Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • syzygy
    07-10 09:19 AM
    Can we start this action item to have this guy kicked out of CNN ?

    Let's send as many letters to CNN and get his ass fired.

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  • Libra
    01-18 09:33 AM
    26000 members and 108 voted so far, i think we can do better than this. sending letters doesn't take much time or money. Everyone should participate in this action item.

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  • Openarms
    06-01 01:55 PM

    Great site and very useful for all of us.

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  • aknynd
    12-28 11:28 AM

    I-140 approved - June 2006
    I-485 Filed in July 2007
    AP- Approved Oct 2007
    FP - Done in Oct 2007
    Can someone tell me how to check whether Finger Printing is cleared and case has been sent/approved from FBI Name Check


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  • flipflop
    11-18 12:41 PM
    it is not wishful thinking ..dumbo is a good idea but it doesnt / wont have much support as community is divided and happy with its ead.
    money makes the mare go in this world ..say if the immigration community was united and if we were to lobby with the builders and car dealers who make contribution to the politicians then lot of bills would have passed behind the scenes ..earliar h1-b was for 6 years only did the extension come ..behind the scenes the business lobby worked secretly.

    Yeah right!! buying houses is all hunky-dory when you have all cushy jobs and economy is booming. When economy slows down there will be some people who may lose their jobs with 3000$ mortgages sitting on their head!! And that builder /bank who lobbied for you GC will come knocking on your door asking for payment.
    And believe there are defaulters among these highly qualified legal immigrants too!

    So again, how did you solve the housing slump problem in the first place???

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  • whitecollarslave
    02-12 06:41 PM
    He sent me an email to pay $3500, do you think he will go legal for this, I did not sign any contract with him.
    If he goes to court will i loose(he may create documents) or will i be in trouble if he wins the case.

    Please suggest.

    All this for $3500? Its going to cost him a lot more if he wants to file a lawsuit.

    I don't think anybody will tell you for sure what the court will rule. Even if you pay a lawyer he will not tell you that - not in writing. Chances are that this will not even go to court and based the discussion on this thread its very unlikely if this will hold in any court.

    BTW, how did he come up with the figure 3500? Is that the salary that was paid to you while you were working for another company? As somebody pointed out earlier if this was the money paid to you as compensation when you did not work for him then he might be reasonable in asking you to re-pay.

    Let us know if you any information on what the 3500 figure is for.

    An email does not mean anything. You can just ignore it. Unless you have a certified notice from court you have nothing to worry about.


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  • telekinesis
    02-11 03:41 PM
    Who will be the tie breaker :cowboy:

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  • raysaikat
    07-19 10:20 PM
    B1 visa of course. :-) . Hey, as I said, I did not think about intent issues at that time. Hindsight is always 20-20. But the deed is done. I never look back. In my dictionary, there is no such word as "should have". I either do something or don't do something. Only losers think they "should have" done something.

    There is an obvious difference between "fretting over" and "reflecting". You seem not to understand the difference (reminds me of George W. Bush on Iraq war).


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  • Pallavi79
    01-10 09:43 PM
    1.In general private insurance does not cover maternity benefits. But private insurance holders are eligible for negotiated price.

    In general negotiated price are around 50-70% less than the actual price.

    2. Choose doctors from your network. eg: many anesthesia doctors are out of network.

    3.Complications will be covered by your insurance. So do not worry about this.

    4.Take a payment plan from hospital.

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  • raj2007
    02-17 11:00 PM
    thanks for your supportive words for CP filers now CP filers need some relief as they are not able to get an EAD/AC21. I think we could ask to allow CP filers to file 485 with out having dates current and conserdering their CP filing date to get EAD and AC21.

    Thanks everybody we need your support to come out of this situation.
    Sorry to say but it seems a tough call. I will not pin my false hopes on this.
    I feel Eb2 will move very fast by Oct. than any possible change in law.


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  • gcgreen
    08-12 05:28 PM
    No. The way I understand it, the new employer is offering you a permanent job in the same/similar job classification. So you work for the new employer in a permanent capacity after you receive the green card.

    I have a question....Green card is for future employment.In that case,once your I-485 got approved ,you need to go and work for your original employer who sponsered your green card. Is that right? Is that the same case if someone uses AC21?

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  • acecupid
    05-31 02:06 PM
    Voted and posted a comment as well.:cool:


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    11-09 01:08 PM
    Still waiting for FP and no SR is filed

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  • saibaba
    07-16 10:23 AM
    I have no plans in going to Inida in the near future but wanna renew my AP just to have backup...well, my AP is expiring on 11/15/08 and wat wld be the best date to fill in that "Date of Intended Departure " column?

    Can I put something like,11/01/08?



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  • sbindval
    07-02 04:14 PM
    for myself and my wife
    600 - medical
    300 - documents etc
    1800 - change travle plans
    $2700 - total

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  • Kitiara
    02-03 06:27 AM
    Pixel art is <i>hard</i>. :smirk:

    Eilsoe and Soul are neck and neck at the moment. Gripping! :beam:


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  • ganesha
    02-27 04:39 PM
    I do not know what you are trying to achieve by posting your story in a forum where we discuss legal immigration issues.

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  • jthomas
    04-13 05:27 PM
    Thanks IV core members for helping a member in our community. this will help me to support IV's agenda in future.

    Jose Thomas

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  • ArunAntonio
    08-22 01:52 PM
    Cant make it to the DC rally?
    Sponsor someone else to represent you.

    Please vote -- >

    10-11 05:07 PM
    Rest assured we are working to remove the root cause of visa retrogression.

    On a separate note, how can you start a thread demanding something from "IV" when you and few other people on this thread, stuck in backlog after 17th August, say that they don't want to volunteer for IV. Please explain why do you expect us to do all the work for you? If you aren't serious then please stop lamenting about your plight.

    Join your state chapter and get involved, your active participation is what will strengthen IV and enable us to fix this issue.

    I have sent a mail to the moderator of my region group to include my name and will particpate actively.

    03-11 11:35 PM
    I don't have personal problems except with the point I mentioned. I am a consultant. Whenever I go on vacation, I take long vacations after discontinuing my current project. I comeback from vacation and look for a new project. I don't think there is anything fraudulent about that practice. So the above rule definitely concerns me. I think that is non-sense.

    What you are saying I understand. And many american/GC holders work as independent contractors on 1099. But H1B is never designed for independent contractor (1099). H1B is designed as W2. By using percentage basis H1B consultants are trying to work like independent contractor on 1099. USCIS is trying to crack down on that.

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