drives.Huh? :confused: I think redundancy is the only valid argument here. What do you mean by bandwidth? Transfer speeds uploading to the cloud are hideous compared to USB 2.0. Syncing tools are also readily available for any external drive. External drives barely use any power, 20W during access. Processing power? You're not compressing or analyzing data. Just transferring and storing it. :confused:

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Jul 21, 03:08 PM
    the macbook was released mid may 06. so i would expect some update in october given the fast processor updates.

    certainly a good time for mac users.:)
    For sure, they might even announce something at WWDC?

    may 2011 calendar uk. may 2011 calendar uk.
  • may 2011 calendar uk.

  • tstreete
    Nov 5, 08:57 PM
    It'll be a month or so before I get to visit a big city, but over at some people are doing some fairly sophisticated testing of the mount so you can see exactly how well it works.

    I mounted on the dash, just left of center, so that it would be in easy reach. My windshield is steeply sloped, so I'd either have to stick it to the windshield right up at the top with wires dangling down from there, or it would be out of reach. The mount comes with a disk, with sticky foam on one side that can stick to a slightly curved dash, and hard shiny plastic on the other that the mount's suction cup can stick to. (There are inexpensive third party mounts of various sorts that can work with tomtom mounts, which would give you more options.)

    The mount has a standard stereo mini-plug outlet, just like the earphone jack on a standard mp3 player, so if your car has an "aux" jack, you can use a cable, or if it has a tape player you can plug in one of those tape-player-to-cable adapters.

    Not sure about the various bluetooth possibilities, but when you first establish the bluetooth connection in the iphone's preferences, it gives you a choice of which devices to select, so it might be the case that you could use a bluetooth headset or hands-free set while also using the mount.

    Thanks to Tstreete and Jade for sharing information about the TomTom car kit and "other" places that it can be purchased at a discount. Also thanks for researching other vendors. Also, whoever posted info on the Arkon Friction Mount--also thanks as that may be a good option to avoid window mounting.

    I am waiting for Tstreete to do his "acid" test and hopefully report back.

    Couple of questions:
    Assume you mounted on windshield. How was "view" while driving. Could you see the iphone and maps easily? Might a dashboard mount be better as it would be closer?

    Also, how do you connect the mount to your radio system? Sorry if stupid question but haven't seen anything on it other than you need audio cable. Is it hardwired or a plugin somewhere near the radio. From reading the above posts it appears that spoken directions come thru radio speakers as would music BUT phone calls come through iphone/tomtom speakers. Correct?

    If I have bluetooth via the steering wheel can that be incorporated with the car kit? not sure i would want to as it was a pain to use when i had it set up in the first place. I also had a BlueAnt bluetooth that I used with my BB Storm but it will not sync my contact list while using the iphone. Might I be able to use this feature? again might just be easier to use iphone voice dialing.

    Thanks all for helpful information. I too agree that we each make our own decision on whether or not to by the tomtom dock. It depends on what we are trying to accomplish. Bashing the price point is really counterproductive as we each have the option to buy it or not. oops didn't mean to get on a soapbox here.

    Thanks again,


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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 3, 10:46 PM
    I'm going to vote YES for Don't Panic, but NO for splitting up.

    Beatrice, Should we reveal that we are telepathic, or should we save that tidbit for when it is most needed?

    Apr 18, 03:14 PM
    couldn't Samsung simply get back at Apple by NOT making Apple's stuff? I mean, come on.

    They would stand to lose a lot of money if they decided overnight that they are not going to deal with Apple anymore.

    May 6, 01:35 AM
    LOL, sorry but I find this really hard to believe. What with Intel's recent announcement of the 22nm "3D" tri-gate transistor based Processors coming out this year which are even lower power etc... I just doubt Apple could get something as good from an ARM chip.

    I guess Apple having more control, a'la the A4/A5 chips in iOS gear is appealing to them.. but if they want so much control, why not buy Foxxcon and all their other suppliers too? (maybe that's their aim with all that cash they're sitting on).

    Nov 3, 10:10 AM
    Oh - BTW - Anyone know if they are planning to stock them in Apple stores?

    As for the price - everyone complains that it is too expensive for "a mount". But, it's not just a mount. A simple mount wouldn't be worth more than about $30. It's got a GPS chip in it that is similar in quality to a standalone units GPS chip, plus a speaker (the built-in speaker isn't loud or clear enough) and a mic. I understand the enhanced GPS chip is accessed via Bluetooth, so other GPS programs can use it instead of the on-board GPS chip. It can serve as a handsfree speakerphone, so no need to buy a car kit if your car doesn't support Bluetooth (mine don't).

    All together, I honestly do think this price tag is a little high - it would be more reasonable at $99, but I'm still thinking seriously about getting one.

    Mar 29, 10:48 AM
    not really true. it depends on what kind of storage options they are currently running, there are many devices and programs out there that eliminate this kind of redundancy and odds are amazon is using them right now.

    The fact that they offer free space for MP3 files purchased from Amazon clearly indicates that those files be stored in a single copy.

    Apr 21, 08:29 PM
    Reducing the Mac Pro's size is a huge step backwards! It will reduce space for storage, ram, heat fans, cpu, heat sinks, PCI-X/gpu slots, and optical drives!

    The only thing that will increase is HEAT! That will lead to reliability problems as more stress will be put on internal components with the increase in HEAT!

    Not to mention if you do plan on using a Mac Pro as a server, redundant power supplies are a must! That means more space is needed!

    What about raid cards and gpu's? Will they need to be redesigned to fit in the Mac Pro? Please don't tell me Apple will put in an integrated Intel GPU that would epitome of stupid! The Mac Pro is a workhorse! A beast! If anything go bigger!

    Apple should just apologize and release a new Xserve! :D

    That or make a deal with Oracle to get Lion Server on Sun Fire servers. Another option is to open source/port their server software to FreeBSD!

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